I play on official, and it seems like my groups are running into more and more people recently.


That’s great to hear! I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting it soon. Are there seasons and resets?


There are no seasons, and resets are super rare and not necessarily scheduled, but you will get plenty of notice before the reset.


Hey man, I just got Dayz. Idk how to play, would you be down to show me?


Check out Wobo and Ravplays for excellent tips and tricks. Download the isurvive app. Prioritize finding water first from wells. Then find food/hunt/fish. Once stable start hitting up hunting, police, medical, and military spots and you are on your way for an adventure. Just remember, we all are gonna wake up on the coast at some point again so keep at it!


I just downloaded the game. What's up with not being able to move objects from one container to another? My jacket pockets are full, but they're room in my pants but for some reason I can't pick up the tool on the ground. I'm having fun so far but the inventory is confusing af. I'm not sure what's a bug and what's a feature.


What might be a problem is that your pants maybe ruined? Or you just are a few numbers off for your inventory. I have had items also "disappear" but they went into like a cooking pot or first aid kit slot that I had on me. So keep that in mind. Other times you may have desynched so logging out and restarting the app is your best bet in that case. If you are trying to move stuff from a barrel now or a car to your inventory you need to have the lid open/trunk of car open. Hope that helps.


Same here. Hopped back on after hiatus and have run into many friendly beach-goers


I've seen one other player so far after playing for 3ish hours, he was a scared Russian man but he had a stick. It was my first death.


Lmfao yes be very wary of men with large objects they're not to be trusted at close range until proven otherwise.


pretty sure dayz just hit a all time high recently & they’re in the works of bettering the console version tremendously from what i’ve heard


We play on official 1st person on they’re generally pretty stacked,even Livonia on occasion


I play on Livonia first person specifically. Player count is usually low to medium. Many players deeper inland like in nidek and heck even borek are KOS. Trust nobody, because this game is lawless. Nothing stopping your friend from killing you if he finds out you have something he needs.


Vigor is child’s play……Come on over.


Funny, my boys and I launched Dayz yesterday from Vigor.


For the first time?


Yes sir. I almost hit level 50 in vigor this season. I’ve got a few more days to still grind. My buddies did hit it. Dayz is interesting. I do like it for $25. We had some good laughs. I don’t think it’s going to replace vigor, but it’s something more casual and different pace for sure.


Yeah I’m close to 40 on the battle pass. I am really enjoying the game but it just feels like there’s not much of an end game besides killing people. That’s what’s making us think about DayZ


I think you are right. Once you unlock all the upgrades, what’s left besides killing? Maybe the case with a lot of games though. I do enjoy the sneaking parts of vigor for sure.


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How's Vigor?


I really enjoy it. I’m not very good but I’ve still had a lot of fun with it. But after a certain point there really isn’t that much to do other than killing people. That’s makes made me consider DayZ


Oh sweet summer child… Well, everything is trying to kill you in DayZ ^^ But definitely fun and good luck with great encounters. Also there are still good communities out there to make and okay with friends , talk on discords and bring the experience to another level. Have fun


Yep it is, be mindful many SHOOT first 😂


Is there proximity chat on console?


Yes but most people are in party chat


It’s mostly dead. You can have some peak hours on a Saturday night.