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People in this country have no idea how nice public transportation is in other countries in Europe and Asia. Although it’s not like money isn’t spent here, it just gets sucked by corruption


Heck don't even need to go to China, Brazilian metro stations look better than that.


NYC is the most democraticsocialist city in the second most DemocraticSocialsit state in the country.


America is a third world country with a first world military. But don't expect US politicians to cut the Pentagon's budget ever. Biden gave the Pentagon even more money than Trump.


Yeah, but… muh freedum!


I’m not gonna simp for the PRC, ever. That said, America needs to get its public transport shit together ffs. DC (my residency) is perhaps the most PT friendly city in the states and that isn’t saying much.


Unpopular take probably but I kinda like the dirty dinginess of the subways in NYC. The grittiness feels like…part of the experience? I fully recognize I am not a 100% sane and stable person and I only ever ride because I choose to (as a visitor, to do fun things in The City) not because I *have* to.


I don't know how gun freedom was thrown into this equation.I do know that China has literal concentration camps for uighurs Muslims, an orwelian social credit system being propped up, and complete control of their citizens rights, with nearly no labor laws, 1920esque farming practices, and zero fucks to give about the environment...no guns though, and lots of shiny new infrastructure. I'm not defending our corrupt joke of a government in any way however.


Real talk, NYCs subway system was built decades ago. Obviously it should've been maintained better, but to compare fresh construction to generations-old stations is nonsense.