I am a Squid coin fanatic! Anyone else?


Balls deep in SQUID. That sounds wrong 😳


Wait, the deep is that you?


The Deep from The Boys would like a word.


Yeah very fishy


But oh so right


Bullish on squid, can't see them rugging a third time haha


As a Monke i disagreee banano will always be the best


Apes together strong!


Best sub on reddit 🍌🍌


Yeah. Potassium-power!


Always good to do a deep dive into the projects you believe in, both pros and cons


Disagree. You ***should*** be ideologically committed to your chosen projects. If you don't truly believe in them, then you shouldn't have put money in them in the first place. What you should ***NOT*** do is develop a blind devotion to them and therefore ignore potential risks/hazards/negative aspects of said investments.


People have problems with blind devotion in every aspect of life. See Politics. People need to not treat everything as a sport.


What's the difference between ideological commitment and blind devotion? They sound like the same shit to me.


Ideological standards should be something you have personally before you even find a project that you think fits those standards to be committed to. Probably is best to find a project that aligns with your ideology and then be a good Bayesian to avoid falling into the pit traps of dogma.


You still haven't said what the difference is. If you commit ideologically to a project, what exactly does that mean? What makes it different from blind devotion? If I said "person x is ideologically committed to communism" , and "person x is blindly devoted to communism", what would be the difference between the two statements except the tone? I also don't understand why the fuck you need to involve ideology in your financial portfolio. Like, pretty much no one who does investing for a living involves ideology in their decisions.


With you


As a Monero fan, I agree with you. The Monero community's biggest strength is their ideological devotion to the concept of surveillance free digital cash. You will find they are the biggest cheerleaders and biggest critics of the project. Most understand and accept it constantly has to adapt and change to survive. However, there is often a lot of debate about which way the project should go to improve.


I agree with you. In fact, I would go as far as to actively be part of the project and change them for the better future that is aligned with your vision (ex: writing EIPs or participating on the research board)


imo Cult-like behaviour is more evident in bull markets. When everything dips only the OGs stay


But my coin matches my ideology


That’s why I don’t even do “proper research” anymore before investing. I just buy what my head tells me Last time I did my “proper research” I ended up buying Luna


Playing Russian roulette with your money? You must love to live on the edge! Good for you.


Never be ideologically committed to anything. Period. I am only committed to good tech and even there I can sell without hesitation. No feelings.


Investing isn't what it’s all about for everyone. If you’re chasing numbers going up and that’s all you care about, you deserve to get burned


So you're advice is to treat individual cryptos the same. Don't pick them for superficial reasons and don't get attached to one brand. No shit, are people doing this? Like, put the money into the one you know is going to increase, don't put it into the one with the best meme name.


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No, only committed in a matrimonial sense.


Great post, but I think you have misidentified the generation that is mainly responsible for the tribalism verging on cultishness that has seized most of social media as well as the cryptosphere. Look at any survey of online posting habits: who is populating the most tribal platforms? The Twitters? The Facebooks? The Instagrams? It's not twentysomethings: they tend to prefer more evanescent, less performative media like SnapChat and its copycats, as well as Discord. Also, who has adopted cryptocurrencies most thoroughly, and is thus overrepresented in the current, inordinately cultish crypto scene? Again, these are the same people, not people who are currently coming of age but thirtysomethings, and those closest to that age range. Millennials. Culture warriors from both sides of that generation's rancorous social divide. **Not** Generation Z.


Take Silvio Micali's name out of your mouth!


Exactly the opposite. Committing to projects with marginal current value but strong fundamentals is ideological and logical.


r/ButtcoinASA is going to Uranaus


It's so sad to see some of the telegram groups for ultra shit coins where they have become a cult and reject any criticism of the project or its performance. It's OK to walk away with a loss.


On the contrary. I believe you really should. Investing is not strictly about finances and getting lucky on the quickest gains. In the long term it will come down to the actual tech/software as a platform/solution. Reality will catch up. So making smarter/wiser investment choices will pay out in the long run. Don't confuse it with traders, they'll ape into anything that moves.


People get married to alt coins. It’s human psychology. It is what it is.


So true! Now if everyone would just realize that bitcoin is the only team that deserves to win


A difference between America and Eastern investors. Did you do a public poll to gather this data, or are you speaking entirely out of your ass? I am going to guess the latter. You noticed huh, you noticed the sentiment and attitude of millions and millions of people towards crypto and were able to sum up that attitude in 5 lines on reddit. In general, let them DO them and you DO you. The people that held Amazon stock through 87% drops had an ideological connection and belief in their investment. They believed in the fundamentals of the company and what it was trying to accomplish. Like ANYTHING you put money into, a level of research and therefore "belief" that it will increase due to X, Y, Z is inherent. The tone of this post is from a perspective of YOU knowing what you're talking about, which you certainly do not. "Nonsense tribalism" or rather, following a new technology through development in hopes of it becoming successful is called investing. "Tribalism" is just another word for being an active spectator to where you put your money. I tend to enjoy projects that are well researched and concentrate on investor safety. It is easy to join the "tribe", you just read the peer reviewed papers as the chain develops.


This is entirely wrong, crypto is politics, you should absolutely be using your ethics/ideology to guide you in the crypto world. You probably got this wrong because you are under the false assumption that crypto is some kind of investment scheme. This seems to be common nowdays, you have been misinformed.


What you are essentially arguing is to trade crypto, not invest in crypto. If that is what you are saying, you got some points really wrong. In stock market investing, it is often encouraged to ignore short-term volatility and hold for the long-term if you believe in the long-term vision. There is why people like to throw around stupid quotes like you "can't time the market.... blah blah". >American investors who really suck up these type of tall tales. I don't think you understand why. In Asia, people may like to invest in properties for retirement. In America, people retire from investing in the stock market. Americans expect to retire from their contributions to the social security system and 401K/IRA accounts. The social security system is literally a US govt sanctioned Ponzi scheme that is running out of money soon. The system pays retirees (early investors) from taxes collected from the working population (late investors). A lot of us don't expect to see anything from it by the time we retire. Then there are the 410K/IRA accounts. Typically, those accounts take part of your paycheck and put it into a stock index fund. The US stock market gets more money from these accounts than it pays back via dividends or buybacks. If we all withdraw our money simultaneously, the stock market will see a collapse far greater than the Black Friday one triggering the Great Depression. Boomers and old millennials will have nothing to retire with. It is no coincidence that the US stock market saw the largest period of persistent growth ever since everyone decided to gamble their retirement on the stock market. It is also why US politics fret over the stock market's performance because too many people have stakes in keeping this charade going forever. A collapse in the US stock market is just as catastrophic to Americans as a collapse in the property markets for Asians. ***So our institutions precondition us hard to keep our money in the market at all times.*** There are a lot of financial firms, like Fidelity, who publish dumb DCA propaganda as "research" to encourage American workers to keep pumping the stock market at all times. They like to neglect the fact stocks can take months to years to recover. So there is plenty of time for you to figure out when the coast is clear before the market leaves you behind with gains. Many average American investors like to invest and hold because that is what our "leaders", "experts", and "institutions" recommend as the best thing to do - all for the sake of greasing the charade running forever. It is not about "falling into tall tales".