I always got really confused by the whole beach, seam and afterlife thing. Like the seam is described as a place between the living and dead yet is that not what the beach is?


The process of dying is Living world -> Seam -> Beach -> Seam -> true afterlife. The Seam seems to be a medium that connects everything else. The Beach must be like some temporary landing zone a soul can hang until they are truly ready to move on, connections to the living world can keep them there (Cliff searching for his BB, the soldiers stuck on the war beaches, etc)


Heartman could very well just die and go into the afterlife, but there is a chance that afterlife is not where his family is located. So he wants to die at the right beach that leads him to the "heaven" his family is in. Almost like finding the right bus that leads you to the correct destination. Since he pretty much still knows nothing about the beach, he just keeps dying and dying hoping to find some answers. As far as personal beach. It looks like the beach reflects your pain, regrets and experience through life. That's why for anyone who experience extreme pain and suffering like clifford unger is unable to move on and pretty much stuck at the beach. His connection to the bigger beach like Amelie's basically brought him into the real world. Which is why Sam get stuck into his beach of war and eternal suffering. I could be wrong, but it's an attempt to explain it. Any input is welcome.


Whatever the explanation is, i really hope Heartman can find peace for his family.


Consider the Beach both a plane of existence and a series of islands on that plane. I think personal Beaches are each like islands connected by the ocean, or the Seam in this case, which also connects to the living world and whatever true afterlife is beyond. People can definitely get stuck on their beaches if they have a strong connection to the living world or something else that prevents them from moving on. E.G. Cliff's desire to find his BB, or the soldiers who died so violently in war that they are stuck reliving those moments on their mass beaches. I think you are right though. Heartman's family was seen moving on into the Seam with everyone else. Their bodies were incinerated (I assume) so they had no living world attachments left. Heartman may have been trying to find the mass beach so he could move on through the same part of the Seam to the same bit of afterlife, or me may have been refusing to admit his family moved on without him.