Spent a Few Hours in Minecraft, I Love Copying Pixel Art

Spent a Few Hours in Minecraft, I Love Copying Pixel Art


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For a second I couldn't tell it was Minecraft. Awesome job!


It really is hard to tell at such a distance! It took quite a while of being inches away from the screen to try and see each pixel for the character's sprites, lol. I will likely make more battles using this template now that it's set up, but of course if anything is from Chapter 2 I will need to update Ralsei's face! Just have to decide what to do next, and possibly add more to the background if I can make it look good.


Not perfect due to varying pixel sizes for different UI aspects, but I like how it turned out. The characters were made first with their sprites being correctly sized (1 block = 1 pixel,) then everything else was sized appropriately.


Just noticed I didn't change Ralsei's hp color and amount after copying it from Susie... oops!


How did you take a pic without fov warping?


FOV setting is set to normal, and my camera is aligned with both axis. Had to use a client-side mod to change some settings to allow it to render the whole thing since it's so big! I'm thinking of using the template to do more battle scenes, but can't decide which to make.


Fundy deltarune minecraft mod when?


Is this game like Minecrap or something?


WOAH WHAT?? IN MINECRAFT?? THATS INSANE, this is so fucking cool!!!


Right?! I've copied pixel art before, but never something this large, and it turned out very good. Like I said in another reply, had to use a client-side mod to increase the render distance since the server I made it on wouldn't render it all. That and Worldedit made it all possible!


The effort was well worth it dude!! This rocks, I didn’t even know Minecraft art was a *thing*


I can hear Rude Buster


Just need a noteblock cover and we're good! Currently working on more for this template including bosses, so we'll need more tunes soon...


Ralsei has the same health bar as Susie


Yes I noticed that after I posted, if I do end up using this template to make more fight scenes it will be fixed.


That’s fuckin impressive