That's the egr valve. I replaced mine and my cv hasn't stalled since then. Head that fucker up with a torch, get it really hot, it should come off.


It’s actually brand new. I didn’t realize the EGR replaced the IAC. The EGR was one of the things my mechanic replaced when I bought the car. Clearly I know nothing about cars and should probably stop fucking around under the hood.


Just to clarify the egr didn’t replace the iac. Your idle is controlled by the ecm using the electric motor that controls your throttle valve Could be the throttle body motor is bad, the throttle position sensor or a host of other things related to fuel, air and spark


Go on Amazon and get the Bluetooth obd2 scanner [$20.00] and get the FORscan app, about 5 dollars. It'll tell you things a check engine light cant. Especially if there is no check engine light like on mine.


My 2008 CVPI occasionally dies when I first start it up. Someone suggested to try cleaning the IAC valve. I removed the two bolts that hold it on the air intake, but I can’t figure out how to disconnect it from this brass pipe. All the videos I’ve looked up show it being connected to a rubber hose that just slips off.


That’s the egr, crown vics don’t have an iac after 2005 when they switched to electronic gas pedals


Well that explains a lot. Is it something I can take off and clean? Or should I just leave it alone?


Idk that much about newer vics. Could try cleaning the maf sensor, try YouTube for egr cleaning


There'sa chance it breaks if you do. It might and might not twist the pipe. Of the ones I've taken off half came undone and half were seized to the pipe


You can clean the electronic throttle body, I do mine every ~30k. Just a quick spray with tb cleaner or brake cleaner.


I did have some occasional deaths in idle, while at a light or after start. Turned out to be the motor of the throttlebody. Take the TPS and the throttlebody into account as the newer vics are regulating idle rpm via the PCM. Might consider cleaning the throttlebody itself.


Put the two bolts back on tight and do the exaust pipe first. It's basically a nut over the pipe, should be fairly easy even though it's rusted


Honestly go to a yard and grab a new throttle body and maf, that will basically guarantee fix it for you


50/50 mix of acetone and marvel mystery oil. A few drops, let it sit for a little while and it'll come off as it should. The mixture will creep in and dissolve the rust's hold effectively.