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The dog came running to the man afraid of the woman, which made me think what other horrible things this woman has done


The man took the dog and it now has its own instagram. It looks like it's living its best life now. [https://www.instagram.com/movieflare/?hl=en](https://www.instagram.com/movieflare/?hl=en)


that is so cool what a lad


Yeah Movie's owner takes care of her very well. The dog trainer is very good too as far as I can tell. I also find interesting how many dog trainers use French commands for certain breeds (Movie is Belgian Malinois). edit: [like in his video of Movie at the dog school](https://www.instagram.com/p/CMXZBGghmIN/)!


What happened to the woman?


I did a quick google search and I can't find anything about her. Looking at her eyes there's clearly something very wrong with her. It would be good if she got the help she needs, but at the same time there really needs to be stricter controls over people buying pets.


Her eyes look painted on. It’s really eerie


She has “the stare” going on. Looks like maybe hypomania and not drugs because her pupils aren’t dilated.


Yeah I think I counted only one eye blink the whole time.


which only suggests two things, either the girl is on drugs or maybe she's got some serious anger issues (from chronic use of drugs) to a point where she becomes completely desensitized towards other living beings and loses her sense of differentiating between what's good and bad. She needs a therapy because she could also have an underlying mental issue.


This has all the signs of alcohol. Chronic alcoholism hides in the shadows in some cases.


Not trying to disprove your theory but not all drugs dilate pupils. Some constrict and some affect the pupils none at all. With what I’ve experienced (not me, but patients I’ve had in the past) synthetic weed or “legal” will have this look on people. Blank stares. Irrational aggressive behavior, or sometimes irrational fear behavior, it really depends on the person on which flight or fight switch they tend to lean to. But their pupils are otherwise responsive to light as they normally are when sober. I have a strong feeling this is what this woman was high on, although I can’t say for sure from just a video, just too many parallels from what I had to deal with. Source: used to be a licensed EMT.


True. I was rewatching and noticed the flat affect as well. So it could be drugs, or something serious like Schizophrenia. Either way, she needs some serious help.


She was sluring her words a bit. Let’s just hope it’s just drugs.


Right? Does she even blink really?


Meth. Meth was the answer. Count the blinks


With video evidence of her throwing a puppy as a weapon, id say a littke case of trial for assault, lost job and hated by people. But thats just my take


She really lost the crowd when she weaponized the puppy.


I feel she started to lose her crowd when she was fuckin racist honestly i just fucking hate her and i think we can all agree on that


AYYYY thas epic to hear


The music someone put on this video is horrible. The video is crazy enough without it. Also that chicken looks high as fucking fuck.


Thank fucking god. That woman was awful, and so obviously high on somethin


Her eyes and mannerism say psychological problems rather than drugs... she needs medication.


I’m not an expert on either so I won’t dispute your take




Yes but the last update on the puppy was in April at training and nobody's heard of the dog since. He is even asked multiple times by lots of people, where the dog is.


In one of his posts with the dog he said "miss u" with a broken heart. Can't see the comments because I don't have an insta but... Doesn't look great.


https://instagram.com/movieflare2?utm_medium=copy_link He was hacked and made a new Instagram account.


Well he didn't have to make socials for the dogs in the first place so maybe he was overwhelmed by people asking him about the dog every week and doubting he's taking great care of it. He has no obligation to update anybody on Movie's life, and people seems to be quite agressive toward him in the comments.


What a good dude. As a feminist I would have knock her ass out when she threw the dog


What does being a feminist have to do with that?


It's like being vegan. You have to say it before any other comments.


Well, as a canibal rapist murderer tax cheat, I understand this.


As a one of the invading martian repto-lords, what the fuck


I understand that not paying my taxes and falsifying records is a tad extreme, but times are hard.


Equal rights equal fights?


"I Can Excuse Racism But I Draw The Line At Animal Cruelty"


In this context, one is words you don't like and the other is physically harming an animal so...yes?


The person you're responding to is quoting an episode of community https://youtu.be/15QFAppht5o


Ah thank you, I don't watch anything with Chevy Chase that isn't called Caddyshack so I didn't get the reference


If you hate Chevy Chase, there's a good chance that you will enjoy Community. There are a couple of episodes that are too nice to him, but mostly he's treated as a bad joke of a person.


Fletch? Vacation?


No worries, it's a fairly specific reference haha Would definitely recommend giving community a shot, it's a fantastic show


He took the dog in, so the dog did make the correct choice there.


Dog smarter than the woman


Dogs do recognise bad people from good people, so clearly it was.




I disagree, Prison labor is a better choice. The death penalty is a waste of taxpayer funds and has no public safety benefit, When inmate labor is used to create goods for use within prison, this serves to reduce the costs of running the prison, which reduces public spending on prisons. Examples of this might be making soaps and cleaners to be used within the prison and other prisons around the state (such as the case in Illinois's Stateville Correctional Center); making clothing, coffins, and mattresses to be used within the prison itself (this was once the case in Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola), or more controversially, making goods to be sold outside the prison, such as clothing. This is generally favorably received by the public that often scrutinizes and challenges state expenditures on prisons. Now both public and private prisons alike profit off of cheap prison labor. ... Aside from the federal prison industry, state-run prisons generate millions in profits, making prison labor an industry worth over $1 billion. Federal and state-run facilities aren't the only competitors in this market. Behavioral Rehabilitation is also a good way to help this lady to be better, Behavioral rehabilitation helps people learn to manage inappropriate actions that may cause problems relating to family members, friends, co-workers and others.


She has the crazy eye, I'm pretty sure she is going through a psychotic episode.


People who experience psychosis are said to 'lose touch' with reality, which may involve seeing things, hearing voices or having delusions. These can be extremely frightening, or make someone feel confused or threatened. In the United States, about 100,000 teenagers and young adults each year experience a first episode of psychosis, with the peak onset between the ages of 15 and 25. But just like you would in any other situation, if you're scared for your safety, immediately call 911 and ask the dispatcher for the police. Tell them that your loved one is psychotic, and explain you need help controlling their behavior and getting them medical treatment.


…and hope the responders don’t escalate the situation.


Agree with all of this but I wouldn't call the police unless you want to flip a coin on whether they'll just get shot.


This is precisely why we need to defund the police. Terrible terminology aside, it makes no sense for police officers to be expected to manage situations with people experiencing a psychotic episode. If 911 could dispatch a unit of mental health professionals there would be an infinitely better chance of actually diffusing the situation, less risk to everyone involved, and it would reduce the total number of police needed to keep the peace in any given jurisdiction.


It's weird to me how precisely you laid out the cost benefit analysis to justify your desire to punish this clearly unwell woman.


So slavery is justifiable if someone has committed a crime?


🤓☝️ um actually...


Why would someone use their right hand to lift a finger on the left side of the head?


Shush, your brain is too big


Thanks! I’ll shush now.


There is no situation where prison labour is a suitable choice. It doesn't matter what a person's done, you don't get use them as a slave, especially given the MASSIVE inequality in arrests and prison sentencing. I do agree about the behavioural rehabilitation, though. I don't know how much of this woman is crazy and how much is racist, but there's clearly some crazy.


So, you support slave labor, interesting.


> Death is the only suitable punishment for her, she is a waste of a cumshot the real cringetopia is inside the thread


Yeah this sub is full of edgy teens




Okay, Taliban


Holy shit what the fuck is wrong with you neckbeards. Harassing a man and abusing a dog is extremely shitty yes, but not fucking worthy of the death penalty. How can you be so out of touch with reality?




A black hole is the most painful death too a person ever.


Not slow enough


you technically get ripped apart for eternity, as when falling inside makes the rate of time slow down and approach zero


You technically choke to death in space because of the extreme body pressure without even getting close to the blackhole.


oh yeah, and you boil alive


Time begins too slow down once you go deeper in it


Theory of relativity left the chat


So kill all mentaly ill people is your solution?


Reddit moment


Yea. That made me want a to cry. Really good on the guy filming to immediately put the dog’s welfare on par with his own. That lady is crazy and awful and taking her dog in that moment because she clearly abused and abuses takes tremendous courage and character.


Send her to the gulag mate




Me-*sees this* My mind-wHat dA dOg doiN


For example she may have had stolen a dog.


For anyone who didnt read the article, she later came back and said she had mental health issues and then tried to accuse him of stealing her dog


And luckily the guy adopted the dog, named him Movie


I'm so happy. That dog looked like it had been through some serious shit.


According to his Instagram, he no longer has Movie, and refuses to answer why.


Did some digging, apparently the first account got hacked and he made a second https://instagram.com/movieflare2?utm_medium=copy_link


The most recent post on there is from April. His main insta says "miss u 💔" with a pic of movie. Much more recently than this post. Something happened to movie and he won't say what.


Looking at the comments Movie went for training. He is in a vlog from April this year so all is well


No one say anything else! We're leaving this on a happy ending, damn it!


Oh jeez, I missed that. I really hope Movie is okay


I'd like to think that he no longer has Movie because Belgian Malinois are a full time job and no one should get that particular breed unless they're ready to give it constant activity. Good on him for taking that pup out of the situation, but if I was gifted a Malinois today I'd look for a prepared and engaged owner asap. For reference: https://youtu.be/8HLcFZNje_w


Yeah I’d personally never own one. I work with dogs and do enjoy some breeds that other people feel are too much work (herding breeds), but Malinois are another level entirely imo.


When life throws a dog at you, adopt it and give it a better home 😌


Out of all the names he chose Movie? Well at least its better than Photo


Idk I kind of like it!


Could be pronounced "moh-vie" instead "moo-vie".


Here’s the article just in case anyone was curious https://scoop.upworthy.com/woman-throws-puppy-at-black-man-he-gives-it-a-new-home


So good for the puppy


Too bad he's got video evidence of her literally giving him the dog and walking away


Uh yeah......her eyes tell the whole story.....


She was having so kind of mental episode, she barely blinked at all during that encounter.


Her target fixation was insane! I hope she gets the help she seriously needs and can start to make amends for her shitty life choices.


This is an old video...not sure but I believe she was arrested.


Dude kept the puppy too!




Here’s the article https://scoop.upworthy.com/woman-throws-puppy-at-black-man-he-gives-it-a-new-home


Pretty sure she got the help she needed as well, IIRC. I hope she’s doing better now but who knows


If true I am glad for her. Unfortunately if the roles were revered, the "help" the black man would have received would most likely be prison time. Big assumption, but not a far-fetched one in the USA.


Came here to make that comment, her eyes were fixed constantly


It’s called meth


Yeah that’s meth


If you look at her eyes it looks more like opioids than meth


The behaviour just feels like a lot of the meth users I’ve encountered. I’ve had a similar experience as this minus the dog with a woman staring cold eyed at me high out of her mind on meth trying to fight me but honestly I feel like the woman in this video might be speedballing she’s so hyped yet so terrifyingly calm




Yeah, the thing is, nobody behaves like this bc opiod. Source: shot, smoked, snorted, and popped lots of opiods.


[it's called meth](https://www.reddit.com/r/Cringetopia/comments/p8m6oh/women_so_upset_with_mans_skin_color_shes_throws_a/h9rkxhc?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


Even if it was an episode of something you can hardly excuse that way of acting regardless. If that happened because of an episode and that's something that can will keep happening she can't be trusted to have animal's


May the dog be happy with someone else


the dude taking the video, adopted the dog. pretty nice. source: [dude, trust me'](https://metro.co.uk/2020/10/13/man-adopts-puppy-woman-hurled-at-him-in-street-during-racist-attack-13412732/)


The quotation marks around racist is a liittle weird


Oh wow she nailed walking like a Skyrim NPC.


Jfc, I hope she gets what she deserves. That poor guy and puppy. I hope he managed to keep it


[He did](https://www.google.com/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2020/10/13/man-adopts-puppy-woman-hurled-at-him-in-street-during-racist-attack-13412732/amp/)


Justice at last


It's nice to see a happy ending on this sub, I've checked the Instagram and the little puppy looks so happy. It's great for (what I think is either malinois or German shepherd) to have energetic owners. The video of them jumping on the bed together made great eye bleach... and the way little bugger follows him around everywhere. The guy recording is a golden example of a person, and while crazy lady was the focus of this video, it's important to acknowledge the good character of this man as well.


Omg thank you. So glad they're doing alright. I'd donate if I wasn't poor rn


This is really old




What the fuck


r/gangstalking The person who commented likely has schizophrenia and is delusional to the thought that they are being "gangstalked." It's depressing and distressing as fuck that there are people who believe in this kind of insanity.


Is that it though? Shouldn't she be done for animal cruelty considering its literally on tape? Edit: don't get me wrong I'm super happy for movie just don't understand how she gets away with it


Animal cruelty? Indeed but what about the other laws she's breaking like attacking an innocent man


Yeah you are 100% right. I hope he sues her fucking ass. It's just that with assulting the victim has to press charges themselves but animal cruelty should be added since movie can't press charges. If that makes sense. Sorry if it seemed insensitive




Pretty sure a lack thereof. Most likely a smorgasbord of mental health issues combined with the possibility of her not taking her antipsychotic medication.


Mental episode, assumably given her lack of blinking, throwing the dog, consistent assumption of things and that she admitted to having mental issues


So many drugs. She doesn’t even blink. Creepy af.


Update on this situation: The dude raised the dog and they homies and shit. [https://www.instagram.com/p/CGL6b1XlvuH/?utm\_source=ig\_embed&ig\_rid=7a654df3-f182-4479-9a4e-a5c768f045d5](https://www.instagram.com/p/CGL6b1XlvuH/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=7a654df3-f182-4479-9a4e-a5c768f045d5) Other recent: [https://www.instagram.com/p/CN\_hk5LF59Z/](https://www.instagram.com/p/CN_hk5LF59Z/) (doggy training)


Thing is tho, that recent post is months old and the caption is miss you Some comments say she's in training but it's been months and also the dog account hasn't been updated since last year Seems a little sus


[this comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/Cringetopia/comments/p8m6oh/women_so_upset_with_mans_skin_color_shes_throws_a/h9s4ruo) says he was hacked and made a new account.


Lol she has the body structure of a cartoon character. It reminds me too much of Beth Sanchez


Meth Sanchez


the way he picks up the dog without even thinking that it'd slow him down if she pulled out a weapon. this man was being assaulted and he had the empathy to protect the dog as well. 100% he deserves to keep the pup, he's going to do a great job taking care of them and he's so much better than her. did she get arrested for this attack? this is clearly assault and a hate crime, and i'm sure the state could add on an animal abuse charge too. the evidence is right there.


This person needs proper mental treatment, if that isn’t clear. She needs a psych ward and proper medication, not prison.


i mean, a plea of not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect exists for this exact reason. she still needs to be held accountable, she doesn't get a free pass at the law just because she has mental health issues.


What a peice of fucking shit, what a waste of oxygen, I hope her mother regrets even having her. The fact that bitch has a dog sickens me, How much of a waste of resources do you have to be that your dog is so scared of you that it runs to the arms of a complete stranger. Hope this lady rots.


The guy ended up keeping the puppy, so it's kind of a happy story in the end.


The puppy is verry happy with his new owner


He apparently launched a go fund me to help with puppy expenses and took the money but no longer has the puppy.




Instagram. @movieflare is the dog’s Insta and he’s with a new owner.


Hopefully people like yourself have no say in how we handle those with mental health issues in this country. Hard to believe you arent getting downvoted into oblivion for your psychotic hateful screed, but then again this is reddit so...


Idk what it is that gets me so pissed of when people intentionally hurt animals or use the as a weapon by throwing or swinging them but it just makes me want to slap the hell out of a person I just hate it, it’s not always a mental thing for those people.. some are just major pieces of shit


I don’t really get angry but when she threw the poor dog and it started to cry it pissed me off so much. I hope that lady got arrested because fuck that crazy bitch. Dude should have hit her or something


If he hit her or even pushed her away he would have gone to jail.


That man has video proof of her not only being racist but also animal cruelty so there's a good chance of her going to jail


This woman needs medical treatment, not jail.


She looks like off brand Nazi poster girl




My new favourite subreddit!


Is a specific subreddit for people who love to see Pieces of shit humans suffer not only pain but financially to


I have a mental issue… ive had a mental issue since I was… she said this after she the the puppy at him. Awful situation, I believe she is out of her mind. Her eyes were crazy and she needs help. I had a good friend that was bi polar and I really want to believe this lady can be a better person and not be racist or throw puppies if she receives the right treatment.


She looks like an NPC from some poorly made 90s horror game.


big anger


Poor dog. Thankfully it’s in better hands now. I think she got charged and he kept the dog. But the way the dog immediately hides behind the camera guy tells you everything you need to know.


She's saying she's got mental health issues but that doesn't giver her the right to do this let alone to an innocent puppy fucking crazy bitch she doesn't need help she need to go to the fuckin psych ward nasty waste of sperm acting like a victim after she did that atrocious shit disgusting by looks of her eyes to she looks she does meth or something




Bruh someone with some mental issues literally has no control over what they do


Jfc, I would’ve been charged with assault for throat-checking that crazy c**t. The racist tantrum was bad enough already, but when she hurt that puppy, I would’ve lost it. She needs to be locked up in a psych ward.


john f cennedy


This now plays in my head when i see Jfc


i remember when this video first came out. still absolutely baffled, that poor puppy :(( so glad the guy got to keep it


If I had saw her throw the dog whilst I was walking past, I think she would be missing a few teeth and an eye.


This isn’t cringe she’s just a total piece of shit and I hope that man took the dog away from her. Absolute waste of skin.


She’s not all there


My heart shattered seeing the puppy hit the ground like that. Fucking Christ. I hope he contacts animal control and local sherif office to get her put in jail for animal abuse..and possibly assault with a deadly puppy.


I am usually desensitized to most stuff. But something about the dog crying in fear makes me wince every time


The dog ran to him, says it all.


I would have gone to jail after she threw the puppy


Woah woah woah. No body. No crime. Weigh your options.


This woman might be a paranoid schizophrenic and we're only seeing her in the middle of an episode. I know it's messed up what she does in the video, but have some humanity before witch hunting, because if she's having a mental episode what she did was out of her control, and someone filming her and shouting at her would've provoked it further.


>have some humanity before witch hunting Are you new here


To a point. If we’re making assumptions on her diagnosis I think we can also make the assumption she’s off her meds, in which case she has responsibility for her actions.


Holy shit I thought eyes were painted on her eye lids but those are her real eyes. Her eyes look dead. She’s definitely having a mental breakdown


She was probably high on something. And the man should’ve hit her back instead of “if you were a dude..” equality comes with rights and lefts. Poor pup, though. Shows what a psycho the woman must’ve been.


This entire encounter is just sad. She is clearly of not sound mind. It pisses me off what she did to the poor puppy, but I don’t think she really has much control over her actions here


Can someone with an insta acc read the comments on the last post with the dog? The dude said he misses her and I want to know if the dog is fine. Acc @mulaflare


This isn't a cringetopia post, this is a r/MakeMeSuffer post. This isn't mildly infuriating, this is MAJORLY infuriating. I hate this.


She walks like a NPC


Feel like this needs a NSFW warning. I can watch a lot of shut, but man I can’t watch animals getting hurt. It really breaks me.


Not a singlw braincell in sight


Looking at her face I'm gonna say drugs... I've had people like this come into the bar and it's always drug related.


This fucking upsets me. What has happened to society. I would take that dog to a new home or a vet or something. I would even adopt it.


Wish he would have laid that piece of shit out I don’t give a fuck what anyone says she deserves to get fucked up.


Can I request a title change to "racist bitch abuses puppy and insults a harmless bystander"


dogs are friends, not a fucking projectile


I actually think the woman needs help. She didn't look quite right to me. It felt very weird the way she stared blankly without moving or blinking her eyes. Very eerie.