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what a shitty way to bite the dust. I hope she didn't suffer too much


My old art teacher died this kind of way. She stepped out to cross the street behind one of those steamroller kind of machines that they use to lay roads (it was stationary) and they just reversed without seeing her and went right over her. She was really tiny so I guess that’s why they didn’t see her maybe. I always wonder that too. I don’t know about the mining truck but the roller one is fairly slow, either way, it’s horrible to say, but I hope this lady and her were head first so it was over for them fast, because I can’t think about this from the feet up.


New fear unlocked. Thank you.


Pro-tip; don't walk around moving machinery


Or stationary machinery, apparently Badass username by the way


This is something we try and drum into people on our worksites all the time. Any machine can move at any time. The only time it's relatively safe is if there's no one on the machine. Never move near machinery without making eye contact with the operator and getting a positive acknowledgement that they've seen you.


The only logical way


My dad was ran over twice by a fork lift and you would never know it to this day. Broke his legs both times and his feet he's in his early 60s now this happened in his early 30s working at a lumber yard here in the Pacific Northwest both freak accidents


On Tuesday morning, January 31st, 2023 in Kemerovo, Russia, a woman died under the wheel of a dump truck which ran over her head. A law enforcement source said that the deceased was working as a laboratory technician. It has been preliminarily established that the 57-year-old laboratory worker took oil samples from the dump truck at around 10am at the site where the receiving and delivery of machinery takes place, for their subsequent analysis. The truck then collided with her resulting in her death at the scene. OP and Information: https://www.documentingreality.com/forum/f10/woman-squashed-dump-truck-snow-240135/#post7817206




It collided a lot.


Head? Entire body.








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Hope it was head first


sad. poor lady. hope it was quick


What a way to go




because they are probs comments about dark humor or thinking it's funny which isn't allowed


i dont think it was JUST the head


What I don't understand is did someone run her over or did the truck roll.


I mean it rolled on its wheels for sure


Why was the video removed, WTF 👎🏼


There wasn't a video to begin with. But we don't allow those here anyways.