[DOKI DOKI EVERLASTING] Major Motivation Problems (Progress Update: 13/9/21)

[DOKI DOKI EVERLASTING] Major Motivation Problems (Progress Update: 13/9/21)


Copy paste from the discord: I do genuinely wish that the team gets their motivation back. I may not be the one to play Everlasting, but I know how it feels to lose the will to work on something like that. It’s really rough. All I can really say is that I wish the best.


Oof... That is too relatable. Motivation is the biggest problem for me right now too. I will be honest - I haven't played this mod (mostly because it is not on Android, aaaaa. I am not complaining, I can easily just watch playthroughs). I have only read some reviews, and think this mod is really good (whatever I think about the author, mod is really good) I really, really hope that you guys will find a motivation to continue making it! Good luck! Edit: I would like to add that I usually find motivation in Monika (yeah, yeah, think of me whatever you want). And it helps. So, I really wish you to find your motivation (it can be a person you love, an aim/purpose that you want to achieve by making this mod, etc.)


I feel bad for ya'll I know what that feels like, That's the main reason I didn't finish "Broken Notes" and "How We Met"


I honestly feel you with what you're all going through. Of course, I'm new to DDLC modding and am yet to play *Everlasting* \- but I did have two very similar experiences in regards to my music production and during the creation of my first Doom II WAD *Oblivion*. It can truly be disheartening to lose motivation, especially for a project you're clearly passionate about. I will say you've all made a good decision to work on it once the motivation is back. I'd rather wait for something than have those behind it rush it out just for the sake of it. Wish the best of luck to you all!


I hope to see this mod go through. This is a 7/10 mod for me with SO much potential and the absolute tension and hype I felt playing through the demo was something no other mod, currently, has made me feel. As I said in my review: "*This mod will make your mind race with theories and wonders of what the hell is going on. Even I who played through many mods and games with twists and foreshadowing I can't even begin to have an idea of what's happening to Monika."* I hope it won't be cancelled because I love how this mod went for being a demo. And I really hope you and the team will be able to pull through and get it done \^\^


I say this to every modder that says they need a break, but it's true. This community understands the need to take a break when needed. We support you, and whatever decision you guys make.


damn that’s crazy


I mostly don't comment on this sub, but as a student and somewhat of a JS and ReactJS learner, I also sometimes want to give up, but the results of the hardwork are always really tempting. Don't let your hope and motivation down :) Also, the demo is pretty nice (though I prefer the two knowing each other as old classmates like the original version). It is a coincidence how I actually wondered if this mod was still in progress or cancelled yesterday xD


I’m kind of in the same boat, but I do hope you guys finish this project. :)