I wouldn't say they're anti-Christian, but definitely anti-man and greed. Their lyrics in Murder in the First reference the crown of thorns, a Christian image. Their second to last album The Sea of Tragic Beasts has a theme of sinning in it, whether you want to consider the idea sinning to be a Christian one or not is up to you. For more verbatim anti-Christianity I'd look at Holy War by Thy Art.


Die for Christ


Holy War is more anti-religion in general not just anti-christianity.


If you’re worried about whether lyrics are pro-religion or not this might not be the genre for you.


Au Contraire! Plenty of God-Blessing-Face-Slamming bands around. Diamonds To Dust has been slapping my ear canals lately, good content.


They do exist for sure but this isn’t exactly the genre I’d say specialized in pro-religious themes. Metalcore is much more friendly for Christian bands.


Epic band, Corpus Christi is brutal


I really like the genre, im like almost two years hearing it, difficult to hear not anti-Christian but well i try not to listen anti-Christian songs


No, they’re actually pretty religious. You haven’t heard their song “Jesus is pretty cool and is decent at skateboarding” ?


I particularly like the lyrics in that song ‘when I get cross and loose my mind, I nail a tre-flip to nose grind’


Frank Reba scooters. That’s why he’s so mad.


So funny bro you should do stand-up. I was asking it because i didn’t know if they were anti religion in general or that in particular


You have a pretty soft ego. Not everything is that serious bruh


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Ya they definitely have so anti-Christian themes in their music, but that’s typical for many deathcore bands in the current state of the genre


Not just the current state of the genre. The genre since it’s inception. The song Unanswered off the Cleansing album by SS is a good example of this. I’ll Show You God off the Infinite Death EP by TAiM is another good one.


The crowd involvement for the chorus of Unanswered is always dope af.


Such a heavy hitter for a song that’s only 2 minutes long


It's just relentless. Instrumentally it reminds of like a beat down lol. Just does not let up until the breakdown. I love it. And I love Phil Bozeman's cover of it too


That Bozeman cover is fire, nails that shit and makes it his own too


You can trace it back even further, death metal and hardcore have never exactly been scared to criticize Christianity/organized religion so it’s no wonder that deathcore being a fusion genre would criticize it as well.


Makes sense. The black metal influence that’s always been part of it to a certain extent is also a contributing factor


As a practicing Christian, the church hasn’t been doing itself any favors lately either. It’s low-hanging fruit to go after people for their faith, but it’s never low-hanging fruit to go after pedophiles and institutional coverups.


Christianity hasn’t been doing itself any favors since it’s creation 😂


Well there was this one guy, but we killed him.


Ya I’m a Christian to and I totally agree with that statement


former christian and pastor's kid. couldnt agree more. the church as an institution is so fucking corrupt. what most people see on the outside is bad enough, wait until you hear about what goes on privately.


No one gives a fuck about your faith. Believe whatever nonsense you want. People have a problem with the violence that your religious practices involve and the threat that your religious organizations represent.


Yes, that’s what I’m saying as well. We’re agreeing with each other.


Their lyrics aren't necessarily anti-christian but much more anti-establishment and anti-fascist.


If your worried about bands being anti Christian I think death metal/ deathcore might be the wrong genre for you


I tend to disagree tbh. Of course bands like Deicide and Morbid Angel are against Christianity, but bands like Death, Gorguts, Pestilence, Atheist even, all aren't anti christian, and many, many other bands. As far as Deathcore goes, ofcourse there's legends Impending Doom which I think are Christians, and stuff like all shall perish and Emmure who all aren't blatantly against Christianity. You just have to look in the right places, but I get where ur coming from


If you're asking this question about a deathcore band, you're listening to the wrong genre. Don't let sky daddy tell you what not to listen to


sky daddy... New nickname found for that guy


What makes you think that?


The lyrics. I was listening to their first and third album and some of their newer song today and they named very frecuently God and I don’t remember on what song for exapmle it said “God is a lie and man its a failure”


Ohh that's edgy. I guess so! You should get out a wholesome band like infant annihilator. https://youtu.be/mUeS1F-BLWY


IA plays at their local church every Sunday.... no need to mention it's the burnt down church.


Lol Bro literally juat recommended Golums death metal band lol I love it.


Don’t underestimate me man, I was asking about ffaa


Well that line is pretty fucking accurate.


The song is Saltwound.


Saltwound is a banger


*sigh* I fucking hate these types of post


Organised/for profit religions maybe? I find them more anti-greed and anti-hate which overlaps with some extreme religious parties


I don’t think they’re anti Christian intentionally, moreso they focus on the darker side of life on a lot of their songs and all the emotions attached to that which inevitably includes religion at some point. I don’t ever see them as being intentionally anti Christian, or any other religion to be honest, but they’re very emotive so I think it kind of creeps in. There are other bands that put religious subject matter much higher on the agenda imo, but I wouldn’t really say FFAA do that to any great extent.


I feel a lot of people who put these themes into their art typically had bad experiences with religion growing up. I know in my experience, the people who hate religion the most were brought up in religious households. Disproportionately, catholics having the most angry former members in my friend/acquaintance group.


Thanks mate


Religion is a cancer unto society. Fit for an Autopsy denounce many forms of oppression with their lyrics and Christianity definitely fits the bill.


Yes, fuck religion. Hail nobody, it's all fake.




They don't come off as anti-christian to me. I think their lyrics are very open to interpretation. I have a belief system of my own, so I tend to avoid any anti-religious themes in lyrics. It just feels disingenuous, but I also understand they are entitled to their beliefs.




Eh not really. Some other bands are more on the nose. For example Infant Annihilator is super anti-Christian. Impending Doom is pro-Christian


If you want christian deathcore check out Impending Doom and The Crimson Armada.


If you want something pro-christian/relligious check out Impending Doom and The Crimson Armada, pretty much every other band in the genre had anti-religion lyrics at some point.


I feel as though the line "God is a lie, and man is a failure" is a pretty good indicator of where they stand on the top of Christianity


Are you asking these questions because you are worried that the content might be in conflict with your faith/values? If so, I wouldn’t worry too much - most of the time you can’t actually understand what they are screaming anyways? Asking/worrying about every song would soon become tiring if it was me… Don’t forget about instrumental songs with no lyrics?


I sure hope so


I’ve always found it ironic that metal bands still think bashing Christianity is edgy. It funny how it’s completely acceptable to attack and mock the God, Christian’s and the Bible but never Islam or the behaviors condoned in that religion


I mean it is pretty obvious why that is. Most deathcore bands are in Christian dominated cultures, so it is what they are most familiar with. In fact many probably had it force fed to them at a young age and know all too well the issues and fallacies with Christianity and the bible. It would be much more difficult to write music against something you are not as familiar with. For example would you write about Buddhism or Hinduism if you don't have any experience with it? No of course not. However Holy War by TAIM is anti-all religions and has several mentions of Islam so there is an example. In fact the album art is of a child with a suicide bomb vest strapped to them, which obviously symbolizes some of the actions Islamic extremists have employed.


Yes, TAIM does touch on it but they are very careful with what they say. They are the only band that I know that mentions it at all lol


I think it might have something to do with the fact that if a band came out and mocked Islam like they do Christianity, their lives would be in danger. Talk about Mohamed like that and see what happens. It would be a death wish


I know it's not Deathcore but I do absolutely love Nightwishs - Weak Fantasy which seems to be a callout about all religion in general


If you want a Christian band with Christian lyrics that sounds like it came from hell you may want to listen to Diamonds to Dust: https://open.spotify.com/track/3we0XekgijrbAntjLrWPKq?si=hKJLXo8BTm2XVe8UKaPwtg


I wouldn’t say anti Christian just more so doom and gloom lyrics. But i understand lyrics like “god is a lie, and man is a failure” might give off that impression.




Idk mate if you’re asking because you are, you might want to know that people can see what you comment on…


Listen to deicide that's anti Christian




Not deathcore but every time I think of anti-religious music I think of remembering never. Love those beautiful bastards


I hope so


Check out No Zodiac if you’re into anti Christian specific themes


It doesn't matter, it's music.


Please name one deathcore band that is pro Christian, this, aside from black metal is probably the genre that hates christians the most


Just go listen to Impending Doom and no other band in the genre if you’re afraid that a band is making fun of your friend Jesus. The majority of us don’t give a shit about any of that except that it’s music.


Yup. Better not listen to em to be safe. Just having it on in your house can invite evil spirits. My grandma said so, and she’s like 90 years old, so I’m pretty sure she knows what she’s talking about.


Their lyrics are very humanitarian and environmentalist. IMO a good Christian should be both those things. Just because the lyrics aren’t praising Jesus doesn’t mean they can’t have good values. Even as a Christian I feel anti-Christian at times.


'Then they brought him a demon-possessed man who was blind and mute, and Jesus healed him, so that he could both talk and see. All the people were astonished and said, “Could this be the Son of David?” But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, “It is only by Beelzebul, the prince of demons, that this fellow drives out demons.”' Matthew 12:22‭-‬24 NIV https://bible.com/bible/111/mat.12.22-24.NIV That's the first thing I thought of when I saw your post. Being religious can be hard, especially when you enjoy a band like that.


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Being religious is easy when your stupid though, so at least you got that going for you.


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