Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is exactly this. Every single episode adds a bunch of throwaway stuff that's completely unrelated to everything else, it's all chaotic filler, and then at the end it all fits together perfectly


It's also a really, *really* good series. Please, people, give it a chance if you haven't yet.


It really fucking is.


The lead writer is an *unfortunate* person though


Theres a tv series? I've just listened to the book.


There is, but it's incredibly different to the book. Both are amazing, imo, but not similar at all




In the UK, it's on Netflix. Idk about anywhere else though


Oh, uhhh 🏴‍☠️ yarr harr.


Lol fair enough. If you do watch, I hope you enjoy it


Additionally, there’s a comic. And apparently all 3 forms of media are canon and coincide in alternate universes which occasionally collide?


literally Just started rewatching it this is proof that everything is connected


The book does the same thing iirc. It has a throwaway tangent about an alien robot monk only to reveal in the end that he was the killer in the murder case Dirk Gently has been trying to solve


I fucking NEED a Season 3, but alas: people are bastards.


[Chekhov's armoury](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ChekhovsArmoury) [Chekhov's army](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ChekhovsArmy)


You fool! You've linked directly to tv tropes! I've lost two hours of my life to this page!


You're going to lose at least 2 hours of your life to your birthday party as well. Happy birthday u/VoidDweller77


It isn't my birthday, and I wouldn't mind losing two hours to a party


Amphibia does this a little bit. There's a few plot-centered episodes throughout the whole thing, but a lot of season 1 episodes feel completely irrelevant until suddenly they're plot-crucial in season 3.


Domino Two!!!!!




Steins;Gate, kinda? although there is still a lot of story, and i love the “filler”


honestly first watch steins;gate for the story, second watch just for the character interactions. I don't think steins;gates plot would have been half as good if it weren't for the characters making you emotionally invested in them super fast and just genuinely enjoying the show even when you don't know yet what the fuck is going on


first watch makes you cry during the tragic moments. second watch makes you cry during the mundane moments, when they were still happy


The graphic novel V for Vendetta does this rather well.


Odd Taxi




God it's got the closet, the animal thing, the dating thing, the gacha thing, the charity thing, the brothers, the comedians, the idols, the clout chaser, and like 3 more things I'm forgetting. And they all go off like the start of World War 1, it's masterful storytelling.


was looking for this. can't think of anything else that fits


The end of season 2 of ATLA is like that, when all the side characters you met during low-stakes episodes in season 1 show back up all at once.


Or season 3 with the order of white lotus


\[S\] Cascade


it's true but you shouldn't say it


*Image Transcription: Tumblr* --- **prokopetz** Some day I want to see a show that does the "no filler episodes" thing from the opposite direction. Just a whole season worth of low-stakes character pieces that seem to move the overall story absolutely nowhere, then episode 26 pulls *all the triggers at once* and this massive Rube Goldberg machine of a plot the show's been quietly setting up in the background the whole time hits you like a truck. --- **v3rb4tim** [*A screenshot of a tumblr tag, as follows:*] > \#chekhov's firing squad [*Screenshot ends.*] Incredible one-liners as always --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


What is Cowboy Bebop.


The Cowbop Beboy


Or Space Dandy, made by the same guy. You don't realize the worldbuilding you're being subject to until the last 2 episodes and it all clicks. First thing I did after watching the series was go back and rewatch with a whole new perspective.


Everything everywhere all at once It's a movie.


chekov's i don't know what the fuck is happening but i'm having a blast


With how it all comes back, it's kinda like checkovs battery of homing missiles


Ahh yes Chekhov’s buttplug my favorite scene


Love that my first viewing I thought "that looks like a butt plug" and then. Also I love that there's any universe where checkovs butt plug makes any amount of sense in the slightest.


I love the levels of the Buttplug joke too. 1. "Oh it's just an out of movie gag that auditors are anal" 2. "No they really are using them as buttplugs" 3. "The manager/director is heavy into BDSM and has a secret dungeon storage room in his office" 4. "The manager designed them to look like buttplugs because auditors *are* anal"


The Count of Monte Cristo


I was considering commenting this. Imagine my surprise that it was already here.


If you’ve read anything by Brandon Sanderson, his fans call this a Sanderlanche. His name and Avalanche combined because the plot lines of his books tend to twiddle their thumbs for the first 3/4th of the book. Then the last 1/4th hits you like an avalanche.


Yeah, but then I'd have to read stuff by Sanderson, and I refuse to read stuff by Mormons because some of that money is going to my state's theocracy so they can spew out hatred. Man supports bigots no matter how much he may try to sugarcoat it with talk of support while refusing to do any action.


Because if he stops giving them money then most of his friends are gone. That's how cults work, you can't just leave them because if you do then everyone you know leaves you as well. He puts in a lot of effort to make his books diverse, so I probably wouldn't lump him in with his church on account of that.


Star Wars Rebels. That show has so much filler and I can't skip any of it bc one thing in the episode always shows up in the final episode


Steven universe, honestly.


So much of the show’s overarching plot is hidden solely because we see everything from Steven’s PoV, and Steven is a child too young to be learning about interstellar wars or caring about the intricacies of alien physiology and history. It’s kinda why Steven had to be as young as he was; the plot would’ve unraveled a lot more quickly if he was, like, 16 instead.


Yeah that's what I thought


better call saul kinda does this but instead of 26 episodes of buildup it’s 6 seasons


And some of the guns end up going off in another show entirely.


I feel like Adventure time does this, for sure. Can't believe no one's said that.


I been recently rewatching adventure time and I totally agree with you. One of my favorite examples is the whole deal with Finn’s past lives or PB and Marceline’s relationship.


It's kinda just all worldbuilding though. I like the example, it definitely ramps up toward the final season and everything ties in together. There are 283 episodes, so a little more than just 26 random built-up things :D


The movie version of this is the excellent horror movie El Orfanato, or The Orphanage. Super slow movie, and then in the last 10 minutes you're glued to the screen because everything suddenly makes sense.


Melancholia, pretty obscure manga of seemingly disconnected short stories set in the same world. Most of them come together at the very end of the story.


Would Durarara! count for this?


Durarara isn't so much "all the side stuff that's been going on in the background converges into one point" more like "everything that has been happening in the wholeass story links up into a glorious mess of plot




Agents of SHIELD season 1


Greatest season of television that nobody has seen. It honestly has no right to be as good as it is Like 15 generic “monster of the week” episodes and then BAM masterful plot weaving


it was quite interesting watching it in 2021 for the first time knowing the plot twist of winter soldier was coming up


And it’s not even the best season of the show! (That would be season 4)


Cowboy bebop


Endwalker. MF's at Square Enix have been setting up this gravy train for 10 years and they finally pulled all the stops.


Westworld does a great job of this, but some of the clues are a little heavy handed.


I know everyone's already naming shows but I swear Demon Girl Next Door is the most insane experience for this reason. Like, the show starts and it seems like shamiko is just weak in the haha loser nerd way and momo tricks her into exercising. Then momo learns she had actual health issues, freaks out and has to be forced to be less protective. Or mikan with her curse that her strong emotions wreak havoc (funny outfits) around her. But it's actually a serious issue >! culminating in the s2 finale where bits from every apparent filler episode come into play and the curse is stopped by removing a demon familiar from her soul who now lives with her as her "daughter"!< Or how the whole premise is magical girls seal demons but shamiko is so weak and not evil momo can't think of hurting her. >!but in actuality magical girls are more of a wild card faction intended to oppress demons, and Momo's stint saving the world was actually using a wish to seal away a magical girl that decided to kill every demon in town.!< And despite dabbling in dark subject matter, it still feels like a decently lighthearted and optimistic story. I love it so much and there's so many other examples even just entwined with what I already mentioned lol


literally any post-2010s semi-serialized cartoon


Diamond is Unbreakable Sheer Heart Attack arc


This is literally every tv show. Most of what people call filler is just small character development that finally gets shown in the finale.




Thats just a regular chekov’s gun


Marvels what if kinda does this


First season of the Mandalorian did this pretty well. At least insofar as bringing like all the major characters together.




Early regular show kind of


Honestly this is kinda what Gravity Falls felt like to me.


Blorbo time


i’ve seen this exact post like three times now and every time i mention season 3 of Bojack Horseman!!! the entire season (and even before that), from >! margo martindale’s fall into insanity to !< >! bojack buying a boat to !< >! mr. peanut butter buying all those spaghetti strainers !< to the under the sea episode ALL LEAD UP to the final episode’s climax. it is amazing.




i think the difference is that these things were very clearly important. like when ace gives Luffy the card, you know it's gonna be important later on. this is talking about having no idea anything is being setup until it's revealed


I think the whole laboon thing fits into this type of setup pretty well and then crockus is just sitting inside him, biding his time before the plot finally calls for him like a chekov's sniper rifle.


People thought Skypeia was mostly filler until very recently lol


Dayshift at Freddy's. Not a show, but I feel it applies.


this is what it feels like watching MONUMENTMYTHOS and NIXONVERSE the majority of the time, few things make sense, theories are being made all over the place, it really feels like a conspiracy theory but like without the anti-semitism, and then the last episode rolls around and Everything Makes Sense Now


Chekov’s firing squad? I don’t get it.


Chekhov was a Russian author who said “If a gun is hanging on the wall in the first chapter, it needs to go off by the third chapter” or somethin like that


Look up Chekov's gun on TV Tropes.


The Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files does this in the ending, sort of. It combines a bunch of things that were seen throughout the novels, plus some things that were created in other Fate media to do one final giant *thing* with it.


Strange/Fake would fit better


Melancholia by Dowman Sayman does this if my absolute goldfish of a brain still remembers it correctly


I remember star trek dabbled in that a bit


Have not watched Gintama but from what I hear about it it kinda has this?


Podcast wise: Mistholme Museum of Mystery, Morbidity, and Mortality. You may pick up a recurring character, but it doesn't go off until season 2. I'm on my way through season 4, but it's really well done. Welcome to Nightvale is also similar.


That's most episodic cartoons.


Saiki K


Reminds me of Volume 3 of RWBY. Though don't think it really counts since the setup isn't that much in the background and there is a plot there but it just has much lower stakes.


unironically scooby doo mystery inc


Berserk’s Conviction arc


adventure time


People would really have liked the last season of Arrested Development if they weren't expecting it to be as good as the other seasons.


This perfectly describes *the boys* TV show


Bojack Horseman


12oz Mouse, 12oz Mouse!


Ender's Game, though in a weird way.


Odd Taxi


its a movie but Bullet Train (2022)


bullet train(2022) was kinda like this