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I’m from New Jersey and love reading about NJ history and mysteries. What are some good NJ historical events, mysteries, crimes, etc I should look into?


A French king was expelled and built himself a castle complete with a secret underground escape tunnel somewhere in South Jersey


Wait whatttt


Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain and Naples, older brother of the infamous Napolean Bonaparte. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/31/nyregion/bonaparte-point-breeze-bordentown.html


oh shit, tysm! This is awesome


You should definitely check out the book Weird New Jersey. It was so successful it started a whole "Weird U.S" series. They're so fun




You should look into the Tinseltown murder for hire case in Baton Rouge mid 90's. I knew the victim and her husband. Tragic 😥


What is up with Sweden


I heard that some autopsy photos have been leaked from the Murdaugh trials. Does anyone think they might show up here ?


I would be very curious to see these but even more keen to see the crime scene photos. I’ve been trying to find leaked pics of them but it sounds like they’re under lock and key


All over Twitter I’m hearing


I can post what I've found but there isn't many and they're not very clear.


Yes please


How do the posters find information on these crimes? I have a very close friend who's brother murdered his mother and then attempted to commit suicide. It's a very unfortunate ordeal and my friend is pretty locked up about it. I've talked to his wife more than him about the details and I don't want to bother them with questions because there is an ongoing criminal case to charge the brother, whom survived the suicide attempt, with murder among other things. I would like to follow the story and my morbid curiosity wants to know more about what happened. If anybody has access to information, below is a link to a news story and I would really appreciate a DM with any additional information is possible. https://fox5sandiego.com/news/local-news/man-found-in-burning-car-pleads-not-guilty-to-killing-mother/


Shit you have a better chance then us. Get to prying lol




You about to get a big post tonight :) Btw the reason to why was gone for about 15 days because i was banned. But now im back and im gonna try to post alot. Also thanks for the all the support, really like making these post just because alot of people seem to like them. Comments like this make me so happy


I don't know what they said bc it's deleted but you are awesome!! One of the best contributors we've had in some time here :)


Why would Alex kill his family. Financial motive seems doesn’t look too promising to me. I think there’s something more that lead him to take such a step!


I think he did it as a distraction from the inquiries from his law firm and it delayed the Beach trial because one of the defendants is deceased. It garnered sympathy and bought him more time. Why them? Paul was responsible for the boat crash that started the walls to close in on him and his relationship with Maggie was rocky, she had almost no money in her bank account and was staying at the beach house without Alex. I don’t think he was using $60k worth a week, he was doing enough to impart his thinking but he couldn’t have been detoxed in 7 days from doing that much.


You don’t think it’s strange that multiple people from that law firm are dead ?


I think it was just panic and lashing out at what was at hand. His law firm firing him and asking for restitution for the $800k- which was more like a few million- he misappropriated was causing the collapse of his life was the true issue. But family annihilators never make sense


i mean, he had a life insurance policy out on his young son, that seems really weird to me.


Also on their maid who suspiciously died 👀


Hi. I am just wondering if anyone has any info/autopsy reports/crime scene photos of Oystein Aarseth aka Euronymous? Or could point me in the direction of where I could find them?


recently been LOVING the murder in america podcast


Any Black True Crime pages ?