The mods here are honestly so annoying and cringe.

The mods here are honestly so annoying and cringe.


At some point, a new cringe subreddit will emerge and drown this one, just like this one drowned r/Cringe


just like the theory that at a certain point in time, the universe will return to a singularity point, and everything will restart. kinda r/iam14andthisdeep but idk


I made one called r/CringeCornicopia because you said that, want to be the first mod since it was your idea lol?




Good effort but i feel like if its going to happen, it would happen eventually, gradually, and naturally. If we make a whole new sub and announce it here, everyone will join and post, even the scum who post obv satire and such. Scum will become usuals and overtake sub. Sorta like yiffinhell. You didn't deserve the downvotes tho


Damn, I didn't even notice the downvotes til you replied aha. Honestly I don't mind, I was expecting it when I self promoted on a page full of people who like cringe. As for the sub bound to turn to shit, all I can do is hope it won't be as bad. I've had run ins with both r/Cringe and r/Cringetopia mods before on alt accounts, getting banned for the stupidest of reasons. Mostly I'm just trying to stop mod cringe and also unfair banning, so hopefully I can achieve that


This is sad


All they do is pin their own comments and they think that they are being funny when actually it’s just cringe. I guess it makes sense, cringe subreddit has cringe mods. Edit: Also this https://i.imgur.com/aB74nVf.jpg They don’t accept it


When the students are having fun and the teachers think they're "in" on it..


That mod who replied to the simp paying 10 grand to meet a girl. He can say its satire all he wants but with his post history, 100% cringe.


Was it that manuuu asshole by any chance? Dude has serious issues. Needs to fuck off.


Hes a man child, he's saying cringe shit like Guy "you need to go outside ffs" Manuu "I've been riding my motorcycle for 2 hours kid 😎" Its so fucked.


“Lol guys it’s a social experiment you dumb uneducated swines”


Hey I was there too


are you guys genuinely 12 or something? it is literally mods pinning their message. that's it. it is not worthy of 20 posts of how the mods are so this-and-that, I DONT CARE ABOUT IT. also can we talk about the fact that you are also a reddit mod and you also pin your comments lol? (yes i am aware of the fact that they aren't jokes, it was just something funny i found) update: after finding this [https://www.reddit.com/r/Cringetopia/comments/nniawu/when\_cringetopia\_mods\_need\_to\_be\_posted\_on/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Cringetopia/comments/nniawu/when_cringetopia_mods_need_to_be_posted_on/) i have now changed my opinion.


Pinning a comment about something noteworthy is not the same as posting the same unfunny joke trying to be cool and pinning it to the top, abusing the mod power


ehm ehm, did you read what I said after it? It wasn't supposed to be some serious hypocrisy call out lmao, i literally said the same thing 2 words later, i just found it kinda funny


Ah ok. My bad


no worries mate. have a good day!


Why the downvotes? He is right.


Cause he is wrong, pinging a joke so useless and not funny in almost every post with over 2k upvotes is cringe.


If its useless why do you care about it? It's not even that cringe.




sargentsteve is just like this


To be fair to the mods, they're the only sub which hasn't banned me..I've been banned 8 times on Reddit, for aruging with people. I put a poll up asking about something ( I forgot) One option was "mods gay" They still didn't ban me. Good mods +1


You get into arguments 8 different times and expect people not to ban you???


Shut up


Lmao cringe mods running a cringe sub how ironic


Cringe turbo virgin mods


I think it’s supposed to be satire but just fails


the past few days have been especially bad.


shut up mod edit: guys I’m joking. dont shit on mods


guys mods have feelings too


Cambino is kinda chill honestly


I like Cambino he's cool


Yes yes he is


Eh it aint harmfull just scroll past. ​ Altough the mods not removing satire is the real mod cringe.


"Eh it aint harmful just scroll past" If people started following your advice, this subreddit would be an empty wasteland


They're better than the crybaby hoes in r/actualpublicfreakouts t hat report you until you're banned


Honestly, the second pin is kind of funny




Yo that’s me


First post is cringe for sure, but I can respect the man doubling down.


How does your Reddit look like that, I love it


Let people have fun and learn what cringe actually is. A good mod pining something is not cringe , he feels accepted and part in the community and wanted to share something funny. I am pretty sure you force your face muscles to cringe all the time which is extremely cringy if you think about it. Cringe is supposed to be a reaction like smiling and happens without forcing it. So stop cringing with everything because thats makes you a whinny lb.


No not really. A mod pinning their OWN comment is like laughing at your own joke, and it makes you seem like an egotistical douchebag.


Worst is that they try to past it off as "Satire" Keep telling yourselves that mods


Yea then they try and call us dumb for “missing the joke”! Excuse me but how tf am I supposed to understand sarcasm from text (without clear indication like “/s”)?!?!


No. because the original post was something about furries shit and the mod pinned that comment. Which means he tried to make a joke about himself being a furry , which is not that bad of a joke imo.Because you know the average mod is a fucking morron that has a god complex. So he was trying to make a joke about mods in general. I have seen far worst pinned comments talking about politics. Thats cringe.


yeah, he made a joke, but then pinned it. that's the cringe; like the other guy said, it's like laughing at your own joke


Ok whatever u say... Edit: since u edited ur comment I’m gonna add something. Even if he was making fun of the mods, by pinning his own comment, he was being hypocritical because he was doing the exact thing he was making fun of!