Coward. Even if you don't wanna fight just stay hidden in the tree. Logging out was the second to worst thing you could have done followed only behind posting a clip of you logging out.


Just let people play how they want. In the early days I would have done the same thing. In fact I always logged out hearing the wolf howl as it scared the crap out of me. Also when you're new to the game, survival is hard. It's only after several hundred hours of gameplay that it becomes much easier. So stop being so judgy mcjudge face!! 😂


He only had a double-barrel and I think a Bk-18. That is not a safe fight to take against two geared people.


Should’ve hid then, not logged lmao


I think that's the best fight he could have taken. Nothing to lose


Your taking it as judgment it’s not it’s constructive criticism. It’s people telling him not to log because that’s a bitch move and it’s cheating. Yes it’s cheating he just avoided death by using a feature in the game not meant for that. You can log out so you can get off the game not so you can wait 5 minutes for danger to pass by. You know how you become a good player you go head first into those situations and loose and then do better your next adventure.


Let him alone he was scared


I agree this guy sucks same with all the people defending him bunch of trash cans


That was hard to watch.


Everybody so mad because you 'combat logged'. Yeah combat logging is for cowards, but I don't see any combat here??? The guy's just innocently picking mushrooms and didn't want to take his chances against 2 guys who are clearly better geared than him. You do you bro, go get those shrooms


Right? The nerve of the OP playing a survival game like it's a survival game. It's like I tell the dopes that I play PUBG with; you don't have to kill everyone you see to win, you only have to kill the last player.


Yea but statistically those who push fights and win often times win more than lose. Passive plays = never getting any real experience hence why they often suck so bad. Like shroud said, and I don’t remember the exact quote but something like “if you suck, hot drop. Throw yourself into the shit. Force yourself to get into gun fights because it’s the only plausible way you’re gonna get ANY better”


Lmao, right? These losers crying that he didn’t engage two WAY better geared dudes that he unintentionally almost ran into, just hilarious


Exactly, The loot he has shows atleast 30+ mins of play time maybe even more depending how hardcore the servers loot is. I personally am not going to run at 2 geared guys full speed and be granted instant death. I ofcourse probably wouldn't log out but follow them instead and wait for a split moment to take one easily.


Also drop the backpack, it'll fall into your body and be less visible. Shame for logging and not stalking them down tho. Your gear was beyond worth losing.


Lots of mushrooms/fruit in one area usually indicates recent player activity if anyone doesn’t know. There’s no perfect science to it, but I swear by it


Next time try this , don’t worry about losing your gear and try to stalk The players from a distance . See how long you can do it before you get noticed . That way you’re avoiding combat but also working on those stealth skills


Genuinely curious- what was your thought process here? For the record, I don’t think this would technically count as combat logging. If you don’t want to engage, so be it, after all we dunno if you even had ammo for the guns on your back. I think you had a 43 and 133, and I’m not a fan of shotguns so I can understand the hesitation. Edit: didn’t notice the second player at first. Now I see why you didn’t want to engage.


Winning against a duo with only shotguns in an outside area, yeah chances are slim to win I didn’t see the second guy until I saw your comment


What are you doing? That was the easiest kill in the world why would you combat log?


Is it really combat logging if you're not even involved in combat?


There is combat close by, hence the gun shots, and whether or not he wanted too or not he’s in the midst of that battle, and combat logged 🤣


Yea it is that guy was in active gun fight and was 15 ft from him what’s the difference anyway? That he has the chance to sneak up on him?Verifies my question even more.


But he literally wasn’t in a gun fight. Two other people were. He just saw them. He never even fired a shot. That’s not combat logging, man.


You’re right that’s not combat logging it’s bitch logging, my man got gear fear over shit I can find within 20 minutes of fresh spawning in a server lol y’all 3pp players are a different kind of breed of scary


Bro he was less than a minute from being in a gunfight the reason he didn’t get into one was because he combat logged which makes it combat logging like nah that was a huge pussy move and he just missed out on a free kill besides if he wasn’t going to get into combat or wasn’t already in it why did he log then why didn’t he just chill in the tree logging because of a person is combat logging your logging due to fear of combat and dying


I agree that he could have pounced and tried to get a kill. I disagree that combat logging includes logging out before you’re even in combat. But you do you, boo—go ahead and cry and bitch and moan about how other people play a game in a way you personally disagree with.


Ding ding ding.


Right? Lmao this gatekeeping chud


Lots of entitled compassionless assholes in the world currently....sadly.cant see past their own nose.


If I’m bitching then you are to which makes you worse a bitching hypocrite besides I know combat logging when I see it sorry your failing to comprehend that he was in a fight whether he liked it or not and the fact that he logged out proves my point if he wasn’t in combat and fearing death he wouldn’t have logged you dumb fuck but anyway I don’t really care I know I’m right and your probably a day z noob with less than 200 hours on the game considering the fact your defending him is worse your definitely a noob that combat logs and that’s why you can agree with him


Lmao 🤣 bro, *insane* loser energy coming off these comments. Bravo


*plays 1600 hours* only gets 1 m4 I’m the loser?😂😂 “been playing virtually non stop since December 4th”


People play for different reasons, not everyone goes after M4s like crack cocaine....grow....up....


Just wanted to circle back and say that the DayZ community has spoken and they apparently agree that you have insane loser energy and that you were wrong about this being combat logging. Thanks for playing, though, buddy


So many cringey children who are shaming you for playing the way you want to play. You do you man. Don't let these keyboard warriors get to you.


Listen, ain't no shame in logging if you don't want to engage and I also wouldn't call this combat logging since you were never seen but posting a clip of you doing that is kind of a weird flex tho.


Had no tactical advantage whatsoever I would have hid too but people are shitting on you because you logged as if they would’ve found you lol


No one’s asked if you even had any ammo…..


Don’t log out at the slightest glimps of danger


That breaks rp


Lmao you scary after for that 🤣


Those sweaty palms haha and bless the parsol shroom


Mushrooms did what?


Halted my progress so I had the drop instead of the other way around


I would’ve personally smashed him with that shotgun but to each their own


My man’s said fuck this I’m outta here🤣🤣🤣


Thank God the mushrooms let you combat log?? Lol why post this. Combat logging is considered cheating lol.


Bottom line is he cheated they didn’t add logging out so you can just leave the game when it gets dangerous. To all the people here saying “he wasn’t in combat yet” that doesn’t matter. Your just bringing up a stupid point logging out is there so you can get off the game and go do something else. Not so you can run when shit gets bad. On top of that clearly he was in combat or he wouldn’t have logged how do you people not understand this. oh wait I know because majority of you are noobs that can agree with him because you would cheat your way out of death to.


What’s the point of playing this game if your just going to log off?


Combat logging minge tard! -TRMZ


Bruh moment. I thought you was about to shove those parasols right up their ass, and then you LOG. Bitch made.


I agree but majority of people here are noobs so expect a few downvotes


Yea the more videos I see on this Reddit the more I understand. You are correct sir.


You're literally a coward . . . . Everytime this dude sees another player i bet he combat logs


Says the anonymous incel on a internet forum.... That's how some people choose to play, I'm sure they would have things to say about how you play. Aren't video games great because of all the different things we can do? Close minded chuds like yourself that ruin things for others, all because "I'm manly and would have attacked" Grow....up.....


Isn't the person who posted the clip also anonymous, an incel, and on an internet forum?


I'm judging by your reaction...op seems like a normal person


Bro when you stop playing a game just because you see another person you're a coward. He had no other reason the quit a game. He wasnt even being shot at he couldve just ran away and continued to play but it literally logged off. The moment he seen a player -_- # coward


How do you know he didn’t have to go take shit?


Thats the only excuse ill accept 🤣☺️ he shouldve mentioned that lol i wouldve gave him a pass. If he was gonna shit himself


Bro, Says whom? Bro, Why does a player HAVE TO attack in your small mind? While I frequently hunt other players, not everyone does that, and as a human just like yourself I'm feeling no urge to make fun of or call him names. I know nothing about that person beyond them posting a video that captured a rare moment. I find it hilarious those guys still have no idea he was there. Could he have killed them? Of course Bro, easily. If that doesn't interest him I'm not gonna insult him because I might have done different. Bro Bro, Again, you're extremely small minded, but that's a major issue currently, so it isn't surprising. Bro.


Bro did i even say he had to fight them at all noo i didnt 🤣 get your fucking panties out of a bundle. I said he couldve just ran away but instead he combat logged and hes a coward for that And thats just big facts not small minded at all your really close minded cause you think your sticking up for dude when in reality you sound dumb as dirt