He will open on Heartman's episode. So keep on keeping on


Excellent, thanks for the help. Had a feeling that was the case but felt strange abandoning an entire shelter before moving on. Still have to build a few sections of the road so he might have to wait a while.


I've completed the story but veteran porter closed for me as well. Interested to see the answers




>!That's the first prepper, not the veteran porter.!<


Scattered around his place are lost packages. Grab them and take them to him. After you reach a few stars (2 maybe? I can’t remember) he will unlock and start making requests


You have to find packages directed to him lost in the mountain . I found the first on the east side of the heart shaped lake after advancing on the heart man chapter


More than anyone else, he was a MAJOR grind to 5 star. I basically alternated between geologist, paleontologist, and evo-devo jobs. Do a job, sleep in a shelter, do another, and eventually a job for the Veteran would show up- usually from the Geologist. You'll usually find a lost package down the slope from his shelter. Return it, rinse, repeat.


I always start him by getting his first order, for Director's it's a nearby retrieval. For vanilla, it's a retrieval from the MULE camp at the bottom of his mountain. You're sure he doesn't haven't an order available?


There will be lost cargo right outside his bunker in chapter eight and by the paleontologist if you didn’t already know. Then eventually all over the place.


Just complete the story, read some e-mails and deliver lost cargos.