During their lifetime the average person works 70.000 - 80.000 hours. So 5 years spent sleeping and never having to work again is a bargain.


It depends what age you are, if you've already worked 60,000 hours then 5 years of your life is probably too much to give up.


Yep right now as an orphan with no close family ties, I'd take the deal no questions asked. But if I were close to retirement with a loving family, I'd probably choose differently


> close to retirement with a loving family The odds of that for me is worse than BTC to 100k within 5 years.


Its all depend upon age afterall, on what age you are asked to sacrifice, than going to matter ! Whatsover, a 30 year old guy would definitely go for this offer, I mean I am talking for myself


Depends on how you value work time. If working is the same or worse as being knocked out, then the math is easy. If you find work fulfilling or at least better than nothing, it's much harder. I prefer not to work, but I find I'm a lot happier when I am. There are some brain chemicals I can only get through productivity it seems


I am a guy with all the lazy habits, spending father's money like a bad son ! So if someone offers me to sacrifice 5 years for 100 BTC and ETH, then yeah, I would surely gonna go for it !


I already don't have a life.so gladly would take the offer. Edit:Thank u for the awards for confessing that I'm a loser.


I see this as an absolute win


Who needs to live above 85 years anyway, at that age you just want to fuck off this cursed planet because you're bored.


85? I’ll be lucky to make it to 70.


After crypto trading I am going to die of old age at 45.


Can a trader keep up with a holder over 10 years?


Meanwhile Henry Kissinger will be 100 years old in 10 months


At what cost though?


Every dead Cambodian added 1 month to his lifetime


> Every dead Cambodian added 1 month to his lifetime Sounds like he will stay around for a while


People like that always live the longest.


Another bullrun and I will be too, last one I aged 10 years in a year


Nice Kissinger reference lol 👍 my Great Aunt was attached to the Nixon/Kissinger China opening up to the west...


That baby blood keeps him going like a steam engine.


70? I’ll be lucky to make it to 25.


You okay buddy ?


No :(


Eeesh, I don't know how to proceed with this conversation without being intrusive, sorry that you aren't okay and you can share if you want to


Send him a Bitcoin, that should cheer him up


That's just so me here man, I want to get rid of it earlier.


Assuming you only read the title. This is not about losing the last 5 years of your life, this is about getting BTC and ETH and being put to sleep (Cryo? induced coma? no one knows) for 5 years. Then when you wake up will be rich because apparently the price of BTC and ETH when you wake up in 5 years is already known.


No I think you're missing it, you lose five years *now*.


Not that they are bored, they are always tired and don't have energy to do anything much.


IKR?! And I love sleeping, a 5 year nap sounds amazing, even without the crypto


Haha right, like what do you think I'm at work for??


As long as my body is kept is reasonable shape then YES.


Put my body in a cryogenic chamber, leverage Neuralink and upload my mind on metaverse(not Zuck's) and I'll take the offer


Future is now old man


I have a life but it's not worth much at all and actually pretty exhausting. So I will gladly take the offer to skip the next 5 years as they don't seem good either.


5 years for millions.....even with a sick life that'd be hard to pass up.


Im already wasting MORE than 5 years of my life to get LESS money. So hell yeah I would take this deal.


This sub is getting dumber by the day.


It’s all about the moons, nothing else. All of these 2-3 paragraph text post, *all* of them, be it indulge-in-fantasy (like this one) or some other anecdotal or pocket-philosophy “analysis” or whatever straight up contradictory nonsense, is only designed to get engagement by appealing to the lowest common denominator. It’s cheap, low effort content churned out on the daily, which turns a very slight profit because it’s operated by some 3rd world click farming center. Might as well just bring back the memes.


It's so god damn dumb. Why is the question about crypto at all? It's just a question "would you go to sleep for 5 years for $X million dollars?" These types of questions make me realize how childish so many people in this sub are, especially when it comes to thinking about money.


It would be more interesting to ask would you take the deal if you didn't know what they are worth after 5 years.


Yea this would be a much better question. OP really fucked this up.


iF yOu WoN tHe LoTtErY wHaT wOuLd YoU bUy


LaMbO x100


I would DCA into more lottery tickets.


It definitely shows how desperate the average person here is. If you live a happy and successful life you would not give up 5 years of that for more money. These posts show that a lot of people are banking on crypto to change their lives from bad to good, and that is worrisome.


That’s what I’m thinking. No way I’d give up 5 years of my life!


It’s all about the moons, nothing else. All of these 2-3 paragraph text post, *all* of them, be it indulge-in-fantasy (like this one) or some other anecdotal or pocket-philosophy “analysis” or whatever straight up contradictory nonsense, is only designed to get engagement by appealing to the lowest common denominator. It’s cheap, low effort content churned out on the daily, which turns a very slight profit because it’s operated by some 3rd world click farming center. Might as well just bring back the memes.


Seriously. Most people spend millions trying to prolong their lives a couple of years. 100 ETH would be great be in reality most people just want to live and be healthy and have their basic needs met. Trading about health for some money sounds tempting, but only when you're like 19.


Normally yes, but my kids are young and 5 years I'd miss too much, so no. Money can't replace that lost time.


You could buy new kids.


Congrats, you're on a list now


Santa's good list?




Yeah I’d definitely take this offer if I were single in my 20s though!


I would never give away half my twenties


The hours you put at work everyday is time you miss around your kids.


I think that helps actually. Lots of people were losing their shit during COVID lockdowns when they were spending too much time with their kids lol


Yeah this hits home for me. No way I'm giving up 5 years and missing that good stuff


Every extra day with your loved ones is invaluable, we realize that even more when they're gone


I wish you were my father or mother.


You can always be the parent you wish you had. My kids are the best part of my life.


Such a good outlook. That's essentially what I've been trying to do but never thought to word it like that.


I’m not crying, you’re crying!


I'm from 1994 too, heck can we be brothers?


You don’t even know if you only have five years left. It’s a hard no for me as well. My kids being the only reason.


I dont even need the coins. Just let me sleep for the next 5 years


People sacrifice more than that for a cigarette every few hours.


People will gladly sit in prison for that ammount of money. OP really didnt think this trough


5 years taken from the end of my life? That's a no brainer. 5 years in a coma right now, during my parents twilight years and the formative years of 3 children of close relatives, and a burgeoning romantic relationship that has gone really well for a year (I'm mid 30s with no kids, and this woman might be the last opportunity I have to start a family)? Fuck that. Too many human connections that are invaluable. Besides, how valuable will those coins be if the worst happens and theres legitimately large scale belligerence between world powers? Internet infrastructure will absolutely be a target during the next full scale war. Of course it's unlikely, but we might be on the cusp of something terrible. All in all, OPs proposition doesnt tempt me enough to really consider it.


Wait... you guys have human connections?


So true ,,, Good point. Even Junk food/Bad food and Vaping sacrifice years and we know it.


Covid alone probably damaged my lung so much that i'll probably die of heart attack in my 60s.


I made a lot of good habbits since started investing in crypto, stopped eating out, stopped smoking cold turkey and buying dumb unhealthy food I really shouldn't be eating and I ate a lot after I quit smoking, only for it to be countered with catching Covid a few times, sucks


Not today SATAN


How about 101 BTC and 101 ETH? *Strokes goatee*


That extra 1 each puts it over the edge for me…. Sign me up.


5 years only? Even if it’s 10 years I’ll take it! You can buy 10 or more years of your life by not having any stress from work because you retired early.


Move this comment to the top. The only people who say money doesn’t buy happiness are broke! 😂


What!? Broke people need money. The people that say that are unhappy people with plenty of money.


Well tbh It's more often the rich people who say that. They can say it because they have enough money to be happy and think they are happy despite the money, but we all know it's actually because of the money. The poor people they know how it is to be poor and know the way to fix their problems is with more money. So money doesn't buy direct happiness, but it takes away your worries and living without worries is a part of happiness


It’s nearly always rich people that say that.


No surprises there, you'd gladly take this deal if you've lived in poverty


Money doesn't buy happiness, but it can remove a lot of unhappiness.


Counter to that, you have no idea when your time is up. 5-10 years off your life moves you closer to death no matter how you slice it.


Nope. My kids would grow up without me. My parents would age without me. I would miss many moments with my wife and friends. These things are priceless.


The amount of people in here that just have absolutely nobody in their life... but then I remember a lot of people here are like 19 years old and it makes sense. you wake up 5 years later and your parents are gone that money is going to feel different.


Yup i'm heading towards 40... I'm sure my answer would've been different when I was 20. Then again... Who would've known what crypto would become back then.


My answer would be very different because, I've been sitting in my basement for 5years doing nothing anyway lol.


Never, lifetime is the most valuable currency. Unless your life is shit.


My life is not the worst. But still I can happily skip five years of working to get like a 80k a year and instead get like millions. That's just maths.


I'm 27 and I plan to work for the next years to accumulate as much money as possible. This scenario guarantees me that I'd get much more while also not having to go through the hassle? Yeah I'd sacrifice 5 years of 2-3 weeks of holidays per year to do it lol


Sleep uninterrupted for 5 years and I am getting paid? Sign me up buddy


You would have to relearn how to talk and walk and perform basic functions. Would not be worth it imo.


If my wife and I can do it together - we only would miss out on time with our dog, can our dog join too? can he get paid in doge?


Hey hey wait. What can my cats get? Also, I want to know if someone will take care of them while I sleep and accumulate my BTC and ETH


No. I can always make money. I cant buy life. What use is giving up 5 years of your life if once you have all that, you get hit by a car the next day. Money doesn't mean as much as life, putting value on the wrong things and forgetting how important and fleeting life is a big mistake. Wish for more life, Dont wish you could waste it to accumulate things you cant keep hold of when you die. Squid games made a perfect example. People where willing to die horribly just for a chance to be rich. The stupid thing is the rich sitting and watching could have been in the perfect position to help all of those people out. If I gave up 5 years of my life to be obscenely rich. Then id happily help others out who didn't. I dont agree with generational wealth or one person hording money. If everyone was just a little kinder and a bit less greedy this world would be a much nicer place to live. I tip all the moons I accumulate out. I dont need moons, I'm happy and content. I wouldn't give up precious life just for a chance at being rich.


Time is the most valuable asset.


You're forgetting how much of our lives a lot of us waste just to create a small portion of that amount. It won't buy happiness but it can afford you a sense of comfort, security, and peace of mind. A certain amount of money is needed for that


Except when you have a job you waste wayyy more than 5 years of your life working 9 to 5, this much money in crypto would mean you could retire early and actually do something with life.


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I wasted 1 year here to get moons so I can buy a weddingring. Still not enough.


Ooof. I don’t have many moons left. But have the last of mine. I hope you get it soon :)


Wow thanks bro


Im really sorry its like 4 moons I never get moons anymore from the release lol XD


Get some tungsten rings. Cheap but super cool and can’t hurt em.


What use is grinding and grinding if at the end when you finally get comfortable you also get hit by a car?


I was going to reply to OP but I don't need to, you just wrote what was in my mind. Money can't buy life.


Life is even more scarce than bitcoin. This is not a good deal.


Regret in 5 years time


2027: BTC - 20$, ETH - .49 cents


Don't make me cry like that, I want this to be come as a fake thing lmao.


Hell yeah. Sign me up. I have often had the idea that I would like to just sleep until I am rich. Mainly because my life sucks, and more money would solve serious problems, like being able to live in an apartment without a lot of noise and a crazy violent neighbour.


Yes. Next question


Sounds like a way better deal than enlisting in the military. No chance of getting maimed or killed, huge pay out after, no PTSD.


You’re basically giving me 30 Million Dollars for 5 years of sleep, that’s not a bad deal. I’ll take Cryo sleep though.


_Crypto sleep_


Cold storage


I’m 24 so that means losing 5 of my best years to be financial independent rich before 30 Hard question


If you're rich then 30 isn't all that different being 25 these days tbh


The best, happiest years for me started in my 30s. I enjoy life way more than I did in my 20s. I still wouldn't give up five years of my life for money. Life is one thing that can never be replaced.


I'm just 18 so I basically don't even have to work after this.


People sacrifice 4-6 years in the military for less so heck why not


Being in military is no where near comparable to sleeping for five years. All your friends and family wouldn’t have seen you for 5 years and some would possibly be even dead.


You get: PTSD, bad knees and the equivalent wage of a single cornchip. I get: peace and quiet for 5 years and then enough money to do whatever I want for the rest of my life.


Being a worker in a hard and stressful job with you wife blaming you for ever financial crisis+drinking and smoking due to stress = -20years of life. Having enough money to say fuck off to everything and everyone would mean that i would regain the lost 20 years and only give 5 of these years to satam so yea, i am gonna be 15 years in profit. Would deffinetly take it


I’ve already sacrificed 5 years to crypto and have neither 1 ETH nor 1 BTC.


Sure. Better than 5 in prison


My cat has agreed to it, I'll send his wallet addresses later


In a heart beat. I'm going to spend a lot more 5 years stuck working a normal job before I retire. This way I could retire now and spend the rest of my days doing whatever I wanted.


In 5 years most of us will already sell 2 years of that to our jobs for waaaay less money.


I’ll gladly do it for free if you extend sleep duration to infinity


Ive probably already sacrificed 15 to drugs and alcohol, so sure, why the hell not. Take my years


I'd pay 100 BTC for 5 more years.


Let's do the math. I have 20 years left in the work force. 40 hours a week x 52 weeks x 20 years = 41,600 hours. How many hours in a year? 8,765 hr in a year x by # years I'll sacrifice for bit coin. =43,825 hours. It honestly sounds reasonable.


Uhhhhhh yeah… I’d be rich as fuck at 26 years old




I see no downside to this


I already do that because I drink.


Give me the papers, I'll fly over wherever to sign right away. Beats working and despairing for all that time for much less money.


Absolutely, working an average job or career would take much longer than 5 years of my life away to build that kind of wealth.


No no no and no


Bruh skipping 5 years of working full time to not have to work full time again afterwards, sign me up.


Hahaha I’ve been to prison and done that for free. Yes sir, I would definitely for 100 eth


I would not if i have to sleep for 5 years because my partner would be alone for that long and i value her more than any amount of money. I would however if i just lose the last 5 years of my normal lifespan because i would gain way more time by not having to work ever again.


No way. My kids are little. I wouldn’t moss these years for anything


Gotta respect you people, I can sacrifice anything for that btc.




36.5million after 5 years? with inflation thats what, like $3.50 no thanks. Ill take the time with my wife and kids.


Not worth missing out life with my partner. So no


Good thing brother, we have to live our life like that here.


Buddy I've sacrificed 5 years of my life for less $ than that already.


I’ll suck your dick for 34 dogecoin


Nope got a baby coming in February. Wouldn't miss that for the world.


Well yeah that's something reasonable to me but I will still pass because I have a lot of people in my life and I need to care about them right now, so no for that.


Make it 3 years and you got a deal.


You don't negotiate with Satan.


Oh, didn't know this offer belonged to Satan, i love Satan, where to sign?


We're gonna need some blood.


Take one liter, i don't care.


Satan might just give you a fanboy discount.


F**k yeah \m/


Right here ____________ and then you become ghost raider


Crypto look into my eyes,.... Your soul is stained by the blood of innocents, all your, earning by ruining others lives ...


I'll make an exception and wake you up for just 1 day when Moons debut on mainnet


Hell yeah, I'll be retiring at 35. I'll just need to hit up a rehab clinic after a 5 year coma.


Don't want 100 ETH. Can I have btc instead?


For Bitcoin?, Absolutely!


Well I don't have a lot of responsibility, the only thing that might make me hesitate from taking the offer is my mother and little brother.Damn this is certainly hard to accept, it's like the devil is tempting you.


I’d talk my Missus into doing this no problem.


Absolutely not, time is literally the most valuable thing we have.


Crypto already took 10 years off my life


Shit for that much money také even 10years off me.


Only if I knew how long I have to live. 70+ years yeah take 5; less then 20? No way


No. What if I took the deal and died immediately because I was going to die in 5 years anyways.


Nice try xi jing ping


If I could just be put to sleep for 5 years, I'm game. I need a break. As long as it doesn't shorten my overall lifespan, like I get +5 at the end


For me no ​ I've already been locked up and time doesn't stop for anyone. I have an actual chance to make the money your promising to me while I'm awake


Wasted 20y of my life going to work.








I mean everybody already sacrifices 50+ years of their life to be able to afford to live anyway


I won't exchange 5 years of my life even for 100.000 BTC. Not even one year.


Bold of you to assume I haven’t been sacrificing my waking hours, for a pittance in comparison, this whole time




No. Time is invaluable.


I mean in like 8.5 years thats the amount of time in hours youd have slept and worked anyway. You're just frontloading some time.


Lose 5 years of my life so my family will be set for life..... where do I sign




Sleep for 5 years? Yes please. Oh and bitcoin- deal


Can I pick which 5 years? I'll give you 100 - 105. I'll even give you 106 cause I'm nice like that.


I wasted the last 7 years for absolutely nothing besides and intimate knowledge of Netflix and Prime libraries. So yes. For 100 BTC you can have 10 years. That's how long ago I turned down 100 BTC for practically nothing.


I think we all wasted so much time in the life and i am talking about the majority of the people not about the some billionaire. For people like us i am sure that everyone will take the 100 bitcoin deal here.


I mean most people "waste" more than half their life working so..