/r/CurseofStrahd joins the Reddit Blackout on the 12th

ELI5: What is the Reddit Shutdown?

Or, in handy infographic form.

With Reddit's increases to API pricing numerous third party apps such as RIF, Apollo, Sync and others will be forced to shut down. The massive increase in costs to use the API, short timelines to update apps, and poor communication on Reddit's part mean that it is untenable for many of these apps to continue working. Many users of this subreddit and others rely primarily on these apps to use the site and moderate communities.

The Curse Of Strahd subreddit will be joining other subreddits across the site in shutting down for 48 hours on the 12th to protest these changes.

Following this shutdown we will begin an open discussion with the Subreddit community on what to do next. Whether that means regular shutdowns, a permanent shutdown, restricted submissions, or something else is to be determined.

This will not impact the Curse of Strahd Discord. It will remain open. We encourage anyone who is not in the Discord to join it via this link.


Damn how am I gonna get my cos fill then


The CoS Discord will remain up and running during the shutdown, and it is run by the same mod team as the sub


Play DnD? Build a bride out of body pars from your local cemetery? Set your dogs upon your crush's parents' house? You'll think of something!


These blackouts are silly.


Among other things, Reddit’s new API decisions will kill a lot of tools moderators use to manage subreddits, or make them ludicrously expensive to maintain. This means that mods have a vested interest in ensuring that the decision doesn’t go through, especially smaller subreddits like this which have less manpower to delegate.


Fully support this. On a related note, does anyone know if fleshing out curse of strahd/mandymod is backed up anywhere?


Some of it is on DMsGuild I think


Does the Discord have the same information on it as the subreddit? If the mods decide to permanently shut down this subreddit in protest, will all the information be transferred over to Discord?


Not all of the information that exists on the sub exists in the Discord, though there is also info in the Discord which does not exist in the subreddit. If we were to close the subreddit permanently (which, to be explicitly clear, is not confirmed) I personally would like to figure out some way to preserve the wealth of resources here.


Perhaps there is a way to save all posts/comments from this sub with some kind of bot and after that can be sent to a wiki or whatever. I will bad for not be able to study for my campaing but I.am 100% with you in the protest!


Unfortunately, the API pricing changes would mean that creating a bot to do such a task could end up rather costly due to the age and wealth of posts in this subreddit. It would also be a technical challenge to archive years and years of posts, and require a non negligible amount of testing and storage to ensure it is done properly.


We have half of a month to do that! I just found a bot to edit all your comments to "f*ck Reddit-CEO-User". If someone made something like that maybe is possible to save all our data for a post-reddit live. But you have a point: storage is hard and time is short.


There's archive bots around and a couple projects to safeguard the info, you could possibly link or nominate the sub to be preserved. I think it's r/datahoard or similar.


The data has actually *already* been archived I believe, at least up until the date PushShift had its access cut off. I'm not sure how to get at that data though, you'd need to talk with someone who knows pushshift better.


Perhaps we can use the API to…oh darn


I support the blackout for 48 hours, but I think it'd be a travesty to permenately shut down this Sub. I hope y'all wouldn't do that or at least hold it to a vote


Needs must, if they don't work I won't be back anyways. My app is going down end oof the month anyway and fuck actually logging in and using the website.


I am planning to block most Reddit from my life with this sub and a few select others being the exceptions. Currently running the campaign and don’t think it would be nearly as fun for me or the players without the inspiration I’ve gotten from here


Oh common I hope there will be a solution to keep Reddit up, I will pay for the content here. This sub is a treasure for all of mankind, or at least for all DMs running CoS


Are a lot of these resources on the Discord?


Some are but not all of them. Although there are also some on the discord that aren't here.


Yeah but there’s no proper save/fav option for conversations and single messages that’s what I like a lot about Reddit


I hope there is a solution found, I hate discord unfortunately..


And go where? Everyone is saying they are protesting by going dark. But unless you have a new place to go, that doesn't help.


The Discord server will continue to stay up with no interruptions in service.


Whilst I support the blackout I am not optimistic it will do anything. Given the ama the other day its clear reddit Inc won't change their mind. Whilst I loath Discord servers (am getting old and find them confusing) I love the dnd / ttrpg communities on reddit and I will prob switch to the real reddit app solely for dnd stuff.


So does the "Blackout" mean that the sub is going private or completely unaccessable? If the mods are going to leave Reddit and there are a bunch of resources that are only available on the subreddit would the leaving mods give over the sub to some custodians so all the resources that have been pooled here are not completely lost? Or do something to make sure that content is not lost like making it so no new posts or comments can be created but the content is still searchable?


It will be inaccessible for 48 hours starting on Monday the 12th of this month.


Ok. Thanks for clarifying that point. On the second part though... is the answer to that sort of TBD/unkown currently? The mods aren't going just delete everything one day without a discussion from the sub or any warning, yeah?


As stated in the original post we will have an open discussion on what to do next after the shutdown. Besides, we respect the community enough to not do what Reddit is doing and force a sudden change with no warning on y'all


Good. We may all be ancient, murderous vampires, but let's show Reddit that we're not monsters.


u/LMacharian - Are there plans to migrate/backup the content on here to another forum? I’d be more than happy to create a mag on Kbin and grant access to all the mods here. No one can predict what will rise from the ashes of Reddit, but we can at least move the content somewhere safe for the time being.


I'm all for it.


Or… don’t. No one will think less of you.


The sub overwhelmingly wants it


Appears that way.


Just saying, we could create a curse of Strahd forum with mywbb or something like that. Could copy most of important things there with help of all. So we would have an external database, a external Plattform just for curse of strahd and it would be very much organized etc. 😊 Like in the old days, as the anime forums etc hehe