How Tequila is made.

How Tequila is made.

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"My final yield was 156 grams, which corresponds to a percent yield of 14%"


Crazy that I think I've caught your reference from a fleeting glance at a YouTube video. Is this about the guy who made grape soda from vinyl gloves?




Or NileBlue if your tastes are a little more technical.


But, Nile Green is people! Stay away from Nile Green!


Hey, everyone, Look at this nerd with his >0.2% yield!


NileRed in the wild 😳


I knew someone would get the reference!


What amazes me is how someone thought to do all this in the first place


The distilling of alcohol is literally centuries old. A fuckton of trial and error has gone into every alcoholic beverage that exists today and the brewers and distillers stand on the shoulders of those before them. Not to discount brilliance but this whole process is millenia in the making.


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Back then Reddit was hand-powered


The posting of Reddit is literally centuries old. A fuckton of trial and error has gone into every Reddit post that exists today and the ops and commenters stand on the shoulders of those before them. Not to discount brilliance but this whole process is millennia in the making.


Yeah.. The first thing I would invent if I didn’t have the internet would be alcohol.


Don’t forget all the experimental blindness and death!


The first son of Dionysus was "blind and greedy" because he used to drink the methanol that comes off as the first fraction of distillation. The Greeks knew about this stuff, the knowledge goes back at least that far


I'm more surprised to hear that the guy who lived in a clay pot and jacked off in public managed to have offspring actually. Idiot Edit: I thought it said Diogenes, I'm a moron.


Oh, Dionysus had a *lot* of kids. Not as many as Zeus, Poseidon, or Apollo, but yeah, a lot. One of his most famous/recognizable kids, in fact, is a god named Priapus, who was almost always depicted with a massive erection. Hence why we call priapism what it is instead of something else.


Oh God I misread the first comment, I thought it said Diogenes. Need to not Reddit before my morning coffee.


I always thought this too, it's a really widespread common knowledge thing... Turns out the methanol comes out all through the distillation and it's very difficult to remove, but it's harmless in small quantities when drunk with ethanol anyway (ethanol is basically the antidote to methanol). The first fraction is thrown out because it contains other foul tasting stuff. The question that made me research it is: wine and beer is fermented and we drink the entire product just fine, so why is it there "dangerous" amounts of methanol that must be thrown out in spirit distillation only? Turns out there isn't.


All of it just to get people shit-faced. Fascinating.


Alcohol is also a cheap disinfectant.


And often the base for whatever medicines they thought they could make. Quinine was an anti-malarial drug combined with gin to make it more palatable. Daiquiri was originally intended to be a good way of introducing citrus and preventing scurvy. Chartreuse was a medicinal concoction. Things have morphed quite a lot but the history of alcohol is really interesting and tied with our health oddly enough.


It used to be safer to drink than water. Beer at least.


Not just centuries, it's thought by some anthropologists that civilization happened *because* of alcohol, and not the other way around. Brewing equipment was too heavy to move and so it resulted in some of the first long-term settlements held by early humans, forcing deviation form the migratory hunter-gatherer groups.


Surely humans would have had to settle to farm in order to produce the crops before making it into alcohol? I was under the impression that it was farming and agriculture that caused the first humans to create settlements


There exists a theory of beer before bread actually. That farms where created to produce grain that could then produce beer, instead of the conventionalt thinking of making bread.


There is a line in The Epic Of Gilgamesh where a group are referred to as bread eaters, which we take to mean they had developed enough as a society to have grain enough for eating as well as drinking. With water being what it was drinking was the priority for grain harvested.


Alcohol can form naturally from rotting fruit or grains. Even a nomadic tribe could ferment primitive alcohol carried in small containers. It may have just as easily been the desire to create alcohol in larger, more reliable quantities that motivated cultures to settle down. No one is sure that's the real explanation, but I'm just saying you don't *need* agriculture to make alcohol. You need it to make it at larger scales.


Bears will wait for fruit to ferment on a tree and eat them.


Yeah lots of northern Mexican tribes knew how to make pulque and other fermented agave beverages before the Spanish came and introduced distillation.


> Surely humans would have had to settle to farm in order to produce the crops before making it into alcohol? You're assuming that the discovery of alcohol comes after settling. Animals know about alcohol, they eat fermented fruits and get blitzed off of it. Humans find some crazy fruits that get them thoroughly inebriated and then go "how the hell does that work, were they kind of rotten?" and return the next year at the same time and find you "yep, it totally was [thing]" then they decide they like it so much they start cultivating them via figuring out seeds or digging up competitors. Making sure more plants grow and suddenly boom, agriculture. It's not clear *entirely* what caused the move between nomadic lifestyles and agrarian ones, but it's believed that the cultivation of alcohol was one.


> I was under the impression that it was farming and agriculture that caused the first humans to create settlements Or was it the first settlements that caused humans to develop farming and agriculture? Even non permanent ones. There are proposals put forth that spirituality led people to construct religious sites like Gobekli Tepe, and that lead to people doing agriculture. Both are very difficult, if not outright impossible, idea to prove or gather direct evidence to support. They’re interesting ideas and they’re ultimately just-so stories.


And I suppose human kind wasn't one big group wandering around who decided to stop and build a city one day. I expect that all manner of things caused people to settle eventually, be it spirituality, agriculture or wanting to get pissed up on the regular


Yep, and I'd wager it's possible that even for all the people who settled in one place that some of them had different motivations. Maybe one had a broken ankle when they were younger and liked the idea of less travel. Maybe they already had a simple barter system and one figured out a way to make better tools, but to do so they needed equipment that wasn't easily moved or reproduced. Maybe one did a little bit too much of whatever hallucinogen was popular among their group at the time, and that hill over there was holy. And maybe all of them settled one site, together, for entirely different reasons.


My favorite ancient early human settlement is, without a doubt, Çatalhöyük. I'd do anything to get a real glance at how they operated and what made them decide to settle in the first place


I've heard that anthropologically speaking, the first thing humans invented was shelter. And the second thing was fermentation






What amazes me is that someone tasted the end product, tequila, and said, "Perfecto!" instead of tossing in his oil lamp instead.


Ever had nice tequila? It’s pretty good and complex. I like mezcal even more, it’s like a nice scotch or bourbon.




Don Julio is a great beginning tequila. They got a whole line from cheaper to higher end, all really delicious!


Herradura or G4 are both outstanding picks for like $40-60. If you want to sip I’d suggest buying *reposado* or *anejo* - this term refers to the amount of aging, but like any alcohol, giving tequila barrel time rounds it out and gives you more depth in flavor by adding notes like vanilla, caramel, etc.


Just check out /r/tequila Some good recommendations for new stuff to try can be found there Generally the hive mind really like Forteleza and El Tesoro. Those are both very good but it’s pretty much all that sub likes. They aren’t the end all be all but for the price point and quality, great starters into the tequila world. I’d also learn the difference between blanco, resposado and anejo tequilas.


Espolon is a fairly cheap and good tequila! Perfect for an introduction to how tequila doesn’t have to be expensive to be good


Tequila made using only Agave tastes pretty good! The Jose Cuervo shit you buy for 5 dollars? Yes, It's roughly 50 percent tequila and 50 percent lighter fluid. Only buy tequila that says "100% de Agave".


I fucking hate that brand for what they've done to the reputation of an otherwise awesome spirit. Everyone here only shoots it with lemon/salt as a "let's all do shots and get smashed" type deal because they think it all tastes foul... Because all they know is Jose Cuervo gold.


Yeah, and then when college is over they’ll say, “oh, I can’t do tequila. It makes me puke. I just can’t.” It’s like no, you just can’t drink 10 shots of shitty tequila in a few hours. Sip or mix some half decent tequila and don’t go overboard. You’ll be fine. Despite all the hullabaloo, there’s no difference in the “drunk” from different types of alcohol, other than their strength.


Alcohol i get. How people managed to invent chocolate is what boggles my mind.


What about bread. You need live yeast, then you activate it. Then mix in with some flour and pound it. Then leave it a while then pound it again. Then leave it again and then bake it. I imagine alcohol was an accident from fermenting fruit, but bread blows my mind.


Covid-lock-down-sour-dough-maker here. The invention of bread seems much simpler to me now that I simply leave flour and water in a pot for 4 days to go frothy from natural fermentation. Paleo-pre-sour-dough-maker: "Hmm I'll just make my unleavened bread in the normal manner... OH NO! All my family are being kidnapped into slavery by the Hittites? I better sort that out and come back to my flour and water mix in 4 or 5 days time..."


Sorry about your family. Did you get it sorted out or do you have extra bread now?


I got it sorted out and now have the time to develop agriculture in the Nile basin...I have Sooooo much light fluffy bread from my sour dough starter that I am able to pay workers with it to build pyramids.


This is how people talk in historical video games


Who were the high titties? ^/s


How about just potatoes? How many people ate the leaves first?


How about rice? Who did think to take this tiny grain like « hey, I’am gonna boiled this grain and eat it! » Dude changed the course of history!


Probably not that many, by the time Homo Sapiens reached the Americas they were well acquainted with root crops and would have known to search beneath the soil


It was easy to eat potatoes, you just had dip them in some clay water slurry to neutralize the poison.


prolly the same as with all fermented foods... it was left and forgotten and then someone very hungry tried it...


And coffee. Let's take this berry looking thing, crush it and take the bean from the middle of it out. Then let's leave that in the sun to dry out. Then let's roast it and then grind it up into powder. Then add some hot water. Then filter it, and drink it.


Birds get drunk from fermented berries. Someone probably got drunk from eating something naturally fermented and decided to replicate it. That’s my guess.


One theory is that people had barrels of basically water used to rinse harvested crops or some other reason to have barley and water in the same barrel as kind of back up sustenance and one time a barrel of the stuff fermented.


Some evidence suggests fermentation predates agriculture. People love alcohol. https://news.stanford.edu/press-releases/2018/09/12/crafting-beer-lereal-cultivation/


Ooh! More interesting reads. I gotta check that out a bit later, but thank you.


My only question then is who was the dumbass who drank enough of it to get drunk enough to feel the effects of the alcohol? Like that fermented barley water must have been NASTY, and some dude was just tossin it back lol


The process has been refined over the years. It's speculated that the first mead was discovered rather than brewed, because it naturally ferments in beehives during the right conditions. I think there could be a similar story here. Long ago, a group of people gathered cacti to eat, perhaps for hydration, and stored them in the shade. After a few days, what remained of their supply had begun to ferment. Unwilling to waste what little resources they have they try it to see if it's still good. Curious about the change in taste and nutrition they started to experiment to see if they could reproduce the result. Over the years they probably learned how to give the fermentation process optimal conditions to produce a good end product. They probably shared this with other groups of people and spread the knowledge. All along the development process new things are discovered, things like that you can ferment cactus flesh that has been dried and rehydrated. Which could've lead to people. drying cactus flesh near fires, inevitably charring or roasting part of the fermentation material. Roasting adds flavour, so now that's part of the process as well. And so it goes on, year after year of refining the process until we arrive at what you see in this gif here today. Probably.


What is the plant being used in this video? Sorry for ignorance- is it agave?


Yes, I don't know why I called it a cactus. It is agave.


I initially thought the same thing, but in reality, someone would have got drunk by accident, liked it and the millennia of refining the process occurred. Tequila only dates back to the 16th century.


This is the first time in history average people have had unrestricted access to high percentage alcohols. The typical beer of the past was only 2-3% and I’m sure the wine wasn’t as high as it is now either. Kinda reminds me of when my grandpa would talk about the killer weed “that could kill a horse” he smoked in ‘69 but you know it was shit compared to what you can get at the dispo for $5. The truth is we’re getting much more fucked up than our ancestors.


The UK gin craze of the early 1700s would like a word. That period saw an average consumption of 10 L of gin per person, per year across the UK.


Wait, history is repeating itself


The purposeful distillation of alcohol for consumption stems from at least the 12th century, if not older. You're correct that modern weed is MUCH stronger than it used to be, but purified alcohol is as old as alchemy.


That depends on how long you consider a “point in history” to be and how you define “unrestricted”. Distillation is an ancient practice, so spirits/liquor aren’t anything new. The term 100 proof comes from the ability of the alcohol to ignite, which requires a higher alcohol content than most modern spirits/liquor. Insofar as access, that depends on when and where. In various places like Russia, it has been used to control the population, whilst in other places like the US, it has gone through periods where it was banned (hint: it didn’t get banned because the average person wasn’t drinking it...). Edit: “Proof” dates back to the 1500s and can be anywhere from 40-90% depending on temperature. It was introduced as the basis for taxation. So it’s >500 years old and if it was taxed, then it wasn’t just the rich that had access to it.


It looks like poo most of the time


i wonder how many bugs goes inside in the mix.


None that survive. That much alcohol will kill just about anything


Obviously they don't survive. I just imagine people don't really want to be drinking bug corpses Edit: ok I realize I should have said that they don't want to KNOW that they're drinking bug corpses Edit 2: dudes yes I'm aware that bugs are in food, I'm ok eating bugs unknowingly, I know it happens. Fuck I even eat organic produce knowing I didn't get all the aphids and shit off. You're not shocking me into no longer eating flour and sugar and literally everything that comes from the Earth Edit 3: OY STOP BLOWING UP MY INBOX I KNOW BUGS ARE IN FOOD OK GUYS Edit 4: AHHHHHHHHHHHH Edit 5: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGG Edit 6: [link to my favorite scream](https://youtu.be/LmS9vcVNr5A?t=203s)


People are not drinking bug corpses though. Everything is filtered multiple times. Much the same way that our drinking water is treated before it’s delivered to our houses.


Way more than that even. Drinking water isn't usually distilled.


Tastes the same


You’ve... tasted poo?


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The legend himself!


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Ever tried proper tequila, not the cheap shit? I was surprised at how tasty it can be.


If you ever want your mind blown by good tequila there is a very affordable brand called San Matias Extra Añejo (extra aged). Just like any liquor with enough time and aging the alcohol mellows and the flavors get nice and complex. You can just drink it straight!


Same thing happens with petrol


First time I ever tried good tequila I was amazed I could sip on it and not just take shots with salt and lemon.


I’m an American and it took me a long time to realize that tequila is a relatively expensive liquor. A $25 bottle of Jose Cuervo is still cheep and gross


Yeah it kinda sucks how expensive it is to get into tequila. I’m a big bourbon guy and you get some pretty amazing bourbon for $25 a fifth.


THIS. Holy crap. Somewhere around 95% of people who say they hate tequila have never had anything outside Cuervo in college. Maybe they had Patron silver once or twice, but I mean, that’s strong and un-aged, and not a good introduction — especially as a shot.


If your poo tastes anything like tequila, you should change your diet.


I'm almost glad that I've not been able to drink tequila since one particular night in Brussels in 1999


everyone has a 'and I never had tequila again' story.






All I remember was coming back to consciousness whilst walking through a underground car park. I eventually found my way out, found a local hotel that was open as my phone was out of battery, discovered it was 5am, asked if the receptionist could call me a taxi back to my house. I told her where it was and she looked funny at me but ordered it anyway, I went and sat outside trying to remember what had happened, then I thought her look was funny so I went back in and asked where I was, I lived in central London, I was now in Kent. An hour taxi drive home, straight back to work at the bar a couple hours later, to find out me and chef had started pounding tequila shots at the bar and went awol on a tequila binge getting kicked out of almost every bar in our area. We parted ways and someone i ended up just a few miles away from home.


I wish my story was this cool. I have a “went off vodka” story and it’s literally just me vomiting because I stole like 1/4 of my mums vodka when I was like 14..


Can't even smell it without gagging


I did. But got back on the tequila train a decade later. Top tip: only drink tequila that is 100% blue agave. And don't slam down shots. Started with margaritas. Now happy to sip Blanco straight. Good tequila is good.


Mine was ejectile vomiting after quite a few drinks at my friends place, throwing up at the bottom of a stairwell (we lived in the same complex), and then daring each other to walk across our frozen pond to see if we could touch the spout in the middle. Tequila graced me though and I did the dare lol


>Mine was ejectile vomiting You ejaculated tequila?


And that's why you never drank Tequila again? Sounds like a pretty normal drinking story tbh in Australia 🤷‍♂️🤣


and the UK… though our shithousery culture is very similar so that makes sense


My 18th birthday. Had a night out on a passenger ferry turned nightclub. Thursday night was tequila night; when the song ‘Tequila’ played, you got free tequila. The next day was not good.


not true. Some of us have a 'and I never drank rum again' story


I bought a round of 12 shots for my friends and no one wanted them so I dropped them all. Spent the next 2 days over a toilet dry heaving. Never felt so ill. Cannot even smell the stuff now.


No one wanted them?!?! Your “friends” have the boorish manners of a Yalie.


To be fair, we were already wasted. That is the only reason I even bought it. Wouldn't buy that shit sober!!


I was a Canadian teenage girl in Spain...one night in 19fuckin88 was the last time Tequila has touched these lips.


>was a Canadian teenage girl in Spain What were you outside spain?


Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside a dog it’s too dark to read.


Most times the stuff you get shit faced on is not the tasty stuff. High quality vodka and tequila is smooth and easy to drink.


Try the good stuff, it’s delicious.


Most people have not even consumed real tequila, its not tequila if its not made with 100% agave, the cheap sierra tequila aint shit


"Got drunk of Jose Cuervo, now I'll never drink it again!"


Jose Cuervo made me never wanna drink tequila again when I was 16. Then I grew up and had real tequila and now it’s my go to liquor


poor turtles


They ^(a)gave their lives for our tequila.




What amazes me is that the dude at the end didn't even shrug after one shot. His face literally looks like he's had a shit ton of tequila in his lifetime.


Really high quality tequila is surprisingly smooth. If you’d like to try one that won’t break the bank maestro dobel is very good. I worked at a tequila bar for 3 years and that was my favorite straight tequila I tried. You can get a bottle for probably around $60.


Same with vodka. After killing off every brain cell with the cheapest vodka and iced tea I could find between 16 and 19, I finally drank an expensive one. Super smooth in comparison and no headache the day after. I was astounded.


For sure. I look back in horror at the shit I used to drink in college. Skol, UV blue, Jose Cuervo, jack daniels...even typing those names gives me the spits. Quality liquor is a game changer. If you’re someone who likes to drink but has never spent $50+ on a bottle, seriously treat yoself. It’ll blow your mind.


Ive tried a lot of them. Not all 50$ and up Bottles of Tequlia are the same unfortunately. Go with Don Julio Blanco. Very smooth. DJ also has a 1942. 140$ I keep that shit in a safe and yes it is worth it. Lunazul is a awesome tequlia for mixers for the price. Clean taste. Patron is not worth it at all for Shots.


Lanazul is my go-to tequila for cocktails at home. Drinks great in cocktails, and one of the cheapest tequilas you'll find at the store.


I expect people just conveniently forget that sipping 1 or 2 shots of an expensive liquor rather than downing an entire bottle of the cheap stuff to get drunk might have something to do with it all.


Vodka is the only liquor where this technically doesn't apply. Do to the rigid process required in distilling it, if it is labelled as vodka, it tastes the same. The rest is marketing. There's a great Planet Money podcast episode that digs into whether or not this "vodka myth" is true (it is). Let me find the link. One sec.


What is interesting about what you just said. Someone on Reddit claims that vodka is vodka is vodka because it must be all distilled exactly the same way per the law. But yeah I agree there's definitely different qualities of vodka.


Agreed. Lots of people in this post probably only have Jose Cuervo as their reference point for tequila. Good shit is, well, good.


Cheap Cuervo isn’t even tequila, it’s “made with” tequila


Good tequila is smoother, still has a kick but nothing like cheap college party tequila. In Mexico we drink it on ice, none of that lemon salt nonsense.


When is good tequila you just enjoy it. Also, he probably has experience and he is not going to make a face for the video


I mean he didn't take a shot, he just sipped it. The amount in the glass is almost exactly the same.


I feel so stupid for always thinking they someone squeezed the juice from the agave and waited for it to ferment.


...I mean you've basically described most of the process.


They kinda are! They’re cooking it first so the juices can come out, then fermenting it with the fibre, but it’s that fermented liquid that’s distilled.


The primary function of cooking the agave is actually to convert the main sugar found in the fruit (inulin) into simpler sugars that can be readily fermented by yeast.


They do, you just have to cook the agave first, and it gets shredded after cooking so it’s easier to squeeze juice out


Holy shit thats a damn good throw


Lock em up in a closet and let them rot, y’all see the flies coming off them after they open the door? That’s a spicy meatball


And the flies around when they had the wheel. That’s not just agave juice, that’s fly juice too.


I'd say extra protein is a bonus, but there's no way that's surviving the distillation phase.


Afaik not many (naturally occuring) proteins (*if* still around after all those different steps) can survive the temperature of the distillation process. They break down into smaller molecules and accumulate in the residue (which will be discarded). I would assume that even before, due to pH changes as well as other variables, most of those compounds might be broken down prior to distillation. And distillation is basically a purification method. If done right, the distillate shouldn't have many byproducts; it's mainly ethanol and some aromatics with similar boiling point. All the contaminated fractions below/above a certain boiling point are also discarded, since they contain other alcohols that are much more problematic/toxic than ethanol.


How do they manage to remove the byproducts above ethanol’s boiling point without boiling off the ethanol as well?


If their boiling point is higher than the boiling point of ethanol then it won't boil during distillation. Once the temperature in the still rises over Ethanol's boiling point, they cut the heat.


i see, so the temperature of the mixture during distillation never rises above the boiling point of ethanol?


Yes it never rises above this temp. If you know your chemistry you’ll know that when a substance changes state there is a point in time where it’s energy is increasing but this is not translating to an increase in temperature. Water boils at 100 degrees. Then once it is 100 degrees and all steam if you continued to heat it, it would rise in temperature. The only way to keep it in a liquid state while increasing temperature would be to increase pressure also, which pushes molecules together more and makes the energy needed for these molecule to be further apart (gas state) a higher amount. Once it rises above the boiling point of ethanol this has essentially all evaporated. It’s not 100% but would be close to. Then the temperature goes higher, indicating that the processes they wanted are complete. They then turn it off so as to not distill out the other impurities.


You have a pot full of ethanol plus stuff you don’t want. Put it over heat, stick a tube on top filled with brillo material. Have a tube leading out of the top of that with a thermometer right at the juncture (so, at the top of the tube). Heat the mixture, discard everything that comes off before the thermometer temp reaches the boiling point of ethanol. Collect everything that comes out of the tube at the boiling point of ethanol. When the temperature starts to rise above that, you’re done. Stop collecting from the tube and discard whatever’s left in the pot. Tl;dr—you boil off and collect the ethanol, and discard the rest.


They’re being roasted in an oven. They’re baked, not allowed to rot.


Actually that's an oven...


I feel hungover just watching this


Mexicans rule


All that work just to support one man's habit...


White pineapple ?


Agave are HUGE. I went to a ~~tourist trap~~ tequila processing farm in Mexico and they've got some agave species that weigh literal tons. Muuuch bigger than your average pineapple


Did you get ripped by the tourist trap?


They forgot the footage of me crying in the shower at 4 am


Tequila is the best.


That was strange, just as it was getting rolled by that big wheel I got a whift of weed someone was smoking. Was quite visceral.


So tequila is just dried and/or decomposed agave then juiced and voila, tequila? Am I missing something here besides the aging process?


fermentation of the sugars - its the scenes where the sludge is bubbling. Usually it requires some heat to speed things up.


Also distillation, the video skipped that whole step. Fermentation is only going to bring the alcohol level so high. Even the strongest lab designed yeasts (which no one uses except for publicity) will die around 20% alcohol.


And distillation isn't really shown. You sure they heat it? Beer is often fermented in 20 C or less.


technically that was a large oven, they are slowly baked to break down sugars before being mashed.


So plant → burn it → smash it → brown mesh → clear tequila?


Fermentation, Distillation then clear liquid


I didn't realize how much throwing and catching was involved


Even better version. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T_0rSnnHnYY


"Tequila is to Mexico as corruption is to China" @0:20 gave me a chuckle.


Cool one day projects


Take a fruit or a vegetable or a plant Find a way to extract sugars rich fluids Let some magic organisms digest those sugars BOOM ALCOHOL MAGIC Get drunk Repeat


Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da daaaaaaa da da da da daaaaaaa da da da da da da da.... Tequila!


Which is why Tequila is known as the most thrown of all the liquors