Honestly, I doubt that senpai really said that.

Honestly, I doubt that senpai really said that.


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I just love to see people use the word "senpai" the incorrect way


Doesn't mean just someone above you? Like you'd say that to an upperclassman


That's exactly what it means


I mean go for it, but you must know that as soon as you post your image there will be positive and negative responses, it's just how it is, I don't see the point of complaining about it, as if it's gonna change something, if anything it looks like you're fishing for compliments to me.


look, don’t lie to people. don’t tell ugly people they’re attractive. if they ask someone out all confidently and get rejected it’s going to hurt a lot more


She’s not a even that fat, definitely playing it up that last one. Shiiiiiiiet let’s see her get to 300lbs and cosplay Shinji.


She looks damn good to me - soft, curvy, and she's dressed as my waifu, Sunset Shimmer. Just about everybody is fat these days. I work retail and you don't realize how fat people are getting until a thin person shows up and they look bizarre.


She doesn’t care if she’s too fat for the cosplay? So at what point does it stop being cosplay and become a questionable fashion statement? Cause you have to be somewhat able to match the character but that’s just me I guess


Nah Its not just you, my man. But your opinion does kinda suck though.


Nope fits perfect with the McDonald’s theme


If I was her senpai I wouldn’t know what to motor boat them fine ass Tiddies or that fine as belly ! Come here girl let me get that belly !


Wow, much respect. She, as many other unhealthy people before her, demand respect. She will demand it for her long life of 45 years as she succumbs to gravity.