Why the fuck is he still talking?!!


He can't control his ego


He's called every news about him fake


Taking his plays from a certain American ex-president it seems


Exactly what i had in mind


Full of shite mate.


I will celebratre hard on the day they jail this mf up


Media: Interpol is seeking to arrest Do Kwom worldwide. Do Kwon: No they just want to interview me about my greatness but I find them too poor to even talk to.


They say: Do Kwon is a fugitive He responds : Not a fugitive They say : Funds seized He responds: not seized A bot can respond his side of things lol


They say: He's hiding He responds: I've mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still... that I become invisible to the eye...


Works only when a T Rex is looking for him.


He should just STFU and turn himself in. Nobody is buying his bullshit anymore.


> Nobody is buying his bullshit anymore. Daily volume for Terra Luna is still over 200 million. You're technically wrong which is the worst kind of wrong.


I’ve bought and sold Terra Luna since the crash. There’s a difference between making money off of a coin’s volatility and believing in it as a project. I think most people - especially those who were die-hard Luna fans before the crash - have little to no faith left in Do Kwon.


> Nobody is buying his bullshit anymore. >I’ve bought and sold Terra Luna since the crash. That's some mental gymnastics you got going on there homie.


It’s really not though


>Lashes out Looks like the writers are fed up of his drama as well.


Throwing his toys out the pram I see


Is the “do kwon” we all know even the real do kwon? Is do kwon even his real name? Is that his actual face? Or is that face just the face of the facade? Is this air we’re breathing?


tldr; Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon has called reports of the seizure of $40 million of funds from two crypto exchanges KuCoin and OKX "fake news." The funds belong to the Luna Foundation Guard, a pool of BTC and other funds used by Kwon and Terraform Labs to defend the peg of the TerraUSD stablecoin. Kwon claims he had no business dealings with the two exchanges, with whom he has no time to trade. *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*


Do Kwan.... Who let you back in the house?


Who are you going to trust : Korean authorities or do kwon(c'mon people do not do this again)


lol this dude is going to start another project and I'm going to buy it because this sub just can't shut the fuck up about Do Kwon. /r/CryptoCurrency creates its own villians and it's easy as fuck to trade this shit. I 3xed on Ape Coin because of this sub, as soon as it hit $19 and more people started talking about "Well maybe it's ok", that's when I sold the shit.


Funny he says that while he claims he is not trying to hide all while he is nowhere to be found with Interpol launching a worldwide search for him.


Does not compute!


It's amazing how he is still able to spit out shit every now and then.


He’s eating bugs in North Korea right now.