I will always upvote the story of Aitzaz Hasan


Same, not for the karma farming OP but because he deserves to be remembered forever for such a selfless sacrifice.


This image of him should be a pop culture art.


Like Shepard Fairey's *OBEY* but with *HERO* instead.


Make a stencil dude! Be the change you want to see in the world.


Here, I made a vector file out of his image. I hope this is a good start. Go bonkers, everyone! [https://www.mediafire.com/file/q7xl7uz1bxs40t2/AITAZ+HASAN.ai/file](https://www.mediafire.com/file/q7xl7uz1bxs40t2/AITAZ+HASAN.ai/file)


like Che Guevara


Always. Selfless man.


I see this reposted on Reddit often but I'm perfectly fine with that. Some people deserve to be remembered.


Yeah and this is the first time I've heard of the kid, so it's good that the story gets reposted. More people need to know about him.


I also havent seen this. Amazing quote from his father too. It must have been hard but his son was/is an absolute hero.


How amazing (literally, like you are amazed) and devastating must it be to be his parents. You have raised your child so well and he was so good and brave that he sacrificed himself to save others and now he’s gone. It’s like bittersweet but too serious to be compared to taste. And I’m crying now. Bless all of them.


Wow, you're absolutely right. That must make the family's anguish even greater. That they brought him up to be such a good person that he gave his life for others. Heartbreaking. This young man must never be forgotten.


Thank you for articulating exactly how I feel.


This is literally the most reposted post of all. But I am not complaining, far from it. I upvote this every time I see it on the front page. This guy gets to be remembered for eternity for his bravery, and some random redditor farms maginary karma points. I can get behind that.


I don't have kids but I can barely deal with the loss of a PET. I can not fathom what the loss of a child is like.


Me Too And I Agree


Just call him a man. He looked like one and definitely acted like one. Rest In Peace


Ok, that's fair. He definitely acted with maturity beyond his years.


Sorry wasn’t coming at ya, at 15 he definitely was a boy but he became a man on his last day.


I've never heard of him and I'm glad it was posted today. He's someone who deserves to be known.


If this doesn't inspire people to be a little more selfless or nobler in their day-to-day life, what will?


This is the only repost I always upvote with pride


I read this like 3 or 4 times. I tear up every time.


Ow, this damn onions got again 😭




It was on this day 8 years ago (6th January 2014) that the 15 year old hero, Aitzaz Hasan was martyred in Pakistan. He sacrificed his life by preventing a suicide bomber from entering his school. Hasan selflessly held onto the man and refused to let him move whilst he detonated his vest. 2000 students in Hasan's school were saved through his courage, sincerity and bravery. His father later said, “My son's death has made his mother cry but he saved hundreds of other mothers from crying for their children.” Wallahi, these are the sacrifices of a true believer who should be remembered by all of us. May Allah grant him the highest abodes of Paradise and raise him amongst the closest of people to Rasūlullāh in the akhirah.


8 years already, seems like yesterday. This young man is more than a hero.


Yeah I can't believe it's been that long. I still think of this kid. I think most of us like to think we would be so brave but it's not easy.


"Everyone thinks they'll run into the burning house, until they feel that heat" This kid passed that test and will be immortalized for it.


I think very very few would do what he did.


I don't know if I'd be able to have that courage. That's pretty intense. ON a side note, how am I 35 and look 15, but this kid was 15 and looked 35?


I think it's because of his massive balls


That explains it. I'm nothing if not cowardice.


You don’t know that for sure, if the time ever comes where you need to show courage, you may surprise yourself.


This, and the shot of adrenaline that comes with it can make you do things you never thought you could before.


Pakistan is a hard country.


He likely saw and experienced four lifetimes of hardship at best, horror at worst, in his 15 years. Trauma and strife age you rapidly, folks from North Korea are a vivid example.


Govt named a Chowk(an intersection) after him in Ramnagar, Rajgarh, Pakistan. I daily see the installed wall stone while going to work. It's read as Aitizaz Hasan Chowk.


A hero need not speak, for when he is gone, the world shall speak for him.


What a fucking hero. I love posts like this, the people that sacrifice themselves to save people should have their names live on.


It would be nice to have some sort of online mega archive of all the everyday heroes that humanity is aware of. That way we could make sure nobody would ever be fully forgotten.


This is a great idea. You should totally ve the change you want to happen, because I am too lazy and to accomplish this.


I would do it, but I do not know how. Sounds like a good hobby.


Ehh I don’t have the time and database knowledge for something like this, theres many challenges here like hosting price, although this archive is potentially something we could do via blockchain. The other issue is it would probably get political immediately. An extreme example, but even Aitzaz Hasan is an “enemy” to the organisation of the suicide bomber. Each group has its own heroes so it would have to be a very particular definition of hero and each entry would have to be hand moderated through a lot of work. This would be a good initiative in the future though something that would probably be able to get crowdfunding.


Maybe ill get on it one day a beta version anyway ​ spoken like the true procrastinator I am.


We should do like a wiki-like kind of thing, something like "wikihero" , where you can write a "page of honor" to commemorate some of these heroes we hear about but often forget


It isn’t super well known but the Carnegie Hero Fund presents medals for heroics by the average citizen. They keep records of all the medals that they have presented, many are awarded posthumously.


I can't believe I've never heard of this guy until today. He sacrificed everything so others would live, genuine hero. The news should talk about people like this


No doubt this kid was and is a hero. It's truly unfair that such character must be snuffed out over such a stupid thing as humans tendency to kill each other over this and that. I want to live in a world where the heros don't have to sacrifice themselves like this to save another humans life; it really shakes me up thinking about what this kid would have done with his life if he didn't sacrifice himself or even what the suicide bomber could have achieved if he wasn't brainwashed into thinking bombing a school is okay under any circumstances.


While I also love them, I wish we could all be similarly motivated by the very small, incremental things that everyone could do collectively to create a world where we do not *need* as many people to make these sorts of sacrifices.


I love that there are people in the world who through their love and compassion for others would sacrifice everything. I hate that they need to though.


He could have ran away, and nobody would have blamed him. He chose to sacrifice his life to save others. There is nothing more brave and commendable. He did more for humanity in 15 years than many people do in 50. A hero to be remembered for the ages.


You sometimes forget how watered-down the term “hero” is these days until you read about someone like this.


He looks like he would have become a really good man.


He was a good soul. He was more man than those cowardly terrorists.


He already was. Those weren’t the actions of a boy, but a brave man.


He was a good man.


He died a hero and a greater man most of us will ever be close to.


Absolutely. Perfect definition of the word hero that unfortunately gets thrown around way too frequently.


That's an incredible quote from the father and great mindset to have about this unfortunate situation.


**آمین ثمہ آمین**


translation, please?


It’s Arabic for “Ameen, Sum(a)-Ameen”. You can think of it as “Amen” in English.


appreciate that! i guess i could’ve done translate but thanks for appealing to my laziness


>May Allah grant him the highest abodes of Paradise and raise him amongst the closest of people to Rasūlullāh in the akhirah. This isnt my belief, but I thought that was beautiful, and I hope in his case true. Kid deserves paradise for being a beautiful soul for so short of a time.




Religion — meaning faith — has little to do with acts of terrorism.


Unfortunately religion does not always just mean faith. Organized religion has done much harm to society just as it has done good things—and I mean religion exactly.


Very interesting since the father of the kid in the picture says that "i hope God puts him in heaven for his sacrificements." Furthermore thee most brutal battles and genocides in history were based on secular goals rather than religious ones. Are we too fish-minded to not remember when and why did Holocaust or World War II happen for example ?


I think for now it's best to not argue about such things on this post, let's remember this hero for the act he done




Race Ethnicity, Money, Politics, Slavery, Colonialism, Tyranny, Power, These are many causes of war. There are not many wars that have only religion as their cause, look behind every war you think does and you’ll see some sort of political or financial cause. Religion is used as a tool by the elite to ignite the public to support their wars which they base on power and money It’s not at simple as “they are different religion, let’s kill them” we’re not all cavemen anymore, people are sneaky and will hide other reasonings behind religion. The holocaust was an attempt at exterminating the Jewish population in Europe, however the base context behind it all was to do with power and control.




Exterminating Jews because they were a "worse race" and therefore deserved to be exterminated ? This reason is not affiliated with religion so its secular. Same goes for whats under this text. Other examples Maybe like the race for colonialism ? Political causes like what Stalin and Hitler fought for ? Why did USA and Japan fought for and Japanese people were nuked twice ? Was it religion which was even the secondary reason for these brutal events, let alone a primary one ?




He undoubtedly has a high place in Heaven.


This is what a martyr should be seen as... not the guy with the bomb. edit: Conjugate the verb!


No one who is muslim thinks a suicide bomber is a martyr. If you took a moment to learn, you find that we see this as a grave crime. Not only have you commited suicide (out of the religion) but youve killed innocent people, most of who are muslims themselves. Overall suicide bombers are just that. Scum or misguided people who were lied to. Absolutly haram.


This shit makes me cry. How many people would have the determination to truly let go of this world. Nobody has courage like this guy. I'm Muslim too, BUT I DONT HAVE COURAGE LIKE THIS HERO, and yet he made the hardest choice and did such a brave wonderful thing. He was just a kid man, a fucking kid. He had his whole life ahead of him and he sacrificed his for sake of others. There are a rare amount of people who'd have the balls to do what he did. And the worst part, even if it's just a few, people mock his memory and his religion. This isn't abour religion. This is about a true hero. Make a movie about this guy.




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A hero in a post about a hero. Outstanding.


The bravery at just 15 years old. My old ass doesn't go to the other room of my house until next morning after hearing something fall.


Thats a rough hand life dealt you. But you died a hero and hero's never truly die.


“Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” Sorry, had to bring out my inner sandlot


Wherever he is, he is the real OG.


Fucking hero Edit: you're right had to update my vocab. I didn't notice the second part of that definition. Only the alpha part


Real life hero!


Such a shame a young man has lost his life to terrorism


This is a role model. One link to more about his story here: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-25663992


kid is so fucking noble


Sunnis killing Shias its been like this for the past 1400~years. We can have saudi arabias to blame for all the wahab extremism that they are exporting globally


They should erect a statue or at least put up a plaque


They actually re-named the school after him, gave him a posthumous medal for bravery, and memorialize his death every year on January 6. Nothing equals his sacrifice but that’s definitely something.


They couldn't build a statue of him because they would need lots of metal for his gigantic balls


There doesn't exist a metal in this universe dense enough to represent how massive his balls were




This is the guy they waiting for in heaven, not the other poor excuse for a human


True that, brother.


I saved his photo to my computer a couple of years back so I would always remember.


Legendary moves


I hope his name gets honoured with a memorial or something.


From another comment on this post they renamed the school after him and celebrate what he did every years on the aniversery of it


That's great, he literally had to end his only life, so that others get to live theirs to the fullest, a memorial should be the bare minimal we as a society should do to honour such people, if they renamed the school after him, that's honestly the best possible memorial one can have!


All that was left in the blast crater were a set of steel balls where Hasan stood stopping the terrorist.


Hero…. Death to Terrorists


Highest level of Jannah.


A world that can create both this young hero and the garbage suicide bomber. A world where a 15 yr old has to sacrifice himself to save others, but a world capable of creating such heroes. I hope the world never forgets Aitzaz Hasan.


Without darkness there can be no light


As much as I hate reposts, since so many people recycle outrage here, I guess once in a while we need to recycle good vibes.


The father's pragmatic compassion is unreal. There is a true lesson in his son's sacrifice and heroism




Hero, Rest In Peace


Wow. RIP hero


Suicide anti bomber. Infinitely better


Pretty touching video on the subject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqsm1IoJXeE RIP.


Didn’t expect to tear up today, he’s in a better place now 🥲


“His mother is crying, but he saved hundreds of mothers from crying”. Ultimate heartache reading that. This young boy is a true hero.


Best person, ever.


ultra pro max sigma


Press F for the real hero




damn i didnt know about this. thanks for posting


Every year I read that quote and shed a tear. Knowing people like Aitzaz exist (despite all the news regarding those on EXACTLY the other side of the spectrum of morality and goodness) makes me feel like there's still a shit ton of things worth fighting for!!


Source : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aitzaz_Hasan


Gigachad moment


That's a real life superhero.


Fucking legend.


rest in peace king




fucking legend


I'm glad this pops up every once in a while. The least he deserves is recognition for making the ultimate sacrifice. Rest easy, legend.


If only the rest of the world could have the same courage of this young man. We should never forget his name.Truly the best of human beings. My heart goes out to his family.


These are the reposts I'm about


I remember reading the article but hard to believe that it's been 8 years already. This young man died a hero.


What a HERO


Should be posthumously given the fucking Nobel Peace Prize and Times man of the year at the same time.


May Allah bless you and your family


This is why I don't give a shit about social media twats, or propaganda or any bubblehead trying to lie or be relevant. The real world is still a fight between good and evil and we must do everything we can not to forget the sacrifice of those who saved us.


Pres F for hero




Never forget. Hero.


Absolute Hero.


Thank you Aitzaz.


Needs a posthumous award/tribute nationally. If not already done so


That’s a real patriot. Patriots don’t go to schools to shoot students. Patriots stay and defend their countrymen even if they have to loose big.that’s a real patriot everything else it’s just a big clown.


Patriotism is all about your country. Doubt this kid did this in the name of his country but more in the name of his classmates and friends. Annoying how often the word patriot is used as a substitute for hero. Not everyone is as brainwashed as Americans into believing their country is worth dying for. Personally I'd hate to have someone say this bullshit if I died for this, he did it for humanity.


Conservatives in America are obsessed with symbols. They hate the people but love the flag.


Cmon man we gotta stop painting everyone/eachother with the same brush, I’m traditionally conservative but socially liberal. You wouldn’t find me at a Black Lives Matter rally but you wouldn’t find me at a trump rally, either. The same is true for most Americans - most people fall somewhere inbetween those two camps, but we treat eachother like it has to be one or the other, all or nothing, and our media encourages us to think in absolutes like that because it divides us and leaves a power gap for the political elite to continue running the country into the ground


What is traditionally conservative? That could mean anything. > You wouldn’t find me at a Black Lives Matter rally but you wouldn’t find me at a trump rally, either. Lol, what a false equivalence. One is a group of people trying not to get killed while the other is a dangerous cult that attempted a coup one year ago. It’s not much of a choice but maybe you’re in the camp that can’t tell the difference.


Both “groups” are corrosive and violent. The false equivalence in this case is your implication that the BLM misnomer means that everyone belonging to that “group” is solely there to protest police brutality against black folks - that’s not the case at all, in reality, just like it’s clearly NOT the case that all trump supporters are wholesome, freedom-loving patriots. It’s all much messier and more complicated, but maybe you’re not living in the same reality as most of the rest of us.. Traditionally conservative just means less/smaller government and a vague preference for ‘nature’ over ‘nurture’ (that’s just my definition), socially liberal means pro alt/gay rights/marriage, pro women’s right to choose, pro-immigration.. I’m even pro universal healthcare in theory even though in practice it is much more complicated to accomplish in a fair manner A bunch of protesters storming the capitol - it’s insane that it was allowed to happen, but painting it as an attempted coup is pretty disingenuous.. coups usually involve military and/or weapons. There has even been reports that the national guard was requested to help GUARD the capitol but that the request was denied because of ‘optics’


I'd rather serve crack than serve my country


Wow i have goosebumps rn


The key to immortality is living a life worth remembering.


Absolute legend. My respect goes to his family for raising such a good human being and Aitzaz himself.


Did this kid receive any type of international recognition in the form of prize or medal? I don’t know if that is even a thing but something along the lines of a Nobel peace prize? I don’t know I just think the family should know that everyone here should think he is a hero. War is far too common and easy and our leaders kill thousands of people with a simple sentence. We should be having parades for people like this !


He did. "Many people demanded that the Nishan-e-Haider, or a similar award, be awarded to Aitzaz Hasan posthumously. The office of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif then recommended President Mamnoon Husain to confer Aitzaz Hasan with the high civil award Sitara-e-Shujaat (Star of Bravery).[1]  The award was received by Hasan's family on 23 March during Pakistan's national day. On 12 January 2014, the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) bestowed a global bravery award on Hasan.[22] Aitzaz was named as Herald's Person of the year 2014. Herald's annual Person of the Year project sets out to recognize those individuals in Pakistan who had a profound influence on the news and who embodied, for good or ill, what was important about the year.[7] Hasan, whose sacrifice attained further poignancy after the 16 December attack on Peshawar's Army Public School, emerged as the winner in a three-way voting process that included online voting, postal ballots and input from a panel of 10 eminent Pakistanis. In Herald's upcoming annual issue, Yousafzai – Herald's Person of the Year for 2012 – pays tribute to Hasan, writing: "Our country is blessed with brave people. The story of Aitzaz Hasan reflects their reliance, courage and bravery."[7]" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aitzaz_Hasan


Aw I am so happy people like this needs all the praise and to be recognized everywhere


100% Hero


Real life super hero


Damn sent shivers down my spine. Respect


Pakistan is the 100% crazy wow. Grape. For real though. Dudes a hero. RIP


A true definition of a hero, one of the many who have sacrificed their lives in the war against terror in Pakistan but go unnoticed


I have so much to live for, but I wish I had that kind of bravery. These people that surround me have so much to live for! Hey guys... Can we stop trying to kill each other Ide really appreciate it.


He represents the best from the human race in my opinion


15 years old and so heroic.. May he rest in eternal peace.


15 year old school man*


😢 so he really did sacrifice his whole life for Pakistan.


If this was the holdup or shitpost sub I would've not read it


It's sad that some schoolkids are so familiar with the concept of suicide bombers that this kid knew the only way to prevent massive loss was to literally attach himself to it.


This reminds me of a proverb I learned watching Schindler's List, "he who saves one life saves the world entire" and I think that applies here as well. This kid didn't even have time to think about what he was doing, he just knew what the right thing to do was to protect his classmates. It's tragic that he was even given an opportunity to sacrifice his life for others. No one, especially children, should be put in that position ever. He should be living as a normal kid getting into mischief and probably worrying his parents, not dead because of terrorists. It is nice to see that his death seems to have galvanized the community which is always a good thing.


Hero. R.I.P. 🙏🏽


Legend. He needs a statue in his likeness built outside of the school to honour him 💪🏻


R.I.P. ❤️


True badass.


Legend 🙏


amazing story about his character but what the fuck is wrong with the world? can the people who terrorize others go suck a live light socket? thanks.


Now, that’s an alpha. Mad respect. Got more bullocks than 20 men combined.


Just looked him up. What a hero oh my goodness.




A. True. Fucking. Legend.










Your mistake was asking for downvotes. Next time ask for upvotes


His balls were so big that they prevented the terrorist scum from moving


He sacrificed his life so Reddit karmawhores can milk the cow once every week.


If you think about it reposting keeps his legacy alive


A hero! It's a shame that we want to generalise people because of the actions of some, and we are quick to judge Islam and Muslims as whole and say that they are terrorists. Boys like this show heroes exist in any race, religion and ethnic background, and we should celebrate them instead of putting them in the same box as the people that are there to harm them. They exploit the religion and use it as a tool to promote extremist ideology and spread fear. But in actuality, not all Muslims are bad and are good people just unfortunately their reputation has been damaged due to the manipulation of extremism. We like to sit here and talk shit about Muslims in the West, but there are more casualties in their own lands then there have been in other foreign countries. Terrorists kill more of their own people than they kill anyone else, not to compare tragedy on any scale but majority of people that are severely affected are Muslims themselves. How many civilians die from terrorism each year, how many innocent lives die due to the wars that have to happen in their own homes, why is the middle east a battleground full of proxy wars, and what is the solution to stop the violent against its people. Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc, are the most impacted by terrorism, by these people and by other countries too. Even places in Africa like Somalia where there is a large Muslim population, they have to deal with the likes of Boko Haram.


Masculine energy


Meanwhile we have people here in first world countries BITCHING about their imaginary pronouns. Wish they would switch places with people like this poor kid.


Uno reverse card


Dang this guy deserves more recognition than Malala yet nobody knows who he is by name


No they both should not be compared against each other or have more recognition than the other. A noble deed is a noble deed not matter how large or small, a good person is a good person doesn't matter how big of a contribution they make to society or to their own. Malala is just as much of a hero as this child, they both are heroes equally and deserve to be remembered by all to provide an example of what a human being can achieve regardless of their circumstances.