Another Strahd pre-combat monologue

Got some great bits and pieces from reading other folks Strahd Monologues and wanted to share mine! The Tarokka reading has placed him at the tower right outside the Heart of Sorrow (K57), so I went full Castlevania Dracula with it. Wanted to try to push the "you act like heroes but you're worse than I am" angle. Anyway, hope it inspires you as much as all your work inspired me!

(Strahd is facing away, looking over the parapets down at the valley. Wine glass in hand)

“I envy mortals. You are blessed with forgetfulness. Your memories fade and become as fog. You are spared having to remember every tortured day of your wretched existence.

Not I. I recall each and every day of the 400 years I have ruled this land with perfect clarity.

But not you. Ah, how easily you can forget the look on the faces of those you have so wantonly slain in my kingdom. You can forget how easily you have taken life after life in my own home. You can forget each and every one of your sins.

(condescending chuckle) You see yourselves wearing the hero’s mantle, that much is clear. A vainglorious, self-appointed role.

(he turns to the party)

It suits you.

You have ruined lives, destroyed families, assassinated leaders with whom you do not agree with. Even standing before me now, you proudly wear the spoils of combat. You have done almost as good a job as I at conquering this valley.

You’ve plundered ancient relics, released dangerous knowledge from its resting place, taken the power of gods, but of course, always “for the greater good” yes?

(another condescending chuckle, he turns back away) That’s how it started for me as well. Each small sin, so easy to commit, always “for the greater good”. A single coin carelessly flung into a well. Then another. Yet here we are, and the waters have begun to overflow the stones.

I have seen hundreds of your kind. I have put each of them into the earth. You will join them, and be forgotten. But not by me. I will remember the look of terror on your faces for all eternity.

For your crimes, I, Strahd von Zarovich, son of King Barov and Queen Ravenovia, lord of this land, now sentence you to death.

(Strahd drains his glass and casually tosses it over the parapet)

Let us begin.”


Such a good jrpg vibe


Love it! Might take some piece of it, particularly about the sins, that's perfect for my group. I hope for you that no players will interrupt his speech. I did a speech in my first run (it was like, half of your size maybe), and yet, someone cut him before he could finish. Villain are frequently doomed to be interrupted by the impatient adventurer.


Pepper in lines from the speech during initiative! Just cause combat begins doesn’t mean your villain has to stop monologuing, Each time it’s their turn, they say another line or two, and then take their action, makes things very flavorful imo


That's a good idea, thanks!


I’ve already warned my group that Strahd possesses strange powers to prevent that… https://i.imgur.com/UG4LaZk.jpg


That's gold


Yeah there is no way my group would ever let me finish the first part.


I might steal most of this for my final battle--so good! You could tell everyone up front that you're going to have a round of villain and PC monologuing so you don't get interrupted--maybe cap it at however long your speech is, and give everyone some time to say something. I might do that and give the players a week heads up so they can prepare something, too. We use battery powered tea lights as spell concentration indicators--I might have everyone pass the tea light around and no one can interrupt until the light's out and everyone's had a turn.


Luckily my party have been wonderful storytelling collaborators and haven't interrupted me yet. They will absolutely talk total trash and snark at the NPCs after they're done talking, but so far they've been wonderful partners. I feel very blessed.


Omg 😳 I wish I had seen this sooner. I went with: “What a timely coincidence *turns empty chalice* i am just dying for a drop of blood”


This is really good! I hope my players will do some more dubious things so I can use that speech. :D Thanks for sharing!


This is really 👍. Very much on the Japanese lane. Gonna steal parts of it for my game.


I like the bit about characters murdering things. I may have to adapt that for my speech. Which has this little bit that maybe one of you could use: Evil is subjective, gods kill indiscriminately and so do we. For no creatures are like so like the gods than we. Join me and revel in ecstasy and privilege.


Compared to the shit I’ve come up with, this is amazing.


I like this because even if the party has seen your Strahd murder half a town in cold blood (raises hand), he will just remind them that it’s his prerogative because he’s royalty and the same rules don’t apply. Nice work!


This is amazing