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Russian forces need to be held accountable for war crimes. This is awful. A mass grave is one thing....but a mass grave of TORTURED individuals is a fucking crime.


The same way that they were held accountable for the atrocities in Chechnya, you mean? It's really amazing that people are surprised about this, this has been happening for centuries.


Exactly, and not just Russia but every country is accountable for killing the innocent and working for “the greater good”. If anyone thinks their country isn’t involved in killing their own just look at the poor homeless people. And during times of war, if civilians interfere with military operations they can be held accountable and sentenced to death, those deaths can not be held under crimes against humanity. In today’s day it would be extremely hard for anyone to hide a mass murder. If it happened there would be video of it.


History repeats itself


Why worry about burying them individually after torturing them? Wasn't it better to throw them all in a well? That kind of burial seems respectful not to mention that they still had ropes


I think the locals buried them


and they buried them gagged and with notes of their names?


Very late response i know, but a lot of the times these are done thinking no one will ever find them just so they can cover the atrocities and the true intention of the war so they don't look as bad to global media despite having a huge history of commiting atrocities in every war they have been involved in


Russia can't be held accountable, the same way none of our recent warcrimes had any consequences. Only russia can do that and they obviously won't. Den Hag can rule whatever they want, but neither russia nor the US cares about whatever they could come up with.


these people weren’t tortured, they died fighting for a nazi controlled corrupt government lol. their loss


Fuck off loser. You have no idea what you are talking about.


The nazi controlled government run by a Jew. ​ Most intelligent Russia supporter


This comment is hilarious. The whole world is laughing at Americans yapping about russian war crimes. Did you forget the American war crimes in Iraq - Abu ghraib? The war crimes y'all committed in Afghanistan? Americans don't want their soldiers to be persecuted for war crimes by the ICC, so how could they persecute Russians?


On 15 September 2022, several mass graves, including one site containing at least 440 bodies were found in woods near the Ukrainian city of Izium after it was recaptured by Ukrainian forces during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The graves contained bodies of people who were killed by Russian forces. The Ukrainian government believes that over 1,000 people were killed during the battle for and subsequent Russian occupation of Izium. According to Ukrainian investigators, 447 bodies were discovered in one of the sites including 414 bodies of civilians (215 men, 194 women, 5 children) and 22 servicemen. Most of the dead showed signs of violent death and 30 presented traces of torture and summary execution, including ropes around their necks, bound hands, broken limbs and genital amputation; others might have died from shelling and a lack of access to healthcare. On 26 September, President Zelenskyy said that two more mass graves had been found "with hundreds of people". On 15 September 2022, after Russian forces were driven out of the city in the Kharkiv counteroffensive, a large number of mostly unmarked graves was found in the woods close to Izium. Amid the trees were hundreds of graves with simple wooden crosses, most of them marked only with numbers, whilst one of the larger graves bore a marker saying it contained the bodies of at least 17 Ukrainian soldiers. By 16 September, investigators had discovered more than 445 graves of both civilians and soldiers, with some of the identification and location of the sites helped by Tamara Volodymyrovna, the head of the local funeral home. Volodymyrovna had been instructed by occupying forces to only indicate the graves with numbers and record both the number and individuals names in a journal. Local firefighters were enlisted to help recover the human remains at the site, with one stating that after they unearth the body a moment of silence is held before the remains are quickly investigated for identifying characteristics or items. They are then placed in a bag and transported to a morgue for more detailed forensics. A minority of the casualties were caused by artillery fire and from lack of healthcare. According to the authorities some of the bodies had their hands tied behind their back and showed signs of torture. Oleh Synyehubov, governor of Kharkiv region said: "Among the bodies that were exhumed today, 99 per cent showed signs of violent death. There are several bodies with their hands tied behind their backs, and one person is buried with a rope around his neck. Obviously, these people were tortured and executed. There are also children among the buried." Residents who survived the occupation stated that the Russians targeted specific individuals and that they already had lists of those locals who were in the military, the families of military people, or the people who were veterans of the War in Donbas (2014-2022). They also said that in selecting victims they would terrorize the townspeople by publicly strip searching them. Volodymyrovna, claimed that she had been allowed to bury territorial defense members and some soldiers, but the majority of Ukrainian soldier casualties she was not allowed to bury and did not know where the bodies were located. The United Nations responded by stating they plan to send monitors to Izium. According to Ukrainian investigators, 447 bodies were discovered: 414 bodies of civilians (215 men, 194 women, 5 children), 22 servicemen, and 11 bodies whose gender had not yet been determined as of 23 September. Most of the dead showed signs of violent death and 30 presented traces of torture and summary execution, including ropes around their necks, bound hands, broken limbs and genital amputation. OP: https://goregrish.com/threads/izium-ukraine-mass-grave-excavation-sept-2022.93431/ Wiki: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Izium_mass_graves


I guess some weird things are how they specifically mention only a small minority were from artillery deaths. Almost preparing for the inevitable “artillery from both sides caused collateral damage” comments, For some reason its really popular right now to see two sides of an issue one side that’s good with a little corruption and another side that’s entirely evil with only a face mask of good, and people really love saying ‘both sides equal’ without a hint of sarcasm or intelligence. Another thing is how they said these are all the bodies of civilians and they’ve only found a few servicemen with them, and that the rest of the Ukrainian army’s bodies are yet to be found. Which gives it a really eerie air to it all, most likely it’s just another grave somewhere else, but really I’d hate to be the one who unsuspectingly discovered where all the bodies went


Weren't there reports of a mobile crematorium traveling with Russian troops at one point?


Yeah, but they were speculated to be used for dead Russian soldiers, with various reasons given, ranging from hiding the true scale of the war from Russian civilians (this is Ukraine's main take on it as well) to avoiding giving the payout to the dead soldiers' families. I suppose they could've used them on fallen Ukrainian soldiers but that just sounds like extra effort that serves no purpose. Considering Russia regularly employs scare tactics, it would probably be more beneficial to leave their enemies' corpses around than cremating them.


how weird that Russians gave them each a grave... 🤪


Did the Russians bury them?


Jesus, they’ve barely begun deteriorating. This is heartbreaking.


I've felt pretty detached from the war lately but this really brings it back for me, absolutely awful. Like another commenter stated, it's very strange that they were bound, probably tortured then murdered, but the Russians for some reason felt the need for individual grave sites.


I think it said a local townsperson buried them


Forced to I'd imagine, similar to how Jews were made to bury other Jews during the Holocaust. Yet the Russian government insists that they're "freeing" Ukraine from Nazis.


The difference with Ukraine and occupied territories in general is that everyone killed there was *from there*. They weren't strangers to the people who survived around them. They were at least a neighbour, an acquaintance, or worse - a friend, a relative, a loved one. To bury them with dignity and care is a basic instinct. The civilians killed in Izium (and elsewhere in Russian-occupied territories) were the family and friends of those in Izium who survived. The locals buried their loved ones, for the most part, of their own free will. I don't have exact stories for you, there's been so many and I've followed our war since the start, but there are plenty of first-hand accounts that came out as places were liberated (not only Izium, but Bucha/Kyiv region, Kherson, etc.) of people burying their neighbours and loved ones. People having to ask Russians permission to move the bodies of their husbands/sons/brothers killed for being Ukrainian. People *not* asking permission and secretly taking their murdered neighbours to the cemeteries at night to give them a proper burial, marking the graves as discreetly as they could. Videos where liberated survivors break down over the graves they dug for their loved ones in their own yards. They weren't forced to do this - they wanted to, no matter the cost. Further, there are even stories of Russians placing traps inside/around dead bodies (the so-called "растяжка" - trap that pulls a grenade pin when disturbed, they also left many of these in the homes they pilfered). They know we Ukrainians will want to treat our dead with dignity and love. They rely on this to kill more Ukrainians.


Their cruelty never ends. Hang in there my friend and stay safe.


That would also explain the crosses. I doubt the russian forces were compassionate enough to bury them this way considering they had already brutally murdered them.


People are so sick


And they say nature is more brutal than men


Death to all dictators


Mass grave sites. RIP to those poor souls.


What a horrifying sad day for those unearthing them. Why are people so horrible and yet some are so good?


That is just scary


Bless those people who carefully exhumed and documented every last person they could to restore their names and rest to their remains.


Fuck war


But why did they market them with crosses and many of them buried individually? Wouldn’t it be way more „easy“ to just dig up a few big graves and then bury them together? And why the crosses?




Oh okay makes sense


This makes sense that they were buried by locals, which, I can't even begin to comprehend their emotions... But if they were buried by someone who had some sort of respect for the dead, then... We knew this "cemetery" was there, right? The headline of this post makes it seem like it was totally unknown and discovered?


Nicely interred for a mass grave.


local townspeople buried them as another commenter suggested


yes of course


Those are all someone's babies. RIP


This is war. The fact that this has been going on for way too long already is disappointing. It's sad to see so many innocent people who lost their lives to horrible people.


Ugh - so horrible. Hard to look at. But LOOK, people!!!!!!


Full PPE, but no gloves?


right? no gloves moving bodies.


If you look closely, it does appear that they are wearing clear vinyl exam gloves.


The recovery efforts by these first responders and the like is astounding. The emotional damage that they are likely to suffer from will be everlasting.


Soldiers just….”following orders”


These victims need justice!!!!


Fuck, the smell musta been horrid


Why would invading forces bother to dig graves? Lot of extra work


Locals probably buried them or some Russian soldiers did. Quite a lot of soldiers don’t wanna be apart of this war and are forced so they might’ve done it out of respect and guilt.


This is so damn sad. I thought we were supposed to be done with this sort of thing as a species.


The way these people are treating the dead is actually quite beautiful in a way, at least the remains got to be treated properly one last time. Such a horrible situation.


This makes me so fucking angry. Dictators deserve to go through the same.


When I think of mass grave, I see a big hole in the ground filled full of bodies. Not an overhead view of a cemetery with marked graves & flowers.


They weren't marked with identities or had flowers, you're looking at what responders worked so hard on....


Y’all talking about Russia needs to be accountable for war crimes?? The U.S itself has created war crimes in the past & present yet nothing happens… fuck all countries involved.. & fuck your “patriotism”


Reminds me of that scene from behind enemy lines. Crazy.


In regard to the 15th photo, is it generally ok to maneuver a body like that? I would think that if it was that decayed, pulling on their arms like that could cause them to detach. I’m not a mortician, just an average appreciator of morbid stuff, so I really don’t know. (Also fuck russia and fuck this war)


I feel like people keep forgetting about what horrible things happen during the ukraine war. Recently, what happens in Islam takes over the media and now we’re “waiting” for something else to happen. Please don’t forget about the ukrainians, kids, parents, grandparents that were brutally murdered by the russian army.


All the work those Russian troops did to dig those graves then boom, dug up. I bet they’re pissed


I have to ask. For a war that’s not been going on that long. (Less than a year) some of those bodies are VERY decomposed like years. How can they be blamed kn Russia?


As a mortician I'd like to point out to you that being buried without a casket or protection would lead to a much faster deterioration and decomposition. Ever heard of the Knoxville body farm? Pretty interesting research, In some climates (not Russia's) a corpse can decay to skeletal form within a weeks time. I have to ask, do you seriously think Ukrainians would torture their own citizens, including children, and bury them bound for propaganda? This is one of four recent graves of this caliber to be discovered recently.


After 2020-2022 I believe people are capable of anything. A mass grave can be caused. Anyone. I’m sure there are tons of them in SA from the cartels. Crime is real even in Eastern Europe. Second. I’m concerned you automatically filled in the gray area saying I thought the Ukrainian government did this.


Given the other three graves almost exactly the same I find your questions quite bizarre. We've had several Russians or soviet sympathizers flooding this thread. Sorry you came off as one to me.


Yeah don’t know anything about the others but it was a question. Not looking for debate or anything. Just here to see crime scene photos and ponder humanity.


No problem, I didn't know if you were one of those ppl. Nothing wrong with curiosity, I report what's backed by articles. In such a political climate there i can understand questioning. I'm certainly not telling you what to believe here, that's all your own opinion to form for sure.


Idiots on the internet, what did you expect?


Oh, I don't let small stuff like that bother me anymore.


Very orderly for a mass grave.


Do you really think that after the Russians tortured these guys, they killed them and dug all these individual graves and add a nice wood cross over it?? Come on 🤣 Ukrainians don’t tell the truth on this one either


Wouldn't a mass grave be a single hole containing many bodies? Technically this is a cemetery or graveyard, one that was marked with crosses, meaning the ones who buried them weren't complete monsters.


That's after locals cleaned it up.


Look at the excavation pictures, there are crosses and separate Graves. I'm in no way justifying the deaths but when I compare this to what the Nazis and Soviets did, I see some form of compassion for the dead here.


Yes, what i don't think you're understanding is some survivors from the village went back and did this. Not the ppl who tortured and murdered them. They dumped them all in a mass grave at the time.


I'm just back from my first mission in Ukrania as a forensic anthropologist. I've seen this every day for 4 months


I don’t see Ukrainian wining this war, so why not come forward and get some solutions but their president is busy with celebrity lifestyle


These victims are shining examples of freedom, faith and solidarity. We could all learn a thing or two from them.








The US has been getting away with war crimes for decades. Did nothing already stop meaning anything?


ah yes, the famous US ethnic cleansings of the 21st century


I’m not seeing the mass grave, looks like a spurr of the moment cemetery. With individual graves that are marked


They weren't marked...identities weren't known or marked down. Family members had no idea where their missing loved ones were or if they were one of these tortured victims.


I seen the photos and videos of this when they first came out. I support Ukraine but you have to be able to separate when they are exaggerating for propaganda purposes. The graves were marked, you can literally see the Russian markings in the photos, the only ones that weren’t marked were probably bodies that weren’t identified before burial. I could be wrong about this next point. But back when these came out the only evidence the Ukrainians were giving as to why they thought the soldiers were tortured was that their hands and feet were bound. Which is a extremely common practice when moving bodies around, & not evidence of torture. I’ve seen Ukrainians moving Russians around doing the same thing.


Mass graves can also be called cemeteries depending on who. But with cemeteries, graves are identified as these ones are not.


Do you just believe everything you read? Do you see all the crosses with writing on them. They have identification on them that was probably pulled from their dog tags. Those were put there by the Russians. Just because you disagree with the Russians, I do as well, dosent mean you spew BS everywhere. You can literally see the grave markers in the pictures. And a mass grave is one hole filled with bodies, these look like a lot of individual graves to me


I see markers, but not everyone has them nor does every civilian killed have identification on them. Also cemeteries are specifically designated as a burial ground and aren’t typically brought up in a spur of the moment, especially not in wars. Mass graves or burial grounds are for disposal of human remains that are not fully buried or buried at all and are just covered with the surrounding earth. In war you don’t really have time to dig hundred of thousands of graves properly which would make that a cemetery. Some burial sites have identification but identifying people on the markers doesn’t make a cemetery. It’s all about how the burial was carried out with the circumstances going on.


I don't see a mass grave, I see a temporary grave site with individual graves. People die in wars and have to be buried.




The truth for me is that if there is a mass grave in say middle east or further, I don’t really feel that bad. It’s not ok or acceptable and I can syphatize with the pain felt by loved ones, but it doesn’t affect me personally that much. Maybe I’m a horrible person or something, but it doesn’t affect me as it happens so far away. But Ukrainians are so close to my country, Europeans, less that 1000km to front lines, similar to my nation in people, affected by russian decisions, it feels almost personal. Like I knew each of these people myself. I’m trying to keep this comment politically neutral since it’s not really the point of this subreddit, but it’s difficult. My heart goes to Ukraine, may peace come to each and every Ukrainian. And everyone else affected by this pointless, idiotic war.


Yeah fuck the middle east amirite, only scary when you might have to lift a finger when it's close to home. /S


ew no gloves


They're transparent


You can literally see the gloves though


7th picture in


there’s no need for gloves when it’s a body bag or any protective layer


For all the people that downvoted me, which of you want to touch a corpse with your bare hands?




I saw the comment you deleted 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡