Pay attention to what people say to you after compling a delivery. “Never hurts to take a break from time to time,” and “do remember to take care of yourself.” Sounds like you really need a break. If you come back to the game, maybe slow down the pace of the story and try getting some 5/5 star connection levels. You must be blowing through the story pretty fast. Take your time and enjoy the landscapes, help out fellow players by contributing to structures, etc


I felt extremely sad when I started playing too, even though I was immediately hooked by the game and knew I liked it, I listend to the music of the game when I was outside and felt depressed every time and had a couple mental breakdowns. I'm not sure yet but I keep telling myself that the game just exposed the distress I was repressing, I'm working on my mental health now and feeling better, if nothing I'm way more conscious of the choices I make, I'm in the process of finding a job instead of this terrible waste of time that is college in my country, so i could finally marry the woman of my life, and simultaneously learning game development so one day I could convey real feelings to poeple through this amazing medium. One thing that I agree on is the frequency when plyaing this game, every day in death stranding is heavy (pun intended), i play other games sometimes, even though DS is my all time favourite, so, keep on keepin' on fellow porters.


Wow I felt the exact opposite. All the support Sam gets in his journey made me feel good. It also taught me that when things go to shit (tumbling and losing an entire truck full of gear/cargo) life goes on and you deal with it.


Same here. I have depression and this is one of the games I have at least have mood to play when everything else seems dull and boring. Specially because the relaxing nature, and getting appreciative rewards for each delivery.


Take a break, this game wasn’t meant to take place in an actual facsimile of our current real world, so it’s a bit more intense than it’s meant to be in our COVID Stranding reality. Take it slow, take time away, and keep on keeping on.


I think if it is affecting your mental health you should definitely stop playing like straight away. The game overall does have a lower mood than most games with few overly happy parts. If you dont want to stop playing you could also just focus on doing some optional deliveries to give you a break while still enjoying the game.


I get the opposite feeling. It’s a game about a world full of people wanting to reconnect despite the fact that it’s all gone to hell and you’re the one reconnecting them. I find it uplifting if anything


It's true. But take some rest though. You may play other games or if you want to, you may watch other players on how they play the game. Just try to enjoy it


Delete the game or at the very least take an extended break. Your mental health is priority #1. Please take care of yourself.


You shouldn't play/read/watch ANYTHING that has that kind of impact on your mental health. Delete the game and keep on keeping on, friend! Stay safe.


Also if you are already on chapter 6 with only 20 hours, you probably aren't doing that many side orders. As others have said take a break from the story and do a walkabout.


Stop for now. But when you get back, focus on what the game is trying to say and on the likes. Keep on keeping on !


Take lighter loads, don't feel the need to do anything right away, enjoy the scenery, and if you find that any part of the story is bugging you just skip it.


The biggest thing I enjoyed about this game is how relaxing it is. I guess as a fan of post apocalyptic narratives I don’t really see the doom and gloom as opposed to the fantasy of having a world largely to myself.


As everyone else has said - take a break, stick on something lighter like Rachet and Clank or Astros Playground (if you have a PS5). I’ve found this game can really play on your mind too and to be honest I think I may also take a break, breathtaking though it is.


Ngl I had dreams about this game too when I was playing it. But same is true for other games that I have played recently. Take it easy though, no need to rush the game.


Stop playing the game? This is a board full of people who love it. Delete it and go for a run. You will sleep better.


What about the game does your mind wander to when you can't sleep?


Really? I always felt like its the most motivating and positive game of the all time XD, I always felt that the 'gloomy' aesthethyc of the game its a joke, since the game story and the developers intentions are about connect the people, and in the game you help other players and they help you. I personally can't imagine how that could depress someone, but please stop playing if the game makes you feel bad, because your health is the priority and worths more than use a product in which you left some money, that its replaceable. Needless to say that if you suffer from something like insomnia you have to go to a doctor, but you've probably already been I want to think, don't give up 🤠👍 And if at any point you feel good enough to play again please consider this: >!Give to the gameplay a good chance instead of just rush through the main story, because it can be very fun, satisfying, and soothing when you give it a real chance. Play with the online features enabled, do some side missions, read the interviews and emails to understand more of the lore, rebuild the roads, leave some signs and structures where you think them can help other players, give likes to the most useful buildings from other players or upgrade them with some materials, then wait for the likes and notifications saying that the things you maked on the map helped in the map of other players. Just enjoy of the game because is made to make you happy 😎😎!<


It’s pretty damn bleak and so is this on going real-world pandemic, so yeah, I can see why this would be bringing you down. Maybe switch it up and try playing something more uplifting for a while? Have you ever tried Journey or Flower? Very satisfying and beautiful games. I also enjoy Stardew Valley when looking for something light, it’s a cute little farming community sim. And stepping away from games for a while is totally an option. Go for a walk. Call a friend. Bake some brownies. Whatever brings you joy.


Id definitely say the depression stems from something a lot more deeper than the game, but the game may amplify whatever is on your mind. Get some help, talk to someone about whats going on in your life, try to remove the insomnia from your life. Once you start doing that, go back to the game and finish it through and through, it may seem like a downer world most of the way through, but the entirety of the game with the story plus strand system and all really gives a sense of optimism and unity in a world of complete chaos. Good luck, feel better soon!


That's why I kinda skip the story and keep my self grounded in the simulation of being a post apocalyptic porter. Being chased by mules with the music and how they act when they rob you. Man it's like logins run vibes but evolved. The suits the tech the little slices of humor. Make it enjoyable I don't really get into the story because I wanted to relax and enjoy the journey not be hung up on story details from kojima as metal gear broke my heart when they switched David hator out for keifer