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I wish these fuckers would just all disappear


Tell the government to stop making deals with the cartels.


Tell americans to stop doing drugs


Just about every country has drug users.


The U.S is going through a major opiod crisis though. And other countries dont all border with some of the most notorious drug trafficking organizations on the planet. Drug trafficking fuels corruption in mexico. We need to address the demand if we hope to see any change. Mexico is very strict about guns too so lax gun laws in the u.s allows for gun smuggling that directly contribute to gun violence. Anyway, my point was that we cant meet violence with violence, or just pray it away because we will only be getting a lot of innocent people killed and it won't make a difference. Im not trying to say the u.s is the only one thats fucking up.


The fentanyl crisis was directly caused by the cartels spiking heroin with it. Even if the other countries don’t border Mexico they still are consumers which means paying customers. Mexico has always been corrupt. Their gun laws are only negatively affecting law abiding citizens since cartels can always get weapons. Cartels are also very diversified now, if the drug market is taken away they will just go heavier on the kidnapping, human trafficking, extortion, fuel theft, farm theft, etc. etc. etc. they are too ingrained in the Mexican economy and underworld. Imo the only way Mexico gets rid of them is via strongman authoritarian like Duterte in the Philippines or if they really loosen their gun laws and arm the population so they can fight back against the cartels. The current president tried a friendly approach he termed “hugs not bullets”. It did not work.


Wut lol We have been in an irreversible drug war since 2006. Thousands of mexicans have died trying to fight cartels (excluding gov, police, military, etc). It does not work. Amlo came in w/ that because he knows, due to history of past presidents declaring war on cartels (Fox and then Calderon, who got a lot of backlash from mexican citizens bc of the violence he caused) that violent attacks against the cartel only gets you more violence and more death of innocent people. One example is the death of 15 kids killed by hitmen in Juarez in 2012 because they believed they were all gang members when they were really just students. Calderons years as president are remembered as the bloodiest since the revolution and it caused a culture of fear, especially for young people, due to extreme violence witnessed by everyone, torture was widespread. Nobody was safe, not even migrants. Having strongman is what Calderon did. Days after becoming president in 2006, Calderon sent 6,700 troops to Michoacan to fight organized crime and he didnt stop there, he sent more than 25,000 troops to fight. This war didnt work and just resulted in organized crime infiltrating, reports of torture by security forces increased 600% in the span of 10 years. A lot of money has gone into fighting drugs. If you kill a kingpin, the group splinters and creates more cartel groups and its not like theyre easy to find either and the death penalty is illegal in mexico, take 1 kingpin and youre going to have an entire cartel group outside killing civilians and police until you let them go. However, they have killed many many members already. In hs, we had constant military trucks riding around and curfews for weeks bc of how often raids were being performed and all of yhe shoot outs that were ocurring against the cartel or cartels against enemy cartels. Friends of mine died only because they were at the wrong place, at the wrong time like grocery shopping or having dinner at a bar, this is bc cartels fight each other over territory, they fight to be the main source of drugs to the American addicts. Cartels will go to places with innocent people to deter police and military from shooting into those crowds. Thry target the family and friends of people that try to stop them. Civilians, journalists, human rights activists, lawyers, small business owners, funeral attendants, political candidates, cops (500 dead in the span of 18 months) etc. All dead because they tried to do something about it or refused to be extorted. We have had vigilante groups but these end up killed off, extorted or infiltrated as well. Idk about you but I don't want to end up tortured, dismembered and delivered in black garbage bags to my mother nor do I want to hang naked from a bridge until I die. The us cant fix their drug problem or their gun problem, the root of cartel violence in mexico, i mean, they aren't even addressing it but you want us to take it on the chin, get a bunch of guns and sacrifice our lives in hopes of personally ending not just cartels but everyone in cahoots with them? No, this is myopic. We have outpaced the number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq, we get the worst of it here already. In 2016, the war on drugs killed more than 23,000 people. Your solution doesnt address the problem: addiction, poverty, lack of education, healthcare, mental health, etc (on both sides). Say we perform a miracle and kill all of the cartels, there would still be demand for drugs and cartels would rise again, in mexico or in another country. Nothing changes the fact that the u.s is the biggest client of mexican druglords.


Not reading all of that. Autodefensas did it. Or keep letting the cartels get stronger and eventually Mexico will just become a narco state.


actually brain dead


Lmao your solution to cartels was basically AOC’s talking points about US politics hahahaha I thought Mexico already had healthcare. Go hug a cartel r3tard 😂😂🤣. Abrazos no balazos, mija. Or better yet go cry to them about how they create social injustice.


Average American lmao. If you knew the history behind the cartels you wouldn’t be saying such bs, if you knew the present of the cartels, you wouldn’t be saying such bs. Brazillian here, my country is a black hole of cartels, I know what I’m talking about. The weapons they use have the US flag.


There should be drug hospitals were people can go get there drug of choice around professional and they stay there and get monitored for 10 to 15 minutes and it will drastically stop od cases you cant ask a sick person to just stop being sick cause it's not good for them if cigarettes and alcohol was illegal then I would be supporting the criminal organization indirectly cause you need your nearest fix to not feel sick the government would stop the war on drug and make it legal then that takes massive revenue from the cartels but no government would do that cause war is a profitable business and if they did that the still have the weapons trade human trafficking extortion the avocados trade quite recently and other stuff probably that I dont know about


Except Americans wanted to be junkies as a way of being “counter culture”. F those hippies I hope they’re happy with advocating moral/sexual degeneracy






culiacanazo 1.0


U know I do think it’s a little weird. We all know that if the us government really wanted to take down the cartel they easily could. Like why don’t we use our military resources to take these fuckers out ? And if it’s because of resources to generate more revenue, couldn’t the us government just seize there money and drugs and anything els they have by going to war with them I know it’s considered a war crime but that’s never stopped the us in the past.


That's so saddening. I can't imagine finding out that your mom or sister or best friend was brutalized and HUNG with writing all over her naked body. The spotlights... everything. What a horrible ly disrespectful death for this poor woman.


In Guanajuato, a woman was hung from a bridge with a narco message written on her body that was signed by the CSRL. The next day a group of hitmen shot up the front of the town’s police station and mayor’s office. The following took place in Tarimoro municipality, located in the state of Guanajuato. The state is currently being fought over by the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) and a loose alliance of rivals headed by the Cártel de Santa Rosa de Lima (CSRL). Tarimoro lies just south of the city of Celaya, which is a major battle ground for the CJNG vs CSRL struggle. For more information on the current CJNG and CSRL figures on both sides. At approximately 11:00 pm on the night of February 7, the emergency phone line received a call from a driver who reported that a body was hanging from the La Moncada bridge. The bridge is located in Tarimoro, where Highway 51 crosses over Hidalgo Street. Officers were dispatched to check on the location and when they arrived they found that a deceased woman had been hung from the bridge, with a narco message written on her body. Newspaper El Sol del Bajío writes that “initial reports indicate that the woman’s body showed signs of torture and that she was left at the location by subjects who fled in an unknown direction after killing her.” The writing on her body reads as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido: This was her fate for supporting that jerk off Coro. CSRL. Yours truly, Special Forces in service of Mr. Marro With the support of Cártel del Golfo The alliance between the CSRL and a CDG group, called Grupo Escorpiones, was announced in a video posted a few months ago, in November 2022. It is currently unclear who the man referenced in the message, “El Coro”, is however more information may emerge in the coming month. The next day, Ferbruary 8th, 2023, at 6:30a, two vehicles full of hitmen arrived outside the city hall of Tarimoro, which has the mayor's office inside, and opened fire on the front of the building and at the people standing near it. A municipal health services worker, 39-year-old María, who was walking to work received a gunshot injury. The hitmen then drove to the municipal police station, located about a block and half away. There they shot up the front of the building in a similar fashion, this hitting a 50-year-old municipal traffic cop named José Andrés who was sitting in his patrol car parked outside. José Andrés stepped out of his vehicle and attempted to run to cover but he was gunned down on the sidewalk as he ran. Photos credited to: https://www.documentingreality.com/forum/f10/cartels-hanged-nude-woman-241039/#post7847578 Article and information: http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2023/02/csrl-cdg-leaves-woman-hung-from-bridge.html?m=1


Have they identified her?




I would love to see 20,000 Special Forces Units or something go down there and just lay waste to these animals.


it could happen. send in the SEAL teams along with the Army but for some reason our leaders and Mexico’s president won’t authorize it


holy FUCK


Reminds me a bit of La Pelirroja (Gabriela Muñiz Támez), who was also hanged from a bridge with writing on her body. Though, contextually, I am assuming that this woman was already deceased and her body hanged as a display, whereas La Pelirroja was actually pushed off the edge while alive and died from the hanging itself.


can i get more context about the groups itself? who are they and why are they doing this?


Ifs cartel wars so much happens between them in mexico just know that they will fight tooth and nail and kill anyone and anything in the most gruesome painstakingly longest possible way to ensure they suffer before killing them ive seen women get gunned down in their own homes infront of their kids fathers and sons being butchered ontop of eachother innocent people fighting back because they cant deal with it and the prices they have to pay these cartels for “protection “ those people end up in pieces or get their shops and homes shot up untill they agree with the cartel the Mexican government cannot compete with them in terms of people because if they fight back what happened in culiacan will happen again look up culiacanazo1.0 and see how the government had to release el chapos son to prevent more bloodshed because the cartels took to the streets and just started shooting and killing everyone on sight these people cant be stopped its like trying to find hay in a needle stack you will eventually find the hay but your gonna get poked over and over and bleed so much before you find it


the cartels would be done in a week if the US military invaded but for some stupid reason it hasn’t happened yet…


You might be correct but not every problem is americas problem


They spread fear by being brutal and displaying it in public in order to keep control over people. They are cartels that traffick guns, drugs, other illicit things and make a ton of money. They pay off a lot of the police and kill the ones who can’t be paid off so they’re running amok unchecked in Mexico right now. The police arrested one of their leader’s sons and they rolled into a town and shot it up/raised hell until the guy was released to stop the bloodshed. It’s a horrible horrible situation.


They did this because she was involved with them. It seems like some sort of betrayal happened and so they disposed of her. They did it in this way to put fear into those that witnessed it. Many women and young boys get involved with the cartel and they make examples out of them a lot of times.


Yeah, awesome, so uh... What did that accomplish? Seemed like a completely meaningless murder and desecration of buildings.


More fear, reminding innocents they're still here and to not snitch on them.


The cartel rules out of fear. This was a warning to law enforcement, the city, and it's citizens to stay out of the way of them running their billion+ dollar a year business.


It looks like there’s a bandage or some tape on the back of one of her thighs. Does anyone know what that is?


Looked like there might have been something written in that space?


holy shit poor lady




I don't speak Spanish at all to know they misspelled it. Haha thank you for catching that.


Don't mind me, bud, I am just an asshole about that.


Esos pobres orangutanes de milagro saben usar ropa


Bruh the banshee is started all over again


What was the message written on her body?


I don't really want to look closer at the pictures


naaah bro


The USA needs to decriminalization of drugs and the violence would END


And make it even more profitable for them?


This is especially grim...


If anybody want to see cartel related executions searc elblogdelnarco


Can anyone translate?


Tell the people who did this they need to work on their hand writing it looks like a 3 year old wrote it 🤦‍♀️