That's why I'm buying all the dips this time around 🙂


Been buying the dips for years. Unfortunately, resources stretch only so far


That’s my problem now. I don’t have the cash or I’d be spending more. It’s a struggle and pushing the urge to put more in down is tough.


Same this last dropped reminded me that it’s not worth the risk, especially if you already made massive gains.


Next best thing is to HODL. I have been holding for years and it has been worth it. I was contemplating getting out when BTC hit 60k but decided to ride it out longer.


I’m still knee deep but it’s nice to just have a stash of stables for next he dip.


Being in since December I’ve learned HODL is going to be my dearest friend. Makes giving my money away much less likely.




This is the problem, no one has a infinite wallet. We bought the dip at 50k, then at 40k, then at 30k, but with small $$


Yupp.....bought the dip at 50's thinking that was it. Only had a bit of dough left the for the 40's, and none left for the 30's




I've been mining fiat nearly non stop for the past few months. Have to rest the components for a while. The extra gains are nice, but its also nice to balance things out


This guy gets it.


Does it look to you like I work in FED


He said mine fiat, not mint fiat.


Just wait till USD1557 and USD becomes PoS. Then we're all fucked since we can't mine fiat anymore.


Airdrop stimulus checks


BRB joining the telegram group, retweeting, following on Twitter, and giving my left nut.


Hello fellow billionaire


To be*


In Zimbabwe we are all billionaires


And at RussFest


tres commas club


You think I care about money? I’m being sued by three of my nannies right now, one of them for no reason!


Stop fukin ur nanny’s, unless they’re that hot then fuk the money


It, like the 2 comments before it, is a line from a character on Silicon Valley lol


this guy f\*cks


In Africa a billion USD makes you a billionaire.


Ohmaagaaa! Is that true?


How much profit in percentage you made so far?


Minus 8%


Good job!


I spent all my money buying at high prices


Yeah, I hear ya. I was like should I buy ETH at $4200? Someone on here said "you'll be wishing you bought under 5k when it's sitting at $10000". I'm not making excuses or blaming anyone, I do believe Ether will make it to 10k. Just could have bought twice as much if I would have waited lol. Hard to time the market though. I'm still learning.


You just gotta DCA. Put a small portion in, watch the market and plan your next investments accordingly. You’re bound to hit some dips that way


Just set up automatic buys and forget about it. People fret way too much about strategy on this sub, it’s just not worth your attention. You won’t get it right anyway. Time in the market + consistency + patience + understanding of risk.


it seems the only winners are the exchanges that charge crazy high fees!


Yeah I've been doing that every week. I'm not real concerned with my Ether buys. I've got them spaced all over. Made a big one at $1900 actually (big for me). Been able to work my way up to . 5 ether in about a months time. I was late to the Ether party, buying altcoins trying to pick the next big one when I started in the crypto space. After watching the market, and making some mistakes for about 5 months things are starting to click. Now my portfolio is 90% Ethereum and MATIC. 10% Chainlink and Atom.


Yeah I think the highest so far I’ve bought eth was at like 3400. In the future you will still be grateful you bought it at 4200 tho!


For sure! Damn future me is always fucking present me.


Same here, except it was the top of the dip and it kept dipping.


In 4 years 2021 will just be one small dip and we will look back and say "should've bought more"


Buy the fear, sell the hype.


All out of dip fiat...


then use your peak fiat for the dips!


I have no idea what this means? Can you explain to be like I'm 5 (I know there's a sub but I cant remember the name for it).


He's saying that people should have sold at the peak and then re bought the dip


Genius! How has no one thought of that before?


I second this comment. I need to average down and I have nothing left


Sell all crypto, realize the loss, immediately buy again, never tell anyone about your loss and say you got in at 30k


Omg bro. I have zero savings and zero checking. All buying dips. It just kept on dipping. And I couldn't hold back and bought some more lol. Now I'm reading on how to budget. But damn ten years from now me is thanking me.


assuming you have a job, you will get paid more eventually. really depends on how long this 'dip' goes on...my gut says we get a lot of minor gains and losses before the up train starts a chuggin', so I plan to put in a percent each check and build my coin totals based on whether things are up or down and by how much. even with moderate rises so long as there is a decent amount of ground to cover, i plan to add.


True. I will get paid again but money is tight right now. 😭😭😭


I hear you there. It's good to know your budget and what you can afford. I probably have a bit more wiggle room, so I was able to budget in a meager amount for investments, which I divide evenly between my 401k, Stock Investments and Crypto. Right now, it's not much...maybe a couple hundred a check. But it does add up, and all I had to do was cut back on a few things I already needed to do so (eating out/doordash and alcohol). So it was a win/win for me.


only a couple hundred? my entire check is your "meager" % you invest. Can you get me a job homie?


The amount wasn't meant to brag. I live in Northern California and the cost of living is insane so it probably sounds more than it is. I pay 2k/month in rent and the same amount in childcare. We are hiring but not blasting my employer anywhere online.


2k a month! That's my house, car, health and dental. And all the insurance. Hell and half my bills. Wow northern Cali is expensive.


NYC is just as bad. Hell, I don't even live in Manhattan and I spend 3k on housing...


California in general is ridiculously expensive. Most of us, pretty much live paycheck to paycheck.


Even if you only DCA like $25 a week into BTC/ETH or another solid project, you should see significant gains years down the line. Much better than letting your fiat rot away due to inflation in a bank account.


Yea, I never really had to budget. So its a learning experience. Thanks for telling me how you do it. I'll definitely take the tips you wrote down.


meh. if your working and see yourself working for a long time i think its ok. maybe just dont buy in as deep for the next while and save incase we go into a bear market and you have to wait. i'll be honest im in heavily as well and just started to do smaller weekly buys so i can start saving again lol :) i think we'll thank ourselves a year from now.


I feel like budgeting maybe should have been step 1. Build your checking and savings back up. Without those, you're one unplanned financial hit from being forced to sell (and possibly at a loss)


You’d be doing your future self a better service by splitting investments into the regular stock market (an index fund like VTI) and crypto as opposed to going all crypto. This is by no means a sure thing. Be smart out there folks.


most sane comment I've seen on a crypto thread.


Me too but it's always like this. When you finally think you figured it out it all goes to shit😂


Just buy every dip and it'll surely work!


I did so good buying the dip that my wife is rather pissed lol. Short term pain. Looking term gains.


Im just doing it with hbar and WRX


I bought the dip and the dip dipped.


I bought the high and then it dipped. Then bought the dip and it dipped further. Still hodling.


I bought the dip then it dipped so bought the dip again and than that dip dipped so i bought more. Now i need to mine more stupid fiat so i can buy more >:(


I resemble that remark


He bought ze dip? DUMP IT


It’s seven layer dip baby, grab the chips.


There's a big difference between buying ETH at $100 off a high of $1200. And buying ETH at $2600 off a high of $4300.


But there's also a big difference coming out of a pandemic and just entering it. March was pretty scary, no one knew how bad things would be for the economy, or how deadly the virus was going to be. It really seemed possible that if stocks kept going down (crypto was super correlated with stocks at that point) that it could push Bitcoin below 3k, and possibly kill all of it's momentum for years. I still bought some though. Not as much as I should have, but I'm glad I bought what I did.




Yeah OP is just saying shit to feel smart.


It was $1700 the other day


Yes, For like 3 minutes


This is why we set "hehe imagine if xD" limit orders.


The opportunity cost just isnt there for me for that type of stuff


Imagine bunkering all that money in open orders lol




Yeah sure its just that not everyone can uses this strategy buts its a good one for sure


Holy shit I didn't even know. Thanks to you I checked and my limit buy at 1800 hit. Noice


Haha nice man!


here's my screen, i'm constantly buying but when a dip like that happens I'll panic buy


Hindsight is an amazing thing.


I always wonder why we jist don't use hindsight for everything. Its always so accurate. Then shit happens and we're like, nope, gonna go with the good ol' gut feeling instead. 🤔


Causality is a bitch




Hindsight was 2020, you need foresight in 2021




Well, there's still no guarantee that if we go through a complete crash, crypto will recover & do a huge bull run again, they all may be coincidental flukes. I mean, conditions were right for this bull run, like all the stars aligned. Governments handing out free money, close to zero interest rates, people having too much time at home browsing internet and hearing about this 'magic internet money' again and again. I'm just DCA'ing with reasonable amounts and hoping for the best.


Yeah, I'm sure stimulus/increased unemployment benefits had a big place in that. That said, many of those that invested in 2020 made money and got out, and those that did will likely consider it a viable option for making a quick buck again, and that alone could be enough for another bull run. The more widespread a concept, the more money can be made. And while btc/eth are still the primary name out there, I think that as people have less to invest initially, we see runs on 'cheaper' options in the month to come. Honestly, we can run from the concept as much as we want, the fact this offers an outlet to gamblers means it isn't going away and that large sums of money will drive bull runs. The main factor isn't the public seeing these crashes/dips as indication the market is too volatile (gamblers always find a way to believe they have a 'system'), but governments getting involved and bringing in regulations/restrictions. Otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a shortened timeline between bull runs because of the sheer size of the last one. People love risking loss to make more when it comes to money.


Of course, the ROI goes down every time as the prices get higher and higher. Which is why I think it’s not only possible but extremely likely that we’ll see more runs on the “cheaper” coins (the surge of shitcoins this run is a testament to this).


Or we will see a larger crash like last time. Seeing altcoin runs are nice but the liquidity for larger players might be an issue. Why play small coins when eth could go sub 1,000 again then rise to 10,000


"Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time."


Half life 3 confirmed


the Half Life bear market has been endless and depressing


"All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again." *- The Book of Pythia*


"Watch what people do, not what they say" That's what kids do all the time.


You are what you do, I totally agree.


March 2020, was the time of shutdowns. 40 million people lost their jobs. They're not exactly thinking "ooh! I can go buy crypto" No, they're screaming in pain and wondering how they'll pay their bills.


I wish I would have bought more crypto in hindsight, but my thinking last year was exactly like you said. I was more worried about keeping my job and and frankly, life, as we had no idea how bad the pandemic could be at that point.


If I hadn't lost my job, I absolutely would have bought. Unfortunately, it was a time of unprecedented uncertainty and since I wasn't working, couldn't exactly justify putting anything in.


Precisely. Too much uncertainty causes people to become VERY risk adverse to the point of avoiding risk.


I'm not gonna lie I fall into that demographic.


Same, which is why the vast majoirty of my investments are in index funds. I don't have to get lucky with timing boring stuff.


Got into crypto in Feburary 2020, so just before the crash. And I instantly rebought BTC when it hit like 4k€. Same with Eth, got most of mine at that time between 120 and 250€. Was hella worth since then!


me too. 2018/2019 is when I got in. Turned 4k into 50k by just holding


like all things it is how much you have to.play with. 100k and a 8x bagger boom 800k 1k and a 8x bagger oooh 8k.


I wish I got 8k, in fact I wish I had 1k


$10 and a 8x bagger ohhh $80!!!


Oh there, reality


or... 100k and a -8x bagger boom 12.5k 1k and a -8x bagger oooh 125


that is great advice as well


No such thing as an -8x. The max you can lose is 1x.


I bought last March right after my divorce guess who has more money now than when I was married 😂👌💪




Lol should of bought BTC when I told you. Sucks to suck




On this last dip I spent 25% of total portfolio value to buy more. Still have a little fiat sitting on an exchange that I’m going to dump as soon as there is another round of “crypto is dead”


Sounds like a good plan


Always good to have a little emergency fund ready when a new round of FUD comes out in the news and the internet is in shambles


It's human nature. Most people just follow the herd. The herd started selling and they did too. When the herd starts getting FOMO again, these same people will buy back in. So it goes...


For good and for bad this is truth in any part of the world


Agreed. Something I bring up everytime someone says they are just waiting for a crash to buy. Most won't. It is mentally tough to buy when everyone else is freaking out. Some will buy but most talking about it won't.


I bought March 16th... I tossed in $500. Everyone was saying Bitcoin was dead because it was correlating with the market. If it was truly a store of value, it would go up when the market went down. I watched in amazement for an entire month as it climbed before I put anything else in. I bought my first ETH on Sept. 23rd standing in a field installing a tiny home. The price dipped below $325 and my buy order triggered. I had buyer’s remorse the rest of the day thinking the $ would have been better spent toward BTC. My first shitcoin was DOGE during the first push to get it over one cent... I tossed in $100 and assumed it was just throwing money away for fun. Incidentally, I noted this push on WSB and was banned for 90 days... forcing me to look for alternative subs. Only a couple months ago did I start accumulating ADA, MATIC, ALGO, VET, NANO, XYO. Every time I have assumed I was throwing money away, but so far even in the gigantic dip this month, I am still far in the green and am continuing to DCA every week into all of these coins except DOGE.


I only invest after serious consideration and a lot of research. I have seen some gains in ETH, mostly losses in BTC, and been \*really\* happy with ADA. My biggest success this year though? Buying 1k of Doge when totally drunk on RH at 2.5 cents, still up by more than x10. Don't discount the importance of sheer luck.


Yah...I bought doge on a whim at .0002 and sold at .08... gains but damn, did I miss out


A good investor is one that always leaves some money on the table.


The way I see it, don’t even worry about it. I saw it on RH for about the same price, bought some, got bored, and sold it before it reached a penny. The next time I looked it was at like .07. I bought more around .28 and was happy regardless of what happened after that because wow did it spike quick. I think I only made like $30, selling most off after the peak for like .48 and decided that whatever I could have gained didn’t exist. If you did manage to time the “peak” it would have just peaked higher anyway. You either sell on the way up or the way down. As long as you take any profits, I’d call that a perfect victory and you should be happy you made that play as you did.


Yup yup, same sentiment. I sold at .08, bought at .3, sold at .4(on the way down) then never looked back bought btc with the profit. I'm happy, but as always, the hindsight monster is glaring at me


Warren buffet always says the most important trait for an investor is a stable temperment, not intelligence.


Truer words were never said. Permabull is the best way to deal with crypto. Always bullish, always buying....


Yeah I bought some eth at 200-250, but nowhere where I wish I had.


I drained all my reserve investing pots of fiat during the March crash and bought $2 Links. Best move I've made in 3.5 years in crypto. Still wish I'd grabbed some ETH too but all good, accumulating now and staking.


You made a damn good choise man! Gz


the cold truth is if you don't put aside some money for such occasions you never will have enough. I'm in the same boat but now I decided to split my savings and start putting aside some cash that is for investing when there is an opportunity like that.


Having this strategy since some time. Putting a fixed amount of money on a saving account each month, until there is a serious dip/crisis in the stock or crypto market - then buy.


True that.


The amount of opportunities I’ve had to invest in crypto and said I’m too late over the last decade is pretty funny. I’m not supposed to have money.


That's why I put my money where my mouth is in 2018. Tired of watching insane gains and trying to convince myself it was a bubble doomed to pop. Now my only regret is taking profits when I *thought* I needed to.


I have been lamenting not being aware during the March 2020 crash. The moment BTC went down to the 30's and ETH went below $2,500, I put several thousand in. My instinct was telling me "don't do it!" but I was not going to look at a graph a year from now wishing I had the balls to put the money in now. It's money I can afford to lose, so what am I waiting for?


Unfortunately a lot of us blow all our spare fiat on the way down, instead of at the bottom


As long as your dont buy at the top your doing great... keep up the good work


"everyone be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy" Bulls running: "BUY BUY BUY Buy Safemoon Buy Cummiees Buy Dogcorn!!!! BUYYYYY" Market corrects: " WTF you're a damn fool if you buy now it's gonna crash more! How fucking dare you not admit this is a bear market and sell everything"


Run towards the building when its on fire. Agree.


I remember a post saying they convinced a friend/family member to invest in crypto right when it went down. I can't imagine how they feel now.




me no money


I’ve been sitting on $500 fiat all weekend and missed the one decent dip on a fishing trip. Caught a bunch of fish though so got that for me.


Where can i buy this FishCoin??


That's what people will hopefully learn. Buying after a crash or in a bear market is incredibly difficult. It's just not a lower price, a bear is literally a reverse bull where the sentiment is the complete opposite. The feeling that you'll buy too high and that it'll dip lower or just fall over can be pretty damn overwhelming.


still buying the dip


Been buying every dip I can get my hands on, but only so much fiat to go around


It's so puzzling to me. I have a bunch of friends and family who know I'm interested in crypto. When we hit these crazy bull markets they want to talk about it all the time, they want advice on whether or not to buy, they send me links 'explaining' every jump or dip, and of course they bitterly lament the fact that they don't have any. My advice to them is: You can buy if you want, but be prepared for it to crash hard. Only buy if you're willing to hold on through years of being in the red. But if I were you I'd wait for it to crash, wait for the press to declare it dead, wait for it to be forgotten and for weeks go by without you hearing about it. _Then_ look seriously at buying. But in those stretches between spikes (2014-16, 2018-20), I mention to them that "Hey, you know I was saying you should wait until after the crash to start buying? I meant _right now_." They roll their eyes and are like, "Lol, oh yeah, _bitcoin_. You're really still holding that? Anyway..." and change the subject. Then it jumps 10x, and they're all up in my DMs asking which shitcoin to dump their money into. Sigh.


I didn't buy Ether when it was 15% of my entry point it was this time. Simply because I thought I'd missed my chance and it wouldn't go higher in price. I simply didn't understand what it was or have any concept of value for the currency. Seeing multiple cycles gave me faith it was undervalued still despite the increases in the last year.


Better to dollar cost average no matter what price it is


Crypto is a mental game that most people will never win


buying in Dip, but not all in.


I didn't even know about crypto then. I mean I knew about bitcoin when it kind of started but only vague things on the radio news. I had no idea how to buy it. Lots of people have no clue about it.


The sky is falling every correction for most


Who the hell isn't buying? I have been eating ramen for a week trying to buy all I could. Told the hubby buying me coins sexier than than taking me langere shopping on date night. Every day I wake up and buy $2 worth of any crypto instead of a diet soda. At night I try to pick up another $5-$10 instead of buying wine. There is literally no reason not to do that much at least. My skin has cleared up from all the water too. And overall health has improved a lot. I so already kinda won no matter what the chart says. No problem holding bags until the market finds its floor. 💎


I started to compare "doge" on google Trends with the btc price. Did some good trades. Am i the only one doing that ? fyi, simply said, i am selling when doge is overly hyped. i am buying when btc price is low and the doge hype is worn off. Just type "doge" into google trends. Same pattern in 2017. I actually remember news articles about the same topic. Dogecoin is pretty much an indicator for leverage trading. Especially interesting, when the last doge hype happened this year the price did not moon. Meaning no more moon juice => crash




when elon tweet he buys


I guess he means he kept an eye on search results for doge and bitcoin. As in presumably doge was being searched much more than bitcoin due to retail fomo and took this as a bullish signal


Elaborate pls


Go on...


Very true, unless one lost their job, got behind on their rent, exhausted their savings, and are one pay cheque away from homelessness. Apart from that, I agree with your statement, but I’d hopefully be more empathetic with my post. G


Honestly, I bought, and my account is back at ATH. Better still, when BTC gets back to ATH, I'll be up 50%, since I DCAed down to 40k


Sold in March 2020. Learned a lot about myself, markets and YouTube channels. I learned I’m not a trader and I stopped watching channels that modeled get rich quick schemes or straight up trading pages. I’ve realized I’m an investor. DCA and take profits when YOU want, not when anyone else says.. Edit: did not buy this dip... still too messy for me. After March 2020, I did buy in July 2020 when eth 220. I stopped chasing bottoms and just found good projects.


This hindsight is what makes this dip so much different, IMO. We have gained so much more understanding about how the crypto market behaves, and we have seen so much adoption this year. It seems like \*most\* semi-involved people understand that this is worth holding through. During the 2020 dip I basically abandoned crypto. I had like $30 worth of btc/eth in robinhood (yes.. ridiculous I know. total noob at the time) and I practically forgot about it. Crypto seemed dead, I certainly felt no inclination to buy more. It will be interesting to see what the future holds, because I feel like these opportunities to have an intense bear market are on their way out as confidence in crypto grows. Even people who just started out this year have seen so many stories about people striking it rich from holding d\*ge or whatever through a bear market.


I've been taking every spare cent and putting it into crypto. I felt guilty when I got a hair cut and a pedicure a few weeks ago...and am reminding myself it's okay to do self care.






Yah unfortunately its all about views when it comes to YouTube. Throwing a click bait title up like that with crypto being a hot topic probably ain't nothing to hit 100k views


Investing is an exponential rather than the linear growth. If what you stated was true then it would’ve taken Apple longer than 2 years to double its market cap from 1 to 2 trillion dollars. It took them 43 years to get to the first trillion


but apple can’t be 43 years old... checks watch... shit. when did that happen?


I see those posts, and I didn't have any crypto back then. So I can't say what I would have done. I am all for buying it while it's cheap, so I recently bought some stablecoins waiting for the bottom. Now I have FOMO when the price jumps back up 3%.


If someone would have told me to invest last year or any year for that matter I would have taken them seriously. Problem is I never grew up around anyone with anything so the idea of investing is like some magic fairytale. I just got into both crypto and stocks and I really wish I would have sooner. Looking at last years prices on Bitcoin, ETH and even shit like Sony I’m kicking myself hard now.


Knew this was going to happen. Everyone who held saw this happen 2017, and honestly its been happening to noob stock investors for decades. Most people i talk to IRL barely have any understanding how investing works and only look at short term data then go balls deep fueled by shitty youtube videos and running high off emotions instead of doing research and diversifying their assets into different asset classes. And people are investing an amount they CANT afford to lose, because they get blinded by greed and when their investments tank for 12 months, they can't afford it and are forced to liquidate -> dont be this idiot please. I'm all for re-distribution of wealth from the the billionaires, but im constantly underestimating the stupidity of the masses. And its only going to get worse because now there are more whales than ever buying everything up for dirt cheap. I get why Warren Buffet constantly shills roth IRA's and 401k's on TV - because most people have no idea what they are doing and anytime the market goes red, FUD shuts down their brains. The people who HODL in 2021, will be rewarded in 12 months, and then in another 2 years, this cycle will happen again..and again...and again....and...again....


I started buying with automatic purchases you can set up. Bad part is I forget to tell my wife and she didn’t transfer to cover. She is onboard though I got into crypto around 2016 she saw what it did. Ya I wish I bought a lot more when eth and btc were low and moving sideways all those years but that was quite a long spell. I saw eth go from 200 or whatever to 2,000 then back down to 180 and below. I was very close to just dumping it. Kinda like when you trim your dog stocks go into something else. So now I just buy a bit regularly a few times a month catch it wherever it is. But many are limited to what they can buy. Do what you can, don’t stretch yourself out too much unless your going full yolo and things should work out pleasantly overtime. I hold a very modest amount but it did very well because I held, despite myself


If I could buy more rn, I would buy A LOT MORE


Im only an 18 y/o and I had a random insurgance of not that much money but it was kinda a lot for me and my demographic. I decided to put half into Crypto and I bought eth when it was just at 4k because I thought from 4.2, 4k was it’s leveling out point but I was wrong. Luckily that was only a 1/5 of my fund and that other 4/5 was timed pretty well in this dip and it feels pretty great to own crypto. My point of all of this however is that my dad told me to stop cuz I Invested this money without his knowledge. He is scared of the dip but I didn’t let his fear control me from taking a bit of a gamble. He saw this as the end of crypto and I see it as the perfect opportunity to put my foot in the door.


Don't tell your family and friends




Anyone who looks at 2017/2018 price charts and understands the rewards HODLing gives would have filled their bags by now. That's the essential difference between someone that'll get rich from just HODLing and the other that will repeat buy high and sell low till they're broke


Learned my lesson back in 2017. Not making the same mistake again. Just DCA'ed on cardano and sitting at about 1.24 as my average. To the fuckin moon dawg.


Bought more Algo, bought more VET, bought more ADA. DCA is the way.


I buy the dips, but I only allocate 25% of my portfolio to crypto. I like to keep 75% in index funds that aren't as volatile so I can have it available as needed.


And here I was waiting for the dip to get even dippier :(