Please don’t be a dick to people or hate them just because they’re fat, but it’s important to understand the gravity of the impact that being overweight can have on your health, *especially* right now. I’m just gonna throw up some stats since moderators in other subreddits like to talk about saving lives during the pandemic but completely ignore this aspect of it: [From the WHO:](https://www.who.int/news-room/facts-in-pictures/detail/6-facts-on-obesity) >Obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, with at least 2.8 million people dying each year as a result of being overweight or obese. Once associated with high-income countries, obesity is now also prevalent in low- and middle-income countries. [From the CDC:](https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/obesity-and-covid-19.html) >Adults with excess weight are at even greater risk during the COVID-19 pandemic: >Having obesity increases the risk of severe illness from COVID-19. People who are overweight may also be at increased risk. >Having obesity may triple the risk of hospitalization due to a COVID-19 infection. >Obesity is linked to impaired immune function. >Obesity decreases lung capacity and reserve and can make ventilation more difficult. >A study of COVID-19 cases suggests that risks of hospitalization, intensive care unit admission, invasive mechanical ventilation, and death are higher with increasing BMI. >The increased risk for hospitalization or death was particularly pronounced in those under age 65. >More than 900,000 adult COVID-19 hospitalizations occurred in the United States between the beginning of the pandemic and November 18, 2020. Models estimate that 271,800 (30.2%) of these hospitalizations were attributed to obesity.


As someone who has gone from 305 to 175lbs I can guarantee you my relationship with food is much healthier now and I’m not out of breath with a pounding heart just from walking into my apartment anymore so that’s great too.


Losing that much weight is such an amazing accomplishment. I really can’t imagine the challenge that must be or the discipline required to overcome it.


Congrats! Do you have any tips? I have been 300+ pounds most of my entire young adult life. Probably around 330 right now. It sucks, but so does my motivation.


Get a physical and ask them to also check your thyroid and such. Rule out medical issues like metabolism (metabolism should actually be almost equal when you hold variables consistent, a fast metabolism is a medical condition that should be treated asap). Then maybe seeing a dietitian and/or psychologist. Maybe a nutritionist but that's not a board certified title so quality can vary, but they're probably more accessible. And maybe also reading the wiki of /r/fitness. The simple fact is that, except for any medical conditions, your body operates on calories in calories out (CICO) and the secret to weight loss is to eat less calories. Doesn't matter if it's eating less food or eating less calorically dense food. But if it were that easy then everyone would lose all the weight. It'd probably be best to get a professional to help. If you'd like to try on your own, even just at first, then something I suggest is going online and calculating BMI, body fat %, and Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). Then track the food you eat for a week with an app like MyFitnessPal. If you eat as much calories as your TDEE, you maintain weight. More and you gain weight, less and you lose weight. I think getting this baseline can be helpful


Congrats on your weight loss journey


congrats on your journey. I do agree that fatphobia is a problem as we shouldnt bully fat people into shame, that will just cause them to dig in their heels and become these idiots we see in the vid. these people need help to realise that they are killing themselves and stories like you can help with that so go on and spread your story.


Dont bully people for being fat, but being fat is 110% a problem and not good for your health.


Somebody else said it on Reddit first (sorry can’t recall who) but it was something like “be fat all you want, but absolutely no one is obligated to find you attractive. Don’t call me fatphobic just cuz I don’t think you’re hot.”


Right. Like, you’re not homophobic simply for being straight.


Can confirm. Am gay, straight dudes not wanting to fuck me doesn’t mean they hate me as a person.


On the flip side, straight dudes hating you as a person (specifically because you are gay) doesn't mean they don't want to fuck you.




Yeah people hate me as a person and I'm not even gay so I can confirm


So you're telling me there's a chance? * that guy, maybe... ^^probably ^^^not ^^^^though


People have a right to have personal preferences. People have a right to discover what they themselves are attracted to and pursue just that. Gay people should not be forced to like the opposite sex, straight people should not be forced to like the same sex. No one should be forced to be attracted to anything they don’t want to be attracted to.


Am straight and will say, I find it very endearing when a gay man hits on me. I'm not interested, but thanks for the confidence boost!


Right, they hate you as a person because you’re garbage, not because you’re gay!


There was another video on here where a Trans person said if you are not attracted to trans people then you’re transphobic. Video like these make me concerned for the path society is going down. Obviously don’t bully people but this shit is getting out of control.


Idk if you've ever been on twitter but a lot of people have this opinion and it's kind of scary.


I saw that recently as well.


I always think about a post I used to see on Facebook of a large woman in lingerie with this ripped shirtless guy and a caption like "he doesn't care about her weight" It was shared by thousands of women. ... But like. the dude is fucking jacked. Don't make a post about inner beauty if you're standards are also based on appearance. If you are happy in your skin then I applaud you. But don't argue society is the problem if you are also attracted to pretty people.


Here, here.


Someone once said to me, "Life is like a box of chocolates. The fatter you are, the shorter it lasts."


transgender community will disagree with you.


Fat people aren't even a minority


Obesity is not a protected class.




That i turned into a pyramid


It would be called a protected school


42% of Americans are obese and like 70% are overweight. That is a shocking number. No wonder everyone is afraid of food inflation. Diabetes is almost as high. https://www.tfah.org/report-details/state-of-obesity-2020/




Yeah...smarter in seconds...more like smarter to not get seconds.


That was crudely executed so well that Im both laughing and groaning.


Oof oof ooof. That was me


Oh they are definitely getting seconds, maybe even thirds.


Why did this get gold instead of the parent


Because some people need to be spoon-fed the joke to get it.






I skip seconds and go straight to thirds


A lot of people seem to forget this. As someone who has lost 55lbs, no matter what you say to a fat person, unless it comes from within, they won't change. It's better to not unnecessarily shame a fat person just for being fat but at the same time, never be afraid to call out these clowns that have ruined body positivity, like the ones in this video.


And remember bullying does not help them get thin, it just makes people depressed.


Read about the failure of the “Anti-Gym.” It closed down after it turns out that people don’t like being verbally abused while they exercise; imagine that! Also their “no more fatties” protests at the ice cream parlor— ok, that crosses the line twice.


Yeah heard about how some will give up and eat more


Me. I’d much rather someone actually go to the gym with me or dance with me. I know I’m fat but I’m not a monster. Baby steps. We gotta truly learn to love our bodies again. By treating em right. My legs want to give out cause I have a sit down desk job and lots of driving that I didn’t have to do before. So I gotta exercise in my free time. For the last week I’ve been getting up and doing some squats and push ups before I start my day. It helps a little.


An honest conversation needs to happen in these peoples’ lives. I suppose that would be bullying though. Most of the people in that video were morbidly obese. Somehow they’ve come to the conclusion that being fat isn’t a problem. Seriously?


I am in pediatrics. There is actually a card now that parents can hand you when you come in the room to do the visit that says “do not discuss weight with my child” So I’m supposed to just act like your obese kid isn’t at higher risk for literally every single medical condition solely because of their weight!? “Self love” includes taking care of yourself and your health!


That's stupid. I can't believe we've really reached this level of sensitivity.


It’s insane. Of course I’m not going to bully and shame your child for being overweight. But wellness visits should be a time to talk with kids about healthy lifestyle choices. Especially when its clear they aren’t getting it at home.


Wow I can’t believe those “do not discuss” cards exist. At what point can you consider the child’s obesity as a form of abuse? Very sad all around.


Or anything that affects their health. "Please do not discuss X obvious medical issue with my child". Don't put doctors into awkward spots like that because you're too obstinate to have a real conversation.


I wonder what the entitled morons in this video think when they watch My 600 lb Life.


I feel like that card is more for the parent than it is for the child at that point.


Don't tell my child that I'm a complete failure of a parent who has endangered their life and overall well being through poor diet and exercise choices for them


I would tear that card in two and throw it in the trash


Okay. Then I'll discuss weight with you, the parent.


God I wish you could tell those people to go fuck themselves. They shouldn't be allowed to deny reality like that. Especially when it comes to the health and safety of their kids. Rip those cards up and tell them to find a new doctor if they want to be delusional fuckwits.




Can you discuss it with them anyway?


Not without the parent filing a complaint LOL. Although I will say, as overweight and obese kids get into middle and high school, one of the most common things they ask me (unprompted) is how to lose weight. They are self conscious, can’t keep up with their peers, and overall want to be healthier. Promoting these dangerous and false natives sets our kids up for a lot of unnecessary struggles


I'd wager both fatphobia and fatness are a problem. It is wrong to treat someone like shit because he/she is fat. And It happens. It's like treating someone sick or an addict like shit. Obesity is also, as I said, an illness. It's addiction. You shouldn't be fucking proud of it, you should be fighting to get out of the hole you're in, most times because you dug it.


As an actual fat person, trying (but admittedly not trying hard enough at times) I completely agree with this. People gain weight for all sorts of reasons and it is very difficult to lose it and anyone who says it's easy usually has never been a single pound overweight. But at some point it does become a choice. You either decide to take control and put your health first or you say "fuck it" and let yourself get bigger and bigger while expecting the world to accommodate you. Not being attracted to someone because they're fat isn't discrimination. I don't find other fat people attractive so why would I expect them or thin people to be attracted to me. Then there is a whole group of people who are only attracted to fat people. It's like being gay or pan, you're just attracted to who you're attracted to and can't really control it.


In the U.S. we also live in a society that incentivizes convenience more than we do health. You know what's healthy? Diet, exercise, home-cooked meals. You know what's convenient? Fast food and netflix. It would be nice to get more paid gym memberships or tax credits when we're on top of our health- but more than likely we have to spend extra time and money, in a world of increasing work hours to maintain a middle class standard of living, there is less and less time for home cooking, dishes, meal prep, etc.


As I'd put it, "People who deny that being overweight is a problem tend to have other elements of their personality that they refuse to acknowledge are problems."


I hate how they imply they don’t have an unhealthy relationship with food. Like I’ve had a binge eating disorder for a few years, apparently this time last year I was 298. I lost like 30 pounds when I got off unemployment just from being active but still was eating way too much. I had a bad LSD trip Labor Day weekend but after it, some switch in my brain flipped. I suddenly had control of my cravings and addiction to food. I’ve lost 40 pounds since Labor Day. Total I guess I’ve lost 70. Edit: disclaimer don’t try to take a heroic dose of LSD to cure your eating addiction though, what I took I thought I was going to be able to handle, I felt like I was going to die instead lmfao


This. The actual fucking gall for someone to say, you aren't attracted to fat people, but if I'm attracted to you so you *owe me this* is disgusting. This is some neckbeard logic. No one is entitled to a relationship with anyone. Not even those currently in q relationship with each other.


The whole shaming people for not wanting to have sex with you thing is pretty crazy. Like if someone thinks I’m too ugly she’s not ugly phobic, she just has standards. Same goes for fat, height, or any other random thing that makes you not wanna be with a person


I figure there's tradeoffs too, like if the mental stress you get from trying to be thin is worse than the stress of being fat then it's on you to decide how best to optimize your time and money towards achieving your best life. But telling unhealthy people they're better people because they're unhealthy is just wrong.


Why don’t we just make it easier to be skinny by subsidizing healthier foods and regulating nutritional content?


But then the massive corporations that have lined the pockets of politicians will have slightly reduced profits, won't someone please think of the corporations?! 😭


Personally, I’d rather be fat and happy than thin and unhappy, but I understand that I’m not somehow “better” because I’m fat or I’m not “healthy at any weight”. I’m not delusional, I’m just okay with being fat (and I’m only moderately fat for my height).


>Personally, I’d rather be fat and happy than thin and unhappy To a point. There's a difference between; not being thin, being fat and being obese.


Dude I'm skinny as a goddamn rail and depressed out of my mind. If you can be anything and happy, do that shit.


I’m sorry. I hope you find peace.


As a dude who weighed 50lbs more when covid hit youll feel much better and much healthier the thinner you are. I changed my life around and I eat whatever I want still ( currently forking m&ms in my mouth and have eaten out at bars & restraunts exclusively for the last 4 months because of my travel job ) I am much happier all around. Nothing is wrong with you mentality as I lived it but trust me the grass does get greener.




I think u/anjunagasm meant that if struggling to be thin makes you miserable, it's not worth it


But what's that "miserable" coming from? If it's coming from skipping out on junk food and soda every day, that's called a withdrawal and is not healthy. You wouldn't tell someone trying to quit a drug to just keep using because quitting makes them miserable during the process.


Well said


Thanks, that is what I meant.


With that username you surely mean you.


He actually just likes to post pizzas that are depressed


it aint easy being cheesy


Same, but that's a false dichotomy.


Agree, but some of these videos that I’ve seen here are trying to define “fatphobia” as anything against fat people. If you tell them it’s unhealthy to be fat, it’s fatphobic, if the airplane seat isn’t wide enough, it’s fatphobic. That’s some bullshit right there.


Not sure if they’re aware of this, but it really doesn’t matter if the Grim Reaper is fatphobic.


Fatphonic? The Grim Reaper is a die hard chubby chaser. Always has been.


Loves the thicccness




I'm regular sized and the airplane seat isn't wide enough. Fuck airlines.


"regular sized"


That’s totally fatphobic how dare they.


They? Way to presume their pronoun


“american sized”


That's what the body positivity movement was originally about. Not being a dick to someone based on their weight. Until the "reeee my obesity should be normalized" idiots took over. ​ You wouldn't insult the weight of someone with anorexia, so why do it to someone who's fat and clearly has a mental issue? It's fucked up. ​ EDIT: Thank you stranger for the silver. Anyways, people are misunderstanding my last comment, so let me TL:DR: The same people who call people "fat whales" or shame obese people with mental issues are the same people who wouldn't dare insult thin people because it's not right. It's never okay to shame someone based on their weight regardless if they're mentally okay or not. Just...idk...mind your business?


Several years ago I had put on an uncomfortable amount of weight (40 lbs or so), I changed my diet and began exercising and within a couple months was at the “low” end of my BMI range. I felt great and really liked the way my clothes fit. The number of comments I had to endure from obese people.... “are you sick?” “God you look like a stick” “are you even eating?” “You’re wasting away”. It took a lot of joy out of feeling good about myself. If I said the same shit to them about being fat I would have been crucified for being cruel.




I agree. There shouldn’t be a movement behind pride of being fat or overweight. It’s not healthy. We shouldn’t treat people who are obese and overweight like subhumans, but at the same time, we shouldn’t really praise it or “normalize it.” We should praise those who do recognize their issues and work towards reversing it, but also not putting down those who don’t


This video is literally what drugs addicts do when people tell them they have a drug problem. “The issue isn’t me eating unnatural amounts of food with no care for my health, everyone else is the issue” Source: was an addict for a long time They’re blaming the world for not finding fat people attractive. It’s not fat phobic, it’s simply that most people don’t find morbid obesity to be a desirable trait in a partner.”


Man the biggest problem are the people, I know a guy who gets triggered when someone even mentions words like fat, obese, overweight etc. Before the whole lockdown thing he was all cool with people calling him fat and shit but now he just bodyslams anyone calling him fat


> but now he just body bodyslams anyone calling him fat Baw gawd king! He's broken in half!!!


> Harmful relationships with food The fucking irony


"I eat because I’m unhappy… I’m unhappy because I eat."


They're so self-unaware its amazing. I admire the sheer amount of confidence they have in saying this shit


Was looking for this. This has to be the more fascinating part. Being completely convinced about it. Makes it even better.


Society will adopt this messaging. That’s what’s scary.


I think there will be a point where we start to frame over-eating and junk food like tobacco. Hell in many places its already illegal to advertise to children, to eat at school, etc. I have hope yet.


In countries with universal healthcare this is already a big topic of conversation. In Canada, for instance, the entire health side of our government is focused on the obesity and sedentary lifestyle problem because we can foresee how much of a strain it is going to put on our healthcare system (it already is, but it's gonna get so much worse!).


But the more fat people will eventually lead to fewer fat people.


Healthcare has gotten to a point where people are still alive that otherwise wouldn't be. Good news when it's some poor kid needing surgery but also plenty of people abusing garbage food & sugary drinks etc just treating symptoms with medication.


It's textbook projection/reflection. What better way to validate your obesity than by turning the arguments back around on people at a healthy weight? They know on some level that it isn't true but it's crucial to their fragile worldview that they stick to this gun. It's taken a really weird turn recently in which fat pride folk realized the health argument was too ridiculous and impossible to stand on, and so now are transforming the conversation to how it's a racist/sexist/ableist attack on their identities. It's not even about being accepted anymore, it's about being *celebrated* for their obesity. Obesity is almost always an addiction, an illness that needs to be addressed (rare cases in which genetics and uncontrollable circumstances play a factor but not in significant percentages to validate it being a part of the conversation. We're talking fractions of a percent.) They aren't fooling anyone but themselves with this shit and ultimately the one who pays the price is them. It's pretty unlikely most of these women will live past 60, and without significant lifestyle changes they will deal with a multitude of super uncomfortable and unpleasant health problems.


I don’t understand how it’s any different than alcoholism or a drug addiction.


Diet culture. Yeah. Diets. As in moderated. Unlike what these food banks do on a daily basis


Diet culture is a problem. I like to hope that what they're talking about is fad diets, people profiting off of the desperation of the overweight. Things that are hyped as a fast or easy way to lose weight to desperate people. There is no easy and effective tool for weight loss. If there was, there wouldn't be so many fat people. (I'm not saying there are no effective tools, I'm saying there aren't any that are easy \*and\* effective. A small (10%) calorie reduction might be easy, but it would result in a weight loss of 10lbs/year on a 2500 calorie diet. A 1000 calorie/day deficit might be effective, but it's not easy to maintain since you will always be hungry.) Taking advantage of desperate people with snake oil cures is bad. The same weasel words and false promises (insulated from legal action by fine print) that convince the desperate to part with their money make those same people feel like failures when they don't get the results seen in the ads. This reinforces the cycle. "If I'm going to be fat anyway, why am I torturing myself?" The only "diet" that works in the long term is lifestyle change. But lifestyle changes don't sell shakes. They don't sell overpriced unhealthy frozen dinners. There isn't profit to be made in convincing the overweight that if they want to be thinner, they need to develop new, healthier, relationships with food and exercise that they will have to maintain for the rest of their lives.


Hard eye roll at "Diet Culture"... okay then. So, like, me counting my calories to keep my own personal weight in check. Is that a bad culture or something? I lost like 80lbs (at my peak) years ago and my life is much better for it. It's a bit crazy *that* is being identified as a "culture" adjacent to this "fatphobia" label.


i was completely unaware of this until i saw how demi lovato had a breakdown and blasted a froyo place online for.. advertising low-calorie options. as if the existence of people who don't want to be fat is wrong.


It was even worse than that — she was also pissed about them having sugar-free options. Because, y’know, fuck diabetics and those who cut sugar amirite The idea that a person’s positive choices are triggering to some people is just absolutely insane to me


"Smarter in seconds" HAHAHAHAHAHA




if you laughed and don’t have a ride, join my carpool to hell


Thanks for offering a ride. I can help pay for the gas XD


Ok you made me laugh, gotta save this one for the future


I became dumber after seen this


That would appear to be true.


"Fat phobia causes unhealthy relationships with food" Who's gonna tell her?


People can become anorexic and bulimic out of a deep fear of being fat. Being fat is also obviously unhealthy, but there’s a well documented path between a phobia of fatness and eating disorders.


yeah it’s kinda weird people seem to not have the critical thinking to connect the fat phobia to eating disorders. It feels like they’re disconnected for the reality of peoples lives vs how they see fat people


A lot of these dudes are just hateful edgelords.


yeah i get a lot of cringe topics recs on mobile and it’s usually just people pointing and laughing at people who sit outside of their perceived norm


You just summed up r/cringetopia and the only reason why I haven’t blocked it after months of cringing at cringetopia is because seeing threads of people breaking the echo chamber gives me hope so… Thanks :)


Yep. Hundreds of people are clearly using this thread to make fat jokes and yet they act like it's an *insane* statement to say that overweight people face hate and stigma. Way to prove the point there, jabronis.


‘Fatphobia isn’t real’ *thread full of fatphobia* Yep this is Reddit


I lost a friend to that as a teenager. She wasn't even properly fat, just a bit chubby and probably would have lost it during puberty, but her brother kept calling her a fat pig, a stranded whale, basically everything you find on reddit when there's a video with a fat woman. She became anorexic, eventually ended up in the hospital, then in rehab. I never saw her again, she just died at some point before ever coming back home.


I’m really sorry you lost your friend. It’s so sad. and I’m also sorry that these assholes on this deranged-ass comment section would probably comment something horrible and insensitive about it or say “oh sorry about that but that’s an outlier, so it doesn’t matter.” Fuck his subreddit. It sucks here.


I don’t know how she didn’t think about it for a second.


It does though, constantly shitting on someone due to their weight can cause them to turn to starving themselves which is considering an unhealthy relationship to food. People in this sub look at shit like this surface level its disgusting. These people know what they are saying. They are hearing it. Think for two fucking seconds. These people know they are unhealthy, they just dont wanna be shit on for it. They are not glorifying it, they are trying to provide mental support for those who are overweight/obese. Yes it is unhealthy to be those things but its even worse to get hate for it. People who are bigger are generally hated on more and the term 'fatphobia' is trying to help tackle that.


Fatness is definitely a problem


No, dying at 50 and not being able to wipe your ass without a stick is beautiful


Yeah, my grandma's retirement home doesn't have a single person that is over 200 pounds. Weird.


There are a lot of old people. There are a lot of fat people. There aren't many old fat people, because it's unhealthy and deadly to be fat. To think otherwise if a fool's errand and truthphobia.


I realized the same thing a few years ago and it kinda scared me. You never see a 90+ yr old that wasn't a thin person most of their life. Being obese will almost ensure that you die before, I don't know, 85? Maybe younger?


Lol ur comment almost implies being fat makes you live longer! Some cushion so u don't break your hip so easily


As someone who went from 70kgs to 105kgs, I guaran-fucking-tee you, fatness is the goddamn problem. Wait, let me ask my knees and liver: Hey, knees and liver, is fatness or fatphobia the problem? They said fuck you.


I’m afraid of dying to heart disease and leaving all my loved ones behind. Food ain’t worth it


Now hold on a minute… SOME foods are worth it. Self control and moderation are key here.


Tbf you can still have this without being obese


Of course, it's just you have a much *higher* chance of developing and then subsequently succumbing to, heart conditions.


Lol yes you can, you can still get lung cancer without smoking, but you should prob quit smoking to decrease your odds (typed with a cig in my hand)


You can get lung cancer without smoking


As an EMT, it is great if you fight for social equality, go for it. Demand to be treated well. Don't pretend that being large isn't a medical issue. Notice I said large and not fat? Because if you are big for any reason it leads to medical issues, even if it is muscle or just height. Your joints grind to sand, your heart will not last as long, you have to watch your liver. It is a real medical concern. I am not trying to say anything bad about you but there is a reason doctors tell you to lose weight if you can. Seriously. Your bones, your heart and your organs will thank you. If you can't get smaller because you are just 7 feet tall and can lift trucks no matter what you do, it is still a good idea to do cardio, and watch your red meat and sugar intake. Please. Because I have to carry you up and down stairs.


Fear of gaining weight? So everyone at the gym is fat phobic??


Unironically, yes. That is what they honestly believe.


My fatphobia gives me the rage I need to reach new PRs.


Callback to the [meme](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHeg8zonTM4) where the guy gets motivation to workout because it's "fatphobic to go to the gym"


Honestly it motivates me too


Being fat is a major health issue, its a risk to your life. just because people may not wish to date you because your health concerns them doesn't mean they have a phobia.


Who tf is scared of fat people? Food?


“Oh no! That fat man is chasing me, let me walk away at my normal pace”


"oh no, fat man on a mobility scooter? Lemme walk through a door"


In the end, always look for stairs. Works in either case.


Have you ever watched a morbidly fat person yawn?


As a skinny white dude I’m constantly in fear of being mistaken for a French fry.


Same + I'm french so it's even more confusing


Imagine one day you get fried with a fat person and they think you’re a French fry


If you saw Mr. Creosote at your chosen dining establishment, you'd run.


Someone pull up that video of a guy calculating the force of impact at which a fat person would squash you


I dunno man, those fuckers are heavy, they catch you... if... they catch you by surprise and sit on you, you're as good as dead.


As long as you're walking they shouldn't be able to catch you


So, if a doctor tells you to lose weight because your current weight is unhealthy, that's being fatphobic? *sigh*




I will say that it can be an issue sometimes bc a doctor will default to “lose weight and your issues will disappear obvs lol” Like yeah doc I get it but that’s not the issue. Had a lot of stuff misdiagnosed until I got a doctor that listened and helped me get the meds I needed. Don’t get me wrong I need to lose weight tho everyone’s right about that and it shouldn’t be glamorized


The idea that other people shouldn't shame you for eating so much that you look like a beanbag while some people can barely eat even in our own country is the most bullshit I've ever seen. And I say this as a former 370lb dude. If I had bought into this all sizes are beautiful and healthy mindset, I'd would be objectively worse off than what I am now. I could barely walk up a flight of stairs. I can actually breath now. Fat people who spout off about "fatphobia" SHOULD be shamed. It's not discrimination, it's people rightfully calling you out for your poor life choices. And the people have the gall to demand the world changes to cater to them, while they can't even change what they eat.


I was never as fat as you, but I was definitely in the obese category, 50ish pounds overweight. It fucking sucks. Everything is harder, you hurt from your skin literally not being able to contain all the extra weight, you get sick more often, nothing fits you quite right. It’s not like I hate fatness because of society, I hate it because I went through it and I never want to go back.


Weight traitor!!!!


jesus christ, lmfao, i need to go to the ER I think I broke a rib


That’s similar to what fans were calling Adele when she revealed that she lost a lot of weight. They were crying that she betrayed them, lol.


I don't know about the name calling stuff, but calling people out for *wanting to lose* weight is ridiculous. It feels like some kind of projection of insecurity. Anyway, I lost a bunch of weight too and it was a huge challenge, but well worth it. Last thing overweight folks who *want* to lose weight is have idiots like these making them feel bad for it. Fuck that.


Why do these people act like their weight is some protected status lmao


These are the female dating strategy mods.


"He gotta have 666, 6 foot tall, 6 figure salary, 6 inch dick or better" Okay I meet those characteristics, I request that you just not be morbidly obese. "YOU FATPHOBIC PIECE OF SHIT I KNOW MY VALUE! HOW DARE YOU?" Her qualities >300lbs >50k in debt >2 kids Na I'm good.


I’m sooo close, minus the 6’ tall, the 6 figure salary, or the 6 inch dick


*555 gang rise up!*


I’m close! Minus the 5 figure salary and the 5 inch dick


*611 gang rise up!*


You see, i can still tolerate the arguement of you can be fat but still beautiful bc beauty is subjective. HEALTH on the other hand, is definitely absolutely 100% not subjective. Being fat isn't healthy and it can be proven. My problem with these ppl is how they're trying to justify their obesity as being 'healthy'.


I follow a fat person on Instagram and in their bio they have a bunch of slogans like “BLM ACAB Fat Liberation” and every time I see “fat liberation” next to two very legitimate phrases (in my opinion) it pisses me off. Like you’re diminishing the struggle of generations of black people by comparing it with something which is, in a lot of cases, much more in your control than the color of your skin. You’re equating your experience of being a fat person with the experiences of people who have been systematically subjected to violence and discrimination at every level of our society for hundreds of years. Get fucked. I have no problem with fat people but I do take issue with trivializing others very real struggles.


I think they've diluted themselves into believing that being fat is in fact not a choice. There are incredibly rare medical conditions where yea, being fat is a result, but the vast majority of these fat people aren't suffering from it. There's other conditions like PCOS that makes it hard for women to lose weight, but with proper diet, education and medication they will lose the weight. What you're not supposed to do is accept it without a fight and turn it into an identity or community. Then dig in and get all defensive about it.


>diluted r/BoneAppleTea (I think you meant "deluded". Solid comment tho.)


I was diagnosed with PCOS about 9 years ago. I just wanted to say that PCOS is more than making it difficult to lose weight. We’re talking insulin resistance, debilitating pain that leaves you bedridden for days, large cysts, high cancer risks etc. I fucking struggle to lose weight, I work with a dietitian, a hormone specialist and a personal trainer. Calorie restricted diet, no carbs/sugars, 6 days a week at the gym. There is no magical medicine to make it better.




Translation - I have zero discipline to eat healthy and exercise. Instead of being an adult and taking responsibility for my poor decisions, I am going to have a victims mentality and think everyone else is the problem for not liking my unhealthy lifestyle.


Even if they’ve gained the weight as a protective barrier against trauma or abuse (which happens) it’s on YOU to get therapy for it. And just exercise. It’s not society’s fault at large that the world isn’t set up to accommodate 500-lb people. No person should be that large. Period. I’m saying this as someone who’s 30 pounds overweight


For real. It’s insane, almost every single person on TLC My 600 lb Life has the EXACT same backstory. Like wildly similar. Absent or dead parent, abusive step parent, gained weight as protection against their abuser. But they still desperately need help and to take initiative if they want to change their lives, not unconditional acceptance.


Seriously I mean I don't hate you if you're fat but like.. is it that wrong to judge someone for not taking care of themselves. I would judge someone if they only brushed their teeth twice a week as well


"The erasure and isolation of fat people" I mean you'll get erased by diabetes anyway


My doctor just told me I needed to lose weight due to health reasons. I am 290lb and my blood work is showing some possible future issues because of it. The facts are that its medically proven that being overweight puts you at much greater risk of developing permanent, life threatening illnesses and diseases. Nobody said that if you're fat you can't be beautiful. But diabetes, heart disease, and premature death are not beautiful. I'm gonna try to lose weight and if you are overweight you should too. For your health. Stay beautiful.


Truth be told, you should not hate are discriminate fat people, but at the same time you cannot like being fat.


Obesity kill around 300,000 Americans each year. My mom was obese most of her life. Even though she died of pancreatic cancer, I can’t help but wonder if she’d have lived longer than she did if not for being morbidly obese most of her life.


Just for those who were unaware, body positivity was originally for people with deformities from birth or injury. Miserable fucks, like the ones in this video, just basically stole it. Shit like this hurts yourself. It hurts other people that may have otherwise found their way to healthier lifestyles. Obesity hurts society as a whole because it, like smoking, is a preventable disease that soaks up healthcare and drives up cost. Having said that, being cruel to obese people is fucked up. I mean, the whole world can always use a little more kindness. But, jesus christ no one owes you a fucking parade and stop lying about being "healthy at any size". To paraphrase Bill Burr, what am I supposed to say when I see a fireman carry a kid and old lady out of a burning building? That's so brave? You know, brave, like the fat celebrity that took her clothes off in front of a camera? Fuck that.