I mean, it wasn’t the healthiest meal but it wasn’t frozen and thrown in the microwave or delivery so I feel like its a win. The kids got to learn how to make a new meal, they all bonded and it looks like they laughed and had fun together.


They need to eat more fresh vegetables and more nutitious snacks. Neither CP or CM eat very well.


I mean, I’m assuming they’re not familiar with cultural dishes because they seem to have a long history of american heritage. They should try some more stuff though.


Pretty sure OP is asking why don't make any American food. Like American food that doesn't involve processed, tinned or snack foods.


We have delicious regional foods and some traditional foods that were created here. Lots of desserts and fusion foods. But I think a lot of people just go to the grocery store and buy convenience food or try random recipes from online these days though.


Random recipes from online are at least usually real food. Not processed or tinned or junk foods. As an English person it literally blows my mind how often they eat out as well. Especially Bella and her unhealthy chick-fil-a obsession. I rememver being a kid and asking for nuggets 2 days in a row and my dad bought a chicken breast and taught me how to make orangic, real chicken nuggets. If she has some sort of trauma that makes her worried abiut trying other foods, I understand, but processed, fried meat with no variation is so unhealthy. When cryatal prepares anything with a vegetable on it, she makes such a fuss and acts like she does it all the time and the kids look at it like "wtf is this" and you can tell its all for show.


True re: random recipes. I use them to try to be healthier. It is ultimately a choice. But also picking those may take you away from what you might select as a family recipe handed down which may turn out to be more local / traditional / cultural in a way. Good parenting on your dad’s part. I love that he did that. I say that kind of thing is a family choice, too, and their family has bad habits. I’m from Los Angeles. I did eat a lot of fast food as a teen — as soon as I got my car but I was literally sneaking to get a little snack after school. My parents would never buy take out that much. Especially daily. It was weekly though when I got older (Saturdays). I’m thinking a lot of people are loving DoorDash too. But it’s not an excuse. I did get into take out when I lived alone. I was like what’s the point of cooking for myself, especially working so many hours, but I quickly changed the habit. It’s just as easy to order healthy groceries in a major city than it is to get restaurant food.


You can’t do true home cooked meals in a timely efficient manner for 20 or so kids. I feel like they cook the same 5 meals and I’d probably be sick of it after a while. They don’t seem to be eating out so much anymore so that’s a good start. They had a professional chef cooking at the house but fired him so that the kids could cook. I know it’s important to teach these kids stuff like this but have them make lunch or something and get the chef back for the dinners.


Unfortunately, American cultural dishes would belong to the Indigenous people that we tried to erase from history. However, the US is a huge melting pot and there is plenty of cuisine that belongs to other cultures to try. With that said, I'm probably going to try this recipe. 💀


I have a “typical white” American family and our meals don’t involve chips, crackers nor canned things and we make “cultural favorites”….


What kinds of cultural favorites do you make? Just curious.


My husband makes his own pasta including ravioli and lots of meals his Italian grandparents use to cook with fresh ingredients from the garden. As He is a foodie and will try different dishes that he looks up online or sees on tv and is always using different proteins (meats) and fresh vegetables and ingredients. Mexican,Chinese are some of his favorites to attempt. I make some Polish dishes I grew up with.


Yum! Sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing. ❤️


I guess my family is typical if there’s is. We’re always trying new recipes with odd ingredients. I also make a mean tuna casserole that involves canned peas and corn with cheese and plain potato chips on top. I grew up with that one. I know in other countries there are lots of farmers markets where one can buy fresh daily. Ours typically are random and in different places each week. Most of our canned or frozen veggies are just as good as fresh.


this family is so freaking sheltered do you really think they would wander outside the typical american processed food groups? they are as white american as they come and eat that way


Oh the plus side I like that they actually showed the steps and recipe specifics as I had requested in another post, wish CP would take a page from their book.


culture? lol what culture?


At least they teach their kids to cook