Right-wing Libertarians suck, let them fight to the death.

Right-wing Libertarians suck, let them fight to the death.


The more I look at liberty hangout, the more auth-right it seems


They outright admit to being catholic theocratic monarchists and deny being any type of “libertarian” despite the name, so yeah I’d say so.


> catholic theocratic monarchists I don't even know how to interpret this


"Catholic Theocratic Monarchists" also known as pros at coping and seething


Sounds like typical European feudalism to me, no?


In Europe the Pope-stan and the Emperor-stan fought for centuries to assert themselves over the other. The concept of "theocratic monarchist" sounds like "tex-mex" to me


Church of England is typing...


I was against it, but then the tex-mex has me thinking.


It's quite simple, they just want the return of the Papal States, where they will then live.


They're still mad about the French revolution, essentially.


Aren t all monarchists theocratic tho? Like the monarch rules by the grace of god, or at least that s what they say. Catholic? It is just there to be there.


Not all monarchies are theocratic in nature. Some monarchies derived/derive their power from other institutions beside the church, though it is the most common one.


Can you give me some examples because I cannot reallu think of one( I m not trying to be a asshole here, I genuinely cannot), but if we mean strictly real phisical power, not philosofical power( eg why they should rule) then yes, most monarchies( that are not constitutional ones, and with parliments, like in the UK) derive their power from the military and beaurocracy.


I think Louis Philippe of France. He was put in power through revolution (then removed through revolution)


Most of the Mesoamerican and Pacific Island civilizations had monarchs prior to colonization by Europeans, and Tonga still has one today. I'm willing to bet the church wasn't used to legitimize their power, seeing as they didn't even know Christianity existed at the time.


I mean not the Christian church, but their own clergy(because they had religion prior to meeting the europenas) said that the monarchs should be monarchs, if they didn t outright believe their monarchs to be gods( like the ancient egiptians). About the Pacific Islanders I do not know what to say, I am not very familiar with their culture, and perhaps you are right.


The Roman Monarchy was essentially an elective monarchy. Well, assuming you believe the Romans, that is.


Poland Lithuania had an elected king


Nah, I don't think so. Neither philosophically nor currently with most monarchists who I suppose are people who live in monarchies and dig their monarchs for whatever reasons.


I got to be honest, If they decide to be monarchist becasue they like their monarch they might as well hold elevtions every 4 years to decide iwich monarch they like the most.


I have no idea why they do it, except i d e o l o g y of course, but it's essentially what people here in Sweden are like, and it's much the same in the neighboring nations. They don't want the monarch to decide anything, of course, but they are monarchist in wanting the monarchy to remain in it's current form, they like having a king and queen, etc.


Oh so they are conservatives for conservatism sake? why do people don t understand that we could change our society for the better when we can afford not to, instead of changing it when it is too late?


I think it's often combined with other political theories, there's leftists and feminists who also dig the monarchy. They often seem harmless and just part of national heritage or something. It's pretty infuriating, considering how they own massive amounts of land, houses, flats and castles, how they are given something like a hundred million crowns per year here in Sweden, have free meals, trips, etc. and are connected to a lot of old scandals with brothels, actual Nazis and so on.


They want a Catholic Saudi Arabia. There's more nuance than that, but this is the end result


They are true conservatives. They want to abolish capitalism and return to feudalism in which god bestows a chosen family with dominion over creation.


In short, they believe that the religious monarchies of Middle-Ages Europe are the superior form of government. Because they're fucking dumb as shit. And yes, they specifically want Trump and his sons as their kings.


But, he's not Catholic is he?


I don't know, but it doesn't matter. These people don't actually care about their religion (otherwise they'd act more like Jesus and less like the people who killed him). They just use it as a means to the actual end they want, which is an outright fascist white ethnostate.


Most of the history of the catholic church is literally theocratic catholic monarchism


Might wanna research Christian Dominionists, probably a good place as any to start


>They outright admit to being catholic theocratic monarchists People need to stop taking the likes of Liberty Hangout and reactionaries seriously. Their platform is anti-liberal/anti-democratic party/anti-progressive. So many of their positions are simply the exact opposite of a progressive. You can't have a debate over opinions that exist with the sole purpose of "triggering the libs".


theyre post-post-ironic trolls


so they're fascists.


Did you just use the political cumpiss?


You mean the poolitical cumpiss?


Poo liar tackle cum piss


>Liberty Hangout is a right-wing organisation made up of Kaitlin Bennett and husband Justin Moldow. >Kaitlin is extremely anti-abortion and pro constitution. She advocates for a ***constitutional monarchy*** and holds anti-pornography views. Just a few select quotes from https://youtube.fandom.com/wiki/Liberty_Hangout The lady wants an American king. That's gonna be a no from me.


She also shit her pants.... so there's that.


I thought that was Laura Loomer


[https://www.distractify.com/p/kaitlin-bennett-pooped-pants](https://www.distractify.com/p/kaitlin-bennett-pooped-pants) I mean, Loomer may have as well, but Bennett is known for shitting herself. There was even a picture or video of it floating around the web, but it's hard to find now.


Either I can't tell them apart or they both dooked their britches. Im fine with either option


It’s so big


DUDE... it was like a python escaping her shorts. I remember seeing it.


>pro constitution. She advocates for a constitutional monarchy Those two are contradictory. See me after class


Love the profile pick man!


Who the hell would even be king in the US? Some descendant of George Washington?


they’re literally fascists larping as libertarians lmao


They're barely larping, they're just too lazy rebrand


because it is auth right


*cocks gun* always has been


They are literally monarchists


Apparently Caitlin does espouse naziism in her texts so make of that what you will. They're definitely alt right


Libertarianism is the funniest branch of rightoids they present themselves as radical anti-statist warriors, but the only direction action they’re capable of is getting a mail order bride lmao


Imagine deciding to move to new hampshire, of all places


And they all still say the same things everyone else on the right says, they still worship fascist dictators and are anti-LGBT+. They also never stop talking about pedophilia, all while committing it (Nathan Larson for example). It's projecting.


They just simp for corporations instead, it's so fucking lame.


Well that and occasionally being pedophiles




I wasn't talking about politicians I was talking about everyday libertarians who want to get rid of age of consent laws


They also can't agree on what libertarianism actually is. Remember Gary Johnson being booed for saying that drivers licenses are probably ok because you should expect some baseline competence from people operating potentially deadly vehicles?


I love in that same clip the next dude to answer was like “Drivers licenses???? What’s next, needing a license to use the toaster in my own damn house????” No. Nothing’s next. We already have drivers licenses and that didn’t happen. The slope has been observed to not be slippery.


The slope was in fact a flat plane.


I think theyre ok I guess, in a way. At least they somehow are consequent in a way. "Legalize nukes" sounds mad to some but if your thing is "You cant trust the state to be right, so you should as a person be able to counter with the same tools" its coherent. They somehow could be on the left side but took on different turn that got them where they are. AuthRight on the other side is just straight up mad with nothing matching the own "principles" like building a "Christian/Protestant/Catholic/Islamic/Jewish/Buddhist/Insert your Religion Theocracy" while disregarding every principle they claim to honor.


Despite how anti-state they *claim* to be, they seem perfectly happy with the state violently putting down people they don't like, enforcing property rights, and wagin war on behalf of the ruling class, hence the extremely common occurrence of "Thin Blue Line" and Gadsden Flag stickers being placed next to each other on the same cars. Libertarians are fascists who haven't found a leader yet.


Absolutely, and also our current capitalist states are how they are for a reason, if you get rid of the state, but leave the capitalists, they will simply create a new state to enforce their class interests. So while you may have a consistent libertarian in theory, their practice will always lead back to a capitalist authority


Libertarians don’t really believe those things, at least not enough to put them into practice. There’s reason why, despite all of their supposed anti-statism, you never hear about them planning or theorizing a revolution: they like things the way they are. Capitalism cannot exist without a state. The world that they want is literally impossible to create. The real essence of libertarianism is not changing the world, but being a contrarian foil to any social progress. If we actually abolished taxes and they could no longer scream “taxation is theft!” to trigger the libs, then they would get bored and stop change ideologies. All they really care about are a few signifiers of individualism: guns, consumption, and mocking the left. We already have all of those things in America, so we already live in their ideal world. So, there’s not really a distinction between “auth right” and “lib right” in my opinion, because the ideal libertarian world is one governed by the authoritarian right.


With this and that “legalize child labor” tweet from LPNH, right libertarians have been having a weird time on Twitter lately.


Question "how many genders are there?" is as relevant as a question "how many colors there are?"


Well that's easy, there's 7 colors, the rest are fake commie colors, that's why the word pinko exists, everyone knows that, it's one of the commie colors!


the only 3 colors that matter are red white and blue 🇱🇷


lmao did you use the Liberian flag on purpose? I really hope so


It's a damn fine meme


That is the American flag. All flags are the American flag.


gah bles




Nah those lazy ass colors don't even run.




Or heights. Imagine if instead of using measurements we sorted all people into *tall*, *short* and *non-binary* (with people being bigoted against the last group, insisting one can only be tall or short).


Wait, what is liberty hangout? I assumed from the pfp they were ancaps, which is the same as libertarians is it not?


LH is just yikes, big yikes. Authoritarian, Monarchists, Racists, Capitalists... Today they're Trump-esque Republicans, Fascists, the only Liberty they preach is the liberty to say the N word anywhere they want.


I thought it was ran by the poop girl


You would be right


It is. The poop girl wants Trump to convert to catholicism and be crowned king


So, you're saying the poop girl wants Trump to exploit Catholics more... because that man ain't believed a word of any religion(outside of money) since the day he was born.


She's delusional, she probably believes he is currently a devout catholic despite all evidence to the contrary


Yep, Poop Girl, her closeted husband, and I think some other dude who has made multiple appearances on /r/beholdthemasterrace


They used to put on an air of right libertarianism, but they seem to have given up on that a year or two ago and are now into monarchy for some reason.


they used to put on a veneer of right-wing libertarianism, but they have since openly said that they believe in a ***catholic theocratic monarchy***, so not really into that liberty stuff anymore


They're really theocratic Trumpians


at one time it did belong to the libertarians then somehow shits her pants took it over.




thats a low bar, they are not allies by any stretch


I completely agree.


Rightist infighting Rightist infighting


This is a fight i’d pay for not that Mayweather vs Logan Paul shit


I here the Texas libertarian party are not so bad and actually libertarian not just "technically it's ephebophila"


Yeah, I can *almost* respect hardcore libertarians (the kind that actually stick to their guns) since they do have some good material goals (border abolition, drug/sexwork/arms/etc decriminalisation) and, in theory, will leave us the fuck alone to do our own thing. It's the American cryptofash that ruin it really.


I feel like when there not just crypto they are pretty easy to work with on a lot of things because we do have some similar goals and we should on some issues bulid coalitions


i mean in this screenshot they dont seem too terrible


Texas libertarian party is pretty defensible. Never going to agree with leftists on everything, but they seem to at least stick to their own principles more so than american conservatives, and even more than some american liberals.


I feel like you can fairly easily bread pill types type of people when you go down the freedom route on some things. But I can respect people who do have their own principles


In my experience these are three types of "ancaps". Regular GOP fascists, feudalists, and actual libertarians who are just misguided/naive. The last type we can work with.


The last kind yes, they tend to value freedom above all but have little political and economic knowledge. The others can go fuck themselves.


defining the yeehaw right wingers from the fash right wingers


Heartbreaking: Worst person you know just brought up a great point


This is like watching that one zombie and combine duke it out while you're just sitting in the shadows




Unironic question, what point is libertarian of Texas trying to make? My guess is they are saying "currently our borders are not open. This hurts the economy. Hurting the economy generates poverty. The existence of poverty neccesitates/causes the existence of the welfare state. To eliminate the welfare state, we must eliminate poverty. To eliminate poverty we must open our borders. We therefore support an open border policy" Am I interpreting the tweet correctly?


Yeah, I think that’s the gist of it. It’s really fucking dumb.


I mean, I can get behind opening borders and wanting less poverty, although I'd rather keep and modernize the welfare state. So...2/3 based?


Libertarians, like leftists, realize something is wrong wrong with our current society. However, instead of thinking that the unjust hierarchies are the problem, they think government is the problem. They also have no answer for how you care for those who cannot work besides "charity lol."


Holy shit, a libertarian party actually being libertarian.


Liberty hangout is unironically pro monarchy, definitely not libertarian


that was handled at the top of the post, m8


Yeah and the wrote an essay on why north Korea wasn't a monarchy in order to defend monarchy. Accidently based.


They’re just chest beating and fucking roasting each other. That’s discourse for reactionaries.


It has to be a joke at this point


All of the libertarians i’ve met (which is two so not a great sample size) are SO CLOSE to being correct if they just widen their perceptions a bit and realize that the government we advocate for is not a larger version of the current structure, it’s something else entirely.


What the hell i thought they were ancaps????


Let me get my popcorn


“How many genders are there” lmfao


I send Critical Support to the Libertarian Party of Texas


My favourite thing about liberty hangout was in an attempt to defend monarchism they wrote an essay explaining how North korea isn't a monarchy.


As much as I like this Liberty Hangout are very authoritarian so it's mostly capitalists fighting


"""right-wing libertarians"""


Libertarian originally were a sect of anarchists. There are still anarchists who brand the title, but most don’t


Libertarian Party of Texas actually seems libertarian. I respect that. Not like “Liberty Hangout” which is really an ironic name when you think about their action.


Rightist infighting a beautiful thing to see.


Many right-wing libertarians are crypto-Nazis. Fascism, as far as I'm concerned, is the greatest enemy of humanity.


Got to hand it to Texans for at least having consistency in their views


Critical support for the libertarian party of Texas for not entirely loosing it yet.


Left wing infighting: disgusting. terrible. unholy. Right wing infighting: [Grabs popcorn]


their ancaps what did you expect


their ancaps what did you expect


Ngl, the Libertarian Party fucking slaughtered them with that last one


OMG I should have known the Politicaly-charged Andy. Jeez-us, should have known. Should you not go back to Twitter to fight your fictional political debates wars?


Hahahaa funny they aren't red so bad and they stupid hahaha they don't have exactly the same views hahahahah