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Gotta be honest, pozing around the body parts like that at the end feels really disrespectful.


It's not meant to be in Thailand, it's a cultural disconnect for us.


what’s the idea behind it in Thailand? is it like a sign of respect or something like that? i’m curious, love learning about other cultures


No, I’m Thailand we’re Buddhist, the cycle of life and death isn’t a strange concept to us, many of us with it’s corpses since a young age, so it’s not really a taboo thing.


What do you mean? Are human remains not seen as being a taboo thing?


Did you know that human remains are eaten in some cultures? While in other cultures they are dug up and redressed every year. Still other cultures believe we came from dust and to dust we shall return so when they spread ashes over a mountain top and they get scattered to the wind, you may have been shitting on somebodies body when you went camping and took a dump in the Forest. In ancient times it was not uncommon to see dead bodies littered across the land. It was a dangerous time. You pissed somebody off and they put an axe into your head. People got raped, robbed and killed traveling from village to village. Bandits didn’t just steal your stuff. What I’m trying to get at is, different cultures, at different eras treat death in different ways.


Exactly that was my first thought, every culture is different


It is a formality. Look up Thai police re-enactments that’s where the finger pointing comes from. If they arrest a murder there will also be pictures of all the officers pointing at the suspect, [like this.](https://www.khaosodenglish.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/3-37.jpg) It seems weird to us, but it is a cultural thing and not including it in the news story would be seen as the police not doing their jobs.


Dude I love that picture and I seriously need more lol


They were all smiling, including the suspect.... Probably bc it's really odd and funny.............


Human remains are seen as a sign of death in all cultures But 1. Some cultures see it as a celebration of a legacy 2. Some cultures see it as rebirth 3. Diff cultures (Thailand in this case) have different methods of ensuring the legality of their reports


Yeah it makes me feel kinda icky. BUT I have to keep in mind it’s a different culture and death (tho this one is rather gruesome) is viewed so differently in other places.


It is very much a non American thing to do. Very common in mexico. Source: am mexican


My good friend visited us in NYC in early 2002 and his Mexican girlfriend wanted us to pose in front of the fallen world trade center. I responded so strongly she cried and to this day had no idea there was a cultural disconnect there. I'm ashamed I didn't reflect on it more critically.


Mexico is not that much different in terms of what we consider taboo. Pretty sure that chick was just psycho.


But when you’re visiting a different country you need to respect the rules/culture in that country. It would be insensitive (I assume) to pose in front of the fallen World Trade Center, no? So I’m not sure why you’re the one who felt ashamed. I’m not American, btw.


If you go to Dallas, people pose and take photos of themselves at the spots where Kennedy was shot. There's 2 white Xs painted on the asphalt. The poses and photos are non-stop (as long as there's a red light or no traffic). Yeah, Kennedy isn't laying there. But it's the same principle. But people don't think twice. So it's not really much different culturally, if you think about it. I guess Americans are ok with it as long as there's no dead body. Some may say that's just as insensitive.


I think the reason is because death is a little less morbid down there.


It’s because violence and gruesome deaths out in the open are the norm down there. It’s their way of life so they are extremely desensitized. Mutilated bodies hanging from the overpass due to the cartels? Just an average sight on the Monday morning commute.


I think it’s because death isn’t hidden in Mexico. I Can walk by a magazine stand and see photographs of dead bodies on the front cover of newspapers


I took a picture in front of the crime scene of Nicole brown Simpson couple years ago. I don’t think it’s too strange, but I am odd lol


i mean, we’re the ones looking at and commenting about these remains on the internet, which were probably leaked photos anyways. i don’t think we have the right to call the photographers disrespectful, but that could just be me


I see your point but I think it's also a good way to easily identify everyone who was on the scene at that time. Photos never lie, paperwork sometimes does.


That was my exact thought of why they do that. Kind of an accountability thing.


As far as I remember, every Thailand crime scene posted here includes professional staff pointing the body. Is like a cultural custom there, not mocking For example: To me, the tradition of displaying a dead person in an open casket is difficult to assimilate. Even when is a respectful, kind manner for a good bye mass.


Yeah they way they're so casual about it doesn't sit well with me either.




Said the same exact thing


Looks more like a group Selfie




Well, everyone thinks and operates differently. IIRC, the posing is an official record that the evidence on site was found by the investigators. Can't recall exactly but very roughly along those lines.


Yeah IIRC its for legal reasons. The photo serves as evidence the person was there and acknowledged the evidence/remains.


I was in Thailand for work for a bit and they took official photos like this all the time. I had to take a picture with a nurse before getting a covid swab to prove I was actually there, had to pose with the immigration official to prove that, and had to pose with a few different vendors to prove they did their work. Strange at first but became common place.


So it sounds almost like instead of an affidavit or something to confirm you were there/did the thing, they use a photograph instead?


Yeah, I guess that makes sense. All the vendors I dealt with would take the picture at the end of the job.




Its a legal thing in some counties. The photo serves as proof they were there and they acknowledged the remains.


It's for legal reasons to prove that they were there and performed the work. They're posed like that so they show the entire team.


You should probably delete this comment bud.


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Is the second pic her brain?


One would assume its either the left or right cranium


Surprisingly intact isn’t it?


That’s why I asked, like how is that possible


I thought so too, but it looks too small compared to the size of the leaves and objects around it. The leaves would have to be very big and I think would be easily visible in other photos. Definitely a part of the brain, though.


Sorry if this is late, but yes, that is definitely the victim’s brain. One way you can tell is at the bottom of the pink muscle, where that white stuff is, is where the brain stem would theoretically connect. If/when you study a human brain, this is one of the views (dorsal) you’ll mostly likely study in depth due to the passage of cranial nerves. Corpus callosum isn’t super obvious in this pic, but you can tell from general shape and structure this is the brain. Because the brain is intact… and virtually *nothing* else is, I would assume that the explosion happened from beneath/near the feet of the victim, sending the evisceration of the explosion primarily at the legs and abdomen while simultaneously sending tremendous force backwards and upwards. While her body essentially got the brunt of the explosion, Newton’s 3rd stays in play, so we have the shearing of the bottom half leading up to the pressure explosion in the top (body is like one big closed system) with the continual backward and upward motion, sort of like squeezing a GoGurt out of a tube. The force goes up, too much to resist, her skull protects primary incineration but the brain snaps off at the root and is sent rolling. Anybody else have experience or would want to weigh in? This is just my general anticipatory take


She got obliterated from dat explosion jesus


poor lady. at least it was quick...


My thought as well. Some poor worker and this shit happens. Seeing her foot — just so sad.


Oh absolutely. She didn’t feel a thing


What makes u say that. Just curious about the rationale


i don't think you can be turned into minced meat like that from an explosion and feel much of anything. given she was pulling the supplies that exploded it's most likely that it just obliterated her in a second. i doubt she would have had time to realize that it had happened before she was gone


In Suphanburi province, Thailand, in January 2015, 50-year-old Yupha Ounmuang was killed after a firework explosion in the factory where she worked. Witnesses stated the victim was pulling a container of raw material used to make the fireworks when it exploded. Several other workers were injured. OP: https://www.documentingreality.com/forum/f10/50-year-old-woman-obliterated-fireworks-explosion-241293/ More information, article wouldn't paste: https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/457006/woman-dies-in-fireworks-explosion


god i dont know what it is about that eerily clean hunk of brain but it looks like a halloween prop


If the spark came from the container, then her foot would not be intact after that huge explosion In fact, it seems the explosion originated from her top. She's got a piece of brain sitting there, and it takes a ton of force to blow your head open; much less scatter your open brains everywhere As well as that, whatever she was carrying is definitely not gun powder. There'd be black particles everywhere, she'd be more intact, and her hair would be completely burned up I'm curious as to what she had in there. It blew her AWAY. If that was in a firework, then that would have killed someone else.


well now i'm curious too




Somewhere I heard that travel is the death of bigotry, prejudice, and narrow-mindedness. Or something like that. And any time I come across comments like yours it reminds me of that.


It's kind of sad that people have the hardest time putting themselves in someone else's shoes or understanding that things are done differently in different places


I was not expecting that level of annihilation, holy shit


Jeez that's one way to go and probably one of the quickest.


Why am I unsurprised that there are people who can’t understand the various differences that cultures affect the way things are reported


Oh my gosh, so she was literally blown to pieces? How sad.


What woman…. Be careful with explosives.




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What he wrote? He deleted


Basically dude didnt know about the Thailand point/pose they always do


I was not expecting that. Like, no body, just pieces. At least it would've been painless.


They posing wit it😭😭


Is that her fucking brain??? Holy shit


man she was obliterated


Pícoro daimakú challenge.


It looks strange that the line up for a photo-op.


I don't understand the group photo at the end. Atleast they weren't smiling while they posed beside what was left of her.


Bro is the firework


"Hey bro let's take a group selfie with these chunks of human flesh"


Thought I was actually going to make it all the way through without a single pointer 👉💀


Why are they posing with her body parts tho? Poor woman. I wouldn't want ppl to see me in a million peices.


What’s with the group photo like they caught pablo e lol


I was not expecting that last photo


Why they posing w it 😭


I dont think that was a small firework RIP tho


last slide is so crazy


« eh les gars ça vous dit une photo de groupe avec les restes de la femme morte ? »


The group photo at the end seems unnecessary


whether it be thailand or indonesia, they can’t take a picture with a dead body unless they are pointing at it😂