David and Natalie

Are they dating? They seem to be really close nowadays. If they are, then I'm really happy for them. If not, then I guess they got me haha


He's dating Natalie on Fridays and Saturdays, Taylor Sunday to Wednesday, Emma Pills and that Doughbrik's girl (who looks a little like Ariana Grande) alternate on Thursdays and Corrina when she's in town.


That doughbriks girl is also named Emma. And you forgot about Bella lol


I believe Corinna when she’s in town lol


They are really close but no they are not dating. both of them have stated that they do not feel that way about each other


Ah, I see.


Its surely more brother sister type vibe. His content is just annoying her the whole time


That’s even hotter tbh


They aren’t dating.


Forgive me if it’s been posted/revealed before, but was there a reason for Natalie and Todd’s breakup?


Natalie is also single now and probably has more free time to hang out with David. I am sure when she was with Todd, she wanted to keep a certain distance from him because she had a boyfriend and even though they were all friends, she probably wanted to keep things respectful between her and todd. I think this is just two best friends rekindling their friendship now that one of them is single again.


Is it suddenly 2019 again?


I don’t think David is her type in the slightest


Ehh it wouldn’t surprise me if she went through a phase, but I’m sure that ended long ago. I think it kinda hard to not be attracted to a friend that has become rich and famous. There was a podcast episode where David said he brought a girl home one time and Natalie saw it on the camera and got upset. But it was an old episode and I think her “crush” on David, even if she had one, was probably short lived and ended long ago. I see nothing but true friendship between them.


It's giving situationship tbh no one knows what happens behind the snaps 😂


I agree, but I also think the snaps are calculated ship-baiting to an extent.


Lol to an extent? I think that’s all it is.. it’s very obvious, at least to me.


Well to a large extent lol, but yeah no, I agree