It is a facepalm to %1 billionaires

It is a facepalm to %1 billionaires


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Don't know why you got some downvotes. But uh, people... Elon Musk is from Pretoria, South Africa.


I'm guessing because it comes off like a forced boomer-esque joke. The original comment was about him being white, not being something other than "African American" which is what you would need to be set up for that (old) joke. They were just trying too hard to make the joke work so it wasn't funny.




>who is literally not even technically “white” by American standards. He is white by American standards, though. I've never heard of discrimination against white people in South Africa. In fact a lot of conservatives got on board with that white farmer genocide thing from a few years ago.


He is white by American standards. South Africa is an incredibly diverse country. We aren't all black. Most white South Africans are Afrikaners or Anglophones, being either of English or Dutch descent. They are as white as an American whose ancestors moved from Europe to America are. Elons mother is from Canada. His father was born in SA but he is of Dutch and British descent.


I can tell you corporations love the undocumented immigrants. Sweet, sweet low wage, slave-like work. Those same companies ran by the psychopathic billionaires who are treated like gods.


In a social work class I watched a video interview of an illegal immigrant family who was basically stuck in a feudal type arrangement House with no electricity or running water, and they worked the fields for a farmer making just enough to eat beans and rice while "paying off the loan" for the "house" the farmer so generously allowed them to live in. Was going to take them like 20 years to pay off the arrangement, if not longer Literally stuck in endless poverty with no way out Edit forgot to mention we watched it cause the kids were skipping school to work the fields and the social worker had issues communicating due to language barrier


That arrangement sounds like share cropping with extra steps.


It is


Of course they love undocumented immigrants! They can violate all sorts of employment rules and regulations without worrying about being reported for it. I read an article years ago about companies advertising in Mexico and bussing people up to their plants. When they got sick or injured or spoke up about work conditions, the illegal immigrants were reported to INS. The companies didn't even have to pay for return transportation.


"they took your job" corps, as they get slave labor to do you job and have ICE punish the slaves instead of the masters....


This is really the truth here - it's the only reason that cultural opposition to illegal immigrants becoming citizens has trickled down from the Billionaire Capital holders. If they were citizens, they would need to be paid a minimum wage and likely receive additional benefits The Billionaires who have stake in their enormous corporations, the Government, and also the Mass Media have propagandized average Americans into believing that their scant resources will be stolen from immigrants so they can force immigrants into Second-Class citizens and exploit their labor even further


He must live in a deep red state. really the only people who hate immigrants who pay taxes and admire the filthy rich are the degenerate hicks.


those same people who skirt labor laws by employing all the immigrants and exploiting them




Him included yeah.


I know! I know! 1% own media. Immigrants are what color? Billionaires are what color? Evil is what color?


Let's say you're looking for something other than...racism.


We need to stop using 1% as a shorthand. That's about 3.5 million people. Using an estimate of 350 million Americans, billionaires are 0.0000017543 of the US population. I know people in the one percent, and there is no universe where they deserve to be lumped in with Bezos and the Waltons.


I’d love it if Reddit would make it a rule, to post the Twitter link (if available) if they screenshot a tweet. I want to RT this. Edit: https://twitter.com/robertgreenwald/status/1402322756599881729?s=21


Because everyone believes that can become a billionaire if they work hard enough and pull themselves by the bootstraps very very hard


Can you please write 1% instead of %1?


Illegal immigrants send hundreds of millions of dollars to their home county instead of being spent here in our businesses. They don't speak English well and therefore are impossible to organize into a labor movement even if they were willing to...which they aren't bc they are so desperate for a job they will never consider risking it by joining a union. Many also hold deep religiously conservative views and are extremely hostile to LGBT people. They are equally or even more likely to support GOP candidates. Legal immigrants are usually rich capitalists simply by virtue of being in a position to immigrate to the USA. They will never Ally with us. Overall immigration is a net negative to the USA and the cause of socialism. It obviously makes rich capitalists a shitload of money and that's why they are all in favor of it.


>Overall immigration is a net negative to the USA and the cause of socialism. You can't be serious right? You think that immigrants are the cause of socialism? What kind of moron are you?


There’s lots of fog on this because the companies are paying the (ILLEGAL) immigrants less money than they would be forced to if they were a legal citizen. Remove the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of labor (the illegals) provided ever day and suddenly everything breaks. Now companies are forced to pay living wages because they’ve literally lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor work because the illegals were kicked out. A better answer is insta grant them (illegals) citizenship and now the workers have tax id numbers and the companies are legally forced to pay them appropriately by the government. When people with his view say immigration, it doesn’t matter whether it’s legal or illegal. It’s still a person emigrating from their home to come here and because they aren’t appropriately handling the situation (government) it creates a hate on immigrants. Lots of them do send money to family because ytf not. I’m all for immigrants/immigration it’s how my family got here (USA) before my parents were born. But people dislike immigrants/immigration because of illegal citizens being paid less which lets the companies keep more than they’re legally allowed to. It’s a net negative to the citizens of the country but it’s a net positive for the corporations who feed on the exploitation of illegal immigrants. So he’s kinda right but idk about the socialism part. That’s just dumb


WTF are you talking about?


Your reading comprehension is lacking.


Fuck off with your racism


I'm actually a conservative social democrat (europe) so I agree with your views on immigration broadly speaking. But what do you mean that they are the cause of socialism? As far as I know illegal immigrants do not even qualify for social programs.


I mean that immigrants are statistically unlikely to support Socialism just by virtue of the type of immigrants who come here (oppressed latin american people and wealthy kids from the elites of other nations) and bc of their situation when arriving. (No job, no skills, no language ability) Immigration also empowers capitalists by giving them cheap labor at the expense of American workers...making it so we cannot fund political candidates bc we have no disposable income.


We have no disposable income because almost all of these billion dollar corporations don't pay livable wages. If the U.S would increase the minimum wage in relation to inflation and living costs then we wouldn't have cheap labor to exploit or no disposable income. But no... blame poor immigrants fleeing their hell hole to come here and be exploited for cheap labor is the issue right? Fucking idiot.


>We have no disposable income because almost all of these billion dollar corporations don't pay livable wages Exactly. And they'll never have to as long as they can always import a never ending stream of desperate, dirt poor immigrants they can abuse. >If the U.S would increase the minimum wage in relation to inflation and living costs then we wouldn't have cheap labor to exploit or no disposable income. We are literally trying that right now and it's not working bc the forces of Capitalism are too strong. We are pressuring them HARD now with massive labor upheavals nationwide. You know what the dominos CEO just said? We need more immigrants bc us workers don't want these jobs. What do you think of that? It's not that we don't want these jobs. It's that they don't want to pay us the wages we DESERVE for these jobs. Immigration is a tool used by capitalism to screw native workers and destroy Socialist movements. >Fucking idiot. I explained myself quite clearly and articulately. Neede to go through it again with you?


Why blame the immigrants and not the capitalists that exploit that labor? You worthless piece of dog shit.


I did blame them. How did you read my statement without noticing that I 100% blamed them?


Oh I see what you are saying now. Yeah, I think what you are saying is mostly true. I would also add that here in Europe muslim immigrants are especially troublesome in that they culturally just do not jive with a free left-leaning society. 4000 of the 40,000 afghans who have come here since 2016 have already become criminals, despite having full access to our generous welfare system. We will probably both be downvoted to hell by the people on this sub, but in my view many muslim immigrants are just too far gone. I don't see much of a way to immigrate them into our society at a level where peaceful coexistence (the bare minimum) is even possible.


>Illegal immigrants send hundreds of millions of dollars to their home county instead of being spent here in our businesses They pay taxes is the point. Also do you think multinational corporations don't exist in other countries? Even the untaxed money that becomes remittance tends to still come back to the US. Most of what you said is besides the point even if it's true.




just-world fallacy


Taxes were never the problem


Racism mostly.


“They create/provide jobs” is the answer i always get when ask conservatives this question/topic


the "wealth creator" argument that has grown over the past 5-10 years is a big con


Billionaires are only the heads of the Hydra, targeting them is irrelevant, and part of the plan.


For a bit of perspective, there is nothing inconsistence between these two believes if one sees billionaires as "job creators" and immigrants as people who "stole" those jobs from you. People in deep red states aren't necessarily racist or degenerate to have these views. It is very understandable sentiments if your economic situation is deteriorating and you project your kids' to be worse.


Yes they are job creators, but many of their companies intentionally employ immigrants because they are easier to exploit and therefore cheaper. American citizens would cost more. It's our laws that classify the immigrants as "illegal" and give companies the leverage to exploit them with the threat of ICE, giving these companies their cheap labor pool. And for the racist thing, I think they technically are racist but I see your point. People in rural America should be concerned about their economic stagnation, but conservative media gives them propaganda about the brown masses stealing their jobs and many of them believe it, and that is racist even if it's not their fault that they believe it.


What jobs are immigrants taking from people?


Let see, farm jobs, programmers, engineers, scientists, financial services, landscapers, butchers, miners, NBA basketball players, mistressess/escorts, nurses, graduate students, etc. Both high end and low end. Compare to homogeneous countries like Japan, US does take in a lot of immigrant workers and it has multiple visas to accommodate different classes. But that's not the point. The point is that this is how people feel. All in takes is 1% job loss to the foreigner is enough to amplify the discontent. I'm not saying any of these anti-immigrant sentiment makes any economic sense or moral sense. All I am saying that you can't convince people to think otherwise by calling them racist. Edit:. Restaurant workers, house cleaners, hotel workers, home care aid, child carer, teachers (there is a documentary on this one). https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Eit4PzABDoI And if you include job that are related to call centers like debt collectors, scammers, or unwanted solicitation, it would be even more although those job are technically "outsourced" physically.