Players are on their way to Tser Pool, and I really want to give them an "Oh f**k." moment.

Last session was essentially tainted by a player who basically is no longer welcome at the table. I'll go into greater detail about it if requested, but essentially, he robbed the party of experiencing the March of the Dead by keeping it to himself.

The morning after, the party buried Kolyan, and Rahadin made an appearance to deliver condolences on behalf of Strahd. The effect of the mental screams had a great impact on one of my players in particular, but my paladin has been itching for a worthy challenge.

I mentioned in a previous post that I intended to have Rahadin show up at the Tser Pool encampment to usher the party into a pseudo-reading by Madam Eva with the intent of discerning whether or not one of them might be Tatyana's reincarnation. For context, in my setting, this is the driving force behind Strahd reaching out to adventurers beyond the realm of Barovia - he has spent centuries searching for Tatyana within Barovia to no avail and has opted to lure outsiders in, and the many adventurers he's lured in previously have all been "hazed" through Madam Eva for the same reason. When Strahd learns she is not among them, he decides to "play" with them.

So, back to Rahadin. I plan to have him waiting in Madam Eva's tent and usher them in. Madam Eva will, as usual, ask him to step outside while she reads them, and she will discover that one of my players is in fact Tatyana's reincarnation. However, she will lie to Rahadin and beg him to take the matter outside of the encampment where I plan to have Rahadin give them a sound thrashing and perhaps even kill one of them (if they have bad luck with death saves). After the bloodbath, he will leave, and Madam Eva will come to their aid and perform necessary clerical duties to restore them to health before warning them to lay low until they have what they need to take on Strahd and his forces.

Of course, there are other events within the encampment such as the actual card reading and the general joviality of the night (which I think would make a lovely stark contrast in tone leading up to the ass-whooping), but I intend to give the party a homebrewed trinket that just gives them extra "protection" in the overworld, so they're not rolling for encounters every five steps (hyperbole for those of you who want to call me out on this).

So, in terms of advice, is there anything you would consider adding to this to hype up the tension? How would your players respond to something like this happening?


I dont quite understand it, you dont want the player at your table because they were the only one to watch the march?


no no no. the player himself was a problem, and that was probably the main transgression for *just that session*. the reasons are *mostly* out of game, but he has a tendency to push players out of excellent opportunities for roleplay because he can't grasp why he shouldn't be the one at the forefront of everything. it's something i'd put up with for two campaigns previously due to hoping he would change as a player, but now we have a completely new (and rightfully shy) player i invited from the LGS, and my other players and i enjoy her company far more than anything he's ever "contributed" despite only being three sessions in


Ok so they are a main character síndrome player


on top of just being completely obnoxious, loud, and blissfully ignorant of anything the party wants to do at any given point, yes edit: as an example, in my last campaign, the party discovered an NPC that turned out to be a vampire who was a pillar of the community and ran the fishery for the town. the whole party had this excellent conversation with the NPC and decided they would leave him alone. this player ignored the entire conversation and decided to try to stab said NPC


If you're looking for good Vistani content, I suggest Priyam Kings Tser Pool from Legends of Barovia. You can have an elder tell a Doruq to the tribe that reveals some of Strahds backstory (adapt for your campaign)


Yup. Pyram King has some good isht. His campaign is online as well so you get a preview of his work in action. The earlier sessions have some volume issues but that gets better. Lots of swearing from one player though (in good fun). If you’re sensitive to that