No partisanship, just man to man. Real ass shit.


Statesmanship is a lost art for sure


Grown man moves for sure


It's an example for today's world on how we used to be civil and get along.




And the knowledge that on the other side...after the presidency you are a rare club of persons that know all the secrets, and will be constantly called on by the US for continued support.


Well, not all of them.


>Well, not all of them. Lookin' at you Hamberder Cofeve.


Where’s the “this is a bot that copies and pastes” bot when you need em?


Thank you for saying this, it's what I came to say...we used to be civil, we used to be able to be different and still get along with each other.


when is this time you speak of


President's as far back as Reagan have done this, up to and including Obama. The tradition mysteriously stopped at that point.


That’s false. The tradition didn’t stop. Watch Biden’s first press conference in the Oval Office. He gets asked this question and says that Trump left him “a very generous letter.” Jen Psaki herself has said that it was a “very long and beautiful” letter. Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10547329/amp/Psaki-reveals-letter-Trump-left-Biden-Oval-office-long-beautifully-written.html


It was a very long and beautiful letter, it was the greatest and most beautiful letter there ever was it was so great people were not allowed to see it because it was so great… and beautiful did I say how beautiful it was? Oh you would have been amazed


A letter like none before in the history of letters. Great letter. The best. Some people say it will always be the best.


Not only was it a beautiful letter, but my doctor also said is was also a healthy letter. The healthiest letter he has ever seen. It was perfect in size, low body mass count, not fat, not chubby, but just right. It was also a blonde letter. A very tall and statuesque letter with great big tits. I wrote it during a Stormy night while drinking jack Daniels. I can still remember riding Stormy, uuuuhmm, I mean, writing the letter, like it it was yesterday (sigh).


It wasn’t just a generous letter, it was a yuge letter.


It was the letter A, then B followed by C …..


My letter had all the letters. I used a lot of vowels, I love vowels. My family has always loved vowels. I used all the letters. Except for Q, I don’t like Q. I like letters that can stand on their own. The letter Q can’t do anything without U following it. Very bad, very lazy. The only time I’ve ever seen a Q without the U is Iraq. Very bad people, very invadey. Stay out of Kuwait, leave their U alone.


Dear Sleepy Joe: I took a dump in one of the drawers in this desk. Guess which one? Signed, DJT.


C is for Covfefe


Some people are saying it may be the best letter ever written…


Some say, with tears in their eyes, that it had the best words.. Definitely written by stable genius who knows his man, woman, person, TV and whatnot..


Words...my letter had so many words. Big words. Important words. Words the likes you have never seen yourself. Some people have said I have many words. I don't know if that's true, but that's what people are saying. The fake news media will probably say bad things. Folks...folks, let me tell you...don't believe the words from the fake news. My words are perfect, we can all agree on that.


Not just any people, We’ve got some wonderful people who read that letter and they were all so thrilled to read it… Some really, really great people who said they wish they got a letter like that, and it was terrific… a really really terrific letter. And of course when I took this office I knew that people just needed more time to get to know me and uh… And they spoke with me uh, about that great letter I’d received. It was really great


Is anyone else reading these in that stupid Trump voice & inflection? I hate that fuckn moron but love the comments.


They ask me, they say "what's the best letter ever written" and I say "it's this one right here." It was a tremendous letter, believe me.


I believe Jen Psaki's words were: it had lovely *handwriting*


> it had lovely handwriting Ivanka wrote that shit whilst sitting on Daddy's lap in the Oval one last time.


To Sleepy Joe, We both no that you did not win the election. You may have cheeted your way into my office. My beautiful office. People say it aas never as beautiful as when I was in it. They say it was like it was always mine. A marine once said “sir, I can’t even emagine anyone in this office but you”. And Joe, sleepy Joe I like to say and the people love it. You should hear them cheer for me when I say sleepy Joe. I know you will fail. They hope you fail. I hope you fail. And that will be good for America. I will be back in this beautiful office.


That’s how we know how diplomatic Joe and Jen are…because no one would believe that Donnie wrote a long and beautiful letter lol


Yeah but he forgot to mention that it was written in crayons and was mostly a rant on McDonald's fries


Probably not like his love letters with Kim Jung un though


Nothing beats his letters to Putin though.


It kind of negates any goodwill when you literally try to overthrow the government to stop the other guy from taking office. JFC I can’t believe this bullshit has so many upvotes. TRUMP TRIED TO STAGE A COUP AND DID EVERYTHING HE WAS LEGALLY AND NOT LEGALLY ABLE TO STOP THE TRANSITION OF POWER In no way whatsoever is he apart of any kind of tradition of gracious transition. JFC


I’m not arguing that he was gracious, kind or anything. The other poster claimed that Trump broke the tradition to leave a letter to the incoming President. That’s wrong. He did leave a letter. That’s all I said.


Then it sure as hell wasn't written by Trump.


I am detecting sarcasm, “the worlds greatest sarcasm, some say it’s the greatest sarcasm you’ve ever seen” in Psaki’s statement of a long and beautiful letter.


I heard trump left one for Joe, he just didn't release it.


According to Trump himself (during an interview with Lisa Boothe): ​ "I don't wanna say \[what's in the letter\], that's perhaps up to him. And I guess he said he wouldn't do it without my approval." ​ Which leaves it in an odd state of A) Trump is leaving it up to Biden whether or not to reveal the letter's contents B) Biden has decided not to do it unless Trump approves explicitly and C) Trump hasn't approved explicitly, despite it being as easy as saying "Joe, you have my approval" right there. ​ It's no guess what's going on here. Don put something in the letter he's embarrassed to talk about, and Joe is just letting it be water under the bridge.


Assume the letter is civil, even nice. Why on Earth would Joe Biden want to release anything that might remotely tend to make Trump look decent, even if we can all assume it was written by White House staff?


I bet it just said “I like you. Do you like me? Check yes or no” and both Joe and Don are too embarrassed to release the results


"Dear Joe- Congratulations on winning the Presidency. Enclosed are Colonel Sanders' 11 herbs and spices. This is top-secret military knowledge I obtained in my first month as President. Sincerely, Don


Trump won’t say what it says because he didn’t write it and doesn’t know what is in the letter.


Yeah right, he wrote a letter to his successor.. yet he's adamantly stating that the election was stolen, and he's still the rightful president.. 🙄


The funny thing is if he did actually write it everyone would be able to tell it’s him if Biden released it. His vocabulary is only like a few hundred words and he talks like a moron.


Not until he has a chance to talk to the former guy "face to face" is what I heard. I don't know if that's good or bad. But it doesn't sound good.


This. There is probably some reason the contents of that letter have not been shared.




"Joe, I was just rubbing my balls on the chair, the desk, and the phone handset. Your wife is a 3, and I bet you don't last 6 months in this job. I was the best president ever, no way you can follow my act. Suck it, Donald" Just a wild guess.


Joe, I put my nutsack on your drum set. -THE DON


It's a good thing the furniture in the oval office is chosen by every president. Time for a fresh set. Even the resolute desk is not a fixture.


Honestly, that would have been my first act. "Clear out everything that was touched or had an ass in it, and burn this note from donny boy, he definitely rubbed his balls on the paper"


Which is a shame because, well, the resolute desk is so damn cool. But they have lots of stuff I can't afford to pick from.


Probably scrawled in crayon.




On a dry erase board


He probably doesn’t release it because it contains a 1 (800) number pushing some sleazy scam for Trump. Call to unlock the secrets of the presidency!


Good job making up fake news. ![gif](giphy|IguTdo3MPMeZM6Bzc1|downsized)


Indeed, what a class act.


So is penmanship and writing letters.


Exactly. People forget that these two were friends and then bitter rivals at one point but it was only politics and a bruising election battle that pulled them apart. After bushes letter to Clinton, both men reunited as friends and lots of people couldn't understand them taking trips together even abroad for peacekeeping. These lessons should be learnt today by everyone young and old, poor and rich, black and white...it doesn't matter who you vote for or what you believe, we're all blood, we're all together in this as one. That wisdoms being lost.


It's funny that people find this controversial nowadays


I get your sentiment and all, but I’d really love it if the rich folk stopped stepping on our necks. Hard to feel like we’re all in this together when one small group of people seems determined to fuck the rest of us to take even more for themselves.


I gotta imagine the job comes with a sense of camaraderie with the others whove done it. It's.. a LOT


Absolutely. Only those in the club know the baggage that comes along with membership, the good and the bad.


I always feel sad when I see the photos of how presidents age because you can SEE how the weight of all those expectations changed them. I'm not the kind of person for that kind of responsibility, so anyone who goes at it with passion and love gets a lot of respect from me.


Real men can lose gracefully with class. Real Presidents know that the office is bigger than just one man. and literate people can write a letter by hand.


*bites lower lip*


Light a cigar grown ass man stuff


Goes to see a man about a horse


And the sad thing is, even after 5 minutes of scrolling the comments on *literally this post* I’m *still* seeing people going back and forth about Trump and Biden. Current politics really have broken people’s brains, I bet the concept of what is stated in this image went over the heads of 95% of the people who upvoted this post.


I gotta imagine the job comes with a sense of camaraderie with the others whove done it. It's.. a LOT


The modern GOP would call him a cuck. I didn’t agree with his politics but he was a class act.


"I am rooting for you - Good luck" As it should be. No matter what party or political color you belong to you should wish for a successful government that will serve the nation as best as they can.


It’s even better. He says “I’m rooting *hard* for you.” So good.


I’m hard


I’ve got a raging clue.


God I love South Park fans


The hardly boys!


You're not the only one who was hard.


Hi Hard, I’m Mocha-only.


As an Australian, the use of the word “rooting” here is particularly amusing :-D


He said "rooting hard". Barbara Bush sent Bill a letter too, thanking him for inspiring George.


What does rooting mean to Australians?


In Australia it’s a slang to have intercourse


56% of all words are slang for intercourse in Australia.




Except thongs. I got my thongs on today…completely innocent.


Oh then the generosity in the sentence "I'm rooting for you " has to be otherworldly. Not to mention we probably found a replacement for the "beeps" in media, "root".


I worked with many Australians for years when I lived overseas. I cannot help but hear the Australian use of the word when Canadians say it, even to this day years later. I have trouble not laughing when people ask “who are you rootin for” at sports things.


Clinton never felt lonely in there either.


Take my upvote. It’s all I have.


Gave my freebie award on your behalf


Clinton never ~~felt~~ **was** lonely in there either.


What did he feel?




Ah, the promise land.


Just shame. Loads of it


Don't think he was the one feeling the loads


Jumping in to add: If you’re on Twitter.com you should be following Monica Lewinsky. She’s fucking hysterical. Edit: fucking not ducking


Goosebumps. Thats humble class.


Classy af


A pleasant, dignified handover. Sigh


I wonder what Trump wrote 🤔




Only he and a small group of presidents understood it


“Joes got cooties”


"Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater! I am number 1, my fans said so. I have more friends than you, Joe Schmoe!"


You're assuming he knows how to write a letter




>Nothing Ummm... [Biden says otherwise](https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/20/politics/trump-letter-to-biden/index.html).


... Huh. I didn't know he had publicly thanked Obama for his letter or written Biden one either. Seems out of character.


How in the name of shit did we go from that to Trump's temper tantrum. We are devolving people.


All class that Bush


That’s class. Brought a tear to my eye. I would pay to have a book with all of the letters left by the former presidents to incoming presidents. It would be very interesting to read.


Glad i'm not the only one. Why the fuck did this make me cry? That's so depressing.


Because it reminds us of the decency that people once had before everything went to shit. Now any kind act from one person to another makes me tear up a little bit just because there’s still hope or hint of the good thing that we didn’t realize we once had.


Trump to Biden (⊙o⊙)


I’d also like to see Obama to Trump.


Nice semicolon.


I always liked George Bush as a man even as I recoiled from some of his policies. I never thought he was a bad person or had bad intentions. This applies to both Bush Presidents. The younger Bush and his wife were very gracious to Barack and Michele Obama and they still have a friendship today because of it


Thank you. There was a recent time frame when the people participating in politics had a basic decent level and I think the Bush family qualifies wholeheartedly. I genuinely believe both the Bush presidents did the best they could and had an honest, moral goal in mind with every decision they made.


Honestly I blame Cheney for all the shit that bush gets blamed for


He heavily supported immigration (thats how my dad immigrated here) and is really different from the republican party of today. Also, he was still friends with Bill, both had a unique connection, similar to Bush with the Obamas. A true class, recommend listening to this. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTi0D5DSgX0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTi0D5DSgX0)


Maybe I’m showing my age here…maybe it’s because Trump-era was such a shit show, but I promise you, back in the day, GW was not known for being a class act and was known as something of a War Criminal himself. Sure sure, he’s nice to Obama at public events …but you know, the whole Iraq thing, Gitmo, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Halliburton, Cheney…. Maybe I’m that old because I lived through it, but please don’t get nostalgic for the Bushes.


And [Trump's note to Biden](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EsNMEvYXUAEC9yr?format=jpg&name=900x900).


I was apprehensive when I clicked that but man, that gave me a good chuckle!


Clearly a forgery, it's not in sharpie.


Or crayon


He already ate all of those.


And all the words are spelled right.


Seriously, he doesnt even show up for things he should be attending as a ex potus. Everyone else alive does and he lives in obscurity. It's very bizarre and terribly unprofessional, like his tenure.


I was expecting a crude drawing of a dick


Ok I’m actually loling out loud on a plane. Thanks.


Bill definitely felt a sense of wonder in that office quite often🤣🤣


That is an actual patriot and a good guy. Have really started to appreciate him the last few years.


“Your success is now our county’s success”




Class act


Things like this don’t secure corporate profits, so it’s not a part of the persona anymore. It’s a different time. Politicians should wear suits like nascar drivers so we know who their corporate sponsors are.


“I wish you great happiness here.” Bill Clinton: 😏


Your success is now our country's success. I am rooting hard for you -Good Luck (Class...Gotta love it)


Member when we thought he was as bad as it could get lmao


Quite a difference in class when Clinton staffers left behind the "Office of Strategery" for the younger Bush.


Back When the grownups were in charge.


George H.W. Bush claimed Clinton to be like another son to him. There is no left/right, only players that play smarter than us.


It's a big club, and we ain't in it. (To paraphrase some crotchety old fuck with a penchant for dirty words)




>There is no left/right, only players that play smarter than us. Such an ignorant take that is so distressingly close to the truth. There are absolutely left-wing and right-wing politics, and both Clinton and Bush fall well under the latter. Both parties are firmly right-wing; liberals, conservatives, and fascists are all right-wingers, who are dedicated to the protection of those who hold power (capitalists). They happily work together to this end, they just differ in their preferred methods. Left-wingers are not allowed to hold meaningful power in America, the establishment and their donors do not allow it. At times, even local elections will see the two parties collaborate to crush center-left candidates, let alone anyone who is actually radical. They do not play "smarter", just listen to them talk. They simply have systemic advantages thanks to the backing of capitalists (and thus capitalism). They are possible to overcome, but not while working within their systems and obeying their laws.


Despite what your think about the Bush family. They were an honorable family. (I consider myself a liberal Democrat) I happen to live and work in the DC area. I've met former Whitehouse employees and secret service agents who worked with the Bush family. Black, White, and Latino. They treated everyone with respect regardless of the job they held.


I think Monica Lewinski helped with that loneliness problem and certainly gave him great happiness in the Oval Office. It is good Slick Willie took the advice to heart.


Class act.


From a more respectful age between political figures….sad really


This was so recent, and now seems unfathomable. I can’t see a path for America to return to this kind of bipartisan civility. What a shame.


It really puts some things in perspective reading this. Like how amazing it is that we can have a peaceful exchange of power every 4-8 years. I think that in and of itself is something truly remarkable


Some people are oblivious to what this says now days and cant read this.... lmao


When corruption was minimal.


People forget that politics used to be like this sometimes.




Now that is how you leave office. With class, dignity, and respect.


I'll never understand why we idolized these war criminals.


Meanwhile Trump was too much of a baby to even attend Biden's inauguration.


Back when Republican politics weren‘t all about getting in the way of Democratic politics


Trump's "letter" to Biden. [https://i.imgur.com/Syt5WtY.png](https://i.imgur.com/Syt5WtY.png)


How did our political discourse get so far off track in 30 years? It’s not a 1 party problem either. It’s not a trump exclusive problem either. It’s an extremist problem that exists on both sides. Woke garbage smells just as bad as the maga garbage.


It’s a party problem. Too much identity gets set into “I’M A X” “I’M A Y”. Leads to division and hatred of opposing sides. I hate political party loyalty. I’ve voted across the spectrum depending on candidates and topics of the time of the vote. But I notice huge divisions with no discourse or nuances allowed once it gets to be “my side vs your side”. Easier to let “my side” get away with bullshit it shouldn’t, excused by “well the other side did…..” rather than hold all to the same high standard.


I totally agree with you that people should vote not on party loyalty but who has the best policies that benefit you and you country.


Bill never felt the loneliness either.


Republicans and democrats are both retarded sloths who cant form their own opinions, but this letter proves once upon a time politicians had balls and werent afraid to show respect. Now you got all these limp dick fucks just shitting on "the other side" just to score points with Twitter yentas and woke abortion survivors.


“I’m not a very good ___ to give advice;..” What? EDIT: cannot unsee “DUE”


It says “I’m not a very good one to give advice”


My man


Yessir 👍🏼


One. I'm not a very good one to give advice.


Yep very good, now we have to worthless parties that whine and bitch and get nothing done one that lies and cheats and the other is a pussy and let them do what they want. Time for independence to take over


Then, when George W Bush beat Al Gore, Clinton stole the furniture and his administration trashed their offices, vandalized all the computers and disconnected all the phones like temperamental children.


Ps, Whatever you do! No talking young interns into giving you a blowjob in the Oval Office!


In an alternate timeline McCain wins from Obama and the world has a lesser evil path than the Trump Timeline ( Obama becomes president after McCain or whatever). McCain was [CLASS](https://youtu.be/JIjenjANqAk) And I can’t believe I let the media fooled me in thinking he wasn’t at that time. I wish (as a european) that someone Makes American Great Again.


Wonder if Trump left a note like, “Hey thief, don’t get to comfortable, me and my family will be back soon. Don’t touch my cheeseburgers.”


Every president that took office, regardless of faults and disappointments, has always tried to continue to honor and respect the traditions of our past. While some presidents have been shameful at times, none have been more disrespectful and more of a disgrace to this country than Donald Trump. The most uneducated, greedy and vain person to ever step foot in the Oval Office.


Why can’t it be like this today


It can and was. Read Obamas letter to Trump.


That was 6 years ago


Trump left a note for Biden too. Probably cant release it though as it may show Trump to have a human side and, well, we cant have that in public


Wow! After having experienced Trump, it is good to see that before him, even Republican Presidents used to work for the team and I really hope that this will become the spirit of US leaders again!


It won’t until the media stops putting people against each other with one sided information. Our country will never go back until there is conversation on both sides, not one bulldozing the other.


Oh. It’s the media with the “Don’t say gay” bill and lowering the age to get married and banning abortions and cutting taxes on the ultra wealthy and on and on and on. Here I was thinking it was fucking Republicans. My bad.


Maybe read the "don't say gay" bill, and find out that the media lied to you. And where did the age lower to get married?




Hopefully everyone since Trump is the first president in american history to not abide by the peaceful transition of power. Not to mention the coup attempt.


It's amazing how many young uns in here don't know that GHWB was a war criminal who as Reagan's VP, helped organize funding of death squads in Central America while training and arming the Taliban and al Qaeda and providing the chemical weapons Saddam Hussein used against ethnic minorities in the north. Those same chemical weapons attacks his son later used to justify invading Iraq.


It’s actually crazy how many people are mentioning Trump in here. This post has nothing to do with him, he hasn’t been president for 2 years, why are the people who say they hate him still so obsessed with bringing him up? Holy shit man give it a rest. I don’t think Trump was all that great either but neither is Biden, our current president. Why don’t we focus on our current president and not the one that isn’t relevant anymore?


This is a post about out-going Presidents leaving notes to the ones who’ve replaced them. It shows some class and bipartisanship. TFG was a vindictive little whiny loser who went so far as to FIRE the person responsible for welcoming in the new President and his family. (And then jet off to shitstain-a-Lago without so much as a handshake.)


What’s TFG stand for? I agree with everything you’ve said but never heard that acronym


The former guy


trump was not 'all that great' & 'neither is biden'. There is a world of fucking difference between them, however Biden's shortcomings.


This post is about the peaceful transition of power that *every* president except Trump has abided by. That’s why he’s being brought up.




**Reddit Police here.** Saying that people stole the election is disinformation. You are a bad person and should be removed from the internet. Please punch yourself in the face multiple times and tell everyone you're sorry. PS: You're probably Russian too.