Hopefully not a repost

Hopefully not a repost


Okay but fr can I bring my xbox?




Its a well known fact from 19th century that Socialists only play Nintendo


Oh yes, the greatest source of leftist infighting, whether or not Sega Truly does what Nintendon’t


Oh you want to play other consoles? GULAG! which now translates to no online play. ONLY CAMPAIGN AND CPU MULTIPLAYER, but this is socialism not tyranny, you can avoid this if you merely bend the knee and swear allegiance to The People's Console


If we're talking OG can't go wrong with a little system link 😏


Oh you can link my system anytime comrade


Aight bet get Xlink Kai lol, that's the only way to play online on the OG Xbox nowadays.


When people criticize “critical race theory” (or whatever that is) just respond asking them to debunk it.


What is this fuzz all about if you don't mind me asking?


Here's a Snopes article that explains what Critical Race Theory is and why some people (\*cough* conservatives \*cough*) are mad about it: https://www.snopes.com/news/2021/05/27/what-is-critical-race-theory/


Funny how quick they are to jump at criticizing presumably racist ideologies when it's directed at white people.


theyre just running focus groups on what phrases stir up the attitude of white grievance in their base. their cries about cancel culture are very much the same as this. just slogans and racial agitation


Apparently it’s examining US law and pointing out racially charged legislation and advocating for reform


I've heard two different definitions for CRT, one is the one you posted, the other is basically Intersectionality, except everything leads back to race instead of class.


CRT is a useful tool for the rich to remain rich by getting people to focus on race instead of class.


Ask just about anyone who opposes it what it even *is* and they’ll come up short. They’ve been told to hate it by the people who give them their opinions, and so they hate it. That’s the end of it. Same with socialism. The most vocal opponents of socialism couldn’t define it if their lives depended on it. More often than not, they’ll just accidentally describe late capitalism.


I almost thought this was /r/propagandaposters and this was another "watch out for that dame at the bar for she has a VD!" and I was going to make a snarky comment about soldiers not getting it by whacking their wieners to pin-up girls. Now that I know this isn't that, I almost felt foolish.


But making people experience white guilt is oppression /s


Can I bring my PS4?


I sub to Conservative just for a peak into how those folks think and this is the first time I’ve seen someone mention CRT that wasn’t on that forum. It’s like all they talk about and I don’t understand.


Will she peg me afterwards doe is the real question


critical race theory isnt materialist so im not a huge fan of it but why tf are conservatoids so angry about it recently?


Critical race theory is absolutely materialist. Anti-Black racism in this country is quite literally the story of what happens when you treat people as capital. Part of the problem with this conversation is that the conservatives actually have a semblance of a point. What 21st century liberals have done with crt is neuter and repackage it to get Obama and Harris elected rather than reparations, an overhaul of labor laws, or dismantling the criminal justice system. Conversely, what a lot of leftists have done is treat crt as if it is the thing that liberals have morphed it into and developed a resistance to it based in class reductionism. CRT would teach us about how Bacon’s Rebellion (an early show of class solidarity between white and black workers) led us to the Memphis Race Riots (which was in essence a labor dispute over competition between white immigrants and newly freed slaves for jobs) and the Tulsa bombing (an assault on the nascent class mobility of black people) and how the ruling elites have used race to divide the working class racially. It would teach us that MLK and Malcolm and Fred Hampton (all three socialists in the marxist tradition) were most dangerous (and assassinated) when they were in solidarity with white working class


How is this any different from simple materialist analysis tho?


Is CRT not materialist? I honestly haven't looked into it too closely, but it seems to me that the entire point should be that these systemic structures either still exist or at least continue to have a massive impact on the economic conditions of blacks in America (which are, you know, disproportionately bad).


How I wish someone asked me this


Rightoids cannot for the life of them define critical race theory "uhhhh it's uhhhh when they call white people bad"