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Go to the district and/or the police. Reddit is not equipped to deal with issues at those stakes.


Instead of making a bunch of unwarranted posts regarding this issue, maybe you should contact the schools administration. It seems like there are a fair number of people on your side, which could be enough to pressure the school. Either way, I am not sure this is the proactive/correct course of action for you to be taking. Making reddit posts that is


I'm incredibly out of the loop on this ... is there a background thread someone might point me to, please?


This is weird to be posting. Talk to: - NSDA district committee - NSDA national - their school administration - tournament admins


I really think this might be a more serious issue… go to the district to protect other students and debaters!


Like everyone else has said, please reach out to the NSDA and the police directly. Do not post sensitive information on Reddit for your own safety and others.


I do not think i can associate with edina anymore, i have heard too many horror stories about sexual assaults allegations. I am glad someone is finally holding them accountable