Dark Vestige help!

TL:DR - I need ideas for a Dark Vestige for one of my players

As the title says, one of my players (a Lv.7 Verdan Draconic Sorcerer) has been approached by a dark and mysterious figure…

I’m yet to determine what this Dark Vestige will be offering and what the potential downside will be, I’ll be honest, I’m struggling.

I’ll give a bit of information about the characters, he’s very powerful hungry, loves his fire spells and has little regard for others (hope that helps!)

Any advice, as always, is greatly appreciated.


Give him some kind of one-a-day AoE nuke that aligns with his Draconic lineage - something obscenely powerful, but it's centralised around him, so if he's near allies, they take damage


I do like that idea a lot actually


Maybe give him dragon breath that scales w his level that he can use once per lr and everytime he uses it he gains more draconic traits like thirsts for power and items/gold which force him to put that desire over the party’s?


Are you not using the Vestiges and the gifts that they’re already assigned in the module?


I couldn’t find any Vestiges that best fit the character. Any physical or mental changes (covered in fur or a new flaw) wouldn’t really work as the player doesn’t RP *that* much


How about the ability to change faces - basically Disguise Self. Cost is one Hit Die. The price is that the sorcerer has a new face. His character thinks his face hasn’t changed.\ I know your guy isn’t big on RP. I gave it to a player I have who sounds similar. There come times when he has to step up because the party is counting on him to RP to sell a disguise.


Not a bad idea actually


I pulled Dark Gifts from older versions and gave one to each of my players. They will meet themselves soon but they probably will not realize it because of their gifts.


You can go with tarakamedes, the grave wyrm from the book. I have a rune knight DragonBorn in my party who's about the same (except instead of fire magic it's just swinging his sword at everything). I'm running the grave wyrm as an entity that provides dragon based boons. Raw I think it gives the ability to fly (sprout Dragon wings) but you can add a breath weapon with increased range/damage, and/or fear effect of some kind. The idea being there's nothing more powerful than becoming a dragon (since the player is power hungry).