Some good ol'cringe

Some good ol'cringe


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Linus tech tips got weird recently


Linus Meth Tips


Yep. Dude loks like a tweaker


Linus Meth Rips


^^ LOL or Linus Meth Trips


linus meth tits


Is there a way to unread a comment?


read it backwards and remember it on average and it will be jibberish


Linus Meth lips!?


Anus meth sick


Alright guys Linus Sex Tips here today we’re going to browse Porn Flash Games dot net on Arch Linux. You know what else makes me cum? Today’s sponsor. Glasswire is the network and fleet monitoring tool that puts you in control over your home or small business networking, allowing you to monitor both threats and faults at a glance as well as get notifications on your mobile device. Intro plays So the first thing we need to do is install Arch Linux, for that you’re going to want to set up a flash drive or maybe DVD with the installation media, but you need to be aware of your motherboard or laptops firmware, some older devices still use the classic IBM PC BIOS bootsector based boot process whereas most newer devices are going to use UEFI, we’re going to be doing this on an Acer Predator 21X which is fairly low end but it’ll do and it’s not new but its new enough that it still supports the newer UEFI style boot. We need to download the x86-64 and then just write that to a flash drive. To burn this image to a flash drive we’re going to use Win32 Disk Imager, really you can use any program, if you are on macOS you can do this from Disk Utility, if you are already on Linux or another UNIX-like you can use the dd utility. Alright so now we have this flash drive, and we’re rebooting the Predator. We need to go into the UEFI configuration menu because we need to disable Secure Boot else our Predator won’t accept the signature for the bootloader. You need to go into the Boot menu and set Secure Boot to Disabled. Alright now it’ll reboot, hit F12 repeatedly until you come up to this menu here, and then select an option labeled “UEFI”, your flash drives name, and ending in “PMAP”. Next we’re on the bootloader, just select that first “Boot Arch Linux (x86-64)” option. OK now the real fun begins. Now since we’re in Canada we’d normally go ahead and load a keymap but this is actually a US-layout Acer Predator 21x because Acer didn’t have any Canadian layout units available when we got this review unit so we can actually stick with the default US layout. Now here’s where some of you will be surprised if you’ve done this before in the past; we need to connect to Wi-Fi, but we won’t be using wifi-menu. Instead we’ll use the newer iwctl. Ok so watch...... first we list the devices...... scan for networks..... list em, there’s ours right there, now we just need to issue a connect, and... now it wants the password, get that in there... Cool. So now we should be connected, great. Alright now let’s test it so, type in “ping archlinux.org”. Oh that’s strange, we’re getting “network unreachable” error... ANTHONY! cut to Anthony Okay so I took a look with another machine and it looks like what happened was the access point Linus connected to had DHCP6 misconfigured to the wrong gateway and it wasn’t picking up DHCP4 at all, and so no packets were routing. After a couple hours of fidgeting with the Unifi configuration we just factory reset everything. pan to Linus, unamused Alright... so... at least now we can ping archlinux.org, the pings look fine, we can keep going. Now we want to synchronize the clocks. This might not seem important but it is actually very important because network protocols like TLS rely on the clock to be set properly and will not work correctly in some cases if it isn’t; and this is especially exacerbated by the fact that Windows sets the system time based on what it considers local time, whereas Linux sets the system clock based on UTC. If our dates mismatch, the TLS handshake will fail and we’ll get nowhere. So we need to run timedatectl set-ntp true... and just wait a few seconds, and it should be golden. OK. Now we need to partition the disks.... we’re just going to set up a simple LUKS encrypted root with an LVM2 group and throw some ext4 partitions under there, and then a separate LUKS partition for our swap, because we need that to be block aligned. LUKS is smart enough to reuse our passphrase for all of the other logical partitions so all we have to do is tell it which disks to mount and when the initrd is created we should be gucci. OK. Format those bad boys............ alright, now mounting.... (that’s what she said)..... oh right, lets not forget to turn the swap on as well, so that it gets properly saved later on. Alright now we want to run the command pacstrap to bootstrap our base packages, so we’re going to install linux, linux-firmware and base, that should be enough to get it all started. And while that’s going, I’m going to go refill my water (Psst, lttstore dot com.) OK... all done, looking good, so we need to generate an “f stab” (Anthony in the distance:) “That’s F S tab, it stands for File System Table” OK .... we’re going to generate an F stab, gen f stab dash U slash mnt, pipe appending to slash mnt slash etc slash f stab. Now we’re going to “chroot”, using the special “arch-chroot” command.... need to symlink the desired timezone info file to slash etc slash localtime, remember, no slash mnt, we’re now inside of the installed system root. We’ll use hwclock to setup etc adjtime. Now we gotta edit etc locale gen.... oops, vim is not installed... ok pacman dash capital S vim.... what the heck? Oh, we need it to download the index. OK make that a dash Sy. Now we’re cooking. OK and we’ve uncommented the locale so we can now run locale gen. Lets set the hostname... generate initram.... set the root password.... install systemd boot and OK! Great. Now we can reboot into our fresh Arch Linux install.... and we got login! Now, just enter “root” and the password... cool... now we need to install a desktop environment. Lets install GNOME for now. Pacman dash S.... gnome desktop..... oh. Oh god. So many errors. Hahaha, oh yeah, i need to connect to wifi; its just going through every mirror and failing because I’m not connected. Ok so i just run iwctl... command not found? Oh no. We forgot to install the wireless networking programs! We need to reboot into the installation media, unlock the LUKS volunes, mount the LVM volumes, arch chroot in again and install the programs we need. Alright guys that’s about all the time we have for part 1 of getting Porn Flash Games dot net running under Arch Linux, next time we’ll go off into a tangent about video card drivers, glvnd, video acceleration in X11 vs Wayland, and attempt to get Pepper Flash loading in a recent version of Chromium. If you want to see that be sure to subscribe and ring the bell, if you liked this video consider leaving a like, if you disliked it you know where that button is too, be sure to check out my Only Fans and I’ll see you next time.


Took an extra adderall?


More like an extra three. The tangent is very strong.


All of this for 8 upvotes.


it'd only been 10 minutes when you saw this. Also it's kind of amazing


I just don't want to read the whole thing. Or any of the thing.


i hate reading long stuff it hurts my brain


Get an browser extension to read for you. That's what I do.


You don't read books? Or do school work? Lmao


Yeah. Somebody give me the short version.


Tl;Dr Linus installs Linux and blue balls us by sticking the porn games in part 2.




Oh god the flashbacks.... I should have just installed Ubuntu.


Guy in the pick isn’t the only one on meth around here


Hello 911…


You certainly overdid it friend




Thank you this is much easier to read.


Reading this was the closest I've come to having an epileptic fit in two years


This is art in it's purest form.


Take my Wholesome approved thingy and leave


alright when i see a comment like this i know its time i get off reddit before im infected


I'll upvote for the first paragraph. After that, you'll need to sub to my Only (Raisin) Brans if you want me to read any further.


“You know what else makes me cum? Today’s sponsor” hahahahahah


If this isn't copypasta already, it should be


That was well worth the read


This kind of quality content is the reason I love reddit.


Oh shit man, this reminded me of installing redhat 6 from the CD in a book back in like '99. It was awful!


He can't find any more GPUs so he's had to branch out.


His head said \ /


If I was in the 6th grade, I may have called him 'pizza head' or 'lightbulb head', depending on how bulbous his cranium was. But I'm not in the 6th grade, so I will not being referring to him as 'lightbulb head' or 'pizza head' today.


This made me throw my head back and laugh George of the jungle style


Upside down triangle head ass


Well ya gotta call him something.


“How bulbous his cranium was” I never expected to hear that sentence. Well here we are. Thank you.


However phineas feels appropriate




they call me lumberjack face sharp like a axe in a hood ready to split your wife's asscrack like firewood 🪓😩💦💦


All these years, I wondered what happened to Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory.


Lmao he looks like a triangle


This IRL Phineas


Beat me to it. Needs a little shading and bulgier eyes, boom closest real life approximation to phineas


Home alone Kevin ageing badly


Mr. Burns when he was young.


The crimson chin when he was young.


I guess he thinks he’s cool or something?




probably how they discovered tobacco, burning fields for crops.


Or there was that one crazy dude in the village who just tried smoking every plant he ran into.


Good ol Johnny "Poison Oak Lung" Smith!


Shamans were a thing. You tried plants until one killed you, then the next guy stepped up. Usually one of your 14 children.


The nicotine from tobacco is actually skin permeable and will transfer from the plant into your system just by touch. So with tobacco at least, they knew it made them feel funny before they burned it. Probably.


They used to chew the leaves too, idk which came first. The smoke or the spit.


I would assume spit just because it would be so much easier.


That burnin', talking Bush from the Bible, my man.


"Take my burning left twig there and take a hit, bet you won't care to see God after this."


If it's strong enough, they'll see him.


Or laced with something


Isn't there an ayahuasca type plant found in that general area where Moses was. Could be that or I could be making it up


There are a lot of plants all over the world, and even some animals, that have been found to contain endogenous DMT in varying amounts.


You may be thinking of the acacia tree, which contains DMT and grows in the Middle East.


Hahaha a bunch of farmers just laid out flat like "... ... ... ... ... Whoa."


I wrote a paper on this in high school. Cannabis is a close relative of hops used to make beer. In ancient tibet they used cannabis to make oil, ropes, clothes, ans paper. One day a man was burning herbs as a remedy, and he discovered that whenever he burnt cannabis he felt enlightened. See here: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/06/oldest-evidence-marijuana-use-discovered-2500-year-old-cemetery-peaks-western-china


> he felt enlightened Imagine if this is how people talked about it today. Kids in high school would skip class to *get enlightened*. Very classy.


Mom it’s fine I was just enlightening myself aw jeez mom it’s not even a big deal come on please mom don’t ground me


"what the frick?!? I ordered an Xbox controller"


The better question is how did we start drinking cows milk


My ancestor saw a fat ass animal and suckled on dem fat juicy titz


*fat juicy teets FTFY


*teetz Fuck This Fuck You.




Don’t get me started on caviar


Some guy wanted a Gogurt, but his mom was being lame and wouldn't buy him any, so he squeezed a fish and ate it's gooey discharge. Dur.


Actually that one is super fun and very regionally dependent. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that mammals get nutrients from milk. Humans do it, and livestock animals like cows and goats do it too. Anyone who finds themself in need of nutrients might look at a cow and think “I can get calories and nutrients from this animal without killing it”. The trouble is how you handle the product, because depending on how you handle lactose, that situation could go two ways. But like any other weird food product, experimentation with how it’s prepared yielded results over time. In the area where lactose tolerance showed up a few thousand years ago (Europe) the people were able to use milk to make stuff like cheese and butter. In other places, the locals didn’t have the right mutation to handle lactose, so their milk derived products were more like yogurt (which does not contain lactose). So to this day the big cheese producers are areas like France, while middle eastern and Levantine cuisines often use yogurt.


I cannot count how many times I’ve seen this question in my time on Reddit. It really is a cycle


And it really isn't all that tough of a question to answer if you REALLY think about it. People weren't going around sucking on animals. Instead humans observed animals behavior to learn what was and wasn't safe to eat. Not hard to imagine that they saw a calf drinking milk and went "hey we make/produce milk. Calf gets big and strong, maybe it works the same for us."


6000+ years ago: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2021/01/humans-were-drinking-milk-they-could-digest-it#:~:text=Now%2C%20scientists%20have%20found%20some,tools%20to%20properly%20digest%20it.


You sound high. People having been extracting plant properties since it started. It's what we used to do when predators weren't eating us.


Cannabis has thousands upon thousands of years of historical use, it didn't start out being cultivated for high levels of THC in the buds for smoking. As far as consuming it for psychoactive purposes, it would have been prepared for eating in preparations such as bhang which uses pretty much all parts of the plant.


It's also been found in incense used for religious purposes at ancient holy sites in Israel


Yup lot of historical uses throughout Asia including the Middle East.


The plant does kind of look pretty crazy though


It really is beautiful


If people are dedicated enough to open coconuts and eat that 1 really poisonous nut this is nothing


I get what you’re saying for sure and I’ve wondered the same thing, but cannabis definitely has striking features that make it stand out from other plants around it. Specifically how green it is compared to other plants which is why it’s easy for law enforcement to find outdoor grows by doing fly overs in helicopters. Also they have very unique flowers and an extremely pungent odor.


I can’t tell if your quote is meant to be sarcastic or not.


So the theory is marijuana was found somewhere in the middle east originally. It was probably found by some herders when their goats or sheep were eating the plants and started acting funny. Which would make them look at the plant and test out out themselves. Marijuana isnt activated by eating in humans so most likely nothing wouldve happened at first but maybe someone threw the excess plant waste onto a fore and the rest is history. Allllll speculation but marijuana was used as a ritualistic herb for centuries and centuries by mages and even the oracles of Delphi used it in their ceremonies. So we found out about Lil Mary J a long time ago and we've been kicking it ever since.


So what year exactly did Earth become cool?


The first ice age was about 2.1-2.4 billion years ago


Maybe it was how completely different and strong it smells compared to other plants? Even if you don’t know what it is, you can tell it’s potent in something. So someone being bored and deciding to see what inhaling it’s fumes does really shouldn’t be that hard to believe


Dude have you ever seen a cannabis flower..? It literally looks like it's from outer space lol. Not to mention the smell for miles. You have endocannabinoid receptors pre programmed into your brain due to it being consumed by your ancestors regularly for so long. It's not a far stretch to think any normal person wouldn't bump into something that different from everything else and experiment with it especially when fire was a mainline form of defence, and means of cooking. Throw this dried plant on the fire, burns nice. Oh holy crap. I'm glad I picked the space plant. Cannabis has been reaching out to mankind for millenia. Nothing about it screams I'm a normal plant whatsoever. [/R/nothowdrugswork](https://www.reddit.com/R/nothowdrugswork)


I wouldn't say the plant doesn't stand out....the flowers are pretty unique and the plants smell STRONG.


I could be wrong but maybe burning different plants as incense in a poorly ventilated space?


Who is hating on him smoking weed? His mom and grandma? Lol.


When grandma gets tired of old age pain and docs slacking up on those pain meds, she won't anymore. Everybody's a critic until that chronic pain sets in and you see your life winding down. I've done a litany of things the past ten years that I never thought I'd be doing.


My grandma's a stoner cuz of chronic pain. I mean she was back in the 70's to but of course she had to lie to me in high school so she wouldn't look like a hypocrite for telling me not to smoke it.


I didn't start smoking until my 40's. I didn't even like the taste of alcohol as an adult (didn't like that warm feeling in the stomach). Now? After dealing with chronic pain, depression, PTSD? I'm a walking, talking self experiment that's smokes with the kids.


I don't blame you. After I turned 21 I started smoking with my uncle and grandma. Mom used to smoke with me too.


Who is the comment about? Lmao


Did I just out myself? *takes a puff*


It’s kind of an all-in-one for me. It helps with nerve damage, chronic pain and nausea, PTSD, depression, generalized anxiety, and more! I still require a fistful of pills to live, but it’s a lot less pills with medical marijuana.


Wow! A fellow "fist full of pills" person. Glad to see you're making it! "Fist full of pills" member myself, and with every new trauma that erupts...well, I'm sure you know how it is.




question. if you had made your kids life hard because of things you were so against but now have turned the corner on, how would you handle that?


I respect the use, it's just some people that smack the fact of them smoking weed and how it is beneficial or some shit in your face that are really annoying, but I guess it's the vocal minority, so no worries


The US Government.


Depends where he lives i guess




"Old cringe is the new haha" - Nietzsche


I remember being 16 and thinking it was cool to smoke weed. I still smoke, but I don't think it makes me cool.


I smoke meth now


Which *definitely* makes you cool


You know it


Ice cold


Next level cool


Gotta smoke something.


Its now cool to smoke weed and be so good at hiding it nobody knows. Its like being spy... Only everyone knows and doesn't say anything cause if you dont smoke you're a miserable asshole to work with or be around.


Shit! I'm one of those people who doesn't want him smoking weed! He knows this about me but he posted a picture anyways!


My guy’s out here looking like Sid the Sloth


He’s over here smoking the last dandelion




Cringe. People who make weed their personality are sad. Its a vice, and thats 100% fine to enjoy, but basing your persona around it is cringey as fuck. Edit: Judging by the replies to this comment, weedbros can't read either.


Opium is how we got high before weed


Realistically, all things people base their personality around becomes cringe at some point. Oh, you're into real estate? Fashion? My my my.


Yeah I think you hit the nail on the head there. The point is not the thing you build your persona around, it's being such a unidimensional person




> Its a vice It's also 100% completely legit for therapeutic, Dr. prescribed, medically-approved, purposes... It **can be** a vice...it can also be medicine.


Yeah. So i used to have seizures as a kid but they went away in highschool. I never peiced together that they started diminishing as i started smoking. Thru my younger adult years i smoked daily. Never saw a glimpse of a seizure. But me and my family just believed i had grown out of em. Fast foraward to later adult life, i drop smoking all together just to take up a sober lifestyle for a change. GUESS WHAT CAME STEAMROLLING BACK INTO MY LIFE. (Just an FYI they are abscense seizures and never really devolved into grand mal type)


Seems like smoking weed regularly is in the cards for you. Great to hear it helps with the seizures




I’ve been taking medical weed 2 times a day for years (for nerve damage), there’s lots of great options out there! You can even get 95% CBD 5% THC to take during the day so you don’t get high from it. There’s lots of ways to safely take cbd/thc so that it doesn’t interfere with your life like the stereotype of a pothead would (like taking it in oil form so you always get a consistent dose). You should really consider talking to a doctor and seeing if you can get a referral to a clinic that can help manage the meds.


It helps with autism mood stuff for me. I can get caught in really rigid negative internal monologues and THC helps me break from that on the daily. It also helps keep my appetite up to counteract the appetite suppressant effects of my stimulant meds for ADHD. I'm a recovered anorexic so being able to enjoy my food and not just choke it down is pretty important to maintain recovery. For sure it can be a vice though and I have to make sure I'm not using it as a way to avoid dealing with my problems in life. It's not for everybody and it's sad when people think smoking weed makes them inherently more interesting/cooler/special.


It can also be a really fun time.


Dr. Medicine Vice M.D. 😎


I mean same deal with opiates.


I have become the weed


Ahh jim lahey reference. Very refreshing.


I bet he's smoking some shwag anyway


His head like \ /


Dude looks sick. Like, unwell.




You gonna light that shit or not


He's going to grow up to be that guy who thinks the government is tapping his phone because he's just too dangerous to society and will never stop telling you about it.


Where’s my sweatshirt?? ~his mom, probably.


Ahh the edgy teen phase where you imagine that the whole world revolves around you. Hopefully he'll grow out of it or we'll get more content




Chicken nuggets


Dig Bick energy


Weed Smoker




> I am not a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Which one?


How can a face be so triangle?




I’ve never, ever seen a face shaped more like a Dorito in my life


i dont like him smoking weed, cuz i smoke weed and i dont wanna be affiliated with this at all


What a rebel


I mean your mom who wants you to move out of her basement and you boss who is sick of you showing up late? You could have just texted them this pic.


He more seems like he doesn't like to share with his homies


Well he paid $30 a gram who would LOL.


not everyone who doesnt like a thing is a "hater"


i wonder what that one comment is? 🤔


The one person asking who he even is


He needs to catch a fee rays of sunshine. He's looking like Edward Cullen


im pretty sure the only haters out there that don't like that he smokes weed is his parents and grandparents.


How to smoke weed, for dummies.


They think they got haters when in reality they dont even register in other peoples head.


Idk what you talking about he seems to be the coolest guy I ever seen


Me @ my mom


That pipe still looks clean. If you take pictures of yourself like this and you barely started smoking this is decent cringe. The smug grin and his eyes give a Indian joker vibe to


Oh by the way, completely off topic but, Seahorses. Forever.


You say smoking out of clean pipe means you aren't a true stoner?


Oooooh and r/cringetopia / r/Gatekeeping double header!


his mom: brandon did you take dad’s tobacco pipe again?


edge lord king


Your boyfriend?


Looks like Ben Shapiro doing the Kubrick stare


Some people shouldn’t have to lie


He's so cool and edgy. I want to be like him.




This guy is a non-ironic /r/the_pack


He’s got that phineas head


He looks like a background character in the Hobbit


That face…that goddamn face


Look like the fbi took his chromosome


this is a cool post leave him alone


He’s super pale, skinny almost grey looking. I think people are probably concerned for him. He should stop smoking weed


Old stinky fingers😝


It's legal. No one cares buddy


Ugh, I hate that he smokes weed so much!!