DAE Get red in the face when socializing for no reason

DAE Get red in the face when socializing for no reason


Sounds like extreme social anxiety I get it! It doesn’t have to be caused by anything though it might be


Yeah i get this. Usually with people I don’t know or family members I’m not super close too. I have pretty bad anxiety though.


Yep. It happens to me when I suddenly feel the centre of attention or surprised by attention. It also happens when I don't expect to see someone... bumping into them at the grocery store, for example. It ALWAYS happens if in speaking in front of a large group. Happens to my dad too.... and we both have dealt with anxiety at various points in our lives.


It's interesting that you've only mentioned physical responses and no cognitive ones. The symptoms you described are very common for social anxiety, but are usually accompanied by actual anxiety, and they usually have a trigger as well (more specific that just generic socialization). I would go to the doctor to rule out anything physical, but it just sounds like just a really weird presentation of social anxiety.


Idiopathic craniofacial erythema maybe? Not a doctor, saw it on grey’s anatomy. Just go in and tell a doctor what you just wrote though. You don’t need to say anything in any particular way, they are the walking, talking, wonderful medical mix between humans and information that are here to keep us feeling in our best shape.


I feel you :( it’s always the worst when people call you out on it. In high school, I used to turn red whenever I was asked a question. Or talking with friends. Had to wear headphones to shut out noises during passing periods. Probably because of trauma, but over the next couple of years, I placed myself in positions where I had to confront it. If I face flushed, whatever. I won’t deny masks have helped me hide it a bit when I’m super anxious haha!


Same for me. But I have the problem that my forehead is sweating like crazy, even in the deepest Winter. So anyone sees how i wipe my sweat off. Drives me Crazy. Sometimes i feel soooo cold and then i talk to someone and i immediatley start to sweat on my forehead. Any cure for this?


Hey man. I have the same Problem and visited a dermatologist regarding this and he prescribed a antiperspirant which works like magic. But the only con about it is that the antiperspirant makes your skin really dry... So to have to using moisturizer, sunscream, and few things to keep your your face moist Most of the time


I have no advice, but know you are not alone. I can’t order at a restaurant without turning NEON red. My face will turn red talking to my husband in the car. Currently I am hiding in my room bc we have company over and I just know my face feels like turning red today!!!! It’s so annoying. I’m fed up too!


Also, look up Idiopathic craniofacial erythema. Essentially what we have. I’m looking at treatments now!