At least 6 dead now, 24 injured. So sad. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/07/04/us/highland-park-illinois-shooting-july-4-parade/index.html


And this was the 308th mass shooting in US this year https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mass_shootings_in_the_United_States_in_2022


That’s an insane number


Don’t worry, we’ll get it higher.


We're only halfway through the year after all


Surely republicans will help fix the issue right guys? Guys?


They will send their thoughts and prayers


And then _IMMEDIATELY_ say we need to move on and celebrate. [I wish I were joking.](https://twitter.com/markmaxwelltv/status/1544036494616285185?s=21&t=JeXATyn2MQLp9zX4JopxtQ)


Not sure they'll ever admit what the problem is. So, that's their only answer to these issues.


“That’s the cost of freedom” they say.


We might break a record.


A lot higher.


It's only July, we could coast with these numbers. But we're dedicated


Besides, August school opens up and then it’s open season /s That hurts my heart to even joke about. Fuck I hate all these god damn guns on these streets and irresponsible gun ownership.


Less than a decade till the generation of forced births are old enough to go to school 😔


By that time guns might be school issued.


"Our new back to school supplies now include bullet-proof vests, and our new teacher approved assault rifles"


Quick! Supreme Court make another insane decision - the people are focusing on guns again! Deflect deflect!!!


Those are rookie numbers. Gotta get those numbers up. Freedom!


That's an average of 1.68 shootings per day.


And that's "mass shootings," not taking into account all of the other types of shootings.


Damn. I just looked it up the other day and saw 278 and you're telling there were 30 more since then? We had 24 in Germany since 1970 and the US just had 30 in the past couple of days?


But WE can protect ourselves from the gummint and overthrow them if they try doing bad stuff... Oh, wait...


In Texas just last week or so, there was an event with trail riding, music, etc. People got in a fight, someone snuck a gun in and started shooting in a crowd. People were supposed to check their guns at the front like a coat check. When the first shooting happened, some ran to the gun check, reclaimed their guns, ran back, and started shooting into the crowd to defend the crowd..... and doesn't stop there... police come, they are working on assessing the situation when near the parking lot another shooting.......... 3 shootings at 1 even in a small Texas country. The idea that some were protecting others while shooting wildly is just mind boggling.


Fucking idiocy. If they'd all just killed each other the average IQ of TX would measurably rise


This is the obvious consequence of arming all the "good guys". Instead of one shooter, you have a free for all of yokels all mistaking each other for the bad guy. The logic of arming MORE people is so obviously absurd, I can't understand how even the dumbest of the dumb fall for it.


I'm on a Discord group with a handful of folks that play a mutual video game. Most of them are from Europe. I'm one of a handful of Americans. The other day, the group was all super distraught because of a mass shooting that happened in Denmark at a mall. One of the Americans didn't understand why they where so upset. It's such an insane dichotomy. In Denmark, this may well have been the *first* mass shooting of the year. In the US, we *average* more than than every fucking *day*. WTF is wrong with this country. Land of the free, my ass.


> In Denmark, this may well have been the first mass shooting of the year. Mate, it was the first one in *seven years* and people are freaked the hell out by it because it's becomming "too normal".


wait is this for real?


It's defined as a shooting that takes place in a single location and also 4 or more people are injured or killed. ~300 sounds about right. We had ~250 as of the beginning of june and I haven't looked since then.


Beginning of what? Since you wrote this post?


They meant June. Just didn’t type the word on accident. You can see an in-depth list [here.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mass_shootings_in_the_United_States_in_2022) And then depending on your personal definition of “mass shooting”, you can count how many. For example, the FBI doesn’t count them as mass shootings unless at least 3 victims die. (So 3 shot and all 3 die, it counts, but 100 shot and only 2 die, it doesn’t). But other agencies do. So that list includes a variety.


You can’t be surprised.




not trying to stereotype but why is there a cluster of dots near (and/or) in chicago?


Mainly gang violence


The suburb of Highland Park has a population of about 30,000 people and has a per capita income of about $90,000, nearly triple the US average, according to US Census data.


Because it's the third largest population center in the United States.


Very fitting for our independence day.


And with that gun's red glare All of their *thoughts and prayer* Gave proof to the right That our flag was still there?


Here's a non-amp link as well: https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/04/us/highland-park-illinois-shooting-july-4-parade/index.html


My family was on my way to that parade. We were late so ended up turning around once we heard the news. You don’t think it will ever happen in your town until it does.


Unless you're a teacher like me.




Hey the chances are a million times higher in the glorious USA! God bless. Glad you guys are safe.


This is not about you, but this is the problem with many Americans whether it’s covid, mass shootings, or something else. It’s not real or someone else’s problem until it happens to them.


Couldn’t agree more. This country has an empathy and willful ignorance issue.


It also has a fetish for guns. They are objects of sexual desire for many, and therefore are not to be regulated. People would rather die than not have guns.


you could include abortion in that too (but for *me* it was different)


This photo encapsulates the feelings of so many Americans…sadness, frustration, despair.


Don’t forget helpless


Yes, everyone's absolutely helpless to stop this.


Nah only about half. The other half are cradling their guns while they plague the internet.


Another “lone wolf” who was a “good kid” and would “never hurt a soul”.


"an isolated case"




A doctor who was at the scene said there were war zone injuries and blood everywhere.


Well, considering a war zone is where a bunch of people are shot, that makes sense.




It's almost as if many of these firearms are primarily built for killing people in wars.


That’s basically how I felt seeing video of some guy checking for survivors among the victims right after the Las Vegas shootings a few years back and catching a glimpse of a victim’s face. Can’t imagine what it’s like seeing that in person.


I used to know a guy that was Fire Rescue & LE combined back in the early 2000s, he responded to a mass shooting somewhere in Colorado. I was told that he was the one that found the body of a childhood friend. He killed himself about a month later. He was only 25, just married and planning on kids, a home, a small woodworking shop. Just like that, gone.


That was fucking nuts. It happened and then nothing happened. It’s clear that not enough Americans actually care. And it’s clearly from one camp that insists there are no solutions to this problem or refuse to enact the ones that are actually present


Lots of prams and scooters on the ground…


July 4th weekend mass shooting totals to date at 15:33 CST: 64 injured, 10 killed. Source: https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/reports/mass-shooting?page=2 **Edit** this is from 10 separate mass shootings July 2 - July 4. Source listed above.


Holy shit what a powerful photo


Shame nothing will come of it.


Thats a lie, A lot of thoughts and prayers comes out of it


Do they even bother with those anymore? Mostly go straight to arguing with liberals about guns.


The thing with thoughts and prayers is that we don't know what they're thinking about or praying for. We can *guess*, though, and it's probably not about wanting world peace or for all of us to just get along. They're praying for the painful and immediate deaths of everyone who disagrees with them about anything.


“Well I think this is awesome and should continue to happen regularly, you stupid libs” or whatever it is they say


Like he said, nothing.


Come on now, I’m sure there will be some thoughts and prayers


This one has Pulitzer potential.


I think the fact the fedora has an American flag pattern might cinch it.




m'ass shooting


>The incident marks at least the 308th mass shooting in the US this year, according to data compiled by the Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit tracking such incidents. The organization defines a mass shooting as involving four or more people shot, not including the shooter.


Today, I'm watching the town I lived in for 5 years on national TV. I've attended the Highland Park 4th of July parade before. I lived 2 blocks away from where this happened. I've sat on that brown bench in front of Walker Bros that's covered in blood. My mom who still lives close by is bunkered in her living room right now, staying away from windows. Today it was me, my family, and my community. Tomorrow, it might be you.


I upvoted - but I'm sorry ;(


That’s an awful feeling. It must be so scary for you and your mom right now. Please know an internet stranger is thinking of you right now and sending you both a virtual hug. I’m also writing another email to my congressman and senator. And donating to [https://www.everytown.org](https://www.everytown.org), if anyone else wants to join me? We can’t just feel sad and sit on our hands! We have to donate, be good neighbors, be good members of our community!


That's how I felt after the Borderline shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA. Born and raised there. Crazy seeing your town in the national headlines


That's nearly 2 per day........


Doesn't even include all the OTHER shootings. The ones where one or two people were shot.


Or attempted shootings for that matter. Imagine how many of those happen that we never read about.


Or three. You can have three people killed by a single shooter and it doesn't count as a mass shooting unless a fourth bystander was also hit.


And unfortunately I bet theres more yet to come


SCOTUS has ruled gun control measures unconstitutional, and several states have expanded access and relaxed controls on guns. So yep. Coming to a public location near you!


Serious question from EU: Can't the states make proper laws?


SCOTUS overturns state laws on gun control.


We just *loosened* some a few days ago. And the shooting in Uvalde, TX? The governor lowered the age limit to buy a gun from 21 to 18 the year before. The murderer was 18. Gun culture is so deeply ingrained that it's hard for me to see it ever being solved.


It doesn't matter what an individual state does. Illinois can have the harshest laws in the nation but if Indiana and Wisconsin make it easy (which they do) then Illinois is fucked regardless. There aren't border checks between states and you can purchase a gun in Indiana then be in Chicago within 30 minutes.


The SCOTUS just overturned one in NY. So no, we have to live with this.


Baby strollers, a kid's bike and a crumpled American flag. And a cop grieving, shocked out of his mind. Fitting end shot as Democracy fades from the screen.


*the idea of what was thought of as democracy, but in reality never was


Where's the crumpled flag? Do you mean the hat with an American flag pattern?


So sad. I told my husband yesterday that I didn’t want us to take our kids anywhere today, I knew something was going to happen somewhere today.


I told my husband the same thing. I am super vigilant now whenever I take my kids anywhere public. I hate how a small number of nut jobs is taking away our country from us. Our gun laws are a total joke. Seriously.


Couldn’t agree more. I was so relieved when school let out for summer 😭


When is it going to be enough




Unfortunately Never, America seems to have unlimited thoughts and prayers.


i am beginning to doubt the "thoughts" part.


They seem to base a lot of their culture on prayers.


If the prayers are to a blood god, they're working.


Well, a school full of innocent kids and teachers getting shot up isn't enough.... soooo i don't think there really is a rock bottom here. Plus congress just passed some bs legislation that does nothing so they're all busy slapping each other on the back for compromising, and no one is talking about it anymore. So we're going to need a school full of kids to get shot up again before we can even revisit the subject seriously.


It wasn't enough with Columbine. It wasn't enough with Sandy Hook. It wasn't enough with Marjorie Stoneham Douglas High School. And it's not enough with Uvalde. It's never enough. It'll have to happen to the president's kid or grandkids for anything to change. It's fucking disgusting.


Never, the answer is never, it will never be enough sadly


Never. To gun-nuts, these are just the "inevitable side effects" of gun ownership that we must simply accept as normal


Never. The US passed its watershed when Sandy Hook occurred and nothing changed. Once that was allowed, that was it.


When the average American starts to care more about one another than they do access to weapons made for murder. Republicans are more worried about unborn fetuses than protecting living Americans


Don't you see, an abortion is murder. But a gun, well it can be used for anything, even murder! I personally like to use them to crack walnuts. Thank God for the 2nd amendment.


If they used AR-15s to administer abortions they’d still be legal nationwide


I’m fucking upset that this shit keeps happening in America. Wtf


Have you tried thoughts and prayers? Everyone else seem to be doing that


No guys for real... This time god will listen! I know we said that last time and the time before that and the time before that but I have a good feeling about this time. Everybody think of the victims and pray so hard that a little poo nugget falls out of your pant leg! What's that you say? Better gun control? That's stupid. Maybe if the parade goers had their own guns this would not have happened.


lol why are you surprised? We never fucking do *anything* about it, it dominates the news cycle with our “thoughts and prayers” while politicians use it as a campaign tool and to divide us until the next mass shooting makes us forget about the previous one and the cycle starts over. It’s heart breaking and entirely unsurprising and I honestly don’t think it will ever change because we never change.


"*Don't politicize it, it's too soon!! Oh, look...the clock just reset. And again. And again. Guess it's just always going to be too soon.*"


Sadly it’s just not within the worlds most powerful country’s means to prevent this 😔


Have you tried turning it off and on again?


Like a flood?




Have you tried adding more guns?


My daughter was born last week at the hospital a block away from this shooting. The world is crazy.


Not the whole world. Just certain parts of it.


Don't worry, there's already been 4 mass shootings today! https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/reports/mass-shooting


Thats what I was wondering, I swear I'd heard of another, then this happened. Ffs, I don't even want to go to public events anymore. I went to a graduation in June and was spooked by any loud sound. Like how is this okay for anyone? You go into a large crowd now and suddenly you have to stay vigilant for cars looking to run you down, or some asshole with a gun. Soon cities wont even do anything anymore. We just all either hold our own events in our own spaces or just fucking live in fear.


Hey, at least no abortions happened there.


We don’t know if any of the victims were pregnant. Christian conservatives might have to send more thoughts and prayers if that’s the case.


They would call for a conviction on the victim that “allowed” the “abortion”.


They were post-fetuses.


Greatest country on earth, so we're told.


I’m so tired of waking up everyday to the news of innocent lives being lost. This is most definitely not the greatest country in the world and I don’t have anything to celebrate this year being an American. It’s heartbreaking


Anybody who believes statements like that about any nation doesn't understand what propaganda is.


There could not be a more telling commentary than a mass shooting at an event celebrating the foundation of a country dedicated to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" America has become the perverse opposite of what it originally aspired to. Sad for everyone.


🎶 And I’m Proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free 🎶 🎶 and I won’t forget the men (and children, and women, and elderly at schools, parades, concerts, grocery stores) who died, who gave that right to me 🎶


This is my city. A lot of people are getting things wrong about it ((of course). It’s not Chicago. Well answer where we’re from as “Chicago, well actually Highland Park” We do have strict assault rifle laws. But it’s not a gated community with metal detectors all over. People can obviously come into the city with guns It feels like a neighborhood of a John Hughes movie. Pretty In Pink, Breakfast Club etc. because Shermer, IL is basically our neighboring cities. And Cameron’s house in Ferris Bueller is in HP And yeah, we feel super safe. Well we did. This has rocked so many people. Not sure who did this but I will say that the last few years we’ve had a small amount of right wing people come to our neighborhood for this parade and be outside agitators. They spewed anti-Semitic rhetoric. Not saying that’s what’s going on as we don’t know who the shooter was… but people have used our hood to disrupt with their bullshit views


>People can obviously come into the city with guns When the shooting at the NYC subway happened, a lot of conservatives where having a blast in the news' comments because they were like "see?! The city with the strictest gun laws can't seem to be able to control its guns! This is why gun laws don't work" and I replied to every single one of them that it is always possible to have people from across state lines bringing guns, because it isn't like there are huge gun-detectors when you enter the city. Turns out the guy was from another state indeed. Not a single one of those fuckers in the comments said anything. I hope that means they realize they were wrong, but we know that's probably not the case.


So sorry for the tragedy that took place in your city; that was supposed to be a good day to spend time with family and friends. It's silly that people say it's Chicago because a lot of crime takes place in areas around the city, but in areas outside of the city, there's rarely crime, much safer to live and raise a family. To add to your point about outside agitators, it happens everywhere I live outside of Dallas in areas similar to yours and what you described about the agitators I see it all the time, people with the rhetoric and views are moving around me everyday.


I am so fucking sick of this shit.


Happy birthday, America.


America is broken


This picture says a million words. Our national core has become rotten it seems. Fury and rage and mass murder is now common and a matter of course. Nobody truly knows what to do. Our national karmic debt feels like it is coming due. The ONLY way to try and do anything is with more laws, rules, enforcers… We are heading toward a much more restricted society, but I don’t have any better ideas. We blew it. We let millions fall through the cracks. We peaked a long time ago. First time in my life I feel like things will not be okay or just blow over. We’re in deep, scary, freezing waters.


Agree. I have a three month old little girl and I'm scared about the future she's going to grow up in. It's so fucked up....I just don't know what to do because voting doesn't seem to do shit.


I've a 14mo old. I'm right there with you. I know parents will never not worry about their kiddos, but this... I'm speechless, disheartened, and anxious. This country is a freight train off the rails barreling into a pit of despair. Every day another train car is added behind it giving it more momentum. I guess we try to get out. Like you said, voting doesn't seem to help anymore :(


Murica, where guns have more rights than women.


shooters have more rights than women too cause theyre men


If mass shootings were committed 99% by women, the conversations following every incident would be different.


damn right


Reminds me of the show Bojack Horsemen where women started getting more guns so they banned them in the state, the female character was all, "wow I can't believe they hate women more than they love guns". But IIRC the only time there was more gun control in the states was when black americans were carrying more openly, right?


My day is officially ruined. American people can't even celebrate and have a good time anymore. R.I.P to the victims, I'm ashamed that this even happened.


What is there to celebrate? Or nation is falling apart and everything we stood for is being tarnished from within.


Yup. Not celebrating this year. Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are not being secured by our government. It is being stripped and stomped on.


Maybe there should be a day to remind us that when the government isn't working for us, we can rise up and make a change, together.


Yeah, that be great if it was used in that manner, and not just a day for idiots to dress in flag outfits and drunkenly scream about the US being the greatest country on earth. Good luck rising up against the government though. It’s not like they stomp out any progressive movement almost instantly and let fascist groups roam the streets with impunity and police escorts.


I’ve resolved to at least enjoy others’ fireworks tonight. No buying from corporations, no spending money on celebration tickets. Trying not to contribute to any companies or to unsafe fireworks (but I love them), but we all need to take small joys where we can. Tomorrow we continue the fight.


And all because people would rather stuff their face and watch TikTok videos than take solid action. Worse yet the ones who are demanding change and action are God damn fascist nutjobs who reject science outright and make the Taliban look like the god damn boy scouts.


Precisely. It'll all end in 2024: https://hartmannreport.com/p/the-nightmare-scenario-scotus-is


30 mins from my house and we just left a different parade when we got the news, I’ve never wanted to move away so much


Certified america moment


the most american independence day ever


Instead of any reform we’re gonna thoughts and prayer it again.


To be fair, there’s nothing more American than a mass shooting at a 4th of July parade 👍🏻


"There have been 11 mass shootings in the first four days of July, including three on July 4 alone, in Richmond, Virginia; Chicago and Highland Park, according to the Gun Violence Archive." No words! 😢


Americans are pro death. This is what sinking millions into your Military instead of Healthcare gets you. "Chickens coming home to roost." • Malcom X




Happy Birthday America


Even on your own Holiday? You guys are weird.


Why are young men so broken in the head?


Crazy that this is what the Supreme Court thinks the nation needs.


Another great reason why I left America


Just curious as I have been doing research on this… we’re you born in America and did you already have a second citizenship in another country? Where did you find it relatively easy to migrate to? Seems tough to find a country you can easily move to as an American without at least a few hundred thousand dollars saved up.


I’ve read that Croatia is pretty easy to emigrate to, or to at least live as an ex-pat


*live as an immigrant


Idk about the guy that posted the comment originally but I also left. Born American but in Europe as my dad was in the military. Have dual citizenship because of it. Came to the US around high-school time. Now live in the UK (not the country for which I hold second citizenship) it was pretty easy to get here despite Brexit, and I didn't have that much cash to get here (maybe 2k euros), but did have a job lined up already in science research. So that made it easier. From others that I've know that did it without having a secind citizenship, if you have a job lined up, can pay to get here, and cover the first two or so months of expenses, you will be fine. Its the first part that is hard unless you have a specialisation that is in demand.


I have dual citizenship and we as a family are talking about moving back to Europe. It’s too dangerous to live here.


I came back. That was 35 years ago and why? Some part of my brain malfunctioned, I had little kids. In my head they'd have more opportunities here. Like an idiot I believed that. One moved back to Scotland for grad school and stayed, the other is going soon. I'll miss them, kids, their wives and the grandchildren. I'm also begging them to stay there forever. They will.


James 2:14-17 What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. To bloody fucking hell with your thoughts and prayers. Do fucking something.


Dear America, how many people have to die before you stop blaming individuals for the violence, and just fix your fucking laws to make it harder for these things to happen? How many parents have to lose children? How many tears must be shed? When will you realize that your freedom to own a gun, isn’t as important as peoples rights to life? Like, just add background checks and licenses… you can still have guns, just make it take longer and try to weed out people with mental health issues…. Please?? Sincerely, a concerned Canadian (and firearm owner and advocate)


On our independence day, when we're supposed to be celebrating freedom..... What's more American than a mass shooting?


‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens


Domestic terrorism.


thoughts and prayers.


Thank you for doing your part


6 people killed and 24 wounded with the blessing of the Supreme Court and the GOP. Remember Edit: updated the count, to remind again to think of each of those families when you vote and when you see a Republican or a conservative voters.


This is the America conservatives are trying to preserve.




Future mass shooters could be aborted at birth, oh. Wait


This is so awful. Earlier today I was at a Fourth of July parade and I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind “what if a shooter showed up” I pushed the thought away and forced myself to enjoy the parade. Such a tragedy that this actually happened somewhere. How does America allow this to happen over and over and nothing changes??


pretty sick society




Happy Independence Day everyone.


If this isn’t the most American image I’ve seen today. Sad.


What the fuck. I mean.... What. The. Fuck.


Are we too far gone as a country to turn this around? I’m only 30, but I never had this fear growing up. Shit is getting wild.




It's only going to get worse


I am so tired an exhausted to see this type of news every week. It always saddens me knowing people lost their close loved ones especially knowing we could have prevent this.