So his innovation it's to charge me to waste my time. Eh.


At least reddit pays us moons for the same thing


We *GET* paid, they *have to* pay… And you have to pay for a 280 character message, here we can type what we want. What a bargain


That's why people are moon farming here because it's free. And lot of spam + bots here.


Never understood where do they end up


That is some sweet cash for the Venezuelans or third-worlders out there. Or someone smart enough to make a better bot to post non-stop.


For real, it’s more than the average salary in some countries


What is normal for us can be life changing for others! Don’t forget that


Elon trying to go to the moon and we're already here.


Without even boarding a SpaceX rocket, we are on the Moon


Even NASA is struggling


Wait you can earn moon here😐


Wait until he reaches Reddit and charges 1 moon for every post. LOL.


I'd much rather get paid moons then spend doge


"Free speech must be protected!" ^(Just going to need you to pay for it.)


We protect your free speech while you pump our bags


We are protector of speech, we just need to charge you.


Basically. Imagine if instead of getting moons on Reddit, they charged you to shitpost


And put you on a character limit 💀


That would suck


Basically what twitter is my friend


I'd definitely be more productive tbh.


maybe he's trying to save us from the evils of social media /s (point of clarity, he's doing it for profit, not anyone else)


Reddit could start charging their subscribers very soon ik.


People would just find a different platform to do the same thing for free


It's somewhat of a hybrid approach to the centralized censorship issue as well as dealing with bots. A twitter like social network has been postulated being run on a decentralized block chain. You could not be banned, and every message would cost a pittance, but such cost would make bot armies cost prohibitive. People in theory would be less likely to post inane crap if it cost them something, so theoretically the quality/value of the user content being posted would be higher (ie not as much as a waste of time). I don't know if that would work in practice, but it's not an irrational postulate.


People will just make Twitter clone called Birdit or some shit






Wuphf dot com


Bot accounts are in the plenty, and become nearly indistinguishable from human created content. The concept of this being accepted by people is alarming to say the least, and in that case our issue becomes far more complex. How many options are there to solve “fake accounts” (bots) are there? What exactly is on the table here.


I'm not an expert, but why couldn't they implement a system that makes you verify you are a human before sending a message? Like a captcha. Genuine question for anyone that might know the answer, as I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this.


Captcha hasn’t been difficult for bots to solve for at least a few years.


Captcha was never the solution for bots, it is very easy to solve.


no one wants to do that shit for every tweet you’d kill the platform worse than bots do


Maybe it will deter stupid ass annoying people from speaking their mind online every two seconds? I'd enjoy that.


It would or it might be, we are not sure yet about this gesture.


As compared to paying for every tweet ?


Both ideas suck


Clearly not much. Advertisers pay all sorts of fat lumps of cash to platforms for advertising. I can't really see why you couldn't fund bots using like 10000 which is prob insignificant to them and might even be cheaper than reg ads.


cheaper and likely more effective targeting, granted there may be some reliance on the idea that the masses are clueless and won't realize their spam bots can be linked via the ledger; low hanging fruit to target exterminate a few nets, but i cannot fathom why they wouldn't rebuild


He chooses monetization instead of a more inclusive, better and secure platform


He’s a conniving cunt


There is no innovation, this is a fleeting thought, what if twitter integrated with crypto? What makes it even less innovative is the fact that this very same idea has been thought of millions of times already. What makes it even less innovative than even that is the fact that people have had this thought and actually implemented it already too and it's as bad as it sounds... Hurr durr crypto social media


He has never innovated in his life.


It's great right?


Plus, So that he can charge more people to waste their time.


Billionaires gotta do some billionaires’ shit


This is how adoption looks😜


Perhaps the plan was to get crypto currency in use


It’s a start and in the right direction of thinking but sadly charging people to post would not have gone down well


Reddit moons pay me to waste my own time and other peoples. Someone should tell him


Imagine how that would work out with moons


Every time someone mentions web3 this is what they mean. Commoditization and monetization of every action you do on the internet. Web3 is late stage capitalism, and people *want* it.


No, no, his innovation was to charge for freedom of speech!


You would rather the advertising and bot spam keep eroding society? All to save a half a penny per tweet? My god.


To charge you for free speech


A true modern financial pioneer.


and here we are making money on reddit.


If it got rid of ads and spam bot, not a bad idea


Sounds like a good business model.


Reddit will read this and decide to charge 1 moon for every scroll.


Putting social media behind a paywall is practically forcing people off your platform.


Just like paywalled news articles. People just go elsewhere.


Does anyone actually pay for that? I'd rather spend 2 hours messing around with inspect element and YouTubing "how to bypass paywalled articles" with no success. No one wants to pay for a subscription to read a one-off article on a website they'd likely visit twice a year.


I do, but I pay a subscription to particular journalists I like, not big news sites that put out trash. Research takes time and I want to support people who take the time to write well researched and informative pieces.


Yeah, and I have big respect for people who do real journalism in this time of clickbait dumb headline world of deceit and bad content


you can donate the the researchers and journalists directly and they will usually be happy to share their work; the publishers steal something like 90% of those subscription fees


That's clever


You'd be surprised. Mostly old timers. I don't bother even trying to find a way around it. 95% of the time I just move on and don't even look for the news story elsewhere


Sometimes on Safari browser, you can use show reader feature and turnoff internet to read the article for free


Apple hates this one trick




Nah it is mostly those people wo support their newspaper.


I still can't imagine it's enough to make up for a loss in what could have been ad revenue. But idk


I pay a subscription for 1 local regional paper as well as 1 national one in my country. Do you believe journalists should work for free?


wow, wait. is paying for news/good journalism a bad thing now? let me guess, you also complain about ads? how are newspapers supposed to pay their staff?


I agree. There is value in quality journalism. Relying only on ads as a source of revenue pushes the content towards click bait. It's unfortunate that so many see news as something they're entitled to.


Wait, you mean good people that are brave enough to risk their lives for journalistic integrity aren't satisfied enough by feeling good about themselves?? They want to be paid fairly?? Outrageous!


There are only very few journalist who dare to do such thing.


Just because the _current_ paywalled news article approach is not working, doesn't mean direct monetization can't work. I believe micropayments, like... 5c to view an article or such could work, but it has to be seamless and it has to be _micro_ payment, not forcing you into a full subscription.


I hope this is the solution. Good journalism is expensive and important to a free society - it is worth paying for.


No you see clearly everything on the internet is a charity and im entitled to free content *- Reddit, nearly every time ads or paying for content is brought up*


No one reads paywaled articles these days including me lol.


Do I miss outline dot com


> Just like paywalled news articles. > > People just go elsewhere. And people wonder why so many news sites are trying to be entertainment sites.


Maybe that’s not a bad thing after all…


It could eliminate bots, trolls and might also promote meaningful discussion. But some of the people will find it difficult to use and understand these


> also promote meaningful discussion. No it would promote companies just spamming their products, but disguised as genuine tweets. They can afford 100s of thousands of tweets while the average users cant.




Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. $1 buys you like 2,000 tweets and now you get the guise of legitimacy for whatever your bots intentions are? Sounds like a good deal to me... There are plenty of ways in which crypto could ostensibly be integrated with Twitter, but Elon came up with about the dumbest one possible. It's amazing that anyone still worships his bullshit.


Actually you’d be left with only bots because they are operating to earn money and $0.02 is a cheap ad


I wish someone forced me off Twitter sooner. Charge 0.1 BTC to tweet instead, just kill that garbsge platform completely.


Twitter is not addicting, I already quit it 5 times


If this was really about fixing Twitter’s bot problem rather than pumping Dogecoin, Musk could have just charged a one time $1 fee that would verify your account or put you in a tier where unverified spambot accounts cannot interact with you. I bet that would eliminate at least 90% of twitter’s bots.


You are right, $1 one time is much different than paying for every damn tweet, it was always about him and doge, we know that: 1. He is a narcissist who like to be adored by people while making an illusion that he is one of us commoners, and twitter is the platform that lets him delve into that 2. He has big bags of Doge that he wants to pump He will continue and try to find ways to incorporate doge into it


Yes it would stop people from using their social media platforms. I don't think many people would want to pay so much money just to see other toxic people on their platform.


Breaking news, billionaire with no concept of money thinks people will pay to use a platform that is declining in popularity. More at 6.


How much is .1 of a doge coin?




At all time high it was like 7 or 8 cents in USD.


When I bought way too little, .1 Doge was $0.0004. I knew I should've put at least $40 in instead of $4.


The goal is to “protect free speech” and not to pump their bags /s


is it really free speech if I have to pay .1 doge to say something?


Or maybe we could say "protect paid speech".


It's free speech for the rich, that's for sure. The second you put a monetary fee in front of something, it excludes others. The worst part is that this wouldn't even stop bots. What does he think, bots are free? That they just appear out of thin air and run on the power of sheer malevolence?


Pretty sure if you create a bot to track elons flights he would ban. Twitter is a private platform. They can do what they want the same is true in Reddit


I see what you did there


>The goal is to “protect free speech” and not to pump their bags /s Turns out he's not into Free Speech so much as **Fee** Speech.


Please tell me you don't honestly believe Elon gives a shit about free speech


Elon is a big believer in his own freedom of speech.




Like SMS in the 1990s


Hahahaha. Yes you are right. This is essentially going backwards even if it's in the blockchain, with the main change being that the sms is open to public


Unlimited tweets after 9pm.


Tweet me after 9, my tweets are free than


Tweet to get a ringtone


Rollover tweets each month!


Good way to make people leave Twitter


Task failed successfully!


Probably for the best that the buy deal fell through, people would leave Twitter in droves. Value would tank.


The deal isn't officially fallen through. That's what the court case is about. Elon has to prove that Twitter lied in their disclosure or else he could be forced to either buy the company anyway or to pay Twitter several billion dollars in penalties. You can't just tank a company's stock price with a buyout offer and then after both parties agreed to buyout just back off.


Too bad it didn’t happen. It would have been nice to see Twitter die out and watch something else take its place








He exploits overprivileged children too, have you seen the burn rate on new grad engineers?


Source please, I'd love to read it.


It's mostly anecdotal, I don't have any stats on SpaceX or tesla turnover, but when you work in the industry you hear stories about the culture driving new grads to burnout. Here are a couple articles highlighting the issue: https://time.com/charter/6177537/elon-musk-employee-engagement/ https://time.com/charter/6174661/innovation-require-culture/


> The way he markets himself as this ludicrous savior of mankind out of building a massively subsidized EV business which actually has huge negative environmental externalities and exploits underprivileged children, I'm sure PT Barnum is taking notes for his next incarnation. That plus, as the other comment noted, he seems to have made appearing cool a priority as well, as much as a 50 something billionaire rich kid auto/tech CEO can at least. See how he dresses and his hair cuts, he had that trendy mullet style for awhile, tweeted about doing drugs and pretending he knows everything about socialism (anarchism and ML/communism), and the fact he focused on wooing the Queen of indie-electronic edgy cyber-hipsters of the late 2000s and 2010s.


> Today we have a rich marketer using his name who never invented anything and is just a meme lord for idiocracy generation. fuckin nailed it right there


Elon in a nutshell


Charging people to prevent bots is like charging you extra for a cardboard straw because plastics are bad for the environment.. Additionally, charging people a currency that you control screams conflict of interest. I agree people are tired of bots, but this is a dev problem. Not an end user one. Companies need to stop passing the end cost to their customers because they can't correct their own problems


How about *Elon* pays .1 doge everytime you tweet


It's how all the big corps and governments work. Make the end user pay regardless of fault.


“Make others pay while you make bank” -the motto of rich and powerful


Unbank yourself No wait...


A sure of way of getting rich


People already invest time and money into hardware for running bots, if they can profit off the scams etc. they promote and make back more than .1 doge they can continue on as usual. People also already dump huge sums of money into traditional forms of advertising.


I fully agree. It has the potential to make things worse czthe funders of bots can afford to burn cash while users leave because they can't


From Twitters stand point, once they monetize bots, they would lose revenue every time they purge these accounts, giving less incentive to do so. Normal, less affluent users will just leave microtransaction-advertising hell.




it’s 0.006 USD per tweet it’s hardly passing the costs on. it’s obviously more about just forcing blockchain transactions—the cost itself is rather meaningless


> the cost itself is rather meaningless Nice humble brag from Mr. Moneybags


They make large amounts of money from the activity, bots or not


This would have probably caused 80% of Twitter users to quit. He was probably only going to use it to get dodge pumping then dump it and rug the idea lol


Here we go again *Grabs popcorn*


Isn't there already a social network on the BCH Blockchain that isn't really being used?


There is. It barely gets any traction because guess what? People don't want to pay for posting random junk




Can't wait to buy Twitter horse armor


EA has entered the chat


You guys just don’t get Web3…. Micro transactions as far as the eye can see will be the future


Everyone is focusing on "microtransactions to tweet" and while bad that's not even close to the dumbest part. The worst aspect is significantly more dangerous and stupid, to the point that it's clear Elon either has no fucking idea what he's talking about and is legitimately no-thoughts-head-empty, or he's a sociopath who doesn't see these as problems. What I'm talking about is the implications of turning a social media platform into a blockchain. Because what happens if someone doxxes another person, or posts stolen nudes or revenge porn, or posts *child porn* to the chain? You can't scrub that like a normal centralized system can. Once it's out there, it's done forever unless you manage to do a fork/rollback, but you'd have to do that every single time someone posted illegal content to your platform. You'd need to have some truly infallible system of manual reviews of all content that gets posted which isn't feasible, or you'd need to have some way to decouple the log of transactions to tweet from the content of tweets themselves which would always circle back around to needing a centralized database, negating the entire "purpose" of using a blockchain for social media to begin with. I'm disappointed (but tbh unsurprised) in a community of self-styled "crypto enthusiasts" seemingly missing this cataclysmic oversight and being more concerned with money instead.


Is silly to pay on the end user side to reply and to tweet. Not only is silly.. Is inconvenient for users to make a wallet, buy doge and then top up just to comment. You all might say "that's what blockchain it is right now!" oh boy you can't be so wrooong. Check out ICP token from Dfinity foundation. Not only everything is hosted on chain. (yes everything. frontend + backend), not needing an oracle because ICP has successfully implemented HTTPS calls on the blockchain. [link](https://twitter.com/dieter_icp/status/1575351513010036736?t=nM8W3jHlbIdv9Lvn6Huo2A&s=19) And users that visited and used the web page powered by ICP doesn't have to pay any transaction fees at all. Users just have to create an account like how they normally did on web2. And that's it! It doesn't even feel like is on web3 because of how fast ICP is! Decentralized reddit and fully on chain: https://dscvr.one Decentralized WhatsApp and fully on chain: https://oc.app Decentralized twitter and fully on chain: https://distrikt.io


ICP is so technically advanced that it’s mind-blowing


You forgot the best one of them: https://taggr.top/


I get tipped in crypto almost daily on DSCVR! I can also earn NFTs! DSCVR is a fast growing social dApp that recently received $9 Million in seed funding! https://dscvr.one/p/dscvr


I think it's great idea but could be better. First users should get +1 DOGE every time someone liked a tweet of theirs. On top of that every few days there was a free badge that gave both user DOGE and whoever we chose to gave it to rewarding user who make good tweets. Then only user with super low DOGE cannot post usually newer user or Bots. Also just keep Twitter 100% free. Instead of DOGE it will be a useless internet point that can never be tuned into money and instead of charging these points per post users just need to maintain a minimum point balance to post. That way it doesn't get taken over by bots hyper farming DOGE.


He wanted to buy twitter high and sell low


One of us! One of us!


Free speech is guaranteed because you have to pay to tweet? Bot farms still cost money to run, it wouldn't be the end of them at all. They'd just add a shitposting budget


Champion of free speech. Unless you are poor. You don't get to even talk in that case. Ironic.


Elon Musk trying so hard to come up with anything no matter how absurd just to integrate Doge with Twitter. Now this is how Billionaires shill their bags.


Businessman that tries to invent new problems and crypto scene. Name a more iconic duo.


What’s he offering to read his tweets?


He’s only charging .05 doge for that


The proof that he hasn’t made his fortune by taking decisions by himself ..!!!


The purpose of this is to get rid of the bots, charging a small amount of money makes it infeasible for someone to setup a spambot that does 1000 tweets a minute. However, I think a better idea is to only charge DOGE (or whatever currency) after a certain threshold of time and number of tweets. For example, charge 0.1 DOGE for every tweet over 10 within 1 hour.


Then get 10,000 bots that only tweet 9 times per hour


yes thats a good point, and to prevent that, there can be further stipulations added on. Disclaimer this is not my idea but something proposed by Microstrategy Chairman, Michael Saylor. He was talking about bitcoin but doge or any crypto would work as well. Basically, you also have to put up a minimum amount of DOGE as collateral on your account. Doesn't have to be a large amount, only maybe $5-$10 worth, and in exchange you receive a special checkmark (different than the verified checkmark) beside your name. If you misbehave such as spamming, your collateral gets confiscated. Twitter users can choose to only let people who are either verified or have the collateral checkmark to comment or reply. Regular tweeting can also have the restriction of time and number of tweets before it starts charging you on a per tweet basis. This system prevents someone from making 10000 bots because the collateral required would be massive. And if they do they'll all be the "unchecked" accounts which would have more restrictions. This is basically almost like Proof of Stake but designed for social media websites.


For the people who are problems with bots, $100k isn’t really that much money. Especially not when it’s not even being spent but just put up as collateral. To the average dude in a developing country $5 is a lot.


> The purpose of this is to get rid of the bots, charging a small amount of money makes it infeasible for someone to setup a spambot that does 1000 tweets a minute. Are you sure? state actors can have pretty big budget for such actions and I wager many of such bots are actually from state actors and that would be a drop in a bucket.


A true visionary…


Maybe he'll invent trains someday


Elon: I'd like to introduce you to our new PoT system. Me: Proof of tweet? Elon: "Pay Only" Tweet Me: Back to Reddit Bois!!!


His innovation is to charge for “free” speech? Lmao


Elon being greedy.


Don't get rich any other way


It's a very interesting idea. Twitter is hardly usable because of all the spam-bots, I wonder if this would have helped ease the problem or if they'd find a workaround.


Ya all are bitching about spending a fraction of a penny.


Surefire way to ensure no one uses such a social network


Reddits implementation have been better so far. They actually pay us shitcoins to post


That would be amazing in my head. Mostly because I don't use twitter, but do own Doge.


man Elon truly hates Palmer


I dont use twitter or doge, but I am sure there are people thatbwould have jumped on this.


"You have to pay a tiny amount to register your message on the chain, which will cut out the vast majority of spam and bots. There is no throat to choke, so free speech is guaranteed.” He really just came out and said that if people are limited by a financial barrier then they "arn't being choked" and perfect "free speech" is guaranteed. When people talk "freedom", "liberty", or "free speech" 99% of the time its bankrupt and intends to allow a very very small minority to treat the world as their playground with no restrictions other than how much money you can burn.


Putting "free speech" behind a paywall.


Yeah that'd kill Twitter pretty quick. Makes sense it wasn't implemented.


Does anyone have information on the amount of information currently on the blockchain (I see online that bitcoin blocks are mined every 10 minutes, contain ~4 MB and contain ~500 transactions) and how much twitter uses (I see posts of roughly 6000 tweets per second) and how putting twitter on the blockchain would impact current crypto infrastructure (how much information is being put on the blockchain, what resources are required to maintain it)?


Elon really loves doge


So he thinks charging to post will improve free speech? What a fool.. it would deter many disadvantaged people using twitter as their voice


“free speech”


Free speech isn’t free if it costs money🙄🙄


Like text message in the past 😂