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“Gage will play the recurring role of the Cat King, described as a charming trickster and itinerant cat spirit, who takes keen interest in Edwin.” Gage takes over the role from Alexander Calvert.”


Did Calvert drop out?


Wonder if this is still related to Doom Patrol but just with recasted actors or this is completely separate and new.


Completely separate


I read Luke Cage at first and was very very confused Edit: a letter


Me too lmfao, I thought it was Luke Cage joining Echo or the Daredevil show


How is this show still alive




This show could be a hit with a certain demographic if they go the gay route.


Seems like they will be going that route! Count me in 😎


Same lol. Could be like a darkly morbid Heartstopper.


Wow. So the show itself is not *dead* then? ...I'll see myself out.






Never heard of this show until now, lmfao


People who keep saying dead boy detectives tv series happening because its cheap realize this is not a CW series but a hbo max original, and its a comicbook adaptation with supernatural elements and if you want to have proper adaptation, you need big budget? Maybe the series is not going to have Disney plus level of budget but its not cheap.


This is somehow STILL happening?


for a split second i read that as Lady Gaga


I guess the cheap shows will be able to continue in hbo discovery combined service.


define cheap.. how much is the budget for cheap shows??


I dont see why people.are.saying this, I very much doubt it's that cheap to make, I very much doubt peacemaker is cheap to make, I very much doubt green lantern is cheap to make, I very much doubt the penguin and arkham will be cheap to make


Still i think a lot of people find it quite weird why they cancelled batman capes crusader and all that other in development stuff I mean, stuff that had already finished airing fair enough as they didn’t want to pay staff additional royalties but canning most of the wb catalogue is stupid.


It's not most of the wb catalogue they have wo much more shit being made. My point is this, these projects have been in development for about 4 to 5 years, and nothing has happened, they have made scripts and that it. Meanwhile peacemaker was made in less than a year during a pandemic, I think hbo max have just moved on and signed up for like 3 james gunn projects and the matt reeves batman stuff and they have enough content now, i blame j j Abrams for taking so long that now hbo max have said well we have enough content being made now we dont need anymore, i mean why has nothing been made by abrams so far, just a terrible deal really.


Then what about that fiasco with all those cartoon shows getting cancelled which made no sense as animation is a lot cheaper Gumball Close enough Batman caped crusader Summer camp island Driftwood which was only green lit last year Looney Toons All actions of zavlov in an attempt to cut costs, then them liscencing out wb content a bit weird you’d think they’d want to grow max not make it as unappealing as ever while pissing off talent like cancelling batgirl without the director or cast even knowing.


You think a series with supernatural elements is cheap to make? This is not a CW series.


Well it probably is cheaper than raised by wolves as that got cancelled along with a string of other decent hbo max shows.


Raised by wolves was massively expensive and had a tiny fan base, it cost about as much as westworld with less than 10 percent of the fans, it wasnt successful so it got cancelled that's the way things go, it didnt justify the cost. What else was cancelled because nearly everything was renewed.


Well for starts all those shows that were in development that got canned, Amazing world of gumball Scoob holiday haunt That loony toons show Batman capes crusader JL dark and it’s related shows Close enough Time travelers wife Strange adventures TBS original content is basically getting the can All of this in a desperate attempt to cut costs only for discovery to pawn off it wb later on yet again, with even universal looking to buy them now like wtf not another merger.


I guess that means that cheap shows are safe and will stay on Warner Bros discovery combined service.


You think a series with supernatural elements is cheap to make? This is not a CW series.


How can you say that when you dont know the budget, and not all hbo max originals are cheap, I dont think peacemaker is cheap, green lantern I dont think is going to be cheap to make, tokyo vice seems expensive, out flag means death I think you will find is surprisingly expensive, penguin and arkham I think will be quite expensive


Then explain why raised by wolves, capes crusader and a bunch of those other shows got canned, where not even sure if GL is safe as strange adventures, batgirl, the abrams stuff all got the axe nothing is safe.


Raised by wolves got canned because no 9ne ever watched it and its price far exceeded the viewership. Gl is safe because it's being film in march they just updated on that. Strange adventures was in development and would have been a massive waste of money, kevin smith is a hack. Batgirl would have lost massive amounts of money sue to an oversized budget that ballooned due to the pandemic. The abrams stuff I reckon got canned because nothing was happening eith it, the stuff has been in development for years and yet nothing has come of it. The abrams stuff was a terrible idea because he hasnt delivered anything and it's been years. In the time the abrams stuff has been in development peacemaker was made in less than a year and proved a sslmash hit and now there are like 2 other spinoffs and season 2. In that time batman premiered and was a big hit, so we have two spinoffs one of which is filming next year. The fact is Abrams took to long so hbo max moved onto other things, they have enough superhero content now ilbeing made at a faster pace than abrams it's too much stuff, abrams should be forced to give the money back ir was a terrible deal


Hope Sandman can still use them if it gets a second season.