Idea for a small challenge if the party takes the shortcut path to Tser Falls and tries to go behind the falls.

I think my party is going to leave the vistani camp and take the short path that leads to the base of the waterfall. I will have the vistani honestly warn them that they are wasting their time and there is a huge cliff they wont be able to climb.

If the party goes anyway, they will see the waterfall and no way up. I have a feeling their video game instincts will kick in and will want to look behind the waterfall. I will have a very shallow empty cave behind the waterfall. I am undecided if i want to put a small reward, but I may leave it empty. However, I thought of a minor challenge to get inside thats punishing if failed.

There is no direct path that i am aware of so instead the players will have to walk/jump across the slick rocks that are not fully submerged with a DC 15 Athletics/acrobatics check. If they fail, they fall in taking 1d6 bludgeoning damage as they trip and hit the rocks and fall into the water. Then they must make a DC 10 athletics check with disadvantage due to the fast current to avoid getting swept downstream. If they pass they still get pushed D100+10 feet downstream. If they fail they continue floating/struggling helplessly in the freezing water taking a level of exhaustion until they arrive in the calmer Tser pool water. The vistani watch them make their swim of shame to shore and collectively laugh and basically give an I told you so speech followed by good natured teasing and an offer to warm up by the fire while they wait for the rest of the party to return.

What do you guys think?


Put a bodak behind it.


Bodak’s are fun..


I like your plan and you should do it. I wouldn't make the water freezing though, that exhaustion mechanic is for like ice water, as in frozen over. Plus adding levels of exhaustion risks bogging things down once your group decides to get going again but needs multiple long rests to get back up to speed. I say ditch the exhaustion, I think the embarrassment is plenty.


I think you should definitely have something behind the waterfall and go ahead with all of your ideas for if the PCs fall into the river. It sounds like a great plan!!