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You know it’s good when Reddit asks me 3 times if I wish to view this post


I didn’t get asked it just opened ! What does that say about me?


It is in a way


Police are investigating whether the man killed with more than 100 shots from rifles in a luxury condominium on the banks of the Paranapanema, in Sertaneja, in northern Paraná, acted as a drug trafficker in Ponta Porã, on the border between Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraguay. A gang of about 15 hooded men used speedboats and boats to invade the luxury condominium on Thursday night (27), where Cleber Riveros Sevegoia, known as Dogão, was renting a mansion for R$25,000. He arrived 30 days ago at the site in a plane that landed on the runway of the condominium. According to the Criminal Police, the body has not yet been officially identified, because the rifle shots were in the head and face. His wife, who was with her son in a room of the house at the time of the execution, denied that her husband was the commander of drug trafficking on the border. OP: https://www.documentingreality.com/forum/f10/drug-trafficker-disfigured-15-killers-237494/ News article: https://portugal.postsen.com/trends/156016/Man-executed-with-rifle-shots-in-luxury-condominium-would-be-a-drug-trafficker.html **sorry for anything lost in translation, Portuguese isn't the easiest to translate to English**


Damn that is some spec ops shit. Considering the condos had their own runway I’m going to assume the place had decent security, wonder if they just dipped out when they saw a whole platoon showing up in speedboats ready to go


The security was probably corrupted by the enemy gang (the one that butchered the dude)


If that were the case they wouldn’t use boats and do it a night. Looks like a proper raid


They indeed did it at night. Why wouldn’t they use speedboats ? How would they get there ? By swimming ?


Usually those condos here in Brazil are large patches of land with inner streets and houses. Normal access is by public roads and condos streets. It's not the first time I hear of such invasions, they use the lakes and rivers because they are (most of the times) just fenced off I figured they'd just use cars/vans/bikes if security was paid off. But yeah, doesn't exclude the possibility.


Huuuuush 🤣🤣🤣


> Damn that is some spec ops shit. criminals of this tier most of the time have better gear than the police, and most of the military. (be fullauto .50bmg guns or RPG's) overall the place probably had security, but they weren't expecting a "small army" so they either bailed, or got killed very quickly. source: me, brazilian dude from the biggest pvp server from latin america.


Seems someone did not care much for this fellow. I mean, as in this looks like a revenge thing.


Anytime you need assistance with the portuguese translation, i would be glad to help.


Thank you!!


I wonder why these sort of morbid images do nothing for me anymore, am i too desensitized? Or does my brain just not register that that’s an actual human being shredded to pieces? I used to be physically sick from these, now nothing. On the other hand, a video of someone getting stabbed makes me very distraught. Or there was a video of 2 children accidentally shooting themselves circulating with no blood or gore in it but it made me sick for days. I think it’s just my brain not wanting to believe that’s a real human being. Idk.


I absolutely agree with you. Like animal cruelty will make me weep but meh, here’s a dead body that looks like a thanksgiving Turkey carcass - and I’m zooming in trying to identify organs.


That Sarah McLaughlin ASPCA ad with dogs in cages or outside chained up in the winter...I need an R rating disclaimer before watching it.


I literally get mad when it comes on. “Stop showing me this shit!” But then I feel guilty af because I realize most of us just turn a blind eye willfully. Bless those who don’t though. I could never be a vet. I’d end up offing myself after one day of seeing hurt animals, especially abused ones.


I think it’s because we know animals are innocent- even ones who might do bad things. They don’t do anything bad intentionally. They are pure deep down, all of them. We know humans are not, and we know this guy probably deserved it. He isn’t one of those civilians in Ukraine being shot up (their deaths make me physically ill)- he’s someone who has no doubt hurt others and caused pain. It’s weird.




For some reason I’m fine with any kind of photo and most videos, but some still really irk me, I think its mostly the ones of innocent people or bystanders. Seeing a robber get shot is fine, but a worker accidentally getting crushed would haunt me. Oof, that reminds me of the lathe videos… ☹️


This is it for me Gangsters, mobsters, drug dealers... butcher people, or order it, so im sort of ok seeing them butchered (to a degree at least) Its innocents i dont watch, crashes, work place, random stabbings/shootings, dog attacks etc i cant stomach really


should i even ask what the lathe videos are? 😬 i’m v curious


Lathes are large machine tools that rotate at high speeds. If a piece of clothing gets caught in it you'll either get off easy by being partially dismembered, or it can turn you into a human yoyo string. [Here](https://youtu.be/tKs9NmkxzLw) it is taking off someone's shirt


This happened to my dad over 30 years ago... at work the sleeve of his shirt got caught in a corrugator machine and it took his arm off... they managed to reattach it but he lost 2 fingers and his hand is basically a claw now


okay yeah that gave me enough of a visual that i’m not gonna be looking that one up today lmfao. thank you for the info tho i appreciate it!


I still haven’t been able to grow the pair to watch that lathe video


Don't. That is a thing I did not need to see and you don't either. That is not collection of images you need in your head It's not about growing a pair It's about being kind to yourself


I did. Most stuff doesn’t bother me, but that one did. You’re better off without it


It’s probably better that you don’t. These things do disrupt your humanity


It goes from human to minced meat so quickly, I think the shock factor is reduced because the guy certainly didn’t suffer


I asked myself the same question, why doesn't this bother me? I can look at pictures and (some) videos with no reaction at all. Makes me feel inhumane. But then I realised, it's sound. If I watch anything with sound, thats what stays with me, not the images but the sounds 😔 it traumatises me, still images and muted videos (some of them) are OK because I can let it go. Sounds stay.


I think our brain just doesn't comprehend that something this mangled and destroyed was once a human being


I’m exactly the same. Photos are fine but I’m dead scared of videos. One time I tried looking for that funky tow video out of curiosity but then noped out of it after the first second when I hadn’t really seen anything.


exactly! im completely fine viewing photos of the aftermath of accidents, but watching it happen in real time will make me unsettled for days


same here, I usually don't seek for videos because that makes me sick (sometimes) but when it's a crime scene or gore images I don't feel uncomfortable at all (as long as it has context and doesn't involve childs) btw sorry if it's hard to understand, english is not my native language 😵‍💫


Desensitized at this point sadly still doesn’t mean you don’t have any humanity


Dude you just described everyone on the Internet, we are just desensitized. On the other hand I physically wince at videos or photos of hand injuries, I even cry with those, can’t stand hand injuries I would certainly kill myself if I lost my playing


That’s neuroplasticity. When we do something repeatedly, the neural connections structurally change, making future neural “firing” more…comfortable, for lack of a better term. For example, say you touch your finger to your nose after every time you cough, and force yourself to do it…and keep doing it. You will eventually do it without consciously intending to (“second nature”). Your brain will have created a neuronal connection between coughing and the signals that send your hand to your nose after the cough.


There is a difference between seeing pictures of an aftermath and watching the whole actual thing happen in a video.


I remember that video :(


We are same lmao


This happens to morticians all of the time. Exposure desensitizes people to corpses.


Can someone explain to me why one pic shows arms attached and other don’t? Who took that picture? The killers right?


It looks like they are badly broken and mangled. In the image of his body, I don’t see any open wounds at the shoulders, so what was left of his arms are probably under his torso.


Good god, was is that worse in my mind?


Maybe because they probably mangled his arms to torture him?


Yes, seems they leaked some of their own from the attack. Seeing as he was wanted by police, they more than likely suspected he would rat the drug faction out. Or judging by the caliber of this attack, they may have known he already did.


What makes you say some of these photos are leaked by the attackers? They look pretty consistent as far as being taken in the same time frame. In each photo you can tell it's some time from the attack as you can see the separation of plasma from the clotting blood puddle. The plasma (yellow stuff) seems to be the same size in each of the photos. Unless the attackers waited hours (around 2) for the blood to dry and plasma to separate, and left just moments before the cops arrived we can't surmise it from these pics. I'm looking forward to any more info you have that led you to this.


Just a guess given the difference in quality. I'm no expert here.


To me it just looks like a difference in lighting.




They all have arms attached they're just broken/dislocated. When he's lying face down, his right arm is under his neck, you can see his hand a little bit on the left side. His left arm is at his side.


I honestly thought they were gone too, especially when police mentioned the word "tortured".


I did too until I saw that comment and took a closer look.


I always wondered why gangsters from Central and South America are always so fuckin violent


Does anyone know what the yellow fluid surrounding the blood is? Is it because the blood is coagulating?


It's fat


Either fat or white blood cells separating from red blood cells


It’s plasma.




“You think hes dead yet?” “I don’t know, hes stopped breathing and has bled out all over the floor. Lets empty 80 more rounds just to be sure.”


"okay he's dea- okay guys he's dead now- you guys- dude he's dea- HE'S DEAD!"




Please no disrespectful commentary or jokes here.


Slight wastage of ammunition


Maybe just a little 🤏 overkill.


With this level of brutality, he's was definitely deep inside the trafficking ring, and probably had information these people didn't want to get out. People planned this out. This took time and some pretty angry or scared people. Feel awful for the wife child who were there for this.


I think that’s gonna be a closed casket


Jeez that’s awful




idk what i was expecting but it wasn’t this


Damn he hasn’t even got a face no more


Jeez what kind of bullets did they use? That’s some big shell casings right there


Given its from brazil its likely 7.62×51mm NATO. (FN FAL and HK G3 are the most common rifles, with 5.56 AR's being a far second and russian stuff in third)




Please no disrespectful commentary or jokes here.


Sorry. Meant no disrespect. Comment removed


No worries, it's the only way we can attempt to keep the subreddit up with admins always coming down hard on us gore subs. Thank you!


I hadn’t actually read the sidebar rules but it does specify it’s not allowed. Thanks for helping :)




Please no disrespectful commentary or jokes here.


If he was smart he would have been an off duty cop.


Big Ed


damn guys i think he’s dead.. might want to double.. i mean, 101 tap him to be sure tho. fr though jesus he’s dead asf. kinda disturbing seeing like.. the yellow fat start to break down and leak out on overweight people


damn that is some crazy shit, security must have been tight but obviously not tight enough, these gangs are like swat units at this point coming in with speedboats n shit


He resembles my high school Spanish teacher, kinda sad to see this since I keep seeing him


So sorry :(


It’s cool I’m sure he’s still out there teaching somewhere


Anyway to get on documentingreality website? It’s asking for crypto and I don’t deal with that.


Agreed! On documenting. I went as I randomly due and it said I had viewed my limit and I messaged and he said he takes Crypto payments and I’m not doing that either.


The cartels do some wild shit but no one holds a candle to Brazil.


Probably a stupid question but what’s that yellow stuff with his blood?


Some think it's fat tissue, others suspect plasma separated from his blood.


Was he shot in the face? What happened there? Edit: never mind, just read OP's comment with information detailing it. Yikes.


I forgot what subreddit this was and my heart stopped


What’s that yellow stuff Edit: fat?




It's about sending a message.


“Na cara não, chefe, pra não estragar o velório!” Guess not!


Oh my god that’s horrendous


Great pics. Thanks for sharing!!


Thanks, you're welcome.


His hair >>>


Brazilian is always pretty horrific. Only two ways to end up in this business.


At least they never harmed his wife and child ?


To get this treatment i think his hands where deep in the cookiejar.


The fact that this was a human being, who laughed and had fun is devastating. No one deserves to be put in the same type of situation as this gentleman.


imagine you’re walking and you see this. completely unexpected. i’d be traumatized for the rest of my life.


holy shit fuck


Yo is it weird for me to be looking at these for curiosity and education at the same time?


I vote no! But I could be a weirdo.


Im seeing 30-06, 9mm, mahbe a .308 and .45. Damn


finally some brasil stuff the organized crime its pretty bad there




I'm certain they don't agree. It was meant to send a message to anyone else who threatens their operation.




This was done quickly in a resort with private security. They rushed up on speedboats James Bond style.


Anyone know if the dismemberment happened before or after the shooting? Feels like it could have been some torture going on there


I'm suspecting it was from the sheer number of bullets. Disfigurement.


You’re probably right :) I missed he still had his arms in the picture thought they were gone


I did too at first, others pointed out he fell on top of them.


damn wtf did he do 😦


Wanted by police. Either talked or was suspected to give up the drug faction.


I wonder if they cut the limbs first and then shot him


Seems they didn't cut any limbs off, I was mistaken. They're hidden under his mangled body.


Whats the yellow liquid around the blood?


I'm thinking either urine or body fat. Photo quality isn't good enough to make a determination.


They fr turned bro into an amogus character 💀


Man where do you even start... WHO DID MY GUY HAVE BEEF WITH?


The wrong ppl to beef with, a Brazilian drug faction/gang.






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Whats the yellow stuff


Fat tissue


… me personally


Stumbled on this reddit out of pure curiosity and god damn


I am sure is fine just a scratch


Holy shit those aren’t 9mm’s either. Looks like 556 of even 762’s


100 times 💀💀💀


Damn people are fucked up man


That life can’t be worth it


How does the corpse still have attached arms in the 5th image? In the previous ones, the arms seem to be missing.


Was the dude boutta snitch?


One of the round’s definitely hit him in the bladder you can see the urine pooling around his corpse.


What is that yellow stuff surrounding the blood pool?


What is that yellow-ish around the blood spot?