Mama didn't raise a quitter

Mama didn't raise a quitter


Mom didn’t raise a quitter, but she did raise a fool, and that’s a dangerous combination.


Me playing games: Mum didnt raise a puss! Lets fucking gooooooooooooooo ​ Me doing things irl: I fucked up this tiny thing, best just give up, it's hopeless


Me playing card games: “You fool, I’m grinding up to my old ladder placement. I’m better than you, and can outwit you in a million different ways. I am your god, and your life is forfeit. Kneel, motherfucker.” Me the instant I’m done playing: “Welp, I guess Twizzlers and a Diet Coke counts as lunch.”


Skittles and diet coke is my go to but heard


"Done is better than Perfect" Hahaha Nonsense. Let me continue planing infinitely so every detail is thoroughly thought through and then I can get started, but I will probably also stop in the middle to go back to planning because of new details that weren't foreseen on the previous planning phase.


Done is better than perfect, but it's not done if it's not perfect


Ow. That kinda hurts.


Hurts aggressively


Tumblr ruthlessly dissecting my personality and pointing out the flaws yet again. Thanks!


Just watch the movie "The One" one of my top ten. And then realize that the more of us there is the less power we have, so I plan to see you on the battlefield of loveable fucks who fail upwards at everything.


I will be late to the battlefield because I had to re-do my eyeliner five times. Sorry sorry sorry.


Stop being funnier than me.


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Good human.


the difference between games and irl stuff is the time constraint. ig. I can fight the same boss like 20-30 times in a game and jump back and do it again the next day, or debug a shitty program i wrote for 3 hours till i fix it, but if i have to study for a test 1-2 weeks away, I'm not doing meaningful work on that till the test is <12 hours away.


Mama didn't raise no quitter *does more crack*


[*I wanna talk about this woman right here, to my right, to your left, Trixie Mattel, doer, this person does things, she's a person who achieves goals, she's a person who's motivated, self-directed, catapulted, and propelled into achieving her goals, any types of goals. I on the other hand, I am the opposite.*](https://youtu.be/UrQ310DyQvg?t=186)