Last Minecraft Build was Well-Received, so Here's Another! (Regal Laughter)

Last Minecraft Build was Well-Received, so Here's Another! (Regal Laughter)


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Don't think I missed anything this time! Ralsei's icon is still his shrouded one to match the lack of change in-game, and his hp numbers are yellow since he's low on health. Next scene will be Kris/Noelle vs. Berdly, which will take some shifting of the lower UI for only having two characters. I started to try and design \[HyperLink Blocked\] NEO, but the scale for his sprite is different and it would have looked massive. Open to other suggestions though!


I love what you did with their battle face icons. It's actually their face (except for Ralsei.) Nice build.


Thanks! I like how it looks as well. To be honest, I didn't do it simply because it looks nicer. I was originally going to do the normal 1-colored simple face design, but they use smaller pixels and I couldn't shrink them to look correctly in the space I had. In the end I just copied their faces and it looks fine. Ralsei's uses his cloaked sprite from Ch. 1, to mirror the fact that his icon doesn't change from cloaked to unclocked by his hp in Ch. 2 either.


That makes sense. I don't get why toby never gave Ralsei his own unique battle icon in chapter 2. He's not wearing the hat anymore.


Working on a similar project myself, keep up the good work.


yo heal ralsei


how is this minecraft


How's your wrists feel