[Trailer tomorrow.](https://twitter.com/DCComics/status/1567581213656752134)


Pierce “I’m too bloody famous for the helmet” Brosnan looking like a snack.


Hey, I don't blame him. Dude's a silver fox.


This is actually a pretty cool poster


I was thinking the same thing. - Pretty clearly shows the group is antagonistic to BA - Shows Doctor Fate larger than the others, as he’s their leader - Shows off the big star of the movie - also, I like how the helmet is shown almost by itself. Wonder if they might do something with that.


The hawkman comic establishes him as the leader


Oh, that’s a change. Granted I haven’t read JSA in a decade.


I think Doctor Fate’s size is to show off Pierce Brosnan being in the movie, not him necessarily being the leader (maybe he is, I haven’t been keeping up with marketing). Also why he’ll be holding his helmet- show to the regular person who the actor is, whilst also showing to the comic book fans which character he is portraying. Get them both on board.


Hawkman is the leader. Dr. Fate was never the leader of the JSA.


It looks like he has the pointy ears but it’s just the lighting


And the full ears aren't shown in this poster.


It's the least concerning aspect for me, tbh. Maybe, somebody almost a century ago decided to give him elf ears, but it makes no sense why Teth-Adam would imagine his best version of himself to have pointy ears.




The hierarchy of power in poster universe is about to change


Hawkman's wings are way out. They face the camera while he's side on. It's off-putting.


Atom Smasher's costume is great.


All the costumes are really well done. I’m giving it a fair chance. I think I’m more psyched to see Hawkman.


Actually looks better than most floating head posters.


Above par for floating head posters.


One of the better floating head posters


Reminds me of the Batman Forever poster with the 45 degree character slash. Why not, bring on the 90's nostalgia


I need more Dr Fate images but I guess they prefer to use Pierce’s face to pull casual viewers. Also lol at the lady and the boy at bottom like use them or not. I feel like they have yet to deliver a great poster, WW, WW84 and JL had amazing ones, also BvS.


Of course, Pierce is gorgeous


K that's actually sick.


Been out of the loop but is there no Stargirl in the film?


No, she hasn't been mentioned.


This is literally the exact same layout as the Batman Forever poster/DVD cover art.


I really hope this movie doesn't suck


I fucking hate these kinds of superhero posters. Every superhero movie has one of these. They all look exactly the same


Reminds me a bit of the poster for Batman Forever.


Lol they heard people shit talk the other poster and they drop this badass one


That other poster was fan made actually


Do i see pointy ears? Nah WBD would never


finally some good poster!!...


As I said on the other sub, thanks to Marvel, posters with every fucking actor's heads photoshopped in with a random geometric shape behind them are the norm and are a fucking disgrace that other companies are also copying (Northman, The Batman, Dune). Having said that, this is actually pretty cool. I really like it.


It's not a marvel thing, floating heads posters have always been a thing in blockbusters, they want the audience to see every single actor in the movie so they potencially go


Yep, I recall seeing floating posters being a thing since the time of the Star Wars prequels.


Star Wars posters had floating heads, but they were painted and had actually some effort and design put into them. Since the infamous Homecoming poster with 2 Iron Mans, and now especially in Phase 4, Marvel has popularised this type of posters, however they do shit like putting the main actor twice or thrice in the poster, a random geometric figure behind them just because and literally reusing assets like the infamous Goblin PNG in each No Way Home poster. Sure they existed before, but Marvel has definitely exploited them, just look at each Disney Plus series poster. Literally the final poster of every single project. And now other companies are also using them thanks to the success of Marvel, same as post credit scenes and Marvel specific type of quips


Finally a good poster.l So glad we have TheRock in the DCEU


Reminds me a lot of the Vought movie posters from The Boys lmao. I love that the Justice Society is front and center though.


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Anyone knows the runtime of this movie ?


No not yet. It’s probably gonna be in the 2hr 10min area.


Who's the woman below hawkman?


Is it just me that is losing interest in the movie due to them spamming posters? They all look the same.


For me, personally, I don’t like this poster. Is this a movie about Black Adam or the Justice Society of America. Those characters should be smaller in the poster considering it’s Black Adams movie.


His face is the biggest thing on the poster lmao


The posters for this movie have been garbage.


I have no faith in this film, nor the Rock. Still, this is one really dope poster— wow


This is not good either


Who is the bad guy in the movie. What’s even the plot?


This is the problem with casting extra famous people. The gatekeepers come out swinging with negativity before the film even comes out. Poster looks awesome to me......DC Fans are a mess.


It's not that he's famous. It's that he pretty much only makes dumb, cheesy action movies. Pierce Brosnan is famous and nobody is complaining about him.


Everything is cheesy and dumb. Most all these comicbook movies are over exposed and over hyped. Bam 💥…..there….that’s the damn truth…..so how about we just wait til the film comes out to judge. This pre-hate BS does nothing but ruin DC.


There's a big difference between typical superhero cheesy and the stuff the Rock makes, but either way, just saying "Everything is stupid" as a way of dismissing any criticism isn't really the mic drop you think it is. I also didn't say I hated it or don't want to see it. I'm usually the one defending the DC stuff. I just think the Rock makes really bad movies usually and is just doing his typical generic tough guy crap. On the other hand, I love Hawkman and I love the JSA, so I'm hoping for the best. Chill out. Nobody is "ruining DC."


Yeah whatever. All these movies are over fucking rated….that’s why the academy never recognizes them. They were only forced to recently because of ratings. Everyone is hoping black Adam fails. DC fans always crying…..that’s why Marvel is doing well. Atleast Marvel fans stick together no matter what crap comes out.


Oh, ok, so now something is either stupid or Academy Award worthy and there's no in between? And people are turning on Marvel lately because of that exact attitude of treating it all like it's stupid and people will just accept whatever crap is dumped on them. I'm not hoping it or DC fails so you're wrong again. I just said that people don't like the Rock because he's a bad actor and he's obnoxious and you went off about how all comic movies are stupid so we shouldn't criticize them. This is a ridiculous ass conversation.


watch the movie.....then criticize.....if it sucks then it sucks


You literally said that people are mad because a famous person was in it and I just said I think people just don't like the Rock in general and you got all defensive. I was just explaining why people might not be that hyped since the Rock has rarely been involved in any good movies. I also said that even if I don't like the Rock that I was excited to see Hawkman and the JSA. These forums are here for people to discuss upcoming movies. Not every opinion is going to be positive and nothing I've said was unreasonable and my opinion isn't even that negative of the movie. You're getting mad about nothing.