2013 & 2017 hodlers are not really sulking though lol


And the $42K ath was within the last month in a (likely) bull market, so this is probably a bit premature.


We are 20% bellow ATH, this doesn't even qualify as dip in crypto world


Crypto has been uncharacteristically stable (other than doge) when comparing to $GME and $AMC lately, not complaining sometimes it’s good to take a break and consolidate a little bit. Time to bring down the establishment, to the 🌝 and hold the line ! 🚀 🚀 🚀


Tradfi and crypto isnt comparable We’re in a weird calm in crypto. Defi popping off and it’s making the sector look strong Imo we’re going to see some wild stuff come April-June. That’s 12 months post halving


I hope it stays calm. The more stable it rests the more validity crypto gains. We don't need wild gains just to have a collapse.


20%? Those are rookie numbers.


Now do 2017 LTC hodlers.


You can say that about 90 percent of alts from 2017


Unfortunately (for me), I thought BTC, ETH, and LTC were going to be a Big 3. I was right about 2 of them, but put most of my money where I thought there would be the most upside. Boy, was I wrong.


Well, LTC is still #3 coin when it comes to daily volume. I check the charts every day, and everyday (except de Dogepump) is LTC #3 in terms of volume.


Don't write off LTC, its a good coin. One of the very very very few coins that did start as a mainstream-coin and is going the rough path of privacy, because its the right thing to do. I love it. That may be the reason its not taking off...people are scared it will be banned. But than again: Whats the point of cryptos if you get banned for doing the right thing? LTC community can be proud of itsself. In comparison: BTC is only a shadow of its former self, but the price does not reflect this.


I fit into two of these categories. Hodler since 2013 and purchaser of doge at 0.08 cents. Please don’t tell me how to feel as all my feelings were killed multiple times over during the previous bull markets. One thing sticks out to me in order to get to tha moon we must all ![gif](giphy|c16VH0CFMh7gOqqXOM)


Hey I bought at 7.5 cents. We have impeccable timing.




At least the doge memes will never dump on us


Isn't that sort of the point to some extent? Franco isn't unhappy in the picture because he escaped before and was fine (even though he *is* actually hanged after this line, which hopefully isn't a portent for 2021 ATH buyers). Similarly, 2013 and 2017 crypto holders survived the crashes then and are now fine (more than fine, in fact-many are rich). The point, as I interpreted it, is that if you are sad to have bought at ATH, or if you plan to sell at a loss, you should remember that the people who were previously in your position are glad if they held, and probably bitterly regret it if they sold.


The only losers from 2013 and 2017 are the ones who took the loss and sold. I'm sure more than a few had no choice because they needed whatever money was left. If you have the choice, though, choose to wait and see. If the ship hasn't sunk to the bottom, it is sure to find fair waters again. It's just a matter of time and patience.


Franco wasn't expecting to escape. He had made his peace. He was being hanged for a crime he didn't commit, but he knew he should've been dead several times over already, so he was living in the moment.


Eth, Lite, Doge, Neo, Poet, XRP, Stellar, Cardana... December 2017. I got plenty to sulk about. Couldn't even find my wallet to sell my Doge yesterday to make back a small percentage. Was at work anyways all day. Such is the life.


Yeah I can't even find my fucking doge wallet or account. Tried 3 services I know I used and nothings in any of em. I used to religiously hit faucets in 2014, and I just lost all that money thinking ha ha doge won't be worth anything anyways Least I made some money off pennies worth of btc left in my circle account


I think that’s the point. People who have held for awhile, (especially 13ers) have died and been resurrected so often now, that it just isn’t even a thing anymore. So my portfolio goes down a bit. I buy more. So far, it’s always gone back up... One day it might not, but over the past few years the trend is looking good. I’d honestly be shocked if that doesn’t continue overall. Also, fuck being “early”. 13, 17, 19, this morning... you’re *all* early. But naybe not for long, so get some fucking crypto and hold it. Just try one with an actual use case this time, and avoid obvious bullshit like doge - then we can all make bank! Shameless plug of my favorite coin: ALGORAND I’m not your finical advisor, just some guy - but I’m still telling you to go buy some!! (You just can’t sue me now if I’m wrong)


Unless they lost their wallets :O


Lile me. I bought Doge back in early 2014 I believe and kinda forgot about it. No idea what happened to it. Did I format it over? Is it still lying dormant on one of my old hard drives? It wasn't very much so I don't care that much. Plus it lessens my regrets of missing the bitcoin train. I would've lost those as well along the way as well.


If you want some cosmic karma... pass along your "lost my stuff" story. I keep telling people who buy bitcoin - you will probably lose interest in a bit when the price either goes down or doesn't skyrocket immediately. Then in a few years it will go through the roof. It will hit the media and you will be struggling to remember how to access that bitcoin you bought. Don't be that person. Make some clear and simple instructions for yourself - and do it with a view to remembering how to do it having not thought about it for, say, 5 years. I mean... spell it out like you are making notes for a total n00b because by then you will be a n00b again.


That's some damn good advise! Most of my money goes to a boring index fund now. That shit does its thing wether I'm caring about it or not and that's good enough for a smooth brained slowpoke like me.


Unless they are XRP holders


And somehow XRP is pumping today. Like really? I thought we were done with this crap.


If you bought xrp in 2013 you'd be laughing, possibly still laughing depending on when in 2017, towards the start, yes, towards the end, not so much.




You are trying to find logic in a pump. That was the first mistake. If you retarded enough everything can pump.


You guys are so damn bias you dont even care to Google search .... it's up because of their response to the lawsuit.


I bought 0.19 btc when it was worth 10k back in 2018 Saw it plunged to near 3k in 2019 yet i kept hodl till early 2021 when i finally sold it at 38k ​ **HODL YOU NEW COMER PUSSY**


should i HODL doge or convert it to bitcoin if i can?




But like... when did the doge meme even start? 🤔 Wait... you mean it's stayed relevant? Hm?


What are you talking about? The doge run only lasted 2 days because people wanted to recreate gme


I'd you're holding a significant amount and are truly worried about it, you can convert some to BTC, which fairly steadily just goes up OVER TIME. You don't really wanna be in crypto for short gains, you'll have a bad time


The few things keeping the doge price afloat are the dogecoin community and Elon's random tweets in support of it.


People in the US are starting to wake up and will see that doge fell 📉 even MORE. They could get a bunch of people who still think it has a chance and pump it but I personally wouldn't hodl the doge. Edit: grammar


i wouldn’t hold a meme coin with an infinite supply. that’s just my #unpopular opinion


A lot of the newbies treat crypto as stocks and don't know that the inflation rate on doge will make it worthless fairly quickly. I pulled out ages ago but if you're still holding on this point in the dip, I don't know what to tell you other than wait for the next pump in about a year


I originally put in 600 and it raised to 15k, really regretted not selling at that price but it wasn't until it dropped to about 7k I realized it wasn't going anywhere and sold. Decent profit, but still kicking myself for not selling sooner


You turned 600 into 7k. Try not to kick yourself! You did well.


it could be worse. I bought 500 shares of GME at $20 and sold at $35 hoping to catch the dip. it never dipped and went up to as high as $500 a share. I made $11k in total buying and selling GME and GME options, but at the recent peak I could have made as much as $300,000. so...yeah. dont kick yourself too much.


Hey well at least you aren’t down $1k like me (,: It’s whatever tho, I’m not gonna sell at that lost and maybe sometime within 5 years there will be another pump that will reach to .08 or higher lol


Nah, that's a good deal. You got 7k out of 600




might as well HODL, wait til Monday




It depends, do you wanna have fun staying poor? Then hold doge.


doge has gone through multiple pump and dumps over the years. if you can hold and wait for the next pump, you might as well. if you desperately need that cash then yes, convert it now. it will probably be worthless for months/years until the next pump.


You're gonna regret selling it at all. When they say HODL... they really mean it. You are cashing out your BTC into a broken currency that will inflate it away. People really need to get out of this idea that Bitcoin is a stepping stone to dollar wealth and somehow you are getting rich by selling it. It's a lifeboat and you sold your seat. The people who can't see that by now are the ones who will be crying and sobbing as the ship goes down.




Oh come on. Dont confuse bitcoin with crypto as a whole.


Honestly Doge functions really well if you actually use it. Always been one of the best and cheapest ways to ship money quickly, especially between exchanges. Even in the last few days when the network was clogged and I had to pay 2D instead of 1D to get transactions through that was still pennies.




In a DAG, it's faster with more users, no?


Nano is not faster with more users. This was something that IOTA claimed to be true of their technology, though it largely remains to be substantiated


> Like literally every other crypto that has almost no use. It has a use, it's great for moving value around.


Its funny you would say that, because yesterday I've spent **ALL** day trying to do a simple transaction to take advantage of this pump & dump and sell some old Doges i had. I've tried 4 different wallets (all of them I presume, including Dogecoin core with an attempted bootstrap that didn't work either), 3 different internet connections, 2 devices on android and windows, and I couldn't get a single wallet to work. They all crash, or glitch, and simply never sync or connect to any peers. I have a decent internet connection so its not a connection speed issue, nor is it a hardware issue. The only one that seemed to make any progress, multidoge, was so slow to sync it would take me more than a week to get one wallet to work just to be able to finally order my transaction... and today its not even starting anymore. I'd have to wipe and reinstall. Its a joke of a coin on many levels, I guess. 🐷


Wasn’t a distraction for me! Bought 1M coins in August 2018 @.002 for $2000 and sold at 0.0789 for $78,900. Most money I made in a trade ever and usually I can never time a sell at the top. I always mess up! So this just felt awesome. I used the profits to up my GME position and bought some ETH and BTC. I’ll probably re-enter Doge the same position when it bottoms out


Goodshit! You deserve it after waiting so long!


In at 0.07 baby!!!! 55% loss and counting! Hoping to get triple digit loss by Monday!


Lol, triple digit as in losing $100?


No bro like 100%!!!! I’m down 600 dollars already!! Am I doing investing right??


Just to be clear 100% loss is impossible unless the network ceases to function.


I lost 2,4K today


Robinhood screws customers over. "Better use Robinhood to buy Doge! That'll show them!"


Anyone whinging for buying btc at $42k have got no idea..


If it is below 100k, buy it.


It really is impossible to tell that 42k was the top. It could top at 52k and now we are trading near 43k, or top at 32k and now we are trading near 23k.


There is no way on God's green earth that $42k was the top.


Never buy on pumps guys. This simple rule will save you a lot of money


tbf chasing pump is a decent gamble (not investment), you could make quick profit if not too greedy, high risk high reward kind of things


Aged like milk


Ikr?! Reading all these comments had me laughing. Had I thrown in a few more thousand I'd be able to buy a fuckin house right now. Oh well. Back to toiling in the field's...


doge was clearly a pump and dump, GME is a short squeeze. You had the former, people who buy the ATH to be dumped on while the latter had infinite money glitch on this stinking hedge funds.


Was? GME is still is a short squeeze play.


Ain't nobody covered so nobody selling 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌚🌚🌚




Squeeze hasn't even started yet, methinks


oh sorry about that lemme change that to \*is


I saw a lot of posts from people new to this who got burned on r/dogecoin. They better learn to HODL through 50% hourly swings.


Hodl is the worst strategy if investing into an active pump and dump. Take what you can and run for the hills if you even have the balls to jump in. It's like jumping into a double Dutch with blades instead of rope and not knowing what you're doing.


This. I managed to leverage the dogecoin growth to nearly 3X my hot-wallet BTC holdings - in and out in two days and kept a few thousand DOGE for fun. Was only my play money that I keep in my hot-wallet, not my fucking life savings like some people were throwing around yesterday. Had it been about Monero or another coin with real implications for privacy and democracy I would have been more on board, but an infinite supply meme coin? I just don't see where the value comes from other than shilling it to rubes.


If this copycat 'movement' had half a brain behind it, they could have chose any other stable coin and they could have reached their goal by now.


Did exactly the same thing. r/dogecoin is a cult at this point, it’s insanity over there


Yeah it was funny for 24 hours, but I've unsubbed from a few places because it's just delusional, and now just getting sad as the bagholder posts/comments start to show up.


I explained to the Doge sub that I sold and now have a well balanced crypto portfolio with the money I made from Doge spike. The reaction, "weak hands" "you should be ashamed" "will see you from the moon". Alrighty then, enjoy the drop!




Totally right but I feel sorry for some of them because its a lot of young people over there who are swallowing the stuff whole. They honestly think they will become millionaires.




Well done for that. That is the problem with that sub and many others actually. People have created these wierd attachments to different coins, its almost religious.


It kinda breaks my heart. My friend and i each put in $100 on it as a laugh. We mostly just wanted to be a part of the meme, and obviously don’t really expect anything out of it. It’s fun to watch, and dream a little bit just on the weird off chance something ever happens. But sooooo many people there are in so deep on it, and are likely going to suffer. Hope I’m wrong, and that they all go to the moon, but... Regardless, I’m holding that damn thing just so I can keep smiling at pictures of that cute damn dog.


It really is. The community used to be so wholesome and couldn't care less about the price. I was mining doge back in high school and recently cashed those out after taking forever to update my wallet. These shills are everywhere on Twitter now. It's really insufferable.


A lot of them are new traders who are "looking for the next gme" and hyping themselves up while doing so.


Yup, that's what I was going to do had I caught what was going on 12 hours earlier, I would have been able to make a solid trade and made a quick 2-3x. Would have just redistributed it into my portfolio by buying SNX or LINK. The people over there thinking it is going to $1 are delusional and are in for a rude awakening. There are going to be a lot of heavy bags held for a long time. It all started with GME then people started shilling doge. Half the people over there dropping $10-20k weren't even in crypto before this GME shorting situation.


It was funny watching this doge pump play out. You know how you know when your mum or a random asks you about bitcoin (at ATH) that its time to not buy or maybe even sell a bit. Doge just literally went straight to that overnight. The funniest part is the doge network is fucked at 8cents and people were talking about it going to $1. Even if enough people wanted to buy at $1 to make it $1, they’d never actually be able to buy because the network would be so clogged up.


Scrub here. Could you explain a little better? My buddy (no for real, I’m asking for a friend lol) yolod a decent chunk of change at doge. Do you mean to say that doge would bottleneck before it ever hit a dollar?


Yeah i think it would. From what I can tell, the network was bottle necking yesterday and the kind of volume you’d need to get to $1 would be massive. I don’t think it’d cope


If you have time to explain it to me I’d def be very thankful. Dude texted me yesterday. He bought puppy coin at like .04 and then it shot up to .07 and I was like “lol nuts” and he was like “diamond hands no sell” anyway. It went down to .05 and he bought more. Now he seems fairly convinced it’s going to hit 10$ or something. Why is this impossible? It definitely doesn’t seem possible. Edit: lmao as I was typing this I said “from what I read, there’s no scarcity in this coin. People can continue to mine it and devalue it as much as they like” I wish I were kidding but this was his response: “what is mine?” Guys help how do I save him from the bag.


No chance. Both going to 10 bucks and saving from the bag. If doge reached 10$ the total value of all coins would be above a trillion, which means more money than there is in bitcoin right now


Guh Poor Dude. Homie if you reading this it gonna be otay. You got in at 4 you can sell at 3 and be okay just don’t listen to diamond hand cronies.


Sounds like a very impulse decision, did he do this very recently?


Yesterday w the gme chasers.


Has he ever invested before? Sounds like he’s in the beginning stages of it. Maybe tell him to at least diversify? Then again I don’t think his “diamond hands” would be happy. He’ll probably get burned tbh. I think doge is a joke.


:( poor goober


I feel for you man, but at the same time I’m not gonna lie


Be a good friend and be blunt. He's going to get burned. He's probably seeing people who are bad faith hype the coin when they know they're not selling at $1. They were probably planning to sell when it hit like .08 or if it got to 0.1. He got caught up in the hype and numbers. Any semi savvy crypto hodler will say the same. Feel bad for him and a lot of others. It could have been me awhile ago.


There are 128 billion in circulation. Multiply that by $10 and the market cap is insane. It’s not impossible just highly improbable. What function would over a trillion $ in doge coin serve? Its not deflationary like bitcoin and doesn’t have smart comtracts like ETH. There is just no reason to have that much money in doge coin. Your mate is gonna get wrecked. He probably has been already


The network already fell over at 7 cents


Let’s be honest. Serious money was made during DOGE PnD. End of story. If someone did not pull out in time - that’s their problem.


Told a buddy to sell at 8 cents. He said no because it was going to 20..


Well, in the long run 42k will be a bargain.


Bought DOGE at .02, sold at .06, not at all sad that I missed the top of the pump, still came out with 3x holdings. ​ EDITED TO CHANGE .20 -> .02 and .60 -> .06


Doge will pump again, although probably no higher than .10


I made 300 off Doge because I got in when it was AUD 0.02 and sold when it was AUD 0.10 (idk what that is in USD). I feel bad for anyone who fell for the pump and dump, I'm new so I nearly did I just cashed out on a whim and it turns out that was the peak.


Doge is young inexperienced traders/investors jumping on a easily accessible crypto, one that 500$ buys you like 5 trillion coins, so they have the delusion of making millions with no understanding of circulating supply nor market cap.




Good. Doge is a joke.


This is the only thing that Mia Khalifa and I have in common I bought at 42K she bough at 0.08


As a doge on holder, this aged well


There’s some dude that probably went all ape on $.08 doge and now feels like absolute shit. Think about that.


And right now he's probably rich. If he held. Lmao


4x making you rich? My definition of “aping” is much lower than yours my friend. 😆


2017 taught me a few things about crypto and my first lesson was: don't be greedy.


imo if you bought doge at 0.08 you deserve to lose money


Still... #To the moon!


The buying btc at 42k part of this meme didn’t age well....


Came here to see this comment lol


I was warning people yesterday that there was a 3 billion jump in market cap in a space of 30 minutes and that is not organic. That is a whale pumpenticing more flies to the trap. Guess what, I got down voted to hell because its going to $10. The absolute state of amateurs not understanding the fundamentals let alone market cap.


Buying doge and not expecting it to be a shit show. I brought $200 just for a laugh last year


I hate that dogecoin turned into a pump and dump scheme


Finally a post saying it. Looking at doge chats and people are saying “HOLD” and “Buy the dip and hold”. For what? Those people have no idea why they’re doing it except as bandwagoners. Those that got in early are literally just going to be able to take their money when they cash out because there is no end play. Doge coin does not pay dividends that larger institutions value, there is no short squeeze because that doesn’t exist in crypto. Why are people talking about doge other than Elon tweeting it


I'm just atraid of being that guy who bought a pizza with bitcoin.


I bought at .05 At this point I see no option besides HODL It’ll go up eventually, if not this week when the apps start working sometime in the next months or years, and I’ll cash out and put it into btc or stonks I didn’t put much into it because I’m not *completely* stupid so it’s not too big a deal


Doge is still here. It was just being stopped by robinhood


If you buy any crypto on Robinhood you're an idiot.


If you buy literally anything on Robinhood after this past week you’re an idiot


Binance 👌


There are many exchanges


Lmao. You may doubt but I’ll be laughing on the moon 🚀🚀🚀


I'd short doge if I could


No offense meant here but this surge in Doge was pretty clearly an effort to distract people from what is going on with GME. They are doing their best to try and get people out of GME and into other investments that do not present the same situation of being over 100% shorted.


All these theories rely on the idea that people can only invest in one thing at a time. You can hold GME and Doge at the same time.


You're missing opportunity cost. Every dollar in doge, AMC, BB, or any other distraction stock is a dollar not in GME.


Same brother! All the hate we getting for investing OUR money is ridiculous. See you on the moon 🚀🚀🚀


All this hate fuels my purchases! I’ll eat up all those dips please and thank you. See you there👩‍🚀🚀


RemindME! 2 weeks "lol"


top buyers can sell dog in the next bull cycle


lol that would be silly, cuz 1 doge is = to 1 doge


It would be more appropriate if he took the noose off and put it onto the new guys head.


When did you all decide to misspell hodlers?


Bitcoin will go up eventually, after all this GME stuff is over.


Yep, distraction that might have even been fuelled by paid hedge fund shills to divert capital from gme, I know this sounds like a long shot and is just speculation but seeing what these guys have been pulling these last days it wouldn't even surprise me anymore


What dummies do think about is lost opportunity with money in doge.


If you bought at 8 cents, I mean...You had what was coming to you unfortunately


The DOGE run was nothing more than people rebelling against the brokers illegal market manipulation. There was no way in hell it was going to be sustained. There was no way it was going to remain that high given how many billions of active cheap, DOGE people have been sitting on for fun. There was zero chance in hell they weren't going to take profit once they saw it hit 0.08c. And now they'll take that profit and buy more DOGE once it hits sub penny again.


I can't tell if doge was a classic pump and dump, or just a meme that caught on.. or both. Taking a look at r/dogecoin you'll see that it is filled with low karma accou to most likely bots saying the same things. I really feel for the normies who lost their shirts on that. I'm new to crypto myself but I can recognize a p&d when I see one.


Bought doge at .004 as a joke. Best joke ever I guess.


Wait for it to drop to 10K and buy more. Feel free to downvote me.


Doge brought me to crypto. I got in early and pulled out. I just took $100 and put it into coinbase before I found out about Coinbase Pro. Going to only use Coinbase lite to monitor. Anyway put $125 into a bunch of different cryptos about an hour ago on Coinbase Pro. After fees went down to $123/124. In an hour, on $125, I made it up to $126/127. I’m making a couple of cents every second and since the exchanges run 24/7 and instant settlement I’m loving this. After this fiasco I’m dropping most stock I use to play around with for fun except my managed mutual funds and making playing with crypto my new hobby. Basically I’m saying Doge was a great intro to crypto. It also didn’t collapse immediately if you got in early enough and a bunch of people made some money.


i just love to see James Franco's face associated with 2017 veterans <3


I bought doge at 0.03 lol


Hmm was it now?




That’s why we carry our doggy bags.


2013 have likely made some serious gains by now.


Im just hoping they pull this shit on DGB so I can actually turn a profit on some bunk miners I had, lol


scalping Doge on the weekends just to keep me busy, unfortunately it's all sideways now -\_-


Thx satan I only put 100 dolars hahaha


I wanted to sell so bad yesterday and fucking Voyager was down. All damn day. They fucked me I either take out my small profit now or roll the dice and maybe lose it all. Bought in at .02.


Getting in Crypto is like being ready to ride a rollercoaster of emotions


This is always sad when people chase an XXX% pump, and get heavily burnt. And we see it again and again and again over years.


20% ain‘t a dip. It‘s a discount!


If you bought at those prices you are probably telling everyone you know it’s a scam, but really just threw money at a trend. Same shit happens with stocks


Holding is an art like anything else. I do it so it feels like hell. I do it so it feels real. I guess you could say I've a call.


Seems like they are going to be left holding the bag...


I love how much this meme captures the scammy market idea of pumping doge (and how sone peopke wont get that sentence)


I bought btc at 3k and doge at like 0.002


One more thing I can add to my long list of poor life decisions. Will I never learn?!


First time I've ever bought on impulse and not thought it through or had a plan when I bought DOGE at $0.06. Lesson learned!


Robbinhood users are the immediate problem with Doge. There is no way that Robbinhood has enough Doge in custody to satisfy what is being bought. The largest wallet is only 5 billion doge, and that's obviously Binance. The rest are around 1 billion. Hopefully what we are seeing is reactionary to the selling on RH as people are waking up to the fact that they were being scammed the whole time.


You guys are fucking retarded. Every time there’s a correction you act like it’s Armageddon. It will never stop happening. Bitcoin will never stop climbing


I’m still up on Doge and still holding!


Yep, gme being locked and Elon twitting about doge. But even if you are down right now, remember, 1doge = 1 doge


Actually, I made 7-8k on that Doge pump a few days ago and bought into GME!!!! That was the initial goal and damn did it play out!


100%. Doge was a purchase available on robinhood, the platform that shut down a good bit of trading on GME and AMC. They don't care about crypto. They probably pumped the price up to get fomo going so that people would exit gme and jump into doge.


Jesus no it’s not. Anyone holding any significant amount sees the bigger picture


I feel bad for the people who bought in to doge at 7 cents


we have to be better and letting noobies be aware of pump and dumps they are bad for crypto


I feel like Doge is just a quick little fad that hopped on the GME hype and tried its best to get to $1. My buddy was bragging about making 1k off it cuz he bought it a while back and I asked him what technology or benefits Doge offers to the crypto/decentralized world and he didn’t have an answer because he doesn’t understand the point behind it. People need to look for meaning and functionality behind crypto now days and not for its below 2 cents price.


2013 and 2017 Holder. Haven’t learned. Buy high, sell low


Pretty sure I made a lot more off of doge than I will with the current short squeezes. I bought a quarter mil coins at .002 a long time back and sold at .05, .06, and .078. The only way it’s possible I’ll make more off of game is if it rockets over $5k, assuming I can even sell in time


Not at all, the problem is pump and dumps, we could’ve hit 1.00 if people just held, it’s going back up. Just buy in and hold