Highly unreliable source


Giant freaking unreliable


And if it's true they're STILL GETTING SUPERMAN WRONG. If he heard about some new superpowered guy, he wouldn't go straight to intimidation. He'd at least first try to shake his hand and introduce himself politely.


He literally says "we need to talk" how is that intimidation? Edit: My bad I just realized this was 21 days ago.


highly doubtful. everything that is described there doesnt sound like superman. not even this ZS version of superman


sounds stupid and not like superman at all. superman is not friends with waller. he should be against the suicide squad, a government project that forces people on death missions.


Amanda Waller calls up the whole justice league and Superman arrives too in peacemaker So it doesn't sound stupid


I didn't like that there as well. Amanda Waller is not Nick Fury


But I’m sure she has the capabilities to let the Justice League know about a threat like the butterflies taking peoples bodies and why it was important for them to go there, even though they weren’t needed in the end


But Peacemaker is a terrible "interpretation" of the comics in the first place.


Is there any reason people want to see Superman vs Black Adam beyond “two super strong guys punching each other”? A fight between Billy and Adam would have so much more weight. We might as well have Aquaman fight Bane and then have Wonder Woman do battle with Sinestro, since hero/villain dynamics don’t seem to matter.


It’s mostly because they just want Superman. Superman does still have fans and his name does still have clout. It’s about seeing Superman 1 not lose because of Kryptonite 2 not hold back and 3 most of all, at all. Superman fans just want to see Superman. I didn’t give a damn when rumors were Michael B Jordan would be Superman. I don’t care if it’s Calvin Ellis or whatever spin I just want Superman. I’ve been a damn Superman fan since 6. My dogs name is Krypto. Can I see my man on screen? The era of superhero movies barely has the super that started it all.


Superman and Black Adam have sparingly fought before. Pre-Crisis Superman & Shazam (then Capt Marvel) fought Black Adam together. Post-Crisis Superman and Black Adam fought again to a draw. Then there’s the “Return of Black Adam” animated short a while back where again both Superman and Shazam/Capt Marvel fought Adam together. So it has happened, but it’s nowhere near as common as say Superman fighting Lex or Brainiac or something. This basically comes down to something that Rock wants, and him recognizing there are some fans that would like to see it in movie. Personally I’m not going to bust Rocks chops for trying to deliver something for the fans…even if I’m not convinced it’s actually going to happen lol


I know this wasn’t your intent, but now I really want to see those fights. I don’t think there should be permanent swaps, but I am actually very interested in the exchanges between different heroes and villains that normally would not interact with each other


Man I just wanna see Superman again. I’d rather Black Adam go up against Shazam obviously but if that’s what it takes to get Superman back then I’ll take it


exactly a superman vs black adam fight makes no sense. superman has no business with him. shazam is the one who should fight adam.


Why shazam and black adam never interact at all anymore if anything he had bad far more interaction with the jsa


It’s so tiring at this point. It’s like throwing a hissy fit if Sentry doesn’t show up in a Doctor Doom movie.


The Rock has hyped it up to be this big thing


You can create depth in any fight but I disagree completely. Superman vs Black Adam over Shazam. Shazam and superman are not the same.


I say Bullshit


GFR really isn’t a reliable resource, so take it with a grain of salt. Hell even if the post credit scene IS this, it’ll be a coincidence that these guys are right.


This is some of the most bullshit fan fiction crap I've heard recently. **Guys, don't give it a click.** Also, spoiler alert, this website is ad-filled cancer   What is claimed: * Amanda Waller tries to pressure Black Adam in joining Task Force X * Black Adam refuses * Superman threatens him into joining Task Force X * Black Adam says "There is nothing on this planet that can stop me' * Superman says "good thing I'm not from this planet" A 5 year old could come up with better shit than this, and it is absolutely out of Superman'd character... And why the hell would he cooperate with Waller, wtf


I think this actually turns out to be true


_(I've seen the post-credit scene, spoilers ahead)_ >!Superman doesn't threaten anything. He kinda pops in as Waller's feed ends, and simply tells Black Adam something along the lines of ''The world hasn't been this anxious in a long time. Black Adam, we should talk.''!<


kinda did happen


Black Adam would easily beat Superman, you gotta add Shazam to the mix to make it fair


Not really. Black Adam’s never handily beaten Superman in even a single fight. Hell, his fight with Ultraman shows us what’s gonna happen when Superman realizes he doesn’t have to hold back against Adam.


Eh, that was New52 Black Adam who’s like a puppy compared to the Pitt Bull that is Post-Crisis/Pre-New 52 Black Adam, who fought Superman with no problems and they were equals


True there, but these movies tend to lean pretty hard into the New 52, especially with Shazam unfortunately. I also can’t remember, is Diana the biological child of Zeus and Hippolyta in the DCEU or did they genuinely go with the clay statue brought to life by her mother’s love and the gods’ power? Because I like the latter way more, a girl brought to life by love and chosen to be a champion, rather than just “Zeus fucked my mom”.


It’s been a minute since I watched the first WW. I know they revealed she was Zeus’ daughter, but I can’t remember if they specified if Hippolyta hooked up with Zeus or not. IIRC Hippolyta told little Diana she was brought to life from clay by praying to Zeus, but I think later on it’s revealed by Ares that Zeus and Hippolyta got together and Diana was born…at least that what I took from it.


Got it. I know in the New 52 she was told she was born from the clay and magic (a reference to her classic origin) but was actually just Zeus and Hippolyta’s kid, which I honestly found kinda lame.


True, i'm not a fan of how people started saying magic is one of his weakness, as if it's the same as kryptonite. It's not, Superman gets hurt by magic, but he does not become weaker by it in the same way that kryptonite really makes him ill.


Precisely! Magic hurts him like a punch or a stab wound. It’ll hurt for sure but it’s not like kryptonite which renders him helpless and in agony. People often overlook red sun radiation as well.


Your probably right, don’t know much bout DC but my favorites are Black Adam and Shazam and LoBo, but I know of ultraman, supes evil counterpart in Earth 3 but didn’t know he beat black Adam, supes is ridiculously OP


To be fair, Ultraman had just snorted some kryptonite before that fight, which powers him like sunlight does Superman.


the same dialogue he said to Lois after their first kiss lol. I'm not buying it


This movie was great. Loved it. Super solid film. And the reveal at the end is actually done very well for our secret beloved character mentioned here.