Anything’s possible in India as long as you have connections…


Fellow Indian here, you can pay him in crypto if he accepts, he will need to pay 30% tax on it so make sure you compensate that.


ok, so the tax is on any withdrawal regardless of the gain. Got it... Surprised polygon is in India with this mess. Thanks for the real reply


Well it depends on him if he cash out on CEX then he can’t avoid it at all. If this payment to him is a salary income and you are able to provide him a salary slip then he can get lesser tax on it, crypto is not perfectly legal in India yet and the taxation bill needs a lots of corrections and ammendements


I wonder if stablecoins are considered crypto in India... probably. I'll look into some options I appreciate it


As long as anything goes through a cex crypto exchange is considered crypto in India.


I'm pretty sure this is wrong - the 30% tax is only against trading profits. If they are being paid in crypto then they would only need to consider the difference in price between when it's received (then taxed as income) vs. sold (then taxed as capital gains/losses)


THIS IS WHAT I THOUGHT. i clearly need to do some more research


Do you have to pay 30% tax irrespective of whether you make a profit or not?


30% tax on the amount which u have cashed out in your bank. If it’s not a profit then no tax but the loss will not carry forward to next year.


Ahh damn, that 30% is hitting hard


This really sounds like a question for legal


r/cc legal department ![gif](giphy|5Zesu5VPNGJlm|downsized)


Wow we borrow r/banano lawyers.


Banano actually has some great lawyers in their community. Lookin at u Higgins.


Monkeys indeed


Pay for his fees.


Can you guys not be r/antiwork freaks about this. I'm not paying 30% when I can use paypal and pay way less in fees, just looking through options. I'm not the owner of some massive company yet


Ok well if you can use PayPal and use less fees, use PayPal and pay less for fees. You’re on fucking r/CryptoCurrency trying to figure out this persons livelihood instead of pressing with the most viable, least time consuming solution. Be a good boss, pay their fees and rethink your hiring processes.


it takes him a long time to withdrawal from paypal so im trying to help him out


How big is the amount? I can give some tips based on size


About $600 a month


Sounds like PayPal wait is better if it’s every month.


Simple and effective


Yep. Why make it needlessly complicated?


You should ask the Indian government that.


This isn’t about that. Not everything needs to be solved with crypto. Pay his fucking fees if you’re a half decent boss and move on.


The 30% tax isn't functional yet and would be implied from 2023. Also, this isn't a Capital Gains tax, but rather a block 30% tax on any Crypto withdrawal.


I don't think you can circumvent the crypto tax like that, but ask him if he's open to the payment in crypto option.


That payment would be count as a gift and he would have to give 30% tax.


You can pay him in crypto if he want. Then he can use the crypto for what they have. i think the question is he want to be payed in crypto? if yes? why not?


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